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1787: Adm. of Robert Combs v John Denton
Index #: 1787-001 Original Case ID None
County: Shenandoah CO
Scanned Images: YES (7 Pages)
Defendants D1: JOHN DENTON
Surnames: AERES
Wills: None
Plat: No

Source: Adm. of Robert Combs v John Denton, I.D. 1787-001, Library of Virginia Archives, Chancery Court Index: Shenandoah Co., original images from case file, abstracted, transcribed, and submitted by Myra Britt for Combs &c)


Adm. of Robert Combs vs John Denton 1787_001 Shenandoah County Chancery Causes: Aeres, Busner, Greema


To the worshipfull the Court of Shanondo in Chancery now sitting humbly complaining therewith unto your worships your orator Job Combs that your orator administrator on the goods & affects of his Father Robt Combs as your worships record will show and posefsing himself of the Estate discovered sundry thing to be mifsing and was informed that money of his had been received? of by others he was informed & persnaly believes that John Denton had in a who in prays maybe made a defendant to this his bill of complaint had in his posefsion and still is indebted to the Estate the sums following viz. two hundred dollars paper curfull??? the deceased as received from John acres in Sept 1780 like wise fifty six pounds like money received of John Busner like wise two hundred pounds wch the sd deceased had of Ralph Greema in Feby 1781. about Feby wch said sum of money he hath detained & still detains from your orator the admr tho often requested to inform you orator what sums belonging to the deceased were in his hand, & pay the same to his administrator


which he hath in thereto neglected & refused in which actings & doings on contrary to equity and good consciance for as much therefore as your orator is ramadi_ied? by the strict rules of the common law & only retai n able in a Court of equity where frsaid are detested and discovery of _____? transaction decreed For as much __? that the said deft may may upon his corporal oath true & perfect answers make as fully as if they were herein again repeated and interrogated and more portuntanly did he not receive the monies in this bill set forth? Did he not receive them at this time set forth? as what sums and at what time did he receive money of or for the deceased? What sums of money are now due from the defendt to the deceasedís Estate? And that in any discoveres what other transactions that were between him & the deceased concerning money and the way he decreed to pay 7s orator the adm.. all such terms as shall appear due to the sd Estate and that your orator may have such farther on other ruling as to your worships hole sum meet.

May it please your worship to grant unto ye orator the Counties Most gracious writs of supeona?? to the sd John Denton Clerick of c Commanding? etc

_________? for Comp




Als Supv

Ex. by me all
Exsd by me all
Josias Allen
Time for Bill
Nov nth 1782
Time for Bill
Novr 1782 Bill & or etc.
Time for answers.
May 1786 fourth
Time for answer
June Contd on form
Rule July the same

Aug st? 1786 fourth time
JS answer Se
Sept further time
Novr 1786 same
Jany 1787 abated
By the Defts death


The Commonwealth of Virginia to the Sherriff of Shanado greeting you are hereby Commanded as heretofore you have been commanded to Summons John Denton to appear before the Justices of our Court in Chancery at the Court house of our sd County on the last Thursday in Au gust to Answer a bill in Chancery Exhibited against him __ by Job Combs Administrator of Robert Combs Decd. (with) this you shall in nowise omitt under the penalty of ₤100 and have them there this wz witnefs Thomas Marshall Clk of the sd Ct at the Court house this 29th of May 1782 & in the Sixth Year of the Commonwealth_

Thomas Marshall




Sp Chy

Not found
F Ravinhall
May Ct 1789??
Alius Spy


The Commonwealth of Virginia to the Sheriff of Shanando Greeting you
are hereby commanded to summons John Denton to appear before the Justices of our Court in Chancery at the Court house of our said County on the last Thursday in May to answer Job Combs Administrator of Robert Combs Decd a bill in Chancery Exhibited against him by Job Combs Admi- nistrator of Robert Combs Decd & this you shall in no wise omit under the penalty of #100 and have then there this writ witnefs Ths Marshall Clk of the sd Court at the courthouse this 11th day of Apl 1782 & in the Sixth year of the Commonwealth.

Ths. Marshall ClkC

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