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Charles City County County, VA is one of Virginia's original shires. Among its descendant counties are Prince George, although the Combs of Prince George (est. in 1702-3, from which later Amelia was established) may have come from Essex (earlier Old Rappahannock) rather than from Charles, and are not found in Prince George until 1732.

3 Nov 1673(Chas. City Co - VA Land Pat. Book 6:488) Robert LUCY (LEWCY) 1000 A. S side James Riv. on the Blackwater, at a place called Saw Tree; adj. Richd. TAYLOR; Trans. of 20 pers: Jno BUTLER, Steph. RYLAND, Phill. JERMAN, Mary SAWER, Roger POYNTON, Eliz. STRICKLAND, Tho. BUTLER, Mary DOER, Susan MARSH, Richd. COMBS, Riddy ASHDAY, Rob. HYATT, John DERRELL, Roger MILLS, Wm. WALKER, John SHELLY, Prisscila CHEAN(?), Richd. TAYLOR, Ann GODFREY, Richd. TAYLOR. (C&PII:137)

(See Also Richard TAYLOR'S entry immediately following this one, same date, p. 489, includes Tho. MAYSON, Pollidor RICHD. [RICHARD], Richd. PUTMAN, Jo. DAVIS, Jno. ADAMS.. Hen. ROBERTS, Tho. HUDSON, Oliver DAVENPORT, Eliz. WIZE… (ibid.) Search Words: WISE, MASON, Priscilla, POINTON

Richard COMBS and Susan MARSH, and perhaps others of the above transportees, are also found on David WILLIAMSON'S Eastern Shore, Virginia land patent list dated 05 Apr 1666, land in Accomack County. Richard COMBS has not been identified as yet, and may never have lived in Charles. Three years after this record, on Richard COMBS was transported to Maryland by 1676 by Capt. Edward COOK, Mariner. If not for the suspect 1666 patent (Richard was born ca 1656), he would be a candidate for that transport. The Combs of Old Rappa Co VA are found in records with surnames BUTLER, JERMAN and TAYLOR, but not known if same families. The 1617/18 will of Sir William KINGSMILL of Southampton, Hamptonshire, EN, includes mention of William COMBS in reference to lands which were apparently all in Warwickshire, and also includes mention of Sir Thomas PALMER (See Archdale-Palmer families; not known if same family) as well as Sir Thomas LUCY (again, not known if same family).

19 November 1677 Mr. John Drayton proves the importation of 20 persons into this colony on the oath of Mr. Thomas GRENDON, (as listed) Peter WYKE, John KEBSSALL, Ann PRESTHOOD, Margaret DROWNWELL, John WALTON, John BROWNE, William Ethridge, Christopher CROSP, Ann CHUEGE, Epher COOMES, John SHAW, John SMITH, Susanna RAYE, John BYRD, Isaac BAITES, Rachell BAITES, John HEDGEPATH, John KING, Ann WALTON, and David, (these being also proved 3 more rights on oath of Edward Richards, Viz: Robert ATHORNE, John BROCKS and William LEWIS.)

Virginia Ancestors and Adventurers Compiled by Charles Hughes Hamlin in 3 volumes Published: Volume 1, 1967, Volume 2 1969, Volume 3 1973 ISBN 0-8063-0642-4 Genealogy Publishing Co.,Inc. Baltimore, Md.
Volume 3, Section 2, Proof of Importations, page 62 Charles City County, Va. Order Book (1676-1679) Page 233

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