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Middlesex County was established in 1669 from Lancaster Co VA, and in this county we find not only Combs, but UNDERWOODS associated with HAMMETTS (See Below)

Note: This report is still in rough draft form.

19 Mar 1672/3 (Middlesex Co - VA Land Patent Book 6:448) Lt. Wm. GORDON, 245 A, Middlesex, 19 Mar 1672, Adj. land he purchased of Col. Cuth. POTTER; on Mr. John SHEAPHERD (SHEPARD); land of John CANT, sonn of major David CANT; upon Mr. Alex. SMITH; neer the Road Path 7c. Tarns. of 5 persons: Jno. SAMPSON, Jone GRIFFE, Hannah COMY (or COURY) Dorothy PROSSER, Elias PAINE

(Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. II, Nugent, p. 124; and abstracted from VSLA by C. Hammett who reads Hannah's surname as either of the above or also COMES -- based on clerk's formation of other like letters on this same page; however, see also later Hannah Combs headrights in this county)

Notes: Re Dorothy PROSSER in reference the Goff-Kendall Families: William KENDALL m Elizabeth Combs (d/o John & Hannah "Ann" (MASON?) Combs, d 1716/7 in Richmond Co VA. He was the son or grandson of Thomas & Martha GOFF Kendall, and the latter was the step-daughter of John PROSSER of Old Rappahannock Co VA. Also note close Combs-Payne relationships in Old Rappahannock Co VA.

03 May 1675 (Middlesex VA OB1:31) Adm. of Est. of John COMBES, decd. granted to Thomas DUDLEY. 5/3/1675.

(Hopkins. Middlesex County, VA Wills & Inventories and Other Court Papers, 1637-1812 SDGS # 975.5 H796. Page 245 Orders Book (1740-1744))

Notes: The above John COMBS apparently d intestate, and has not yet been identified. Note, however, that in Old Rappahannock Co VA, Richard and Thomas DUDLEY, in 1686, witnessed the will of a Jonas PAGE who named one Henry CLARK of Totutskey Creek his executor and bequeathed livestock to his son, Henry CLARK, Jr. and see Mrs. Elizabeth DUDLEY below.

According to Josiah H. COMBS' Combes Genealogy, Chapter III: "…an Inventory of John COMBS' estate was made in Middlesex in 1675… two John COMBSES were living around the mouth of the Rappahannock at this time, and it seems that both were living in the present Middlesex County. .. An inventory of John COMBE'S estate was made in "Middlesex," in 1669 [sic]; this is apparently not our John, although he lived in Middlesex.… Archdale COMBS, living in Old Rappahannock, is connected with an inventory in Middlesex in 1675, the year of John's death. It is not certain as to whose inventory that is…. "

Notes: Middlesex was not formed until 1673 so the referenced 1669 inventory would have been in Lancaster Co VA except that no inventory has been found for any COMBS in Lancaster County. Neither have any records been found in Middlesex Co VA of Archdale COMBS.

11 Jul 1678 Christ Church Parish Register, Marriages [1678-1679/80]. Joseph MASON and Elizabeth BURTON married 11 Jul 1678.

(Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex County, Virginia, 1653-1812, John Otto Yurechko, Family Line Publications, Westminster MD, 1996)

Notes: See Also 1680 birth below of the d/o Josiah [sic] and Elizabeth (BURTON?) Mason, and note that in 1656 one Ann BURTON, d/o Richard BURTON of Virginia, and wife of George COMBS, was named administrator of her father's estate in England (See Burton-COMBS Connections)

26 Sep 1679 Christ Church Parish Register. "John COMBY died 26 Sep 1679 and was buried in the great Church Yard the next day."


Notes: The above John COMBS (or COMBS?) has not been identified; nor have any estate records been located for him.

06 Jun 1680 Ann MASON, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth, bapt. 6 Jun [1680]


Note: In Richmond County, VA are found the records of a Joseph/Joshua/Josiah MASON who lived adjacent to John COMBS, s/o Archdale COMBS, and h/o Hannah "Ann" who may have been neè MASON. Could this be her birth record? (See Hannah ("Ann" MASON?) COMBS (Wroe?)) The above two are the only MASON or BURTON records found in the Christ Church Parish Register. (All Christ Church Parish Register records are from the above source.)

