The Combes Genealogy… by Josiah H. Combs
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Chapter XXII

General Table

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9 Cynthia, m. John Stacy, "Straight Jim's" son.

9 Nancy, m. first, J.P. Martin; second, George Combs.

9 William [Smith] and Millie [Combs]

10 William ("MED") m. Martha, dau. of Rev. Jordan Ashley.

10 John

10 Richard

10 Alexander

10 Jeremiah (Jake)

10 Thomas

10 Sarah

10 Vina, m. Shadrack Combs [unidentified].

10 Matilda, m. Jehu Cody; Amos Kinser.

10 William "Med" [Smith] and Martha [Ashley]

11 Mary Ann, m. Jas. Madison, son of Jeremiah L. Combs.

11 John Ashley, m. Eliz. Jane, dau. of Jno. Vintson Hagan.

11 Hilliard

11 Barbara

11 Millie

11 Lourania

11 Nancy Jane

11 Granville C.

11 Malvina

11 Lucinda

11 John Ashley [Smith] and Eliz. Jane. [Hagan]

12 Sen. Hilliard Hagan, m. Leodicea (Dicie), dau. of Huram H. and Sarah Francis.

12 Allie, m. James Maggard

12 John Dishman, m. Sarah, dau. of Pat Tignor.

12 Sen. Hilliard Hagan [Smith] and Dicie [Francis]

13 Ruth (died in infancy)

13 Hilliard Hagan (deceased)

13 Leo Dale (dau.)

13 Lois Gay

13 Mariam Vina

13 Dorothy Day

13 Carol Hope

13 Maja Andre


13 Sarah Elizabeth (Sally Betty)

13 John Philip A.

10 Matilda [Smith] and Jehu Cody

11 Malvina (Vina), m. James, son of Elisha Breeding.

11 Clementina (Tina), m. Jno. W., son of William L. Combs

11 William Penn, m. first, Matilda, dau. of Elijah Breeding; second, Elizabeth, (Liz), dau. of Enoch Combs.

11 Polly, m. Jno. B. Smith (Major)

11 Hezekiah, m. first, "Coon" (Mary), dau. of Solomon Everage; second, Mary Jane, dau. of Elisha Breeding; third, Rosanna, dau. of Samuel Maggard; fourth, Ellen, dau. of Green Dyer; fifth, Sallie Ann, dau. of Thos. Watts. (Now where-on-earth did this virtuso [virtuoso] in his particular field learn the trade so well?)

By Amos Kinser:

11 Millie, m. Samuel Maggard.

11 Matilda, m. first, John Breeding; second, Wm. Nickels; third, Thos. Watts.

11 John Wesley, m. Callie, dau. of Shade Smith.

Matilda [Smith] 10, had a natural son by Wash(ington) Kelley: Dr. Elihu, m. first, Millie Ison, second, Mattie Petrey.

