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Extracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from LDS FHC Microfiche #6073764, "Devonshire Wills and Administrations Volume II," Issued by The British Record Society, Limited (XLVL), officially titled "The Index Library. Calendar of Wills and Administrations relating to the counties of Devon & Cornwall Proved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Exeter 1532-1800 Now Preserved in the Probate Registry at Exeter," and edited by Edw. Alex. Fry, London: Issued to the Subscribers by The British Record Society, Limited, 1914. Other names in the source not extracted: COMYNS.

1547p.34Kurton [Kirton, Lincolnshire? Suffolk?]COMBEWilliam197 
1555p.36Sampford PeverellCOMEChristian, widow247 
1556p.36Kirton [Lincolnshire? Suffolk?]COMERichard
1557p.36Trewene (Cornwall?)COMBEJohn410 
1579p.37Trewin, CornwallCOME or COMBWilliam413o.W.
1590p.38Trewere (Cornwall?)COMBEJohn312o.
1602p.38Milor [not yet found]COMB als. THOMASRichard W.
1605p.39Littingtott [not yet found]COMBE als. GARLETTWilliam38 
1607p.39South Petherwin (Cornwall)COMEWilliam320W.
1608p.39PiltonCOOMBE als. YALLANDJohn388 
1608p.40*Upotterye [Upottery]COMBEJohn465 
1612p.40Lezant (Cornwall)COMBEJohn172W
1612p.40Lezant (Cornwall)COMBEMargaret174 
1618p.41Penrest, Lezant (Cornwall)COMBEJohn6W
1628p.42Lezant (Cornwall)COOMBEJohn W
1638p.43Landkeu [Landkey?]COOMBE als. MELLANDEmme Administration
1648p.44Landley [Landkey?]COMB als. YOLLANDHugh W.
1661p.44Lezant (Cornwall)COMBJacob W.
1662p.44Trewen (Cornwall?)COOMBERobert W.
1665p.44Southpetherwyn, CornwallCOOMBEThomasine W.
1668p.45Lezant (Cornwall)COOMBEWilliam W.
1668p.45ChudleighCOOMBEHenry Administration
1685p.46Swymbridge [Swimbridge]COMBE als. YOLLANDAmos Administration
1692p.47TawtonCOOMBE als. YOLLANDElioner Episcopi t.
1696p.48ChudleighCOOMBEGeorge Administration
1733p.51Lezant (Cornwall)COOMBE John Administration
1744p.51Falmouth (Cornwall)COOUMBSJohn AdministrationW.
1776p.53Landrake (Cornwall)COOMEMaynard W.

Note: Some, but not all, of the above entries have also been listed in the respective parishes.

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