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A Study of the County Line Land on Birches Creek of Halifax & Pittsylvania Co VA is part of the Combs Deed Mapping Project. See Also the Combs of Halifax & the Combs of Pittsylvania Cos VA. Note: This is a 1st Rough Draft - primarily just a collection of abstracts of land records - more will be added regularly.

Virginia Combs Counties of Record

Sources for abstracts include: Dodsons of North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co, VA, Williams & Lucas, Southern Historical Press, Easley SC; HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, COURT ORDERS 1755-1758. T. L. C. Genealogy (Plea Book No. 2, Part I); Marian Dodson Chiarito, M.D. (1988) Old Survey Book 1, 1746-1782 Pittsylvania County, Virginia, The Clarkton Press, Nathalie, VA, p. 62, and extractions by researchers Mary Gregg and Arlina Moss.

19 Nov 1756 (Halifax Co. Plea Bk 2:184) William Combs is appointed surveyor of the road leading from Burches Cr. to Sandy Cr. Ordered that the male laboring tithables belonging to Jos. TERRY clear the same from the top of the hill on Burches Cr. to the top of the hill on Sandy Cr. & keep the same in repair.

5th Apr. 1757 Surveyed for William COMES 400 ac of Land on a br. of Sandy Br. beginning at a Beech on the __ thence in New Lines. Sh WALLON'

01 Dec 1766 Halifax Co VA. Deed. Joseph TERRY to Thomas DODSON, Jr. 44 acres on Burches Creek

18 Dec 1766-21 Mary 1767 (Halifax Co VA 06-363) Joseph TERRY and wife Judith to Thomas DODSON for 50 pds., 400 acres on both sides Birch Creek, Being part of a larger tract granted to TERRY in 1765 which was part of a large tract granted to Hugh MOORE in 1760. Wits: John CREEL, Lazarus DODSON, Raughley DODSON. Rec: 21 Mary 1767

03 Jun 1768 - 18 Aug 1768 (Halifax Co VA DB7:223) 6/3/1768 Lewis JENKINS of Pittsylvania to Shadrack GOING of Halifax of polecat creek, bounded by ECHOL, main creek, Robert WALTON, ANDERSON. wits: Thomas LOVELACE, George Combs, Benajah PARKER, William MAYS. all proved and rec. 8/18/1768. (M. D. Chiarito extracted by Researcher Mary Gregg)

18 Apr 1771 (Halifax Co VA DB8:192) William WYNNE and Mary his wife of Pittsylvania Co to George Combs of Halifax 90L and diverse other good causes 398 acres it being part of 1041 acres patented to William ECHOLS on Spt 26 1764 and deeded by ECHOLS to William WYNNE, bounded by Great Polecat Creek, WILLIAMS. s/William WYNNE, Jr. Mary [M] MARK. Wits: Joseph COLLINS, Thomas SPENCER, Moses HENDRICK, Nimrod FERGUSON. (M. D. Chiarito extracted by Researcher Mary Gregg)

14 Aug 1772 - 17 Dec 1772 (Halifax Co VA 08-504) 14 Aug 1772. Thomas DODSON, Jr. of Halifax Co. to Winiford SPARKS, widow; for 12 pds., 466 acres on north draughts of Birch Creek, adj. WILKESY on west side of Sexton Branch; dividing line between sd DODSON and Thomas RICHARDS. Rec: 17 Dec 1772.

Undated Halifax Co VA 10-210 No Date. Nimrod FORGUSON to Alexander HITSON [HITTSON]; for 10 pds., 54-1/2 adj. WALTON and John BIRCHFIELD, the south side of BOYD'S Road and Henry HEREFORD'S line, whereon Davis FARMER now lives. Wits: Henry HEREFORD, Davis {X} HENDERSON, John ANDERSON.

06 Oct 1777 (Halifax Co VA DB10:331) 10/6/1777. Charles HENDERSON to Spencer WALTON, both Halifax, 100 acs bounded by MAYES, Mason SULLINS a new line dividing the said tract from the said HENDERSON line, George Combs, it being part of 400 acs patented to Mason SULLINS and by him deeded to the sd Charles HENDERSON. s/Charles HENDERSON. Wit: William [m] MAYS, Joseph WITT, and Micajah WATKINS. (M. D. Chiarito extracted by Researcher Mary Gregg)

21 Mary 1778 (Halifax VA 11-031) Date signed? John BURCHFIELD to Alexander EYDSON [EIDSON? HITSON?] of Antrim Parish, Halifax Co; for 16 pds., 64-1/2 acres adj. Charles WILSON, Walton and Boyd's Road. Rec: 21 Mary 1778

20 Feb 1779 (Halifax 11-315) 20 Feb 1779 Winiford SPARKS To Thos. DODSON; for 150 pds., 117 acres on Birch Creek adj. John SPRADLING. Wits: Jno. Martin, Thomas Dodson, Jas. Fears, Thos. Wyatt, Zekiel Chaney. Rec: 19 Aug 1779.