8 Samuel [Combs], son of Nicholas 7 ("Danger Nick") and Nancy [Cornett]. Lived in Perry and Owsley [KY].

9 Robt., C., m. Eliza (Ella) Combs.

9 William, m. first, Mary Begley; second Mrs. Mary Herndon Burke. (1)

9 Wiley, m. Eliz. Jane, dau. of Bonaparte ("Boney") Combs.

9 Daniel Garrett, m. Rachel Turner.

9 Andrew J., m. Elizabeth, step-dau. of Wm. Burke.

9 Nicholas, m. a Bolen. (2)

9 Rachel, m. Levi Pennington.

9 Nancy,

9 Mary, m. Elijah R. Begley (3)

9 Lucy, m. Jack Edwards.

9 Malinda, m. James Cole.


9 Mary [Combs] and E.R. Begley  (3)

10 Abner C.

10 Orlena, m. a Smith

10 Pharis

10 Samuel C.

10 Malvery

10 Elmer

10 Nannie, m. a Schwartz

10 Lizzie, m. a Newton

10 Judge W.E.

10 Judge W.E. [Begley] Lived in Laurel Co.

11 Mayme B., m. Roscoe C. Robinson

11 Byron B., m. Hazel J. Johnson; [and] Nell Oatts

11 Robert Bruce, m. Vera Jennings

11 Nannie Lena, m. Chas. W. Reynolds

11 Shirley E., m. Martha Benge

11 Ernest Ray, m. Opal Hopper

10 James Jesse [Combs] and Nannie [Brandenburg]

11 Matthew

11 Elsie, m. a Seale

11 Addie, m. a Pendleton  (4)

11 Allie, m. a Thomas

11 Conley Carlos

11 Earle Bryan, m. Ruth McCollum

11 Clayton (deceased)

11 Earle Bryan [Combs] and Ruth [McCollum]

12 Earle, Jr.

12 Charles

12 Donald

9 Robert C. [Combs] and Eliza [(Ella) Combs]

10 Henry, m. Juda Martin.

10 Jason, m. Nancy Combs; [and] a Maggard.

10 Lacey, m. Bettie Combs

10 Austin, m. Belle Godsey.

10 Nancy, m. William J. Combs, son of Josiah H.

10 Ellen, m. John Campbell; [and] G.R. Cornett.

10 Martha, m. W. Taylor.

10 Robert.


9 William [Combs], by first wife, Mary [Letha Ann Begley]:   (3)

10 Henry B., m. Calista Daniel.

10 Daniel M., m. a Cundiff.

10 Jasper

10 Garrett

By second wife [Mrs. Mary Herndon Burke]:

