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Note: All records are from Texas Death Records: 1964-1998.

11 Mar 1964 Phillipa COMBS died. She was single.

6 Apr 1964 Robert W. COOMBES, Sr. died. He was single.

19 Nov 1965 Lewis Berry COMBS died. His marital status was unknown.

1 Aug 1966 Edgar Homer COMBS died. He was single.

8 Apr 1967 Mary Bessie COOMBES died. She was a widow.

21 Jun 1968 Paul COMBS died. He was single.

2 Aug 1968 Donald W. COMBS died. He was seperated/divorced.

13 Sep 1968 George Denny COMBS died. He was single.

15 Oct 1968 Robert Marshall COMBS died.

7 Nov 1968 William Madison COMBS died.

19 Jan 1969 Mildred Annie COMBS died. She was a widow.

6 Feb 1969 Robert William COOMBES died. He was single.

10 Mar 1969 William Edward COMBS died. He was single.

7 Dec 1969 Gloria Dee COMBS died. She was single.

29 Jan 1970 Frank H. COMBS died. He was single.

21 Jun 1970 Martha E. COMBS died. She was a widow.

24 Sep 1970 Josephine M. COMBS died. She was a widow.

2 Sep 1973 Mary E. COOMBES died. She was single.

7 Aug 1974 Pallas C. COMBS, Sr. died. He was single.

23 Oct 1974 Charlotte B. COMBS died. She was a widow.

31 Mar 1975 James COMBS, Sr. died.

3 Oct 1975 George D. COOMBS died.

25 Nov 1975 Cecil L. COOMBES died.

24 Jun 1976 William V. COMBS died.

15 Oct 1976 Herman C. COMBS died.

18 Nov 1976 Patrick L. COMBS died.

14 Dec 1977 Kenneth W. COOMBS died.

Note: A "Kenneth Walton COOMBS" was married to Elsie Mae BELL.

14 May 1978 Samuel COMBS died.

1 Jul 1978 Redda D. COMBS died.

2 Jul 1978 Georgia M. COMBS died.

30 Nov 1979 Maude Elena COMBS died.

14 Jan 1980 Ethel Lee COMBS died.

16 May 1980 Randy Allan COMBS died.

11 Jun 1980 Lucille COMBS died.

10 Feb 1981 Ervin Horace COMBS died.

15 Oct 1981 E. R. COOMBES (male) died.

5 Jan 1983 Marvin Browning COMBS died.

31 Jan 1984 Mamie O. COMBS died.

28 Mar 1984 Luther O. COMBS died.

23 Jan 1985 Kathryn Francis COMBS died.

5 Apr 1985 Clifford Osborne COMBS died.

19 May 1985 Brilla Mae COMBS died.
Jimmy COMBS died.

12 Jul 1985 Mary Margaret COMBS died.

23 Jun 1987 Mary Frances COOMBES died.

29 Nov 1987 Eva M. COMBS died.

7 Jan 1988 Buford Carter COMBS died.

7 Mar 1988 John Larkin COMBS died.

19 Mar 1988 Pearl Taylor COMBS died.

27 Dec 1988 Pallas Clarence COMBS, Jr. died.

Note: See 1974 above for the death of Pallas C. Combs, Sr.

21 Jun 1990 Frances Louise COOMBES died.

7 Jul 1990 Bernice COMBS died.

27 Jan 1991 Wesley Everett COMBS died

16 Mar 1991 Ida Lee COMBS died.

23 Sep 1992 Margaret Tiffini COMBS died.

24 Mar 1993 Ivory COMBS died.

3 Feb 1994 Wynona COMBS died.

5 Feb 1994 Hazel COMBS died.

10 Sep 1994 Margaret Emily COMBS died.

13 Jan 1995 Robert Lee COMBS died.

14 Jan 1995 Bert Earl COMBS died.

21 Feb 1995 Dorothy Fern COMBS died.

4 Jul 1995 Leonard COMBS, Jr. died.

23 Aug 1995 Joe Wayne COMBS died.

9 Mar 1997 Jessie Lee COMBS (male) died.

27 Feb 1998 Irene COMBS died.

2 Apr 1998 Randy Douglass COMBS died.

27 May 1998 Ruby Lee COOMBS died.

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