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Transcribed from TSLA Roll No. 9 by C. Hammett.

Transcriber Notes: (1) Due to fading and style, vowels were sometimes impossible to determine. When the transcriber could not determine specific letters in a name, a question mark was inserted for each indecipherable letter in the name. (2) Numbers on original are to right of name, not left as listed below. (3) Either these lists were not filmed in original page order, or were inserted in book out of order. They are listed below in original page number order.

For Annotated Records, see Notes below names entered in bold

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A List of the taxable inhabitants returned by Alexander Hill, Esqr.

(Page 11 continued)

  1. David Johnson
  2. James Melton
  3. George Mauser
  4. Frederick Franks
  5. Robert Henderson
  6. Daniel Mauser
  7. Benjn. Brown
  8. John Melican
  9. Will Saunders
  10. James Evans
  11. Alexr. Boston
  12. Joseph Wood
  13. Jacob McElhany
  14. Gabriel Elkin
  15. John Cocks
  16. Nathan Booth
Page 12 (77)
  1. John Johnston
  2. Solomon Wren
  3. Isham Chaney
  4. Leroy Ballard
  5. David Tassey
  6. Wm. Woodall
  7. Levi Horn
  8. Thomas Foster
  9. Charles Thomas
  10. Benjn. Pendleton
  11. John Pendleton
  12. John Smith
  13. John Smitson
  14. Allen Smitson
  15. Joseph Sarrin
  16. James Miller
  17. Pharoah Hill
  18. Alexr Hill
  19. Isaac Hill
  20. Ruben Coyle
  21. Andrew Carrel
  22. John Patrick
  23. Levi Patrick
  24. Yarly? Aubberon(?)
  25. John Hill
  26. Caleb Sullivan
  27. James Patrick
  28. Alcana Sullivan
  29. Seth Strickland
  30. Joseph Mooney
  31. James Taylor
  32. Samuel Williams
  33. Robt. Bayley
  34. John Farley
  35. Wm. Mares
  36. John Davis
  37. Nathann Moore
  38. John McMurray
  39. Saml. Lewis
  40. William Roy
  41. Henry Ford
  42. John Melton
  43. William Lawing
  44. Moses Thompson
  45. Richard Moore
  46. Edmond Taylor
  47. James Taylor
  48. W. Trigg
  49. John Wenton
  50. Richd. Ray
  51. W. Hooker
  52. John Stern
  53. Abraham Stern
  54. Anson Melton
  55. Abram Stone
  56. Joseph Hemmins
  57. Henry Small
  58. Arthur Warren
  59. Joseph Warren
  60. Benjn. Allen</li>
  61. Cornelius Brock
  62. Malchezedach Scelfe(?)
  63. Benjamin Cummins
  64. Moses Cummins
  65. Malci Cummins
  66. William Cummins
  67. Jerremiah Metone(?)
  68. Robert Stout
  69. John Davis
Page 13 (78)
  1. Elisha Harbour
  2. Samuel Harbour
  3. Matthew Locke
  4. John Carrel
  5. Benjn. Koyle
  6. John Edward
  7. Henry Young
  8. Jessee Pelm(?)
  9. David Culp
  10. Ezekiel Stout
  11. Benjamin Stout
  12. John Davis
  13. Strawbourn Munk(?)
  14. John Finly
  15. Wm. Hallis
  16. John Hallis
  17. James Payne
  18. Daniel Vaughn
  19. David Vaughan
  20. James Moody
  21. William Waterson
  22. Andrew Dunn
  23. Joseph McElroy
  24. Thomas Vance
  25. Daniel Wallis
  26. Albert Haas
  27. Philip Haas
  28. Richard Vincent
  29. Isaiah Parker
  30. Christophr Pybourn
  31. Philip Rauth


Notes: № 14 Gabriel ELKIN(S), son of James ELKINS was born between 1763 & 1765 in VA. and died in 1846 in Anderson Co, TX. He married (1) c1786 in Henry Co.,VA. to Stacy DILLARD (1760/'65-c1813); (2) c1813 in Warren (now Cannon) Co, TN to Mary Lucas PENDLETON(1796-1814);& (3)c1815 in Warren (now Cannon) Co, TN to Sophia DILLARD (1780's-c1846). His son Thomas ELKINS (1803-1864) married Mary MELTON (1803-1880's/'90's) and his dau. Catherine ELKINS (1805-1890) married John MELTON (1800-1896) Mary & John MELTON were the children of № 70 Anson (Ancel) MELTON (1770's-1843) & Mary HUFFMAN (c1772-c1857).
Submitted by: Nathan Meredith LORANCE