01 Feb 1780 (Halifax VA DB12:19) Feb 1 1780. George COMBES of Halifax to James SMITH of Powhatan. 3,000 Lbs 390 acres on both forks of Great Polecat Creek bounded by WILLIAMS. Wits: John PANKEY, Mason SULLINS, Samuel [+] Combs, Phoebe, wife of George, relinquished. (M. D. Chiarito extracted by Researcher Mary Gregg)

1783 (Halifax VA DB12:385) George Combs of Halifax to Daniel CARTER of same for 150L 356 acs on Burches Creeks bounded HARPER, George LUMKIN, COLEMAN, WILSON, EDMUNDS, CHEATHAM'S line, being a line made between him and Robert LUMKIN. s/George Combs. wit: Peter MARTIN, H. GOARE [Gower?], James TURNER. (Researcher M. Gregg)

Notes: George Combs is selling land on Burches Creek, but when and how did he acquire it? From the 1756/7 William Combs above?

16 Sep 1784 (Halifax Co VA DB 13:75) Jas. TURNER to Little Berry HAMBLETT, both of Halifax, 207 pds. for 207-1/4 a. in Halifax on e/s Burches Cr. b/b Wm. PETERS MARTIN'S line, Millers Rd. No witnesses. Sarah, wife of James TURNER, relinquished dower right. (Researcher M. Gregg)

Dec 1786 - 21 Jun 1787 (Halifax Co VA 14-112) 0 Dec 1786. David EVANS of Guilford Co., NC to Thos. DODSON of Halifax Co, VA; for 165 pds., 200 acres in Pittsylvania co. on both sides of Birch Creek adj. EDMONDS, John MARTIN, Joseph KERBY, David EVANS, Charles CHELTON and Womack BLANKENSHIP. Wits: John ATKINSON, James FEARS, Richard GAINES. Rec: 21 June 1787

17 Aug 1787 (Halifax VA DB14:691) George Combs, Halifax, to Anthony MILLS, 182 acres in Halifax on Bannister River. s/George Combs, wit Reuben RAGLAND, Bartlet CRENSHAW, Cornelius CRENSHAW. (Chiarito Dodson)

18 Sept 1787 (Halifax VA DB14-170) . David TERRY to Caleb DODSON; for 65 pds., 580 acres in Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties on Jeremy's Fork adj. DAVIDSON, EVANS, GRIFFING, PARISH, DODSON AND CHANEY. Wits: Charles WALL, George Combs, Thomas OWEN, Randall PETTY. (DNFP)

20 Nov 1787 (Halifax VA DB14:363) 20 Nov 1787. Womack BLANKENSHIP to George Combs both of Halifax for 100 L , 100 acs in Halifax on s side of Burch Creek bounded by CHITTON [sic], Thomas DODSON, [David?] EVANS and Jeremy's Fork. Womack [x] BLANKENSHIP and Dorotha [x] BLANKENSHIP. Wits: William EDWARDS, John MARTIN, and Benjamin EDWARDS.

15 Apr 1793 (Halifax VA 16-079) 15 Apr 1793. Absolum RUSSELL to Thomas DODSON; for 50 pds., a tract on Double Creek, it being part of tract William RUSSELL gave his two sons George and Absolum RUSSELL by will, adj. Charles WALLS, Francis CARTER, John JOHNSON and George RUSSELL. Wits: Samuel WATKINS, Charles WALL, Hanary? VAUGHAN.

10 Sep 1793 (Halifax Co VA 16-375) 10 Sept 1793 Caleb DODSON to Thomas DODSON; for 50 pds., a tract on Birch Creek adj. Charles CHILTON, George Combs, Robert EVANS, Sr., Thos. DODSON and Caleb DODSON.

27 Jul 1795 (Halifax VA 16-397) 27 July 1795. William JOHNSON (on behalf of the Baptist Church to which he belongs as a member) to Thomas DODSON; for 3 pds., 3 acres beg. at the line branch between Wm. JOHNSON and Cocky BROWN. Wits: M. WATKINS Rec: 27 July 1795

18 Jan - 22 Jul 1799 (Halifax VA 18-176) 18 Jan 1799. Phebe Combs to Thomas DODSON; for 80 pds., 123 acres on south side of Birch Creek adj. Thomas DODSON'S old line, EDMUNDS, Robert CHEATHAM and Joseph DODSON, being land sold to Phebe Combs by Robert EVANS. Wits: Stokely SLAYDEN, Joseph DODSON, Moses DODSON. Rec: 22 Jul 1799 (DNFP)

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Continued... Stafford Records (1756-1784)

Last updated 13 Oct 2006
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