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Chapter XX, William Combs, of Russell County, Va. (pp. 108-117)

Page 108. 1. There is a serious error in this chapter; i.e., William COMBS, Jr., b 11 Jan 1777, Stafford Co, VA, d 1841, Russell Co, VA; m Anna THOMPSON (d/o William and Nancy JACKSON Thompson) was not the s/o William & Seth STACY Combs (s/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr.), b 28 Nov 1740, Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA, but instead the s/o William & Sarah Ann MILLION Combs, Sr. of Stafford Co, VA. Also note, however, that William COMBS, s/o Mason, was also in Russell Co, VA - as were numerous other early COMBS, and that confusion has raged rampant for years among researchers as to Who's on First.

As noted by the author, the lineage in this chapter was furnished by Frederick Harmon Combs who was not a Russell Co, VA COMBS, and that some of this lineage (in addition to corrections noted herein and/or lineages as documented in the above William COMBS, Jr. report) is incorrect and that additional footnotes will be provided shortly.

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