Notes: № 15 Rev. War Soldier John COCKS was b in Bedford Co, Virginia; Montgomery/Grayson Cos VA; Cumberland Co, Kentucky; Overton Co, Tennessee & "on the Barren Fork of the Collins River since 1811." (RW Pension Application)

Notes: № 21 David Rogers TASSEY was born in 1780's in Mecklenburg Co, NC & died DEC. 24, 1814 from wounds recieved in the "Battle of New Orleans" in New Orleans,LA. He served as a 3rd Sgt. in Capt. Alexander HILL's (later bacame Capt. John CUNNINGHAM's) Company under Col. William METCALF's 1st Reg't., West TN Militia Infantry. He was a son of Alexander TASSEY & Elizabeth ROGERS and his sister Isabella married Samuel LAWING a son of № 59 William LAWING.
Submitted by: Nathan Meredith LORANCE

Notes: № 35 Rev. War Soldier Isaac HILL, b in Charles Co, MD

Notes: № 49 Robert Bayley's spelling of last name was normally "Bailey." He lived on Short Mountain, now Cannon Co, TN. Researcher Beverly Bailey,

Notes: № 57 Henry FORD was born in the 1760's & died in 1845 in Cannon Co, TN. He married on 19 DEC. 1796 in Mecklenburg Co, NC to Mary MOORE (c1776-1850's), dau. of Abraham MOORE and sister-in-law to № 78 Malchezedach SCELFE? (c1777-1854) who married on 24 MAR. 1801 in Mecklenburg Co, NC to Catherine MOORE (c1783-1860). № 57 Henry FORD & family, № 78 Malchezedach SCELFE? & family, Peter MOORE, & Ephraim D. MOORE the son-in-law's and sons of Abraham MOORE all migrated in 1803 to an area of Wilson Co., TN. that later fell into the boundries of Warren Co., TN. in 1807 and yet even later fell into the boundries of Cannon Co, TN. in 1836. Henry FORD was the only one of these that remained in the area he originally settled.
Submitted by: Nathan Meredith LORANCE

Notes: № 59 William LAWING was born c1719 & died c1819 in Warren Co, TN. He and his son Samuel LAWING moved to an area of Warren Co., TN that later fell into the boundries of Cannon Co, TN. in 1836. His son Samuel LAWING (c1782-c1845) married c1808 in Warren (Cannon) Co, TN to Isabella TASSEY (1793-1880's) a sister of № 21 David TASSEY (1780's-1814).
Submitted by: Nathan Meredith LORANCE

Notes: № 76 Benjamin Allen married on 14 JAN. 1797 in Mecklenburg Co, NC to Ann LAWING, dau. of № 59 William LAWING.
Submitted by: Nathan Meredith LORANCE

Notes: № 78 Malchezedach SCELFE? was born c1777 in NC and died 12 JAN 1854 in Fannin Co.,TX. He married 24 MAR. 1801 in Mecklenburg Co, NC to Catherine MOORE (c1783-1860), dau. of Abraham MOORE and sister-in-law of № 57 Henry FORD. He can be found listed on the 1804 to 1806 Wilson Co, TN. Tax Lists and the 1809 to 1811 Rutherford Co, TN. Tax Lists, just how long he was in Warren Co, TN. is not certain but he did migrate to AL before 1820. A Milchicideck SELF enlisted in the Maury Co, TN Militia and served in the War of 1812 from JUNE 1814 to DEC. 1814 as a Private in Capt. Ebenezer KILPATRICK (KIRKPATRICK)'s Company under Col. Philip PIPKIN's 1st Reg't., West TN Militia
Submitted by: Nathan Meredith LORANCE

Notes: № 92 Will of Henry YOUNG dated 7 September 1830, admitted to probate 7 July 1831, Warren Co, TN, Will Book 1, pp. 62-65. Lists wife Elizabeth; married daughters, Polly Holloway, Achack Edwards, Margaret Foster, Moonie Holloway, Elizabeth Moses, unmarried daughters Julia Young, Sally Young, Patsey Young, and sons William Young, Henry Young, Alexander Young, Lewis Young. Executors sons William and Alexander. Witnesses, Julia Young and William Dosher. Submitted by Janice McAlpine

Notes: № 113 Richard VINCENT, son of Alexander VINCENT (1747-1808) was born between 1765 & 1774 in Granville Co, NC and died ?c1849? in Cannon Co, TN. He married on 09 SEP 1797 in Granville Co, NC to Sarah BEVEL, dau. of Robert BEVIL. He moved his family in 1806 to what would become Warren Co, TN in 1807 and later fall into the boundries of Cannon Co, TN in 1836. His daughter Sophia L. VINCENT (c1798) married c1818 in Warren (now Cannon) Co, TN. to № 75 Joseph WARREN (c1790).
Submitted by: Nathan Meredith LORANCE

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