10 James Jesse, m. Nannie Brandenburg

10 Nancy, m. Arch Hamilton.

10 Samuel P., (Another one?)

9 Wiley [Combs] and Eliz. Jane [Combs]

10 Louisa, m. James Clark.

10 America, m. Buck Combs.

10 Mollie, m. Rev. Hubert.

10 Emily, m. Thos. Hogg; [and] M.S. Crain.

10 Mattie, m. Sewell S. Taulbee.

10 Addie, m. Dr. Jno. S. Redwine.

10 Bonaparte, m. K. Cardwell; [and] Lillie Strong.

9 Daniel Garrett [Combs] and Rachel [Turner]

10 Frances, m. Quint Daniel.

10 Martha, m. Dr. F.M. Thomas.

10 Belle, m. T.E. Johnson.

10 Lucy, m. Rennie Pieratt; [and] Fletcher McGuire.

10 Linnie, m. Walter Seale.

10 Cora (unmarried)

10 John E. (unmarried)

9 Andrew J. [Combs] and Elizabeth [a.k.a. Burke]

10 George B., m. Sadie Martin.

10 Samuel, L., m. Maude Davidson.

10 Mary, m. Felix Sternberg.

10 Martha, m. W.S. Brandenburg.

10 Eva (unmarried)

10 Arch, m. Nannie Smith.

10 Ed., m. Minta Farley.

10 Bertha, m. Jesse McMillion.

10 Dale (sic), m. Susie Jackson.

10 Robert, m. Lillian Fields.

10 Carl, m. Effie Fields.


10 George B. [Combs], son of Andrew J.[,] and Sadie [Martin]

11 Ruth

11 Elizabeth

11 Thelma

11 G.P.

11 Bert

11 Andrew

10 Mary [Combs] and Felix Sternberg

11 Elwood

11 Randolph

11 Samuel Martin

11 Dorothy

10 Martha [Combs] and W.S. Brandenburg

11 Herbert

11 Dorsey

11 Estill

11 Anne

10 Arch [Combs] and Nannie [Smith]

11 Ruby

11 Orville

11 Arch

11 Thomas

10 Samuel L. [Combs] and Maude [Davidson]

11 Geneva

11 Lola

11 Samuel L.

11 Bonetta

11 Virginia

9 Mary [Combs], dau. of Samuel 8, son of "Danger Nick", and Elijah Begley   (3)

10 Abner C.

10 Orlena

10 Farris

10 Samuel C.

10 Malvery

10 Emmer (Elmer?)

10 Nannie, m. a Schwartz.


10 Lizzie, m. a Newton.

10 Lucy, m. James Morris.

10 Malinda, m. James Cole.

10 Judge W.E.

10 Judge W.E. [Begley]

11 Mayme, m. a Robinson.

11 Byron B.

11 Robert Bruce

11 Lena, m. a Reynolds.

11 Shirley E.

11 Ernest Ray

8 Nicholas ("Bird-Eye") [Combs], son of Nicholas 7, and Elizabeth [Combs]

9 Dicie, m. Hardin, son of Hardin Combs, Sr.

9 Granville [Pearl], m. Melinda Brashear (or Sallie Polly?); [and] Elsie ("Dutch"), dau. of Jesse Combs.

9 Alexander, m. Mary Brashear

9 Sarena, m. William Wooton

9 Nancy, m. Wesley, son of Jeremiah ("Long Jerry") Combs

9 Elvira, m. George Madison (Matt) Crawford

9 Elhanon, m. Harriett Napier

9 Samuel ("Black Sam") m. Elizabeth (Lisa) Combs, dau. of old George.   (5)

9 Lorenzo Dow, m. Jency Gregory

9 Nicholas, m. Sallie Cornett.

9 Margaret, m. Abijah (Bige) Lewis, father of Lorenzo Dow (Judge Lou) Lewis

9 Alexander [Combs] and Mary [Brashear]

10 Elmira, m. Shelby Combs, and had: Orlena, Joseph

10 Robert, m. Eliza Brashears, and had: Polly (Smith), Emanuel, James.

10 Elizabeth, m. Newton Smith, and had: Polly, Hendricks, Rachel, Dora, Lewis, Thornton, Margaret.

10 Joseph, m. Celia Combs, and had: Sarah, Henry, Asa, Nannie.

10 William (unmarried)

10 Polly Ann, m. Henry Boggs, and had: Samuel, Jesse, Mary, Rebecca

10 Lida, m. Harvey Hensley, and had: Ray, Mahala


10 Margaret, m. Benton Cornett, and had Jenny

10 Benton, m. Susan Combs, and had: Pinia, Elzira, Allen, Oakley, Kendrick, Alexander, Owen

10 Martha (unmarried)

10 Ray, m. Melda Ritchie, and had: Polly, Joshua, Jesse, Bessie, Cassie, Marie, Nancy, Melissa, Bailey (6)

9 Nicholas [Combs] and Sallie [Cornett]

10 Kendrick, m. Candesta Combs, Margaret Napier, [and] Virginia Crawford

10 Mary (unmarried)

10 Robert, m. Laura Fletcher; [and] Mary Cornett

10 Nancy, m. Joseph Brewer

9 Samuel ("Black Sam") [Combs] and Elizabeth. [Combs] ([Perry Co., KY] Census of 1850)   (5)

10 Washington

10 Morgan

10 Nicholas

10 Granville.

8 Jeremiah C. ("Chunky Jerry") [Combs] , son of "Danger Nick" 7. By first wife [Sumner]:   (7)

9 Moses, m. Lydia, old Geo. Combs' dau.

9 Nicholas, m. Margaret, dau. of "Long Jerry"

9 Andrew, m. Polly Feltner

9 Dr. Jno. S., m. Celia, dau. of "Long Jerry"; [and] Rebecca Maggard Boggs, widow of Abel Boggs.

9 Seth (Sythia, Celia), m. Oscar Godsey. Had 9 children.

9 Elizabeth, m. John Walker.

9 Polly Anna

9 Nancy

9 Dorcas, m. a Davidson

By second wife, Sallie [Grigsby]:

9 Harrison

9 Wade

9 Rita

9 Rennie. ("Chunky" had a natural son, Jeremiah C. or "Tight Jerry", by Matilda, dau. of old George Combs). Jerry's will names Susanna [?].


