Our Virtual Archive II

Lineage “Snapshots”, Study Goals & Learnings

Our repository of over 170 Combs-Coombs &c. lineage “snapshots” can help you further your family history.

  1. VIRTUAL ARCHIVE I allows you to search thru the ENTIRE set of lineages available and can take awhile to load.
  2. VIRTUAL ARCHIVE II allows you to select and view a smaller number of lineages and will take less time to load. Go to LINEAGE LOCATOR

PURPOSE. Each “snapshot” is provided by researchers as their best picture of what they believe to be their COMBS-COOMBS ancestry given their existing knowledge base. Keep in mind that different people will arrive at different conclusions based on a range of expertise and success in finding and using documentation. Considering this information with your own research can give clues or specific information that can help you trace your family tree. See HOW TO USE the Virtual Archive for specific ways to search this Archive to derive specific family history applications.

ORGANIZATION. Lineage “snapshots” are in alpha order by LOCATION (country, shire/state, counties/parishes, etc.), next, given name with variant spellings of surnames treated as one, but spelled as recorded. Research goals, learnings, and a contact who submitted the information are noted. See ABOUT the Virtual Archive for more details.

ACCESS. Utilize the right scroll bar, the browser find feature on your computer, drop down menus and references on the “snapshot” including “See” references or links to the Family History Project , Lineage Studies , DNA Findings or Oral History Oral - History. Each location name on the top of the “snapshot” will link you to a report in the research project when one is available. The “Link Bar” found after each “snapshot” will bring you back to the Navigation Bar.

MIGRATIONMigration References provide a link for researchers at the beginning of a group of lineage “snapshots” to more readily recognize potential connections categorized with other locations in the Archive. These links are between specific known locations and locations too broad to categorize. For example, in 1850 I may have an ancestor I traced the furthest back in time in Australia, and know they came form Scotland based on records BUT I don't know where in Scotland, so a migration reference is noted so researchers can see where in the Virtual Archive to find potential connections.

Abbreviations used: Co=County Twp=Township bef=before c=circa,about

LINKING YOUR LINEAGE TO THE COMBS &c. RESEARCH PROJECT Researchers who identify web pages that are relevant to the specific lineage they have included in the Virtual Archive can submit the report title and URL to Steven Gilley for inclusion on the lineage snapshot.

UPDATING YOUR LINEAGE — Send any changes to Steven Gilley

CONTACTING LINEAGE SUBMITTER — Highlight and select the Lineage Contact name. Indicate on the email form the name of the person you would like to respond. Also you are invited to join our Discussion Group.

Questions/Comments. Contact the Project Administrator.


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