Virginia - Stafford County


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  1. John COMBS John COMBS & Seth BULLITT (?-1785) m Seth Harrison BULLITT
  2. Benjamin COMBS (c1749 - 1838) m: Sarah RICHARDSON
  3. Samuel Richardson COMBS m: Theodosia HOLDER
  4. Rufus K. COMBS (1812-1898) m: _________
  5. Owen Thomas COMBS (1837-1926) m: Lucy A. Davis
  6. Roy COMBS (1876 - 1960) m: Nellie Lena Wall
  7. Roy Breckenridge COMBS (1907 - 1937) m: Muriel Ezell
  8. Breck Combs (living)
  1. Stafford Co, VA
  2. Stafford Co, VA; Winchester, Clark Co, KY
  3. VA; Clark Co, KY
  4. Clark Co, KY; Monroe Co, MO
  5. Estill or Clark Co, KY; Washita Co, OK
  6. Millvill, Ray Co, MO; Elk City, Beckham Co, OK
  7. Washita Co, OK; Pampa, Gray Co, TX
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  • Establish the genetic profile of this COMBS branch. DONE
  • Verify or prove the father - son relationship between Rufus K. and Owen T. Combs. DONE
  • Determine a relationship to earlier COMBS, specifically ruling in or out a connection to the branch of John COMBS and Seth Bullitt.
  • Note: I personally documented the genealogy from Roy Breckenridge Combs to Benjamin Combs. Possible error is the relationship between Owen Thomas Combs and Rufus K. Combs. Rufus is considered to be the father. However, O. T. would be the son of an unidentified first wife of Rufus K. Associated families include Richardson, Bullitt, Calmes.


Findings A “Lineage Genetic Profile” has been established for this line, John Combs “1 of 2” Snapshot Benjamin B. Combs (1774-1834) Stafford Co, VA Lineage Snapshot Joseph COMBS I of Stafford Co, VA Snapshot John Combs Snapshot Charles Allen Combs KY Snapshot