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Oregon County was formed on 14 February 1845 from Ripley County and was named for the Oregon Territory.

21 Jan - 10 Feb 1860 "William HARVEY and Margaret Elender FOSTER of Orgeon Co., to Elihu Combs 21 Jan. 1860 $200.00 SE ¼ of SW ¼ and SW ¼ of SE ¼ Sect. 20 T23N R3W 80 acres In presence of: Robert BOOKER, Benjamin G.(his mark) AMOS J. JANUARY, J.P. Filed: 10 Feb. 1860 Rec: 3 Mar 1860, M.G. NORMAN, clerk" (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Ashley Darin Combs who adds that Elihu Combs may be the same who appears on the 1850 Laclede Co MO census.

(Oregon Co MO Book of Land Transfers, p. 299)

1860 US Census, Oregon Co MO

Oak Grove Twp, Thomasville PO

p. 22, 21 June 1860

151/153 Nathan Combs 35, m, b. IN, farmer, RE=$0, PP=$135
Jane Combs, 30, f, b. IN
Shadrack Combs, 12, m, b. IN
Misshack Combs, 10, m, b. IN
Abednego Combs, 9, m, b. IL
Isaac Combs, 7, m, b. IL
Nancy L. Combs, 6, f, b. IL
Hannah L, Combs, 3, f, b. MO

(Source: Heritage Quest Original Census images) Submitted by Sue Elfving.

SE Note: 29 Nov 1846 (Vigo Co IN Marriage Records) COMBS, Nathaniel & Jane PUCKETT. Nathaniel and wife Mary Jane Combs with children Shadrick and Mashack can be found in the 1850 Vigo Co., IN census. The above census record suggests they left Vigo Co. shortly after 1850 as their son Abednego was born in Illinois about 1851. It would appear that Nathan has joined Elihu (see below) to Missouri.

#152 Elihu Combs 26 farmer $200 $100 IN
Elzina 21 VA
Byson 4 MO
Betsy J. 2 MO
Mary 3/12 MO

(Combs Researcher Ashley Darin Combs)

ADC Notes: Elzina is listed elsewhere as Emmaline {MARTIN} Combs; Byson was Byram, nicknamed "Barm" according to a "Orgeon Co. MO Families," and Betsy J. as Elizabeth. Byram was the oldest of the children, born August 10, 1855. Later he is shown to be able to read and write.

Myrtle Cemetery, Myrtle, Oregon Co, MO

Sec 35Twp 22 R3W (Myrtle TWP)

Combs, Charles, 31 Mar 1933, 13 May 1994, US Army Korea, Mary R. Sisk, 26 Jul 1938, ________
Combs, Charles D., 14 May 1931, 23 Feb 1981, Geraldine, 4 Oct 1933, ____

Oregon County MOGenWeb

Cave Springs Cemetery - Oregon Co, MO

(PINEYTWP.) Sec. 14, Twp. 23, R 4W , Oregon Co.

Combs, Dollie Barton, 17 Feb 1905, 27 July 1993, wife of William B. Combs
Combs, Wm B., 2 Oct 1899 - 19 Aug 1985
Combs, Wilma Jean, Dec 3 1933/ Dec 4 1933

Oregon County MOGenWeb

Cotton Creek Cemetery

Location: Jobe Township, Sec 2 'Pwp 22 R3W From Alton, Mo. south to Hwy E. about 9 miles to KK Hwy abt 2 3/4 miles

Source: Combs Mailing List Archives (Debi Houser post 23 Aug. 2001) Oregon Co, MOGenWeb Archive

Brewer, Emma Viola Combs, 30 June 1901 - 27 July 1985

Brewer, Ward Cornelius, 28 Feb 1901, 23 Dec 1990, hus of Emma Viola Combs

Case, Melvin Edward “Ed”, 3 Apr 1912, 16 May 1991, Lillian L. Combs, 28 Feb 1915, _______

Combs, ? (one unmarked grave next to Rev John Combs)

Combs, Amanda A. Williams, wife of Floyd E. Combs, 6 Apr 1905, 14 Apr 1987

Combs, Auther, 20 Aug 1886, 8 Apr 1957, Virginia, 15 Aug 1885, 8 Mar 1960

Combs, Bertha Jean, 1 Jan 1952, 14 Mar 1970, (picture on stone)

Combs, Byram, 1855-1940, Alice, 1872-1937

Combs, Charles W., 10 Oct 1927, 4 Jan 1946

Combs, Clifford, 14 Mar 1924, 26 Jun 1970, Helen, 7 Dec 1926, 26 Jun 1970

Combs, Clyde W., 10 Jan 1910, 22 Jul 1979, Blanch Crase, 31 Jan 1916, 3 Apr 1988

Combs, Dale, 26 Jun 1930

Combs, Debra Lynn, 9 Mar 1955, 9 Feb 1956, Dau of R.A. & V.A. Combs

Combs, Delbert Craig, 1907-1993 (FHM)

