Representatives Needed For DNA Testing

Since our first DNA Study is a Y-chromosome study that tests and compares the DNA of males for relatedness, there may be a number of researchers who would like to identify subjects to be tested who would do so on their behalf or because they have similar research interests. Also, there may be lineages with no representation for which there could be significant findings that may have a widespread affect on the family history assumptions of persons tracing many COMBS-COOMBS &c. branches. In cases like these, this list will facilitate the identification of test subjects needed for establishing specific “lineage genetic profiles”. For further information and to avoid repetition, a reference to our Virtual Archive lineage "snapshots" will be noted on the table below, when available. Researchers requesting assistance in finding persons who will consider testing should provide this information to the Project Administrator. Once people are willing to be tested on behalf of another, any understandings for paying for the testing will need to be worked out between the researcher and the persons being tested. Any information to be included in this part of the study should be directed to the Project Administrator.

Lineage Needing
(see reference to Archive)

Requested By/Source


Thomas COMBS
  In Patrick County, VA. by 1846 m. Rebecca Haynes. She died in childbirth May 1850. May be son of William M COMBS
John COMBS, Sr. (1735-1738 to 1820)
William COMBS (1757-1840)
Nicholas "Danger" COMBS, Sr. (1761/64-1856/1859)
John COMBS (1761-1848)
Biram COMBS (1760/1766-?)
Mason COMBS (by 1765-1822)
Henry COMBS (1765/68-after 1850)
Elijah COMBS (1770/71-1855)
George COMBS (by 1774-1826/7)
Combs John COMBS Sr. - Father of “the eight” & the son of Mason COMBS Sr. (1714-1784)
George Coombs (c1792-1872)
Lauraine Syrnick Ancestry in Wales by “lineage genetic profile” comparison needed.
Dale Larson Tonoloways

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