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Chapter XXII

General Table [Part 3]

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We return to the "eight brothers", sons of John 7 and Nancy.

8 Mason [Combs] and Jenny [Richardson]. Lived in Sullivan Co., Tenn., and Perry [Co., KY] (1)

9 Nancy, m. Hardin Combs, 1814

9 Willie, (Wilmouth), m. Wm. Combs

9 Tabitha

9 Rebecca, m. John, son of John Combs of the "eight", 1813.

9 Sarah (Sallie), m. Wm. Combs, 1817

9 Washington ("Luke"), m. Sallie Whittaker

9 Preston, m. Nancy ---

9 Tarleton ("Talt"), m. Betty Ison

9 "Grizzler" Clint, m. Eliz. ("Betts"), dau. of old Shade Combs, of Letcher Co. [KY], [and] Louann, dau. of Isaac Baker

9 Napoleon Bonaparte ("Boney"), m. Susan, dau. of Geo. Ison.

9 Massingill ("Mart"), m. Eliz. ("Betts"), dau. of "Long" Jerry Combs; [and?] Polly Kelley.

8 Nicholas [Combs]. Lived in Breathitt and Perry [Cos. KY].  (2)

9 Nicholas, Jr.? Lived in Owsley [Co. KY].

9 Jeremiah? m. "Betts" [Combs], dau. of Henry of the "eight".

8 Henry (Harrison) [Combs] , by Rachel [Clements] and Phoebe [Francis]. Lived in Sullivan Co., Tenn., Perry, [Co, KY and] Johnson Co., Ind.  (3)

9 Matthew, m. Frances (Fanny), dau. of Wm. Brown, 1810.

9 Henry, m. Nancy Ann, dau. of Wm. Brown, 1816.

9 George, m. Nancy, dau. of Richard Smith.

9 James, m. Elizabeth ---

9 Francis (Frank), m. Bettie Oliver; [and m. (2)] Polly Crouch

9 Stephen, m. Frances ---

9 Elizabeth, m. Jeremiah Combs, 1810

9 Polly, m. Downey Stacey

9 Winnie, m. John Miller

8 George [Combs] and Lydia [Herald]. Lived in Perry.  (4)

9 Biram (Barm), m. Maria Messer

9 Claiborne, m. Sarah ---

9 Lydia, m. Moses, son of "Chunky" Jerry Combs. Matilda, unmarried, but not "neglected". Had "Tight" Jerry [Combs] by


"Chunky" Jerry, and George and Hiram by "Grizzler" Clint [Combs]; George [Combs, s/o Matilda] had a Matilda, third wife of old Col. Salyer.

8 Elijah ("Gen." 'Lige) [Combs] and Sarah (Sallie) [Roark]. Lived in Perry [Co, KY].  (5)

9 Elijah, m. Polly Ann. dau. of "Long" Jerry Combs.

9 Jesse, m. Polly Bolen

9 (Mary) Polly, m. Maj. John A. Duff

9 Jackson G., m. Martha Crank

9 Louisa, m. Robert Cornett

9 Susan, m. a Mattingly

8 William ("Old Buckery") [Combs] and Nell [Cloud].  (6)

9 (Mary) Polly, m. Henry Duncan, in old Lincoln Co. [KY], 1803

9 Margaret, m. Jas. B. Heatherly, in Madison Co. [KY], 1820.

9 Richard. Had William Wallace [Combs] (m. Mary Arnold); William Wallace had Charles Butler [Combs] (m. Nannie Harris): Charles Butler had Robert Wallace [Combs] (m. Beulah Brandenburg); Robert Wallace had Mary Emaline [Combs] (m. Samuel Boone Berryman); Mary Emaline had John Floyd [Berryman] (m. Marilyn Garnett).

8 Biram (Barm) [Combs]. Little known of his family. Had Biram, Jr. and probably a Robert and a Harrison. Lived in Perry [Co, KY], Wayne [Co, KY], and Johnson Co, Indiana. (7)

9 Biram, Jr., had: Jackson (Squire Jack), lived on Flax Patch; Louise, died aged 16; Dicie, and probably John (styled John Combs-Couch in the Perry Co. records). John moved to Madison Co., Ark., Others of his children are said to have gone to Ark.