Combs, Dorthy L., 5 Nov 1933. Inf dau of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Combs

Combs, Elihue, 1868-1947

Combs, Elsie, 1892-1908

Combs, Everett W., 20 Aug 1894, 19 Nov 1954, Rosa E., 18 Jul 1896, 26 Jun 1970

Combs, Floyd Earl, 28 Feb 1898.11 Jan 1968, Amanda A., 5 Apr 1905, _____

Combs, Geneva, 1936-1944

Combs, Glendon, 19 Jun 1922, 17 Feb 1923

Combs, Gordon Charlie, d. 27 Oct 1981 age 73yr 0 mo 28 da.(McNabb FHM)

Combs, James C., 1871-1936, Dona, 1871-1934

Notes: (Source: Ann Crase post, Combs Mailing List Archives, Mon, 9 Aug 1999). James Columbus COMBS (2 Apr 1871 Myrtle, Oregon, MO - 14 June 1936 Oregon Co., MO; bur: Cotton Creek Cem) and his wife Nancy Caldona "Dona" BARTON (18 Apr 1871 Douglas Co., MO - 21 Jul 1934 Oregon Co., MO; Bur: Cotton Creek Cem.). Son of Elihue Combs and Emiline MARTIN. Ann Crase's husband was a gg-grandson of Elihue Combs and Emiline through son James C. Combs. According to Ann Crase, Emiline MARTIN'S nickname was "Sighna" as told to her by an elderly relative as well as the Oregon Co., MO cemetery book.

Combs, James Henry, 1889-1970, Eva L., 1892-1959

Combs, Jeffrey Allen, 13 May 1964, 3 Feb 1966, son of RA. & V.A. Combs

Combs, John (Rev.), 3 Apr 1862, 6 Dec 1923, Addie, 1 Sep 1870, 11 Apr 1948

Combs, John William, 3 Jan 1885, 16 Nov 1974, Nancy Louisa, 19 Mar 1883, 24 Dec 1971

Combs, Lee Fate, 19 Aug 1910, 19 Apr 1990, Mary Lueler Hand, 4 June 1910, _______

Combs, Lehmon R., son of Mr.& Mrs. A. Combs, 16 Sep 1908, 18 Jul 1909

Combs, Leona, 9 Sep 1914, 12 Jun 1935, dau of E.W. & Rosa Combs

Combs, Leonard D., 28 Feb 1895, 9 Jan 1971, Mintie, 30 Mar 1903

Combs, Lola Whitmore, 1920-1945, dau of Will & Nanie

Combs, Mary Lou, 21 Mar 1943, 23 Jan 1944, lnf of Lee & Lueler

Combs, Maxcell, 29 Nov 1928, 16 Sep 1930

Combs, Nath, 1 Jan 1896, 12 Oct 1948, Ella Mae, 17 Oct 1894, 2 Apr 1979

Combs, Nettle May Hand, died - Aug 1987, age 74

Combs, Noel, 6 Oct 1914, 24 Aug 1993, hus of Rachel Hensley

Combs, Rachel Hensley, 8 Jan 1914, 1 Apr 1994, wife of Noel Combs

Combs, Randy D., b & d 8 Apr 1978

Combs, Rev. N., 25 Mar 1862, 8 Jun 1946, Susie A., 3 Jan 1872,11 May 1939

Combs, Richard, 1899-1908

Combs, Robert, 28 Jul 1906, 14 Oct 1953, Virgie, 6 Dec 1905

Combs, Rose Lee, 22 Oct 1940, Inf of Fred & Velma 4.

Combs, Salie, 1903-1908

Combs, Tommy Albert, 4 Aug 1915, 12 Dec 1993, Jettie Opal Cypret, 31 Mar 1914, ________

Combs, Virgil Lee, 21 May 1929, 7 Mar 1990, hus of Beverly Masten

Combs, Willie G., 12 Mar 1906, 27 Jan 1972, Mabel E., 27 Oct 1907, 29 Jan 1996

Craig, Delbert, 8 July 1907, 24 Feb 1993, hus of Mabel Dale Combs

Moore, Mintie Roger Combs, 30 Mar 1903 - 6 June 1981 (wife of Floyd-2nd mar.; wife of Leonard D. 1st husband)

Robinson, Carl, 27 Mar 1919, 15 Sep 1983, Deslee Combs, 1 Aug 1924, 10 Apr 1989

Russell, Virgie Hackworth Combs, 6 Dec 1905, 14 Nov 1989, dau of James Newton & Sarah Elizabeth Jones Hackworth