9 Moses [Combs] , and Lydia. [Combs]   (8)

10 Samuel ("Cedar Head"), m. Sarah Allen.

10 Felix, m. Millie, dau. of Jeremiah 9 ("Long Jerry")?

10 Jeremiah ("Short Jerry"). Others? [Perry Co., KY] Census of 1850 lists also Susanna, William and Diana.

9 Nicholas [Combs] and Margaret [Combs]   (9)

10 Hyskiah (Hezekiah?)

10 Polly. Others?

9 Andrew [Combs], son of "Chunky Jerry", and Polly [Feltner]

10 Wayne, m. Anne Dobson   (10)

10 Eliza, m. Jack Hurt

10 Betty, m. Henry Dobson

10 Daniel, m. Nancy Stacey

10 Sythia, m. Ervin (Emery) Smith

10 Simeon, m. Abbie Gayheart

10 Allen, m. Priscilla Dobson

10 Richard, m. Betsy Young

10 Nancy, m. Samp Smith. (Andrew had a base-born son, John Wesley, by Millie, dau. of Jeremiah (9) ('"Long Jerry").

9 Dr. John S. [Combs and Celia Combs]

10 Nicholas, m. Martha, dau. of Granville Combs.

10 Asa, m. Jane Johnson

10 Millie, m. Kendrick Combs; [and] Russell Cornett.

9 Elizabeth (Polly) [Combs] and John Walker

10 Wayne

10 Anne

10 Celia

10 Elizabeth

10 James

10 Jeremiah (Pete)

10 Nancy

9 Jeremiah ("Tight Jerry") [Combs] , m. Judy [Combs] , dau. of John L. 10, son of "Long Jerry" (Jeremiah 9.)

10 John Lorenzo

10 Grant

10 Wood

10 Kelley


10 Bentley

10 Alice

10 Tapinocia. Three others.

10 Samuel ("Cedar Head Sam") [Combs] , and Sarah [Allen]

11 Jordon

11 Jason

11 Andrew

11 Felix

11 John S.

11 Lucinda

11 Polly

11 Lydia

11 Susan

11 Sarah

11 Rachel

10 Felix [Combs] and Millie [Combs]   (8)

11 Samuel

11 Moses

11 Richard

11 Felix

10 Jeremiah ("Short Jerry") [Combs] , m. Polly Feltner.

11 John G., m. Winnie, dau. of Henry Combs; [and] Evaline, dau. of Henry Combs; & 3 times more

11 John G. [Combs]

12 Henry C. (by Winnie)

12 Edmund C. (by Armelda Young Combs)

12 Lawrence (by Armelda Young Combs)

12 John (by Vina Fields Combs)

Henry C. m. Leanna Cadell, and had: Homer C., Maurice, Herschel, Fleet, Henry, Elmer.

Edmund C. married Jessie, dau. of Jesse Tapp, and had: Edmund C., Jr., and Jessie Katherine.

10 Wayne [Combs] , son Andrew 9, son of "Chunky Jerry" 8 [and Dobson].  (10)

11 Peggy

11 Polly

11 Andrew

11 Betsy

11 Sythia


11 William

11 Jane

11 Nancy

11 Winnie

11 Seburn

11 Henry

10 Elizabeth [Eliza Combs] and Jack Hurt

11 Polly

11 Joseph

11 William

11 Sythia

11 Henry

11 Daniel

11 Lucinda

11 Andrew

10 Betty [Combs] and Henry Dobson

11 James

11 Martha

11 Vira

11 Mary

11 William

11 Thomas

11 Catherine

11 John

11 Nancy

10 Daniel [Combs] and Nancy [Stacey]

11 Nancy Ann

11 Andrew

11 Martha Ellen

10 Sythia [Combs and Ervin (Emery)] Smith

11 Lucinda

11 George

11 Eliza

11 Rebecca

11 Bertha

11 Ed.

11 John D.


10 Simeon [Combs] and Abbie [Gayheart]

11 Mort.

11 Andy

11 Alice

11 John

11 Martha

10 Allen [Combs] and Priscilla [Dobson]

11 Betsy, m. Elijah Messer

11 Jack, m. Lydia Pendleton

11 Nancy, m. Joshua Ritchie

11 Andy (unmarried)

11 Polly (unmarried)

11 Susan, m. Benton Combs

11 Brack, m. Mary Dobson

11 Rebecca, m. Joseph Johnson

11 Georgia Ann, m. Asa Combs [unidentified]

10 Richard [Combs] and Betsy [Young]

11 Surrilda

11 Ferdinand

11 Theodore

11 Ira

11 Oma

11 Alice

11 Mary

11 John

11 Parthenia

11 Owen

10 Nancy [Combs] and Samp Smith

11 Basil

11 Martha

11 John D.

10 John Wesley [Combs and Polly Patton]

11 Judge Wiley A.

11 John S.

11 Jeremiah ("Ram Jerry")

11 Millie Ann (died young)

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