9 Nancy [Combs] and "Long Jerry" [Combs]. (See Jeremiah 9, and Nancy).

9 Washington [Combs] and Sallie [Whittaker] (8)

10 Susan, m. Samuel Napier

10 Jane (Sarah Jane), m. Wm. Mason, son of Matthew Combs

10 Margaret (Peggy). Had Pearl, by John Lacey.

10 Jett (S.J.)

10 Vina

10 Minerva, I. P.

Census of 1870 lists Granville.


9 Massingill (Mart) [Combs] and Elizabeth ("Betts") [Combs]

10 Washington, m. Merinda Ingram

10 Burk

10 Benjamin

10 Gilbert

10 Clinton

10 Preston

10 Hanbill

10 Bonaparte

10 Catherine

10 Jennie

10 Polly

10 Elizabeth

10 Jane

9 Preston [Combs] and Nancy [---]   (9)

10 Claiborn, m. Grace Mays

10 Tarleton (Talt)

10 Preston

10 Rinda

10 Christine

10 Syra

10 Joe

10 Mason

10 Andrew

9 Tarleton [Combs] and Bettie [Ison]

10 Ira (Preacher Ira) m. a Burton; [and] a Francis. Children: First marriage: Orvan, Elijah, Talt, Minta, Rebecca Ann, Susan, Eliza Jane, Mary, Docie, Second marriage: Dollie, Allie, Lettia, Will, George, Sam, Eli, Norman.

10 Eli, had Leslie, Gus, Elijah and Green

10 Carlo, m. Peggy, dau. of Wash. Combs; [and] a Hall. Children: Harrison, Sallie, Elizabeth (Bett), Dulcinea, Ella Jane, Catherine.

10 Harrison, m. Cynthia Baker. Children: Wm. Henry, Jno. B., C.R. Lee, Eli, Chas. C., Walter, Malcolm, Harrison, Maggie, Alice, Anna, Laura.

10 Catherine, m. a Cornett.

10 Nancy, m. a Farley

10 Mary Ann, m. a Brashear

10 Ursula, m. an Ison


9 Clinton ("Grizzler" Clint) [Combs] and "Betts" [Combs].

10 Martha, m. Jesse Messer

10 Lucinda

10 Susan, m. Madison [Combs], son of Jeremiah L., son of "Long Jerry".

10 Emma, m. A Grigsby

10 Elizabeth ("Betts"), m. Jesse Wooton.

10 John ("Limpy")

10 Edward, m. Martha ---

10 Elihu E. (All of these were Republicans!) [The following] Children by Lou Ann [Baker], all of whom were Democrats!:

10 Nelson

10 Jane

10 William

10 Samp B.

10 D. Y. (David Yancy), m. Mary Brashear; had J. Richmond, Della, Estill, Zola

10 Richmond

10 Jim Pete

10 Mason

10 Ida

10 Coolie

10 Liza

9 Bonaparte (Boney) [Combs] and Susan [Ison]

10 Jane, m. Wiley [Combs], son of Samuel 8

10 Sophia, m. a Treadway

10 Mary, m. Samuel Congleton

10 Raleigh, had two sons and six daughters

10 Messa, m. Henry More

10 Minerva, m. Jim Crabtree

(Census of 1860 lists: Cinthia Ann, Caroline, Mary Ann, Susan, Martha A., Sophia).