Thompson, Willis, 1900-1961, Velia Ola Combs, 21 Mar 1904 - 23 Dec 1985

Williams, Eva May Combs, 22 Sept 1906 26 Apr 1984

Williams, Orbie T., 29 Oct 1912, ________, Parlie Combs, 21 Oct 1912

Woods, Sarah- R., (Combs), 8 Mar 1934, 12 Nov 1968

Oregon Co., MO Marriages

15 Dec 1893 Elihue Combs to Rozetta PRICE.

Notes: (Source: 8 Nov 1997 Darin Combs Post - Combs Mailing List Archives). Gabriel J. ENDECOTT born was born in 1838, but I am not sure where. The 1890 Orgeon Co, MO census may tell what state he was born in. I have [not] done any deep search up that branch, yet. I first picked him up in the Marriage License of his step-daughter Rozetta PRICE to Elihue Combs in Garfield, MO, December 15, 1893. The Licese says: "This license authorizes any Judge, Justice of the Peace,… to Solemnize marriage between {Ehihue Combs} of {Garfield} County of {Oregon} and State of {Missouri} who is {over} the age of twenty-one years; and (the word Miss crossed out) {Rozetta Price} of {Garfield} County of {Orgeon} and State of {Missouri}, who is {over} the age of eighteen years. {By written assent of G.J. Endecott and M.A. Endecott as to (the word "that" is overwritten with a different word I can't read) daughter Miss Rozetta Price}. Witness my hand as Circuit Clerk, adn Ex-Officio Recorder, with the seal of the office hereto affixed, at my office in {Alton, Mo.,} the {Fifteenth} day of {December} 18{93}. {J.T. Norman) Circuit Clerk and Ex-Officio Recorder. By {W.A. Norman) Deputy. This is to certify, that the undersigned, Justice did, at {the home of J.E. Brown} in said County, on the {19} day of {Dec.} A.D. 18{93}, unite in Marriage the above named persons. {J.E.Brown, justice of the Peace.} Filed for record {Dec. 26th} 18{93}. By {W.A. Norman} Deputy. {J.T. Norman} Circuit Clerk and Ex-Officio Recorder.
Elihue Combs and Rozetta Price are my gggrandparents; this makes G. J. Endecott my gggrandfather by marriage since he is the step-father of Sarah Rozetta Price. This how I first came across him and that is about all I have about him. By the name of the children, Gabriel must have been her second husband. I think that is why the word "their" is marked over with a different word because she is not "their." About all I can determine at this point as far as where he belongs in time is:

Gabriel Endicott was born 1838 in VA (I will have to search a little more to figure out how I found that out.) He married M.A. Price sometime after. I show the following children.

Will Price b. March 1876 M.A. and First Husband?
William Endicott b. 1877 G.J. and First Wife?
Sarah Rozetta Price b. 1879 M.A. and First Husband
P.L. Price (male) b. March 1884 M.A. and First Husband
Attie Endicott b. 1888 G.J. & M.A. Together

Source: Denise Smith and Linda Israel web site that includes Oregon County marriages titled: Primary Sources in Oregon County, Missouri Submitted by Sue Elfving.

COMBS, Bettie James P. WILLARD 26 Oct 1895

COMBS, John Nancy A. HALL 6 Nov 1885

COMBS, Nathan Lucy POOL 16 Aug 1861

Oregon Co. Missouri Land Records
Bureau of Land Management Records

Submitted by Sue Elfving.

9/1/1859 Combs James 320 acres, Twp 25-N, Oregon Co, MO. Original certificate reads James Combs of Bullitt Co, KY

6/19/1896 Combs, Byran 160 acres, Twp 22-N, Oregon Co, MO

9/15/1902 Combs, Elihu 80 acres, Twp 22-N, Oregon Co, MO

9/5/1905 Combs, James C., 80 acres, Twp 22-N, Oregon Co, MO

Oregon Co., MO Death Records

Source: Missouri Death Certificates 1910 - 1955 from Missouri Secretary of State website

NameDate of DeathCountyCityCertificate Number
Amos Otto Combs23 Feb 1912Oregon6188
Byram Combs__ Dec 1940Oregon43358
Charles W. Combs__ Jan 1946Oregon6613
Elihue Combs__ Dec 1947Oregon44709
Emaline Combs23 Feb 1935Oregon6268
Addie Combs__ Apr 1948Oregon20268
Fern G. Combs03 Dec 1933Oregon40901
Geneva M. Combs__ Sep 1944Oregon38472
James Steven Combs18 Jan 1914Oregon1924
Leona Combs12 Jun 1935Oregon20565
Mary L. Combs__ Jan 1944Oregon3812
Nathan Combs__ Jun 1946Oregon24496
Nathan Combs__ Oct 1948Oregon37527
Oba N. Combs__ Nov 1955Oregon41485
Robert N. Combs__ Oct 1953Oregon36686
Sarah A. Combs06 Apr 1937Oregon24461
Susann V. Combs__ May 1939Oregon44190
Wanda E. Combs05 Feb 1930Oregon5866

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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