Virginia - Stafford County

John Combs

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  1. John COMBS John COMBS & Seth BULLITT (?-1785) m Seth Harrison BULLITT
  2. Cuthbert COMBS Cuthbert COMBS (1745-1815)m Sarah "Sally" EVANS
  3. Cuthbert B. COMBS (1783- ?) m: Sarah “Sally” DANIELS
  4. Marcus A. COMBS (1806-1894) m: Susan ADAMS
  5. John Cuthbert COMBS (1855-1938) m: Sallie Price HARDIN
  6. Ralph Bryant COMBS (1900-1965) m1: ________ m2: Verle Arvilla BUGH
  7. Clarence LeRoy “Lee” COMBS (nicknamed “The Sailor”) (living)
  1. Stafford Co, VA
  2. Stafford Co, VA; Clark Co, KY
  3. Stafford Co, VA; Clark Co, KY
  4. Stanton, Clark Co, KY; Fulton, Callaway Co, MO
  5. Powell Co, KY; Ponca City, Kay Co, OK
  6. Fulton, Callaway Co, MO; Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS
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  • Establish the “genetic profile” for this branch of COMBS. DONE
  • Determine the lineage and the identity of Gen #1 John Combs parentage by comparing the “genetic profile” with other profiles. DONE
  • Note: Well documented.


Findings A “Lineage Genetic Profile” has been established for this line, John Combs “2 of 2” Snapshot Benjamin B. Combs (1774-1834) Stafford Co, VA Lineage Snapshot Joseph COMBS I of Stafford Co, VA Snapshot John Combs Snapshot Charles Allen Combs KY Snapshot