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Patrick County was organized from Henry Co, VA in 1790/91 (Henry Co, VA was organized from Pittsylvania Co (Halifax, Lunenburg) in 1778). In 1806, part of the southwestern portion of Patrick County was annexed to Grayson Co, VA, eventually becoming part of now Carroll Co, VA. Thus the records of both the parent and descendant counties should be checked. Also note that Patrick Co, VA was on the North Carolina state line and that this land was in dispute for over a hundred years, thus North Carolina records should also be checked.

Note: Records collection for this county still very incomplete.

Also Note: Unless otherwise noted, 1791-1809 Patrick Co, VA Tax Lists were transcribed from the Patrick Co., VA PP tax lists 1791-1823 abstracted from FHC microfilm (#1870193) of the original tax lists by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving who adds: I abstracted these entries while looking for other families. No Combs were abstracted by me after 1809, but I do not know if I just stopped copying their names or if they dropped off the list. I made no notes as to why the names stopped.

5 Sep 1797 - Mar 1798 (Patrick VA DB1:504) Richard DAVIDSON and Ann, his wife, of Patrick to Rachel MARTINDELL, her 2 sons Daniel and John MARTINDELL, of Patrick… land joining MOR'S [MOORE'S] order line on Elk Cr., laid off for sd DAVIDSON [being] 124 acres surveyed out frm MOR'S order. Signed - Richards (crossed 0 his mark) DAVIDSON, Arnn (crossed 0 her mark) DAVIDSON. Wits: John WILLSON, John (+ his mark) BENNET, William (& his mark) COOMES. Sd Ann DAVIDSON relinq. right of dower. Rec. Mar Court 1798. (Patrick Deed Book 1, TLC, Genealogy, Miami Beach, 1997)


Notes: Could Richard DAVIDSON be kin to George DAVIDSON who tithed James Combs in Rowan Co NC in 1768? William Combs' ancestry remains unidentified. He may be the William who m Jane CARTER in 1814 (See Below)

Sue Elfving adds: This Richard DAVISON of Patrick Co. was in Henry Co., VA tax records prior to his appearance in Patrick. He first appears in 1783 in Henry where he is in the same household as William DAVISON. In 1784 he is enumerated separately as being over 21. In 1789, there are two tithes over 16. He was in Henry Co. records with a John DAVISON, Golder DAVISON, and William DAVISON. Richard and Golder DAVIDSON were in Patrick Co. by 1791, the first tax year. Golder DAVISON was in Grainger Co., TN by 1808 or 1809 (per tax lists). I have found no records whatsoever to link this Richard DAVISON with the DAVISON family of Russell Co VA despite the name of his apparent relative Golder DAVISON. I suspect he came from the Halifax/Price Edw/Amelia group or the Buckingham group but no proof at this time.

30 Jan 1801( Patrick Co VA Marriage Records) Israel Combs & Jane BOLLING

(Extracted from VSLA records by Combs-Kendall Researcher Denise Mortorff)

Note: This appears to have been a VSLA error. See Loudoun Co VA

1803 Patrick Co, VA Tax Lists

CLOUD, Jeremiah
CLOUD, William

SE Note: I did not track the Clouds in Patrick but made this one note.

1804 Patrick Co, VA Tax Lists

Combs Zedekiah.....1 free white male, 1 horse
Combs William......1 wm, 1 hr

1805 Patrick Co, VA Tax Lists

Combs Zedekiah.....1 wm, 1 hr

28 Dec 1805 Patrick Co, VA Marriage Records. EZERELL WILKES & MARY Combs

(Extracted from Dodd, Jordan R, et. al. Early American Marriages: Virginia to 1850. Bountiful, UT: Precision Indexing Publishers, 19xx [sic], Ancestry On-Line (

Notes: This marriage record has not been located in any other source and may be in the wrong county (if not the wrong state); i.e., according to the William F. Coombs Manuscript, Polly COOMBS (d/o Amos & Tacy DRAKE Coombs of Loudoun Co, VA) m an Israel [sic] WILKES, about whom the author states "…they lived and died on a farm near Gilead Church in Hardon Co. [Hardin Co, KY], which farm is now owned by Joseph VANMETER…" Either this marriage record is Very Wrong or somebody took a Very Interesting ‘side trip’.

1806 Patrick Co, VA Tax Lists

Combs Wm...........1 wm

Combs Zedekiah.....1 wm, 1 hr

1807 Patrick Co, VA Tax Lists

Combs Zedekiah.....1 wm, 1 hr

1808 Patrick Co, VA Tax Lists.

SE: No tax record for Virginia

1809 Patrick Co, VA Tax Lists

Combs Zedekiah.....1 wm, 1 hr

Notes: It is possible that the reason the Combs were last extracted from Patrick Co, VA Tax Lists in 1809 is because they disappeared from Patrick roll. Zedekiah was on the 1810 Grayson Co, VA Tax List.

14 Feb 1814 Patrick Co VA Marriage Records. "Know all men by their presents that we William CONES and Thomas WHITLOCK are held and firmley bound unto his Excellancy James harber Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and his successors in asse ie in the just and of one Hundred and Fifty Dollars to which payment well and truly to be made we bond and witness ourselves Do firmley by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 14 day of Febuarey 1814 and in the year of the Commonwealth the condition of the above obligation is such that the said William COMES [sic] hath this day obtained from the Clerk of the County of Patrick a license for his intermarying Miss Jincey CARTER of the said County of Patrick Now if there should or ouught not to take place then this obligation to be voyd. William (his x mar) COMES (seal), Thomas WHITLOCK (seal) (Transcribed from handwritten Clerk's Copy by Combs Researcher Louise Converse who adds: Note that Combs is speled CONES at the beginning of the document, COMES near the end and in the signature. Miss CARTER'S name was very clear. From Patrick County Marriage Records Book: William COMES to Jincey CARTER the 14 day of February 1814. The Month was scratched out and February written above, in same handwriting. )

Notes: William Combs appears on the 1815 Grayson Co VA tax list, and is recorded in census records of that county through 1840.

