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Parishes within 8 mi. of Twickenham, Middlesex, EN

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Combs-Associated Surnames in Twickenham include: Bing, Brand, Buckell, Burleigh, Dicks, Fowler, Hughes, Lucas, Manning, Middleton, Palmer, Robards, Smith, Thompson

Angle (deg)
PetershamSRY1.24 0East
IsleworthMDX1.24 90North
HounslowMDX1.38 63NorthWest
Richmond (Rectory)SRY 1.9618NorthEast
Richmond near LeyburnSRY 1.9618NorthEast
Richmond, St JohnSRY 1.9618NorthEast
Richmond, St Mary MagdaleneSRY 1.9618NorthEast
Teddington (Combs-Pyning-Whitmore) MDX1.9671 SouthEast
Hanworth (Bing-Combs-Palmer) MDX 2.2433 SouthWest
HamptonMDX 2.2456SouthWest
Old BrentfordMDX 2.5675 NorthEast
NorwoodMDX2.56 75NorthWest
Kingston RectorySRY2.63 45SouthEast
Kingston on ThamesSRY 2.6345SouthEast
Hampton WickMDX2.77 63SouthEast
West MoleseySRY2.77 63SouthWest
New Brentford (Morris-Manning-Raynford) MDX3.1 53NorthEast
HestonMDX 3.153NorthWest
Feltham (Cole)MDX 3.10West
East SheenSRY3.34 21NorthEast
MortlakeSRY3.34 21NorthEast
KewSRY3.51 45NorthEast
CranfordMDX3.62 30NorthWest
Thames DittonSRY3.72 90South
East MoleseySRY3.77 80SouthWest
SurbitonSRY3.93 71SouthEast
Sunbury (Andrews, Burton, Butler, Evans, Palmer) MDX3.97 38SouthWest
HanwellMDX 4.3490North
East BedfontMDX4.34 0West
ChiswickMDX4.39 45NorthEast
Long DittonSRY4.39 81SouthEast
EalingMDX 4.5274NorthEast
Ealing, Christ ChurchMDX 4.5274NorthEast
BarnesSRY4.73 23NorthEast
HarlingtonMDX 529NorthWest
PutneySRY5.12 14NorthEast
Putney, St MarySRY5.12 14NorthEast
Acton (Carter-Clark-Ferne-Fleetwood-Harris-Vincent) MDX5.34 54NorthEast
Walton on ThamesSRY5.34 54SouthWest
AshfordMDX5.62 6SouthWest
EsherSRY5.62 83SouthWest
HammersmithMDX5.72 40NorthEast
GreenfordMDX5.72 77NorthWest
WimbledonSRY5.72 12SouthEast
MaldenSRY5.72 49SouthEast
LittletonMDX5.86 32SouthWest
FulhamMDX5.89 18NorthEast
HershamSRY6.11 66SouthWest
SheppertonMDX6.21 36SouthWest
StanwellMDX6.21 0West
PerivaleMDX6.24 84NorthEast
Perivale, St Mary the VirginMDX 6.2484NorthEast
ClaygateSRY6.24 84SouthEast
WandsworthSRY6.33 11NorthEast
Wandsworth, All SaintsSRY 6.3311NorthEast
HayesMDX 6.3960NorthWest
ChessingtonSRY6.48 73SouthEast
Harmondsworth (Combs-Gaylord)MDX 6.6921 NorthWest
Harmondsworth, St MaryMDX 6.6921NorthWest
Merton (Harlow)SRY 6.6921 SouthEast
LalehamMDX6.69 21SouthWest
West DraytonMDX6.72 33NorthWest
NortholtMDX6.94 79NorthWest
MordenSRY6.94 26SouthEast
StainesMDX6.94 10SouthWest
Notting HillMDX7.08 37NorthEast
Notting Hill, St John the EvangelistMDX 7.0837NorthEast
Notting Hill, St MarkMDX 7.0837NorthEast
HillingdonMDX 7.0852 NorthWest
WeybridgeSRY7.08 52SouthWest
KensingtonMDX7.24 30NorthEast
Kensington, Holy Trinity BromptonMDX 7.2430NorthEast
Kensington, Holy Trinity Knightsbridge MDX7.2430 NorthEast
Kensington, St Mary AbbotsMDX 7.2430NorthEast
CuddingtonSRY7.48 48SouthEast
WembleyMDX7.55 80NorthEast
Tooting GraveneySRY7.55 9SouthEast
EwellSRY7.78 61SouthEast
ChelseaMDX7.86 18NorthEast
Chelsea, Pensioners Army HospitalMDX 7.8618NorthEast
Chelsea, St LukeMDX7.86 18NorthEast
Harrow on the HillMDX 8.0790North
TwyfordMDX8.1 57NorthEast
WillesdenMDX8.1 57NorthEast
ChertseySRY8.1 32SouthWest
BatterseaSRY8.29 13NorthEast
CowleyMDX8.35 41NorthWest
SuttonSRY8.35 41SouthEast
Oxford Chapel Vere StLND 8.4536NorthEast
PaddingtonMDX8.45 36NorthEast
Paddington, Holy TrintyMDX 8.4536NorthEast
Paddington, St JamesMDX 8.4536NorthEast
Paddington, St MaryMDX 8.4536NorthEast
ColnbrookBKM8.45 17NorthWest
CobhamSRY8.45 72SouthWest
Mitcham (Bishop-Lane-Whitney-Combs of Warwickshire) SRY8.65 21SouthEast
EpsomSRY8.65 68SouthEast
Epsom, WorkhouseSRY8.65 68SouthEast
Clapham, Holy TrinitySRY 8.788NorthEast
Clapham, St JamesSRY 8.788NorthEast
UxbridgeMDX8.78 45NorthWest
CheamSRY8.83 50SouthEast
St Martin in the FieldsMDX 8.8924NorthEast
Stoke D'AbernonSRY8.89 77SouthWest
IverBKM8.96 33NorthWest
IckenhamMDX8.96 56NorthWest

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