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12 Feb 2008
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Sisson- Coombes-Eves Bible. Transcribed and contributed by Coombes Researcher Mary Jo Sisson March who notes: Sarah COOMBES (daughter of Edward& Rebecca STILLWELL Coombes) married (1) a CAMPBELL; married (2) 14 Aug 1804, Nelson Co, KY, Henry EVES. This bible was given to Malinda (Eves) Sisson by her parents Sarah ( Coombes), Campbell Eves & Henry Eves, Sarah's second husband, as a wedding present in 1821, in Switzerland Co., Indiana. Malinda took it to Keokuk Co., Iowa in 1851, and from there to Waubansee Co., Kansas, where she died in 1892. It is now in the possession of a descendant who resides in Oregon. The entries are written by at least two persons and the ink is faded badly. The spelling of the names varies. Copied as written with notes in parenthesis by Mary Jo Sisson March.

Henry Eves and Sarah his wife was married August 14th. Day Anno Domni 1804
Daniel Higbey Sisson and Malindia Eves was married the 12th. day of May Anno Domni 1821.
James J. Sisson married Katie Sutherland 1865.
James J. Sisson married Annie Stinson Dec. 22, 1883.

MJSM: Malindia was the dau. of Henry & Sarah COOMBES (Campbell) Eves. The bible later belonged to this James Jones Sisson, so he entered his marriages also.
Melindia Eves was born September the 8th. day Anno Domni 1805.
Mary Gilmore was born August 26th day Anno Domni 1789.
Massie Millen was born March the 17th. day Anno Domni 1796.
William Coombes was born February 23rd. day Anno Domni 1798.

MJSM: Mary (Campbell) Gilmore; Massie (Campbell) Millen & William (Campbell?) Coombes were the children of Sarah COOMBES CampbellEves by her first husband, _____ CAMPBELL. Many other researchers and myself have searched very diligently to determine why William was listed as COOMBES instead of CAMPBELL, but we believe it is because according to the records his grandfather Edward COOMBES raised him as a son, even making him an heir in his will. Later on William spelled his name COMBS, instead of COOMBES.

Henry Eves was born January the 30th. day Anno Domni 1760 (family legends say in Ireland.)
Sarah Eves was born June the 23rd. day Anno Domni 1764.
Hannah Harriet Sisson was born the 6th day of May Anno Domni 1822.
Orren Higbey Sisson was born the 28th day of January Anno Domni 1825.
Henry Eves Sisson was born the 15th day of September Anno Domni 1826. (This first Henry Eves Sisson died at the age of 11 months).
Sarah M. Sisson was born July t--- 1829 Anno Domni.
Zenas Lawyer Sisson was born April the 1st. 1832 Anno Domni.

MJSM: These are the SISSON children, born to Sarah's daughter Malinda Eves Sisson and her husband Daniel H. Sisson. There should be another birth entry here, that of Henry Eves Sisson (2d), my great grandfather. I believe that because the first Henry Eves Sisson's birth had been recorded, & who died at 11 months, they overlooked the fact that they had not recorded Henry Eves Sisson (2d.) There are many records that prove that he was their son also. Henry Eves Sisson (2d), my great grandfather was born April 1, 1833.

Willson (Wilson) Crandall Sisson was born May the 30th 1834 Anno Domni.
Thomas Heady Sisson was born May the 20th. 1836 Anno Domni.
Jane Mary Sisson was born February the 10th. Anno Domni. (no year)
James Jones Sisson was born February the 13th. Anno domni 1841.
Olive Permelia Sisson was born May the 29th Anno Domni 1843.
Marthy (Martha) Angeline Sisson was born January the 12th. Anno Domni 1847.
Margaret Eveline Sisson was born January 28th A. D. 1851.
Age not set down until Aprile 13th a. d. 1854.

MJSM: In 1851 this SISSON family migrated from Switzerland Co., Indiana to Keokuk Co., Iowa. That is prob. why the record was not entered at the time of her birth.

Edwards Coombes, Sen. died December the 8th. day Anno Domni 1820, aged 84 years.
Rebecca Coombes concort(sp) of Edward Coombes died December the Anno Domni, 1836, aged 92 years.
Henry Eves Sisson departed the life the 2nd. day of August Anno Domni, 1827, aged 11 months.
Henry Eves departed this life the 17th day of November Anno Domni,1846, aged 86 years 8 mo. and 18 days. (Buried at Lee Cemetery, Switzerland Co., Indiana)
Sarah Eves departed this life the 25th day of March, Anno Domni, 1848. Aged 83 years 9 months and 28 days.
Sarah Malinda (Sisson) Gould departed this life September the 17th. 1848, consort of Silvester Gould & daughter of Daniel and Malinda Sisson. Aged 20 years, 2 months and 12 days. (She and her brother Orrin died of typhoid fever).
Orin H. Sisson died the 25 September 1848, aged 23 years, 4 months and 28 days.
Daniel Higbey Sisson died 30 September 1878 age 78 years. (buried Harveyville, Kansas).
Margaret Eveline (Sisson) Hawk died February 12th 1885 aged 34 years and 17 days.
Malinda Eves Sisson (dau. of Sarah Coombes) died November 24th, 1892. Aged 87 years 2 mo., 16 days. (Buried Harveyville, Kansas)
Katie Sisson, wife of James J. Sisson died Feb. 19th, 1874.
Mary A. Sisson wife of James J. Sisson died July 15, 1926.
James J. Sisson died July 2, 1929 aged 88 years, 4 mo. and 19 days.(James Jones Sisson was a Civil War soldier, & survived the infamous Andersonville Prison, and lived to old age). Tombstone Photo provided by John A Jackson.
Irvyl Ireta Sisson wife of Frank E. Sisson died Feb. 25, 1935, aged 49 years, 5 mo., 12 days.
Frank Sisson died april 30, 1962.

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