9 Jeremiah ("Long Jerry") [Combs], son of John 8. Children listed under Jeremiah 9 and Nancy [Combs].

9 Mason [Combs] and Matilda [Watts]. Living on Middle Fk. Ky. Riv., Breathitt [Co KY], in 1872  (10)

10 Sallie

10 Patsy

10 Margaret


10 John

10 Enoch

10 Malinda (Lou)

10 Granville, m. Margaret, dau. of Wiley Amburgey; moved to Taney Co, Mo. 1891

10 Levina (Vina)

10 George

9 Shadrach (Shade) [Combs]

10 Shadrach

10 John Wesley, m. Mary Hogg, dau. of James Hogg

10 Hacker (George)

10 Tipton

10 Elizabeth, m. Clint [Combs], old Mason's son.

10 Polly Ann, m. John L., son of "Long Jerry" Combs

9 Millie [Combs] and William [Smith]. Children listed under William 9 and Millie

9 Sallie [Combs] (Dau. of John 8 and Margaret). [and Hundley?]  (11)

10 Samuel

10 Harvey

10 Thomas. (All named in John's affidavit for pension).

9 Biram [Combs] (son of George 8) and Maria [Messer].

10 Biram

10 Thomas

10 Claiborne

10 Milton

10 Minerva

10 Armina

10 Andrew (Census of 1850 adds Stephen, Lydia, James).

9 Claiborne [Combs] (son of George 8) and Sarah [ ---].  (11)

10 Macey

10 Kenneth

10 Artemisia

10 Tinsley, m. Ellen Godsey

10 James

10 John D.

10 Uriah


9 Jesse [Combs] (Son of "Gen." Lige 8) and Polly [Bolen]  (12)

10 Dr. Jesse, m. Eliz. Lacey

10 Elsie ("Dutch") m. Joe Davidson; Granville Pearl, son of "Bird-Eye" Nick Combs

10 Margaret (Peggy), m. Jas. B. Fitzpatrick

10 Josiah Henry, m. Polly Ann Mattingly

10 Minerva, m. Zke [Zeke, aka Ezekiel?] Brashear

10 Sarah, m. Harvey, son of James Hundley

10 Diana, m. A. C. Godsey

10 Susan, m. John Richmond

10 Nancy, m. William Fields

10 Louisa (Alois), m. "Big" Henry Fields

10 John D., m. Sallie Turner

9 Elijah [Combs], Jr., and Polly Ann [Combs]  (13)

10 Louisa, m. Zach. Morgan; had Jesse, Elijah, Bud.

10 Sarah, m. Ben D. Davidson; had Joe, Elijah, James.

10 Nancy, m. John Cornett

10 Mary, m. Hiram Combs

10 Polly

10 Minerva (following listed in Census of (1850) [sic].

10 Hiram

10 Elijah

10 John

9 Jackson D. (G.) [Combs] and Martha [Crank]. (Census of 1850)  (14)

10 Polly

10 Leslie

10 Elizabeth

10 Sarah

10 James

10 Jackson

10 John

10 Cassisu

10 Elijah (not listed in Census)

9 Matthew [Combs] (son of Henry 8) and Fannie [Brown]  (15)

10 Aaron, moved to Kansas.

10 Alfred, m. Peggy, dau. of Nathan Noble

10 Matthew, m. Sallie Williams; moved to Missouri

10 Henry, m. Tempie, dau of Evan Davis; m. three times.


10 Richard, m. Polly, dau. of Joseph Bach

10 Rachel, m. Isaac Bach

10 Isaac B., m. Rebecca Swango (secondtime: [sic]) first, Kitty Morton.

10 William Mason, m. Sarah Jane, dau. of Washington Combs

10 Nathan, moved to Fayetteville, Ark.

9 Henry [Combs] (son of Henry 8) and Annie. [Brown] (Census of 1850)

10 Wiley

10 Hugh

10 William

9 George [Combs] (son of Henry 8) and Nancy. [Smith] (Census of 1850)

10 Frances

10 Matthew

10 James

10 Nicholas, m. Elvira, dau. of Wm. Hayes.

10 Rachel

10 Isaac

10 Lorenzo

9 Stephen [Combs] (son of Henry 8) and Frances (Census of 1850)

10 William

10 Jackson

10 Lucinda

10 James

10 Nancy

10 Wilson

10 Hugh

9 Francis [Combs] (son of Henry 8) and Elizabeth [Oliver]. (Census of 1850)

10 Matthew

10 Daniel

10 Rachel

10 Franklin

9 James [Combs] (son of Henry 8) and Elizabeth

10 Levi

10 William

10 Edward (Ned). Others? Leviax [sic] had:-John L., Balis, Maria, Ann, Louise, Arline and Malvery.


10 Nathan [Combs] (son of Matthew and Fannie)  (16)

