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Index to Combs &c. Owsley Co., KY Records
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Cemetery Enumerations

Combs Cemetery, Pebworth, Owsley Co., KY
Campbell Cemetery (See notation below on name)

Combs Cemetery, Pebworth, Owsley Co., KY

Kindly provided to Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick by Researcher Carolyn Clendenin who adds: The listing is not complete. Annotations are Debi's.

COMBS Andrew Jackson Apr 18,1842 Sept 5.1923
COMBS ELIZABETH A. Burke DEC 22,1849 NOV 26,1926

Note: Andrew was the son of Samuel and Nancy CORNETT Combs. Elizabeth was the daughter of ? BURKE & Mary HERNDON. Mary HERNDON later married Andrew's brother William COMBS.

COMBS Andrew J. Sr SEPT 6,1920 AUG 17,1996
COMBS Wilma D. FEB 18,1926 APR 8, 1986

Note: Andrew J. COMBS, Sr. was the son of George B. and Sadie MARTIN Combs per his obituary in the Three Forks Tradition listed online in Taulbee Obituaries .

COMBS Sam L. 1870 1942

Note: Samuel Leslie Combs was the son of Andrew and Elizabeth BURKE Combs listed on the 1880 Owsley Co., Ky Census.

COMBS Maude D. 1885 1941

Note: Maude DAVIDSON was the wife of Samuel L. COMBS. They were married in Lee Co., Ky on 20 June 1904.

COMBS Sam P. 1869 1957
Martha M. 1879 1957

Note: Samuel Preston COMBS was the son of William and Mary HERNDON Combs. Martha Marcella THOMAS per daughter Myrtle's delayed birth certificate.

COMBS Samuel Leslie, Jr. AUG 9, 1913 JAN 2, 1990

Note: Samuel L. Combs, Jr. was the son of Samuel L. and Maude DAVIDSON Combs.

COMBS James J. J. 1860 1941
Nannie B. 1869 1948

Note: James Jesse COMBS (b 29 Feb 1860 d 29 Jan 1941) was the son of William and Mary HERNDON/BURKE Combs. His wife was the former Nannie BRANDENBURG. James and Nannie are the parents of Baseball Hall of Famer Earle B. COMBS.

COMBS George B. 1868 1949
Saddie M. 1878 1943

Note: George Burke COMBS was the son of Andrew and Elizabeth BURKE Combs. His wife, Saddie, was the daughter of Elisha & Nannie ROBINSON MARTIN per her death certificate.

COMBS Edward Cardwell 1885 1960
Arminta Farley 1890 1974

Note: Edward C. COMBS. the son of Andrew and Elizabeth BURKE Comb, died in Jessamine Co., Ky.

COMBS Irvine Dale 1892 1956

Note: Irvine Dale COMBS was the son of Andrew and Elizabeth BURKE Combs.

COMBS Arch G. 1881 1973
Nancy C. 1889 1953

Note: Arch G. COMBS was the son of Andrew and Elizabeth BURKE Combs. Nancy C. was a SMITH.

COMBS Jerry Wayne APR 21, 1953

COMBS John 1950 1969

COMBS Margaret E. AUG 21, 1941 OCT 2, 1941

COMBS Stephen Dale DEC 11, 1960 JUNE 22, 1978

COMBS Arch G., Jr FEB 17, 1917 (Jan 30 1998- from Lexington Herald Newspaper)
Betty Kincaid JULY 31, 1931 FEB 27, 1990

Note: Arch G. COMBS, Jr. was the son of Arch G. and Nancy C. SMITH Combs.

COMBS Edward (Bert) SEPT 18, 1918 JULY 10, 1974
Erma Thorpe JULY 29,1928

COMBS Matt B., Sr. SEPT 13, 1889 DEC 28, 1958

Note: Matt B. COMBS was the son of James J. and Nannie BRANDENBURG Combs. Matt died in Montgomery Co, Ohio.

COMBS Allie Mae 1937 1937

COMBS Douglas Ray AUG 19, 1962 JAN 7, 1966

COMBS Lester JUNE 12, 1917 MAY 5, 1993
Lucille SANDERS DEC 17, 1916 SEPT 25, 1992

Note: Lester is probably the son of Edward C. & Arminta FARLEY Combs. They had a son the same age listed with them on the 1920 Lee Co., Ky Census.

HAMMONS, Arch C. 1863-1928
Nancy 1862-1938

Note: Archibald Crit Hammons was the son of John & Elizabeth McGUIRE HAMMONS. Nancy Hammons was the daughter of William and Mary P. HERNDON COMBS.

JACKSON, Geo. W. 1873-1955
Amanda J. 1878-1958

Note: George W. Jackson was the son of James E. Jackson & Malinda Jackson. George's wife was Amanda Jane Garrett daughter of Lafayette Garrett and Susan Bell

JACKSON, Smith1866-1934
Rosa Bell 1873-1949

Note: Smith JACKSON was born in Va the son of Thomas JACKSON. He married Rosa Bell GARRETT, the daughter of Lafayette GARRETT & Susan BELL.

JACKSON, Prentice JUNE 17, 1901 NOV 13, 1927

Note: George "Prentice" Jackson was the son of Smith & Rosa Bell GARRETT JACKSON. Prentice was married to Alma Hurt.

BABY George Douglas son of Prentice and Alma JACKSON FEB 2, 1925 NOV 26,1926

JACKSON, Carlo AUG 15, 1906 DEC 24, 1974
Nettie NOV 26, 1905

Note: Carlo was the son of Smith and Rosa Bell GARRETT JACKSON. Nettie was the daughter of Joseph & Emma SMITH TAYLOR STEPP.

