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Tombstones & Markers

Mt. Moriah Baptist Cemetery
Smithfield, Fayette County, PA

Lies: The Bo
dy oƒ: Ɨoseph
Coombs : Disc
cSɺs.d: May: 12th
1803: aged75

Joseph Coombes

This stone is so old it was missed by the person who diligently recorded “every” stone in the very large, old Baptist Cemetery where it is located in Smithfield, Fayette County, PA. The stone is also quite a picturesque old stone --- exemplary of those of its era, with words wrapped from line to line, not all spelled as we would today. I'm especially fond of this stone because it reportedly belongs to the grave site of a great grand uncle who was a member of the Tonoloways group of Combs brothers. And, it is in the same cemetery where my parents are buried --- where many of my Mother's ancestors are buried. However, this Joseph Combs was an ancestor of my Father whose ancestors tended to live a about 5-20 miles to the north or to the west of this cemetery in Fayette County, PA. This Joseph Coombs (~1728-1803) was a brother of my Andrew Combs (1723-1774) of Loudoun Co., VA. (Jane McCann Walsh)

Jim Pete Combs Cemetery

Jim Pete Cemetery
Roy David Combs Fred P Combs Dorothy Petrey Combs Pauline Combs Beams Unknown Beams Marker top of Burnett Combs Marker Fed Combs Marker Massingill Combs Marker Beatrice Combs Marker David E Combs Marker Clint Combs Jennie Combs Huey Bertis Combs Marker Patrica West Marker
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Benjamin and Matilda Combs
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Burnett Combs
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Clinton Combs and Luanna wife of Clinton Combs
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Clinton Combs s/o John Combs
Free Image Hosting at
Cooley Combs
Free Image Hosting at
Dishman Combs
Free Image Hosting at
Far Combs
Free Image Hosting at
J Richmond Combs
Free Image Hosting at
James P Combs
Free Image Hosting at
John C Combs
Free Image Hosting at
John J Combs
Free Image Hosting at
Marcus Combs
Free Image Hosting at
Michael Combs
Free Image Hosting at
Polie Combs
Free Image Hosting at
Scott Combs
Free Image Hosting at
Troy Combs
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William Combs
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Maxeyo Combs

Old Black Hawk Cemetery in Happy, KY

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Charlotte COMBS HENSLEY was the d/o Benjamin & Matlida COMBS and she was married to Roy HENSLEY.

Birx COMBS, is Massingill Birx COMBS and he was the son of Massingile and Elizabeth COMBS.

New Black Hawk Cemetery in Happy, KY

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Overview of New Black Hawk Cemetery
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Betty Jane SUMNER was the d/o Benjamin & Matlida COMBS, she was married to Elijah SUMNER, she was a mid wife who delivered a lot of COMBS children.
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James, Jim or Jimmy, s/o Benjamin & Matilda COMBS, married to Susan MULLINS
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McKinley COMBS s/o Benjamin & Matlida COMBS, his wife Matilda COMBS
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George Washington COMBS, s/o Massingill & Elizabeth COMBS, known as Fisher Wash or just Wash
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Preston s/o Benjamin & Matilda COMBS and Malvery SHEPHERD COMBS
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Close-up Of Preston's Stone
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Close-up Of Malvery's Stone
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Mary Bell EVERIDGE, was d/o Benjamin & Matilda, and wife of William EVERIDGE.
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Green Combs
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Clinton's Stone has been knocked over.
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Black Ed COMBS
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Nan COMBS wife of Black Ed Combs

Campbell Cemetery AKA the Congleton Cemetery

Campbell Cemetery is located is 0.4 mi past the Bowman-Turner Cemetery on KY 1938 off of KY 11 , 1.3 miles south of Booneville, at Scoville, Owsley Co, KY

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Susan Combs neè ISON w/o N. B. (Napoleon Bonaparte) Combs

Wide shot of both Susan Combs and N. B. Combs.

These Photos were provided to Carol Sandler by Cyde Brown. Just over the left of N. B. Combs´ stone you can see both stones of James M. Marcus´ and “MOTHER” Syntha COMBS Marcus, d/o N. B. & Susan ISON Combs. Carol adds: Although most genealogy reports list my G Grandmother as Cyntha or Cynthia but our family has always spelled it Syntha also listed that way on her tombstone. NB is Napoleon Bonaparte “Boney” Combs s/o Mason Combs and Jennie RICHARDSON. Other Combs' interred at Campbell can be found at Combs &c. Cemeteries of Owsley Co, KY.

Taylor Combs Cemetery

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Isabelle Combs

John Combs and Nancy Harding Cemetery Marker


Central Church Christian Church
Callaway Co, MO

Central Church Christian Church
Marquis A. Combs Susan wife of Marquis A Combs William E. Combs

Prairie Chapel Methodist Church
Callaway Co, MO

Priarie Chapel United Methodist Church
Mark Hardin Combs

Ponca City IOOF Cemetery
Ponca City, Kay Co, OK

Ralph Bryant Combs Arkie Dile II (Archadial) Combs Rosabel Susan Combs Kizer Allie Mae/Murrel Combs Rosa Ann Combs Clarence Edner Combs John Cuthbert Combs and Sallie Price Hardin Combs

Newkirk, Kay Co, OK

Hattie Belle Combs and George Young Warre

Photos to these Oklahoma and Missouri Combs' stones & markers provided by Barbara Rivas.

Preston Bend Cemetery

Preston, Grayson County, Texas

Fred COMBS 1894-1918
Hershell COMBS 1911-1911
Homer COMBS 1918-1958
Homer COMBS, Sr 1884-1963
J. C. COMBS 1851-1908
John F. COMBS 1890-1923
John F COMBS, Jr. 1914-1990
Lee Vera 1905-1981, Wilson LaFayette 1908-1983 COMBS
Mary J. COMBS 1868-1917
Mollie COMBS 1888-1959
Pearley COMBS 1891-1896 Dau. of W. L. and L. E. Combs
Viola COMBS 1900-1900 Dau. of W. L. and L. E. Combs
Wilson LaFayette COMBS 1862-1925 His Wife Linnie Evelyn 1862-1824
G. W. COMES 1843-1891

John “8” Combs

Located in Washington Co, Ky Photos provided by Vivian W. who adds: There are “decrepancies with the dates that are generally accepted (with dates) on the government stone, however those are the dates on the original stone and the dates are very clear.”

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New "Government" stone.
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Original Stone

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