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1781: Gilbert Combs vs Job Combs
sIndex #: 1781-001 Original Case ID None
County: Shenandoah CO
Scanned Images: YES (5 Pages)
Plaintiffs P1: Gilbert Combs
Defendants D1: Job Combs
Surnames: Combs
Wills: None
Plat: No

Source: Gilbert Combs, I.D. 1781-001, Library of Virginia Archives, Chancery Court Index: Shenandoah Co., original images from case file, abstracted, transcribed, and submitted by Myra Britt for Combs &c)


1781-001 Chancery Causes: Gilbert Combs vs Job Combs 1781-001 Shenandoah Co.




Writ of

Not Exd
By order of the
Josias Allen

(*Note: Writ of Replevin: A replevin writ is a court order granted to a complainant to recover goods that have been unlawfully taken or retained. In some instances, the complainant will be required to post a bond before the order is granted)


Shanando Coty

The Commonwealth of Virginia to the Sheriff of Shanando County Greeting We Command you that you take Job Combs one gray gelding aged sixteen years one Baymare aged 12 years, one black Stallion one year old one Brown Cow one large ---- cow with a bell one Brownish hijd cow with a star one large brindled cow one small hijd cow their ages unknown all milk cows_one hijd Calf one red Calf Twenty sire Sheep Markd with three half pennies cut under side of the offear one plow & gears with four Iron Chains, one Iron Lock Chain, two Iron wedges two pair of wool cards, two feather beds five flannel Blankets one spotted blue & black coverlid, one striped red & white coverlid, one Bed Quilt Blue on one side & white on the other, one bolster, Six pillows, four pillow Cases, four Linnen sheets two Bed steads one Armd Chair Seven Smaller Chairs two pewter platters, Six pewter plates ten spoons three pewter Basons Six Case Knives Six forks, five milk Keelers?, one churn, one black Jackett, one blue Jacket with Sleeves, one blue coat Seventeen fleeces of White wool, five pounds Coarse Wool One pair Sheep Shears, two water pails, three Quarts fine salt, Six Quarts Coarse Salt. One linnen wheel, one wool wheel, thirty Bushels Corn in the ear, two Bushell wheat one hundred weight flour, one blue Chest, one small red Chest both locks & Keys. Six pair Coarse woollen stockings two linnen Shirts one pair Fire Tongs one Iron hammell one Copper Tea Kettle, one brafs Warming pan one small walnut Table, one five gallon Iron pot one three galln. One two galln & half Iron pots, one Chopping Axe one broad Axe one Grind stone one Carpenters A___?, one broad hoe, one garden hoe one Ding fork, one pitch fork one spade, one Inch & half Auger 1 Inch 1 three Quarter 1 half Inch Auger, one broad Chisel, one Inch one half Inch Chisels,, one Drawg Knife one Gouge one hammer, one Candlestick One pair stealyards one Dutch Mowg Stythe one cutting Knife one pair Cloth Shears one Shoat markd with a swallow fork in each ear one wheat sidkle one meal Seive, two bays, one bible, one hymn book, the private Diary of Thomas Shepherd, the Barren fighter , Saml Blairs three sermons one book entitled human Nature in its four fold state by Thomas Boston, The Christn Great interest in two parts by Wm Guthrie, the Confefsion of Faith with Cateehism Allen & Alarm, Willisons Explanation of the Catechism, Gilbert Tenants three sermons the unsearchable riches of Christ in two Sermons by Gilbert Tenant, thirteen yards Brown fulld Linsey one pair Snuffers one Earthern Platter one Sugar pot, one Glafs bottle three pound Hitch & hemp one half Busl

if they be found within your Bailiwich and him safely keep together with the above mentioned articles so that have his body before the Justices of our said Court at the Courthouse of our said County on the Last Thursday in August next to ansn Gilbert Combs in a plea of Trefpafs of Taking & unjustly detaining the aforesaid goods & Chattels, the property of the said Gilbert Combs, and have them there this Writ witnefs Thomas Marshall Clerk of our said Court at the Courthouse_ Aforesaid this day of 1781 and in the Sixth year of the Common Wealth

Thomas Marshall CSC




Sup ª

F Ravenhall

Denise’s Notes: [I think Sup stands for Superior Ct., and Chy stands for Chancery Ct.; the symbol after Sup is one of many usd for “and”. The implications for this are that Superior Courts may have also entertained a case. So, for the area, one has to learn what is the superior court that services it since they usually took several counties into their jurisdiction. Not all superior court records exist, but some do.]


The Common Wealth of Virginia to the Sheriff of Shanando County Greeting You are hereby Commanded to summon Job Combs to appear before the Justice of the said County Court in Chancery at the Courthouse thereof on the Last Thursday in July to answer a Bill of Chancry Exhibited against him by Gilbert Combs and this he shall not in any wise omitt under the penalty of one hundred pounds. Witnefs Thomas Marshall Clerk of the said Court at the Courthouse aforesaid this 11th June 1781 And in the 6th year of the Commonwealth.

Thomas Marshall CSC

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