11 Bertha

11 Janie

11 Susie

11 Buck

11 Roland

11 Beauchamp

11 Mont

11 Isaac

11 Washington

Eleventh generation, beginning with great-grandchildren of John 8

10 John Lorenzo [Combs] and Polly Ann [Combs]

11 Shadrach ("Blinky Shade"), m. Polly Ann Cornett

11 Judy, m. "Tight Jerry", son of "Chunky Jerry".

11 Susan, m. Bunt, son of Elijah Fuller; later, a Combs/ [sic].

11 Others, Census of 1850 adds Polly and John.

10 Jeremiah Lorenzo [Combs] and Sarah (Sallie)  (17)

11 Jackson, m. Polly Ann Young; [and] Lucy Combs

11 Andrew (Andy), m. Nancy Francis

11 Madison, m. Susan, dau. of old Clint; [and] Mary Ann Smith

11 Wm. Riley, m. Sarah Francis

11 Sabrina, m. Watson Caudill

11 Paulina (Perlina), m. John Combs; [and] Shade Smith

11 Nancy, m. William Franklin

11 George Washington, m. Delphia, dau. of G. W. Johnson

11 Mary, m. Remines Combs

11 Tilden ("Big"), m. a Godsey, dau. of John. Census of 1850 lists also: Price, Jas. (Madison?) William.

10 William Lorenzo [Combs] and Margaret (Peggy). See William 10 and Margaret

10 Sarah (Sallie) [Combs], m. "One-Eyed" Shade, son of old Simon Stacey.

11 John

11 James

11 Simon (father of James D.)

11 Shade

11 Benjamin

11 Leah, m. Sam Mullins


11 Elizabeth, m. Jack Smith

11 Nancy, m. Enoch Combs, son of Mason 9

11 Polly, m. Jasper Mullins

10 Polly Ann [Combs] and Elijah [Combs, Jr.]. See Elijah 9.

10 Willie [Combs] and John (son of Wm. Smith)

11 Jerry, m. Vina Collins

11 William ("Blinky Bill"), m. a Jent

11 Manford, m. a Jent

11 Richard, m. a Combs

11 Benjamin

10 Margaret (Peggy) [Combs] and Nicholas Combs (Census of 1850)

11 Cythia

11 Elizabeth

11 David

11 Jeremiah

11 Nancy

10 Wesley [Combs] and Nancy

11 Nicholas

11 Millie

11 Dicie

11 Granville

10 Nicholas [Combs] and Eliza [Williams]

11 William

11 Elijah

11 Jeremiah

11 Newberry

11 Martha

11 John M.

10 Celia [Combs] and John S. [Combs] See Dr. John S. 9

10 Jenny [Combs] and Vit Fuller

11 Sallie

11 Betts

11 Jeff

10 Wesley [Combs] and Nancy (Census of 1850)

11 Margaret

11 Granville


11 Elizabeth

11 Millie

10 John Wesley [Combs] (old Shade 9's son) [and Mary Hogg]

11 "Black" Shade, m. Eliz. Logan

11 John, m. Martha Hall. No children.

11 Silas, m. Sylvia ("Sip") Ox Ison.

11 Henry, m. Carrie, dau. of Geo. Washington Combs.

11 Elizabeth, m. John Breeding

11 Mary, m. Jordan Smith

11 Martha, m. John Hill

11 Sarah, m. Harve Breeding

11 Wesley, m. Polly Hogg [sic]

11 Millie, m. Harrison Banks

11 Dicie

(Census of 1850, for Letcher County [KY], lists a Wesley Combs, 35 years old, wife, Mary, with following children and their ages:

11 John, 9

11 Elizabeth, 7

11 Shadrach, 6

11 James, 4

10 Shade [Combs] (old Shade 9's son) b. 1812, d. 1891. His five wives included Judy Eliz, Jenkins, Sally Maggard, Sarah Adams (?), and Margaret Kelley.

11 Granville, b. 1840, m. Margaret Amburey (10)

11 George, A., b. 1842, m. Millie Maggard

11 William Riley, b. 1844, m. Margaret Caudill.

11 Shadrach, b. 1845, m. Mary Ann Adams

11 Margaret Peggy, b. 1846, m. Wm. R. Brown

11 Betty Bessie, b. 1847, m. Stephen Brown

11 Dianah, b. 1849, m. Greene Combs

11 Sally, b. 1850, m. Granville B. [P.?] Combs

11 General

11 Edw.

11 Louisa

11 Minnie

11 Hiram

10 Enoch [Combs] (son of Mason, son of John 8) and Nancy

11 Elizabeth, m. W. P. Cody.

11 Matilda. Others?

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