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Franklin County was formed in 1792 from Crittenden County. The county seat is St. Albans.

1850 Franklin Co, VT Census

Submitted by Debi Houser


pg 227

100/104 Jonathan COMBS 35 m farmer 100 VT
Olive 34 f VT
Rhoda 15 f VT attended school
Ruby 14 f VT attended school
Daniel 11 m VT attended school
Minervia 9 f VT attended school
Polly 7 f VT attended school
Helen 5 f VT attended school
David 2 m VT

Note: See Jonathan & Olive Combs living with son John M. Combs in the 1900 census below

pg 232

173/186 Lucius GOFF 30 m merchant 4000 VT
Sophrona 25 f VT
Herbutt 1 m VT
Rachel COMBS 24 f VT

pg 245

183/187 Caleb COMBS 49 m farmer VT
John 76 m farmer 6000 VT
Betsy 74 f VT
Betsy L. 45 f Canada
Rachel 23 f Canada
Reuben 21 m none Canada
Seth 19 m none Canada
John 17 m none Canada
Alfred 15 m none Canada
Elizabeth 13 f Canada
Abigal 11 f Canada
Maria 9 f Canada
Mary 6 f Canada
Alvin 4 m Canada

184/188 Joel HAMLITON [sic] 55 m Canada
Rufus 55 m Canada
Eliza 52 f Canada
Joel C. 24 m Canada
Charlotte 22 f Canada
Joel Jr. 22 m Canada
Rufus Jr. 18 m Canada
Giles SHELDON 20 m Canada
Charles ?SUMTAR 2 m VT
Abigal COMBS 45 f Canada

2 Jul 1853 [Source unknown] Rachel COMBS, daughter of Caleb and Abigail Combs of Richford, VT. Rachel was married 2 July 1853 to Horace L. WELLMAN.

Note: Rachael died 4 November 1862 in Montgomery, [Franklin Co] VT. (Tami Sneddon)

1860 Franklin Co, VT Census

Extracted from images



p. 1

5/5 WELLMAN, Horace S 36 m Carriage Maker 150 2000 MA
Rachel 33 f VT
Homer E 5 m MA sch
Emma J 4 f VT sch
Adelbert E 3 m VT
Horace E 512 m VT
INGLES, Asa 22 m Farm Laborer 500125 VT
DWYER, Ellen 28 f VT

Note: Per the unsourced marriage above, Rachel is daughter of Caleb & Abigail Combs.

p. 5

38/36 Combs, John 27 m Carriage Maker 1600 375 VT
Sophronia S. 24 f MA
Mary L. 212 f VT
Don Dwyer 16 Farm Laborer VT

Note: Don Dwyer indexed on footnote as surname DWYER; the image shows that enumerator “dittoed” the COMBS surname.

p. 13

95/91 Combs, Caleb 59 M Farmer 14000 2300 VT
Abigail 55 F Canada E
Alvin 14 M VT sch
Seth 29 M VT
Alfred 25 M VT
Mariah 18 F VT
Elias 9 M VT sch
ROBERTS Henry 24 m VT
Abigail 20 f VT



p. 4

25/24 Combs, Jonathan 47 m Farmer 500 325 VT
Olive 44 f VT
Rhoda 25 f Domestic VT
Helen 14 f VT
David 11 m Vt
Eli 9 m VT
Jane 6f VT
Jonathan 3 m VT
Olive 512 f VT

p. 5

32/30 Combs, Reuben 31 m Farmer 2500 950 VT
Harriet 30 f VT
Byron 7 m VT sch
Elizabeth 2 f VT
FARRAR Eunice 70 f Lady VT
SHANDY, Bridget 22 f VT

1900 Franklin Co, VT Census

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Mongomery town

SD: 274 (crossed through; ED: 102

Sh: 2A; 5 Jun 1900, Geo. E. Deuel

33/37 Combs Eugene? head WM Feb 1870 30 M 6 VT VT MA Sorter (Bobbin Mill)
Bertha E. Wife FW Oct 1872 27 M 6 1/0 Ma VT MA