JACKSON, Irvin APRIL 13, 1940 FEB 7, 1990

Wife STEELE, Maude M. AUG 13, 1888

Husband STEELE, Wilgus S. DEC 4, 1888 JULY 2, 1939

Note: Wilgus Steele was the illegitimate son of Jacob Terry and Rose Lee Steele. Jacob was married to Rose Lee's sister. He was the step-grandson of Benjamin COMBS. Wilgus had a son Joseph Franklin CAUDILL by Minerva CAUDILL. Minerva was the daughter of B. F. CAUDILL (son of Syra Combs & Polly Caudill).

COMBS, Conley C. 1901-1984
Ethel J. 1903-1975

Note: Conley Combs was the son of James J. Combs & Nannie Brandenburg. Ethel was the daughter of Smith Jackson and Rosa B. Garrett.

RUTH, Willard 1890-1975
Clara Combs 1896-1963

Note: Clara Combs Ruth was the daughter of Samuel P. & Martha M. THOMAS Combs. This is Carolyn Clendenin's grandparents.

COMBS Eva Mae OCT 1, 1879 NOV 14, 1960

McMILLION, James C. DEC 9, 1923 NOV 25, 1949

McMILLION, Jesse B. NOV 3, 1891 AUG 11, 1979

McMILLION, Bertie L. OCT 13, 1886 NOV 1, 1977

Note: Bertie was the daughter of Andrew J. and Elizabeth BURKE Combs. Jesse B. McMillion above is probably her husband.

STERNBERG, Felix 1876-1945 DAD

STERNBERG, Mary 1873-1957 MOTHER

Note: Mary was the daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth BURKE Combs. Felix STERNBERG was Mary's husband.

BARNES, Clifford R. MAY 28, 1913 OCT 3, 1997
RUBY Combs MAY 14,1910

Note: Ruby was the daughter of Arch G. & Nancy C. SMITH Combs

MARCUM, Othor 1910-1958
Beatrice 1914-19 (No date except 19 on stone)

Note: Othor Marcum was the son of Robert & Ida WADDLE MARCUM, and grandson of James and Cynthia Ann COMBS Marcum. Cynthia was the daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte & Susan ISOM COMBS. Beatrice was the daughter of William and Elizabeth TURNER McINTOSH.

McINTOSH, Elizabeth (MOTHER) DEC 7, 1884 JAN 9, 1950

McINTOSH, Rev. William (FATHER) JUN 4, 1876 MAY 31, 1970

Note: William and Elizabeth TURNER McIntosh were the parents of Beatrice McIntosh MARCUM.

Campbell Cemetery is 0.4 mi past the Bowman-Turner Cemetery on KY 1938 off of KY 11 , 1.3 miles south of Booneville, at Scoville. Approx 87 graves. surveyed by James H. Cox, Jr. Great grandson of Lewis Campbell, extracted by Carol Sandler from Owsley Kentucky History site provided by James Cox

Note: This cemetery has been known by many names according to Karen Brandon, including the Napoleon Bonaparte Combs Cemetery (Source: Cynthia Marcum March 1, 1939 death certificate for Owsley Co., KY.)

Betty Sue Combs, b. 1919 d. 1927
Maude Combs, b. 2 /1/1898 d. 2/19/1939
Tom Combs, b. 6/1916 d. 7/1980
Betty J Combs, b. 7/18/1933 d. 12/27/1993
Warren Ison, b. 1829 d. 1905
Nathan Combs, d. 5/15/1881 aged 31 years 4 months 28 days, calculated b. 12/17/1849
Sam Combs, b. 1/16/1799 d.11/11/1887
Sophie Combs Treadway, b. 1857 d. 1956
Susan (ISON) Combs
N. B. (Napoleon Bonaparte) Combs
Small stone embedded in a cedar tree, facing the trunk, d. 1887 or 89
next to 'Father' M Joseph Treadway, b. unreadable d. 1884
James N Marcum, b. 7/?/1843 d. 7/22/1901 (?)
Lillian M Marcum, b. 1894 d. 1925
Napoleon B Marcum, b. 1878 d. 1944*
Sophia Marcum Bell, b. 7/5/1881 d. 3/16/1969
'Mother' Cynthia A Marcum, b. 5/1/1853 d. 3/5/1939 [Syntha Combs]
Fred Marcum, b. 7/9/1904 d. 10/22/1989
Martha Marcum, b. 10/25/1902 d. 9/11/1993
Thomas Harold Marcum, b. 2/19/1933 d. 10/24/1986 U S Air Force, Korea
dbl. stone

'Father' Robert H Marcum, b. 1874 d. 1939
'Mother' Ida V Marcum, b. 1884 d. 1961

Note: Pictures of tombstones of NB Combs and Susan provided to Carol Sandler by Clyde Brown. Just behind the left side of N. B.'s marker you can see (hard to read) the stones of James M. Marcum and wife Syntha Combs Marcum (d/o N.B. and Susan). Debbie Lueders notes: This N.B. Combs was Napoleon Bonaparte called "Boney" and was married to Susan Ison. He was the son of Mason Combs and Jenny Richardson. That was his daughter Cynthia or Syntha and her husband James Marcum's markers in the other photo they mentioned. This Campbell cemetery is in Owsley Co, KY. In looking at the complete list of names listed at that cemetery there are a whole bunch of sisters to Syntha buried there as well--Sophia Combs Treadway, Susan Combs Winn, Minerva Combs Crabtree, Martha Combs Moyers and a lot of their husbands too. Not sure if there are head stones there at the cemetery but it would be interesting to check out some time.

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