29 May 1683 (Middlesex Co - VA Land Patent Book 7, p. 299) Anthony DOUGHTING, 151 A. Beg. close to Mr. Abraham WEEKES; on Mr. Rice JONES at head of the Green Br; to Jamaica line; along Mr. Randall SEGAR &c. Trans. of 3 pers.: Peter DEAN; John HOPER; Hannah COMBES.

(Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, Marion Nugent, Richmond VA, p. 265)

Notes: Rice JONES' daughter, Rachel, m (1) Capt. Richard CRENSHAW and (2) bef 25 Jun 1677, Capt. Martin PALMER (York County Records, D.W. &c. 6, p. 22, The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers Volumbe II, published by The Valentine Museum, Richmond, VA.) Not known if Martin PALMER was kin to the Archdale-COMBS-Palmer Families of England. See Also re Jones-Segar land below.

11 Mar 1687/8 (Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex Co VA, Christenings, 1687-8) Judith CLARK, d/o Robert & Sarah, bapt. 11 Mar 1687.

(ibid. p. 22)

06 Jul 1690 (Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex Co VA, Christenings, 1690-92/3) Thomas CLARK, s/o Robert & Sarah, bapt. 06 Jul 1690.


Notes: The above are the only two records for this couple.

18 Apr - 05 Dec 1698 (Middlesex WBA:22) 18 Apr 1698-5 Dec 1698. John BUTCHER, bro John SMITH all my est. and he is to be exec. Wits: Robert COOMES, Ruth SMITH, George SOUTHAM.

(Middlesex Co VA Records, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA)

Search Words: BOUCHER

Notes: The above Robert has not been identified; however, see Robert COOMES of 1698 St. Mary's Co, Maryland and Archdale COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co VA in 1674 when he, Peter OLD and Geo: SOUTHEN [sic] witness a deed for James COGHILL.

22 Nov 1700 Christ Church Parish Register, Christenings [1696/7-1706] (pp. 46-7) Elizabeth UNDERWOOD, daughter of Nathan and Diana UNDERWOOD, born 22 Nov and bapt. 22 Dec 1700 in Stratton Major Parish in King & Queen County by Emmanuel JONES minister of Petsoe Parish in Gloucester County, her sureties being James OVERSTREET and Elizabeth POTTER, Derby CAUNIFF and Hannah his wife.

24 Aug 17[00-06] John UNDERWOOD, son of Nathan and Diana UNDERWOOD, born 24 Aug (St. Bartholomew Day) and bapt. 29 Sep[ 17 *** by Reverend Bartholomew YATES in Christ Church, his sureties being John TOWNSEND, Robert JOHNSON and Mrs. Elizabeth DUDLEY

Notes: See Thomas DUDLEY & John COMBS of 1679 Middlesex VA, and Thomas & Richard DUDLEY and Archdale COMBS of Old Rappa. Co VA

28 Oct 1702 (Patent Book No. 9, p. 498) William CARTER, 172 acs. Middlesex Co., 28 Oct 1702, p. 498. Adj. Mr. Francis WEEKES; SEAGAR'S line; by the Green Br. in JONES' line; patent of Abraham WEEKES, Trans. of 4 pers: Robert COOK, Wm. HAMETT, Judith FLUIT, Thomas HOWS.

(C&P III, Nugent, p. 65)

Notes: See William HAMMETT I of Richmond & King George Cos VA who lived adjacent to William COMBS, s/o Archdale & Elizabeth UNKNOWN (Underwood) (Underwood) COMBS I of Old Rappahannock Co VA. The above William HAMMETT appears to be the same who was closely associated with the Underwood Families of Middlesex, whose relationship to the Underwoods of Old Rappa. Co VA, if any, remains unknown (See Below and See Underwood Families)

05 Jun 1706 Christ Church Parish Register, Christenings. Catherine HAMAT, daughter of William and Elizabeth, born 5 Jun and bapt. 14 Jul 1706.

Notes: Catherine was presumably the d/o the William HAMMETT who was a 1702 headright who was probably not one of the two William UNDERWOODS found in Richmond > King George & Stafford Cos VA.