05 Jan 1835 (Patrick Co VA Marriage Records) William Combs & Elizabeth SAYERS

(Combs Researcher Louise Converse)

Notes: According to Louise's Descendants of Zedekiah (Zadock) Combs of Grayson Co, VA, William was s/o Zedekiah I, and is found on the 1860 Raleigh Co, VA Census.

1840 US Census, Patrick Co, VA

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Steven Gilley from photo copy of Patrick Co, Census 1840) Columns are : Males under 5, 5 & under 10, 10 & under 15, 15 & under 20, 20 & under 30, 30 & under 40, 40 & under 50, 50 & under 60, 60 & under 70, 70 & under 80, 90 & under 100, 100 and upwards. Females under 5, 5 &under 10, 10 & under 15, 15 & under 20, 20 & under 30, 30 & under 40, 40 & under 50, 50 & under 60, 60 & under 70, 70 & under 80, 90 & under 100, 100 and upwards.

Page 37

Zadac Combs11000100000000000100000000000000000000

SHG Notes: The above Zadac Combs 1800-1810, wife b 1810-1820, 1 male b 1830-1835 and 1 male b 1835-1840. In Grayson Co, VA in 1840 was a Zedekiah Combs, b 1810-1820, wife b 1810-1820, 1 male b 1830-1835 and 2 males b 1835-1840. Were they the same or were there two Zadock-Zedekiah Combs? According to the death certificate of Riley Jackson Combs, he was b ca 1840, d Aug 1858 of scarlet fever. According to the 1850 Surry Co, NC census, however, Riley was eight years of age, thus not b until ca 1842.

Notes: Zadock Combs, s/o William & Jane CARTER Combs, m Susan PAYNE in 1833 in Grayson Co VA. In 1850, he is listed on the Surry Co, NC Census.

31 May 1848 (Patrick Co VA Grants 100:108.) William Combs. 147 A on Lovings Cr.

GRANTEE Combs, William. grantee.
DATE 31 May 1848. NOTE Location: Patrick County.
NOTE Description: 147 acres on Lovings Creek.
NOTE Source: Land Office Grants No. 100, 1848, p. 108 (Reel 166).
NOTE Part of the index to the recorded copies of grants issued by the Virginia Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.
OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Grants A-Z, 1-124, reels 42-190; Virginia State Land Office. Grants 125- , reels 369-.

Extracted from the VSLA Website by Denise Mortorff

GRANTEE Combs, Zadock. grantee.
DATE 30 September 1848.
NOTE Location: Patrick County.
NOTE Description: 70 acres on head waters of Lovings Creek.
NOTE Source: Land Office Grants No. 101, 1848-1849, p. 44 (Reel 167).
NOTE Part of the index to the recorded copies of grants issued by the Virginia Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.
OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Grants A-Z, 1-124, reels 42-190; Virginia State Land Office. Grants 125- , reels 369-.

Extracted from the VSLA Website by Denise Mortorff

30 Dec 1848 (Patrick Co VA Grants 101:44) Zadock Combs. 70 A on headwaters of Lovings Cr.

(Combs &c. Land of Virginia)

Note: This land was adjacent to Grayson, later Carroll Co, VA and on the Surry Co NC state line. See previous (different date).

Mar 1850 (1850 US Mortality Schedule, Patrick Co VA) Combs, Rebecca, Female, bn in VA, died age 34 in Mar. Cause of death: Childbirth

(Extracted by Combs-Hicks Researcher Pat Osborn Orton)

Notes: Rebecca was the widow of Thomas Combs, s/o William and Jane “Jincey” CARTER Combs.

1850 Patrick Co, VA Census

Southern District

p. 401A

749/788 Combs Thomas m 25 VA Farmer $100 X
Zadoc m 7 VA
Churchill m 4 VA
Sally J. f 2 VA
Nancy f 312 Mar VA

p. 402A

765/804 Combs William 72 NC farmer
Jane [CARTER] 52 Va
Elizabeth 21 Va
Berry 20 Va laborer
Alexander 18 Va laborer
Phebe 16 Va
Sally 13 Va
Matilda 11 Va

766/805 ALLEN Jeremiah m 25 VA Farmer $100 X
Nancy [Combs] f 23 VA X
Anderson m 4 VA
Washington m 1 VA

Note: Nancy Combs, d/o William and Jane CARTER Combs.

767/806 Combs Nuell 34 Va laborer
Frances 42 Va
Peter 13 Va
Sally 11 Va
William 9 Va
Noah 7 Va
Richard 2 VA

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)


Notes: Newell and Frances neè BEAMER Combs are on the 1860 Carroll Co, VA Census. Son Peter is missing from that census, but is on the 1870 Morgan Co, KY Census. See also 1860 Carroll for most of the remainder of these families.

20 Jun 1854 Patrick Co, VA Death Records, 1853-1870. Combs, Susan. Age 40, Female. Cause of Death: Childbed Fever. Parents: Nathaniel and Susan PAYNE. No place of birth given. Husband: Zadrich Combs. Informant: Z. Combs, husband

(US GenWeb Patrick Co VA, Death Records).

Notes: Zadock and Susan PAYNE Combs m 13 Apr 1833, Grayson Co VA. See 1850 Surry Co, NC Census and 1860 Carroll Co, VA census and 1860 Wilkes Co, NC Census.

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