Virginia - Stafford County

Joseph Combs

  1. Joseph COMBS (1770's- 18??)- m: Mary McMakin
  2. Alexander COMBS (1795-1868)- m: Dicey Perry
  3. William Billy COMBS (1829-1913)- m: Mary Ann Cross
  4. Robert Noah COMBS m1 Phoebe McConnell; m2 Albia Williams
  5. Conley Roy COMBS (1908-1979) m: Bonley Lee Gilliam
  6. Hascal Ray COMBS (living)
  7. Jeffery Ray COMBS (living)
  1. Stafford Co, VA
  2. Loudoun & Russell Co, VA
  3. Russell Co, VA
  4. Russell Co, VA, Hancock Co, Hawkins Co, TN
  5. Hancock Co, Sullivan Co, TN
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  • Identify the genetic profile for this branch of COMBS. DONE
  • Would like to determine a lineage genetic profile match with DNA of the Joseph COMBS of Stafford Co. VA and Joseph COMBS of Loudoun Co, VA. DONE
  • Note: Documented thoroughly. Would like establish a relationship with Joseph Combs of Stafford or Joseph Combs of Loundon Co, VA. Would like to determine validity of a relationship with John COMBS of Jamestown as stated in the book of Josiah COMBS.


Findings A “Lineage Genetic Profile” has been established for this line, John Combs “1 of 2” Snapshot John Combs “2 of 2” Snapshot Benjamin B. Combs (1774-1834) Stafford Co, VA Lineage Snapshot John Combs Snapshot Charles Allen Combs KY Snapshot