25 Oct 1706 Christ Church Parish Register, Burials [1693/4-1706] (p. 37). John UNDERWOOD, son of Nathan and Diana UNDERWOOD, died on 24 Oct and was buried 25 Oct 1706

Notes: Nathan UNDERWOOD remains unidentified; however, given that the William HAMMETT of Richmond & King George Co VA resided adjacent to William COMBS step-brother of William UNDERWOOD, Sr…. (See Underwood Families, See Hammett Families and See Below)

01 Feb 1707/8 Christ Church Parish Register, Christenings [1707-1708] (p. 49) Nathan UNDERWOOD, son of Nathan and Diana, born Friday the 9th [no month] and bapt. 1 Feb 1707/8 (Septuagesima Sunday) in Christ Church by Rev. Bartholomew YATES minister of the same, his sureties being Joseph GOEAR [GOWER?], John GIBBS and Elizabeth MURRY

13 Sep 1710 Christ Church Parish Register, Christenings [1709/10-1711] (pp. 52-3) Ruth UNDERWOOD, daughter of Nathan and Diana, born 13 Sep and bapt. 22 Oct 1710

24 May 1713 Christ Church Parish Register, Christenings [1711-1713] (pp. 63-4) William HAMMUT, son of William and Elizabeth, baptized 24 May 1713

20 Aug 1713 Christ Church Parish Register, Christenings [1711-1713] (pp. 63-4) Thomas UNDERWOOD, son of Nathan and Diana, born 20 Aug and baptized 24 Aug 1713

22 Mar 1715/16 Christ Church Parish Register, Burials [1715-1716] Nathan UNDERWOOD died 22 Mar and was buried 24 May 1715

1716 (Middlesex Co VA Records) Diana _____, wife of Nathan UNDERWOOD, witnessed a promissory note written by William HAMMET.

(Underwood Families of Madison County, Virginia," Ben H. Coke, McDowell Publications, 11129 Pleasant Ridge Road, Utica, KY 42376, hereinafter Underwood)

08 Jul 1716 Christ Church Parish Register, Marriages [1716-1718] (pp. 115-16). Thomas BRUMWELL and Dianah UNDERWOOD [widow of Nathan UNDERWOOD] married 8 Jul 1716. Bartholomew YATES, minister.

11 Sep 1716 Christ Church Parish Register, Burials [1715-1716] Michael OWEN died 10 Sep and was buried 11 Sep 1716

Notes: See Michael OWEN of Richmond Virginia, indent. servant of John COMBS, d Richmond VA, 1719

09 Sep 1717 Christ Church Parish Register, Christenings [1723/4-1724] (pp. 81--3) Christ Church Parish Register, Burials [1716/7-1717/8] (pp. 128-129) Thomas UNDERWOOD died 9 Sep and was buried 11 Sep 1717.

23 Dec 1722 Christ Church Parish Register, Marriages [1721-1723/4] (pp. 117-118) John SHORTER and Elizabeth UNDERWOOD married 23 Dec 1722. Bartholomew YATES, minister.

14 Feb 1727/8 Christ Church Parish Register, Deaths [1727-1727/8] William HAMMELT [sic] died 14 Feb and was buried 16 Feb 1727 [1727/8? or 1726/7? - inserted between two Apr 1727 burials]

06 May 1728 Christ Church Parish Register, Marriages [1727-1729] John MACKNEEL and Catherine HAMMETT married 6 May 1728.

07 Jun 1728 Christ Church Parish Register, Marriages [1727-1729] Thomas TODD and Lettice THACKER married 7 Jun 1728.

Notes: Thomas TODD was of the Baltimore MD TODD Family and inter-related to the Gorsuch-Lovelace (COMBS & Roe) families of Lancaster Co VA & Talbot County, MD. Lettice THACKER was the Henry & Elizabeth PAYNE Thacker of Old Rappa. & Middlesex Cos VA.

15 Jun 1734 Christ Church Parish Register, Christenings William MACHEAL, son of John and Catherine [HAMMETT], born 15 Jun and bapt. 14 Jul 1734.

8 Feb 1744 William HAMMETT'S will was witnessed by Thomas BRUMMELL.

(Middlesex WBC, 1740-1748:249, ("Middlesex Co. Va: Wills & Inventories, 1673-1812 and Other Court Papers," Wm. L. Hopkins)

13 Nov 1744 Christ Church Parish Register, Christenings [1735-1747] John HAMMENT [John Hammett MACK-NELL?] son of John and Catherine MACK-NELL, born 13 Nov 1744

21 Feb 1744/5 Christ Church Parish Register. Births of Slaves [1736-1747] George, son of *** a slave belonging to John MACKNEELE, born 21 Feb 1744.

To Be Continued…

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