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McLean County

Illinois Pubic Domain Land Sale Database

COMBS WILLIAM, NESW, S=25, T=24N, R=04E, M=3, 09/22/1852
COMBS WILLIAM, NESW, S=25, T=24N, R=04E, M=3, 09/22/1852
COMBS WILLIAM, S2NE , S=25, T=24N, R=04E, M=3, 09/22/1852
COMBS MICHAEL, SESE, S=08, T=22N, R=06E, M=3, 06/04/1853
COMBS WILLIAM B S, W2SW,S=09, T=22N, R=06E, M=3, 06/04/1853
COMBS WILLIAM B S, E2SW, S=09, T=22N, R=06E, M=3, 06/04/1853
COMBS MICHAEL, SWSE, S=09, T=22N, R=06E, M=3, 08/19/1853

SE Note: Interesting that both Michael and William Combs obtained land in the same section (09), same township (22N), and on same date (06/04/1853).

1860 McLean Co, IL Census

(Source: Heritage Quest Original Images abstract)


p.68, June 19, 1860, Stouts Grove PO

479/466 J. S. HALL, 51, m, Farmer, RE=$8000, PP=$1000, b. NH
Jane, 48, f, b. NH
Hannah, 23, f, b. NH,
Wilber, 19, m, ditto, b. NH
George, 14, m, b. IL
Sarah Combs, 60, f, b. NH
Grace Combs, 57, f, b. NH

SE Note: Grace defined as sister-in-law to head of household (Jeremiah Hall) in 1880 census. Jane HALL listed as a Combs in cemetery records.

Combs Sarah 1/__/1800 – 1/__/1876 -- McLean County Cemeteries, Vol 11-2, pg 4 Danvers Township

Combs Grace 4/__/1803 - ____ McLean County Cemeteries, Vol 11-2, pg 4 Danvers Township

Hall Jeremiah S. 4/21/1809 – 9/6/1882 McLean County Cemeteries, Vol 11-2, pg 11, Danvers Township

Hall Jane (COMBS) 6/__/1811 – 4/18/1874 McLean County Cemeteries, Vol 11-2, pg 11, Danvers Township

Gilbert M COMBS 1869 - 1916 East Twin Grove Cemetery pg 5-Vol 8-Dry Grove Township, East Twin Grove Cemetery

(Source: USGen Web McLean Co. Cemeteries)


p. 136, 30 July, 1860, Gridley PO

1319/1296 Henry Combs, 35, m, Farmer, RE=$3000, PP=$500, b. OH [Coomes]
Tabitha, 39, f, b. VA
Mary, 10, f, b. OH
Amy, 8, f, b. OH [Hortensa Amy - see Livingston Co, IL records]
John, 7, m, b. OH
Henry, 2, m, b. IL

SE Note: Family in 1870 Livingston Co., IL census. Obituaries of descendants who lived in Phillips Co., KS show this surname to be Coomes. Family also styled as Coomes in Livingston Co.


p. 210, 20 June 1860

L. L. EMERY, 32, m, Hotel Keeper, PP=$500, b. NH
Lydia C., 29, f, b. MASS
Henry A. Combs, 26, m, Hotel Keeper, PP=$5000, b. MASS
Carrie Combs, 22, f, b. MASS
Matilda FRAZIER, 14, f, Domestic, b. CANAD[A]
Sarah SHAW, 45, f, Domestic, b. N.J(?)
Kate LANDAM, 15, f, b. OH
Charles E. DWYER, 18, m, Domestic, b. OH
George LONSBURY, 26 m, Blacksmith, RE=$1000, PP=$300, b. NY
Lewis ZIGLER, 26, m, Carriage Maker, PP=$300, b. Germany-Bavaria

Pleasant Hill
Selma PO

p. 475, 7 Sept. 1860

1767/1767 William Combs, m, 51, Miller, RE=$500, PP=$700, b. ME
Alonzo, 22, m, Farmer, b. ME
William N., 19, m, Farmer, b. ME
Edwin E., 17, m, Farmer, b. ME
Alice, 13, f, b. ME

1870 McLean Co, IL Census

(Source: Heritage Quest Original Images abstract)

City of Bloomington

p. 119/120, 14 June 1870

782/804 WEED Coriden, Barister [Head of household of several professionals]
Coombs John, 23, m, Physician, PP=$500, b. NJ


p. 353, 1 June 1870

25/26 HALL Jeremiah S., 61, m, Retired Farmer, RE=$3500, PP=$8000, b. NH
Jane C., 58, f, Keeping House, b. NH
Hannah, 33, f, At Home, b. IL
Combs Sarah, 70, f, b. NH
Combs Grace, 67, f, b. NH


p. 436, 10 August 1870

139/141 SCIV?ENS, Levi, 30, m, Farmer, RE=$2800, PP=$550, b. PA
Nancy, 32, f, b. PA
Mary, 8, f, b. IL
David, 7, m, b. IL
Ira, 7/12, m, b. IL
Combs Permelia, 17, f, b. OH

p. 440, 11 Aug. 1870

189/193 Combs Upton, 43, m, Hotel Keeper, RE=$4000, PP=$700, b. OH
Mary J., 43, f, K. House, b. VA
Ammon, 20, m, School Teacher, b. OH
Asa, 19, m, At School, b. OH
Charles, 17, m, At School, b. OH
Sarah E., 16, f, At School, b. OH

Plus 3 individuals with different surnames who may be lodgers

Chenoa Township

p. 295, 22 Aug. 1870, Chenoa PO

264/260 Combs, James 41, m, Shoe Merchant, PP=$5000, b. MASS
Emma, 29, f, K. House, b. ME
Herbert, 7, m, b. IL
NELSON Sanborn, 34, m, Miller, b. VT
NELSON Aunell, 24, m, Miller, b. VT
FINIGAN John, 22, m, Clerk, b. IL

Lexington Township

p. 486, 11 June 1870, Selma PO

126/124 Combs Alonzo, 32, m, Farmer, RE=$1200, PP=$700, b. ME
Allice, 21, f, K. House, b. ME

1880 McLean Co., IL Census

Village of Danvers ED #154

Page 33

Fam # 41 HALL, Jeremiah S. (widowed) 71 yrs NH - NH - NH
HALL, Hannah (dght - single) 43 yrs IL - NH - NH
HALL, Wilber (son - divorced) 39 yrs IL - NH - NH
COMBS, Grace (s-i-l single) 77 yrs NH - NH - NH

Source: 1880 McLean Co., IL census original images abstracted by Dennis Heironymous

Illinois Marriage Database Index for McLean Co.

Combs, Addison, KIMES, Lucinda, 06/06/1867 00E/0314

Combs, Paul, MCEVEN, Nancy Belle, 04/30/1896 00K/0156 00011926

Combs, William E, HENNIGER, Emma, 10/24/1896 00K/0172 00012139

Combs, William N, ELLIOTT, Eephronia, 01/13/1865 00E/0004

Coombs, James, SIRRINE, Mary C (KERNEY), 11/17/1889 00J/0180

Coomer, Joseph, DURBIN, Barbara. 12/26/1900 L /37 14536

NOBLE, Charles D, Coomer, Sadie, 08/18/1891 00J/0249

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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