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As we have indicated on the Main Web Page, our Study includes a “snapshot” format for sharing your COMBS-COOMBS &c. lineage in a VIRTUAL ARCHIVE of lineages. The unique lineage of each researcher is catalogued with lineages of other researchers that can be scrolled through to see the following information:

Click to see Sample “snapshot”

You might ask, “What purpose does this serve in furthering my family history?” OR “How does this fit with using DNA Test Findings and doing genealogy?”

The more readily we can access information the easier tracing our family history can be. In this case, not only can we search thru the VIRTUAL ARCHIVE using our computer's browser in a traditional way by looking for the names, timeframes and places our ancestors have lived, but we can see lineages that we can rule in or out as ones from which we may descend or have a relationship to based on DNA test results. (See “HOW TO USE” for more approaches for searching the Archive.) When DNA tells us what COMBS-COOMBS &c. branches appear to belong together, we can benefit by knowing if we connect into those lines that have been tested. The more solidly we document our research the greater we can rely on this in combination with the DNA findings. This does not eliminate poor research assumptions or even non-paternal events that can completely change the accuracy of the lineages we trace as part of our family history.

Another benefit is that other researchers can also bring their own knowledge to bear on how they view the same information and shed new light on this research effort that can help piece, what may be your own lineage into, the ancestry picture better than could be done by any of us on our own.


Perhaps you are wondering, “How can I get the most use of the Project and Study together?”

Our VIRTUAL ARCHIVE is connected to our COMBS-COOMBS &c. Family History Project, and to parts of our DNA Study including Lineage Studies and DNA Findings . As our project progresses, we will be linking parts of the VIRTUAL ARCHIVE to these other sections. It will take time and your support to accomplish this. It is important that you contribute your family history knowledge to the project by sharing this through our Discussion Group. Your family history thoughts and information will become part of our e-mail Archives (30,000 strong). Documentation of COMBS-COOMBS &c. Family History will become part of our Project, as well, as we are capable of doing so (over 1500 web pages). The Virtual Archive will make it so researchers will no longer need to come back again and again over time and restate their COMBS-COOMBS &c. lineage in our on-line discussion group. As new information about ones lineage is learned, updates can be made to maintain ones COMBS-COOMBS &c. lineage in this part of our Study.

The sharing of family history knowledge is the basis for the VIRTUAL ARCHIVE, as well. You will notice we are not asking for Gedcoms and for you to give away your entire family history details for the Archives, only general information that will allow for researchers to evaluate the information in light of their own research interests and perhaps connect with you personally. This also does not result in the run and grab concept so many people have utilized when trying to build their own family trees at the expense of other researchers, with no regard for their time and the personal resources they have sacrificed. Our watchword has always been one of mutual benefit and we want to perpetuate this in how this project is designed.

You DO NOT have to have your DNA tested to provide your lineage “snapshot” information, but it can help you and other Combs-Coombs &c. researchers in evaluating and interpreting the DNA data. We would like to invite you to submit your basic lineage data by going to our web page designed to help you think through the information needed to present it in a consistent format for use by yourself and other researchers. It may be easiest to copy or print out the sample and compile the information for the lineage part of the “snapshot” before making your submission. In any case, if you have questions, please contact our Project Administrator.

Submit your Lineage “snapshot”

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Thank you! We look forward to learning about your unique COMBS-COOMBS &c. lineage.

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