Sh: 3B; 8 Jun 1900

61/37 Combs Alfred Head WM Jun 1835 64 M 40 VT VT Canada(Eng) Farmer
Mary L. Wife WF Nov 1839 60 M 40 5/4 VT Canada(Eng) VT
Alice M Dau WF Dec 1872 27 S VT VT VT
Caleb E. Son WM Oct 1877 22 S VT VT VT

Note: “Pastureland” written in right margin

Sh: 13A; 27 Jun 1900

253/272 Combs John Head WM Mar 1835 67 M 45 VT VT Canada(Eng) Farmer
Saphronia Wife FW Jan 1836 64 M 45 8/5 MA VT MA
Ernest E Son WM Oct 1875 24 S VT VT MA Farm Laborer

Berkshire town

SD: 274; ED: 104

Sh: 1A; 1 Jun 1900; Geo. W. Bowen

7/7 Combs, Byron H. Head MW Jun 1854 45 M 2 VT VT VT Stock Buyer
Mary P. Wife WF Jul 1859 40 M 2 0/0 VT VT VT
Addis R. Son WM Jul 1886 13 S VT VT Vt
DAVIS, Blanche L, Servant WF May 1871 29 S VT VT VT

Richford Town

SD: 274; ED: 113

Sh: 2A; 4 jul 1900, John N. Walker

32/34 NOYES, George S. Head WM Aug 1869 30 M 7 VT VT VT Farmer
Dora M. wife WF Jan 1874 27 M 7 2/2 VT VT VT
Ralph E son WM Oct 1894 5 S VT VT VT
Doroty R. Dau WF Oct 1898 1 S VT VT VT
Combs, Nelson [blank] WM may 1882 18 S VT VT VT Day Laborer

Sh: 7A,15 Jun 1900

136/138 Combs, David Head WM May 1849 51 M 22 VT VT VT Farmer
Mina Wife WF Feb 1860 39 M 22 4/4 VT VT VT
George Son WM Dec 1879 21 S VT VT VT
Wayne Son WM Mar 1885 15 S VT VT VT
Lee Son WM Aug 1897 2 S VT VT VT

139/141 Combs, John M. Head WM Feb 1857 43 M 189 Canada(Eng) VT VT Farmer
Zada Wife WF may 1863 37 M19 4/2 Canada(Eng) VT VT
Lula M. Dau WF Apr 1888 12 S VT Canada(Eng) Canada(Eng) at school
Mina Dau WF Nov 1891 9 S VT Canada(Eng) Canada(Eng) at school
Combs, Johnathen Father WM May 1814 86 M66 VT VT CT
Olive Mother WF Jan 1816 84 M66 12/9 VT VT VT

141/143 Combs, Elias Head WM Sep 1850 49 M28 VT VT VT
Nellie Wife WF Apr 1854 47 M28 5/4 VT VT VT
Harald Son Wm Apr 1890 9 S VT VT VT at school
FARRAR Albert Bro-in-law WM May 1849 51 S VT VT VT Cattle buyer
Fletcher George M Boarder WM Sep 1882 17 S VT VT Canad

Richford Village

ED: 114

Sh: 3A, 2 Jun 1900, Clair H Hopkins

45/52 Combs, Eli G Head WM Jul 1853 46 M23 VT VT VT Day Laborer
Susan C. Wife WF Aug 1858 41 M23 3/3 Canada(Eng) VT Canada(Eng)
Gladys Dau WM Jan 1880 20 S VT VT Canada(Eng)
Eddie D. G-son WF Nov 1898 1 S VT VT VT

Note: Enumerator transposed the gender of Gladys and Eddie?

St. Albans


Sh: 6A; 9 Jun 1900, Wm. A. Buck

98/111 COOKE, Edith head WF may 1845 W 1/1 Canada(Eng) Canada(Eng) Canada(Eng) 1849 51 Housdekeeper
14 lodgers including
Coombs, Leslie WM June 1877 22 S VT VT VT Milk tester Vt Creamery

Note: “Deal St”. written in left margin. This is the Leslie I. Combs of Gary, IN; See obit at Lake Co, IN, which mentions a brother Harold who “died some years ago”. This would make Leslie a son of Elias & Nellie (above) with Harald <sic> age 9 in household 141/143.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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