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Hayter Valley Cemetery Extracted from: "Russell Co., VA. John Million Combs Cemetery (See Copyright Restrictions). "Located high on a ridge above Rt. 615 near the junction of Rt. 631 along Weavers Creek near Big A Mtn. The cemetery lies on part of the original Combs plantation and specifically on the part which was willed by William Combs to his sons John M. & Thompson Combs in 1841. I have given the cemetery the designation as the John Million Combs Cemetery as most of the identifiable stones are of his family & descendants, although his sister Nancy J. "Combs" Musick is also buried there. There are also many field stones in the cemetery, so there may be other members of the family also buried there, including probably William & Anna "Thompson" Combs. Unfortunately, we may never know for sure. This cemetery is in pretty good shape for its age. There are a few stones that have fallen over though." Note: Items in brackets () have been added by the compiler. (Contributed to the US GenWeb by Glenda Osborne & Michael A. Dye)

Combs Note: Names in (parentheses) are those of the compilers. Also note that Combs Researcher Wesley Combs terms this the "Hayter Valley Cemetery," shows name as John M. Combs, Sr., whose birthdate is listed as 19(?) Sep 1816; and marriage date as 14 Sep 1836 to Sarah HAGINS (Enumerated 1969) as versus as listed below.

Arthur Combs (Son of Fielding Combs & Jane KISER)
15 Oct 1882 - 14 Jun 1900

Beaula B. Combs
09 Feb 1897 - 04 Sep 1898

Sally Wife of John M. Combs (Sarah HIGGINS/HAGINS)
25 Sep 1820 - 18 Nov 1912

John M. Combs (Son of William Combs & Anna THOMPSON)
17 Sep 1816 - 22 Aug 1882
Married Sarah HAGINS 14 Apr 1836

John W. Combs (Son of John M. Combs & Sarah HIGGINS)
02 Dec 1842 - 02 Nov 1879

Combs Note: John William Combs, listed as Wilburn in 1850 and William in 1860 Russell Co, VA Census.

Fielding Combs (Son of John M. Combs & Sarah HIGGINS)
18 Apr 1839 - 08 Mar 1918
By his son J. F. Combs

Louisa J. Combs (w/o Fielding Combs, d/o John WHITT & Mary SMITH)
21 Dec 1845 - 22 Aug 1881

Fred Combs (Son of Elbert S. & Josephine "Combs" Combs)
21 Feb 1893 - 24 Dec 1914

Nancy J. Musick Combs (w/o Elijah MUSICK, d/o William Combs & Anna THOMPSON)
1803 - June 1840

Evan E. KENDRICK (Son of Joseph B. KENDRICK & Charity HART)
16 Feb 1860 - 13 Jul 1861

Combs Note: According to Combs Researcher Debi Houser, Charity HART Kendrick was the d/o Isaac HART and Celia Combs (d/o William and Anna THOMPSON Combs). Joseph Browning KENDRICK was the s/o George & Edith KENDRICK.

Locky Daisy wife of John PAYNE d/o Mr. & Mrs. Maginnis Combs
17 Sep 1894 - 27 May 1917

(GO and MD Note: Does anyone know who these people are?)

Thompson Combs Family Cemetery Extracted from Thompson Combs Family Cemetery, compiled by Glenda Osborne, and contributed to the USGenWeb. See Copyright Restrictions). "This cemetery overlooks the Old Combs School on RT. 631, which runs off Rt. 615 along Weaver's Creek near Big A Mtn.

Note: Items in (parentheses) have been added by the compiler.

Thompson Combs
Parents of
Virginia FRANCE
wife of
Thompson Combs
S.F. Combs
Cullen Combs
John Combs
William F. Combs

(One Stone in the shape of a double heart. No Dates. Writing appears above as it does on the stone. Thompson Combs was the s/o William Combs and Anna THOMPSON. Virginia FRANCES was the d/o Thomas FRANCES & Jane HAMMONS.)

Ada J. Combs (d/o Simeon F. Combs & Elizabeth SMITH)
b. July 1876

Jacob Cook Combs (s/o Simeon F. Combs & Elizabeth SMITH)
January 1874

Grover C. Combs (s/o Simeon F. Combs & Elizabeth SMITH)

August 07, 1885 - September 30, 1887?

Elizabeth Combs Taulbee
d. November 14, 1897

Bulah Mae Combs (d/o Simeon F. Combs & Elizabeth SMITH)
March 22, 1898 - March 22, 1898

S. F. Combs (s/o Thompson Combs & Virginia FRANCES)
November 10, 1848 - July 21, 1913

Elizabeth SMITH- wife of S.F. Combs (d/o William P. SMITH & Matilda KISER)
April 22, 1858 - June 02, 1933

Mary Ann TAULBEE (Probably a d/o James M. TAULBEE & Maude A. Combs)
August 02, 1917 - April 27, 1919

Charles TAULBEE (probably a s/o James M. TAULBEE & Maude A. Combs)
February 01, 1915 - October 13, 1918

George Crabtree Cemetery. Extracted from Russell Co., VA. George & Lydia "Musick" Crabtree Cemetery, compiled by Glenda Osborne and contributed to the USGenWeb. See Copyright Restrictions)

Note: Items in (parentheses) have been added by the compiler. "The George M. Crabtree Cemetery located on RT. 621, Sandy Ridge, Russell County, Virginia, near the home of Cecil and Irene Crabtree Musick."

George M. CRABTREE (s/o William CRABTREE & Destimony Combs)
b. October 29, 1857 - d. April 28, 1935

Lydia A. CRABTREE (w/o George M. CRABTREE, d/o Alvah MUSICK & Chaney KISER)
b. November 22, 1857 - d. December 30, 1930

Lizzie C. Crabtree (w/o Grover Crabtree, d/o Reuben J. and Margaret Combs Compton)
b. March 15, 1887 - d. September 28. 1933

Baby Crabtree- grave not marked, child of Charlie Crabtree, and Maggie Combs Crabtree.

Baby Crabtree- grave not marked, child of Charlie Crabtree, and Maggie Combs Crabtree.

Baby Crabtree- grave not marked, child of Charlie Crabtree, and Maggie Combs Crabtree.

Baby Crabtree- grave not marked, child of Charlie Crabtree, and Maggie Combs Crabtree.

Baby Crabtree- grave not marked, child of Charlie Crabtree, and Maggie Combs Crabtree.

(GO: The information on the unmarked graves came from Irene Crabtree Musick, and from Blanche Crabtree through telephone conversation July 13, 1998)

William Crabtree Cemetery Extracted from William & Destamony "Combs" Crabtree Cemetery. Russell Co., VA. File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Glenda Osborne. See Copyright Restrictions. "Located on Rt. 621 on Hart's Creek. This cemetery is well cared for.

Note: Items in (parentheses) have been added by the compiler.

Desta CRABTREE (Desta Combs, w/o William CRABTREE, d/o Celia Combs by William NASH)
24 Nov 1827 - 11 Nov 1916

24 Apr 1920*- 13 Jul 1899

Combs Note: *Presumably 1820. The 1841 will of Wm. Combs, Jr. (h/o Anna THOMPSON) refers to his granddaughter, Cyndesta, not Destamony [a var. sp. of Desdemona?]. Is this the same individual? (See 1860 Russell Co VA census with Abraham and Syndesta CRABTREE)

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