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Yarcombe (aka Yartcombe), a village and parish in the east division, hundred of Axminster, county of Devon, 4.97 miles north of Dalwood (formerly attached to Dorset, now Devon), and 2.56 miles southwest of Upottery; and 3.39 from Otterford, Somerset. Yarcombe was on the eastern border of Devonshire near the juncture of this county, Somerset and Dorset (less than four mi. from each county's border). Combe St. Nicholas, Somerset is only 4.16 miles northeast of Yarcombe, and Taunton, Somerset only 9.61 miles northeast. "Yarcombe is in the Archdeaconry of Exeter... The manor was held by Otterton Priory, and after the dissolution a moiety of it was granted to Robert Earl of Leicester, who sold it to Robt. DRAKE, Esq. of Ash, who conveyed it to Sir Francis DRAKE, the celebrated circumnavigator, who was possessed of the other moiety by grant from the Crown... "(From Lewis' Topographical Dictionary (1830) and White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of Devon (1850)) Sir Francis DRAKE supposedly married a COMBE (no issue), but which Combe is not yet known.

21 Mar 1619/20 - 28 Apr 1620 (SOAME, FOL. 31; 335; pg 115) The will of Joseph COMBE of Combe St. Nicholas, Somerset names, among others, "John NOTHAN of Yarcombe, rooper..." Witnesses include his brother, Edmunde COMBE [mark] (See next)

22 Apr 1620 (SOAME, FOL. 56; 656; pg 219) Simon VINCENT (of Yarcombe, co. Devon*). Dat. 22 Apr. 1620.) Eld. Son Simon VINCENT; eld. dau. Charitie; son Thos. VINCENT; Extx: wife Margerye; Overs: bros. Thos. and John VINCENT. [mark] Wits: Thomas MAIOR, vic. of Yearcombe, Willmo FACYE, Mathewe COMBE, Edmond COMBE (mark). (Pr. 11 June 1620.) (Abstracts of Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Somerset House, London, England; Register SOAME 1620 by J. Henry Lea, 1904)

Simon VINCENT married 25 May 1608, Otterford, Somerset, Margery TUCKER

Extracted from IGI, B: 18 Jan 1983 LANGE Ba: E052201 E: 27 Jan 1983 LANGE So: 917559 Pr: 1037041, film not yet read)

6 Apr 1580 Yarcombe, Devon, England. Married Bevett_ COME (female) and John SOPER

6 Apr 1580 Yarcombe, Devon, England. Married John COMBE and Elizabeth PAVYES

8 Oct 1630 Yarcombe, Devon, England. Married John COMBE and Christian_ GULLIFORD

16 Oct 1649 Yarcombe, Devon, England. Married John COMBE and Joane BAKER

Extracted from IGI, Ba: C052201 So: 917559 Pr: 0933431, film not yet read:

16 Oct 1649 Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: Martha COMBE, d/o John COMBE

23 Jan 1619 Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: Elizabeth COMBE, d/o John COMBE

28 Sep 1623 Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: John COMBE, s/o John COMBE

27 Nov 1625 Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: Margerie_ COOMBE, d/o John COOMBE

3 Jul 1650 [sic] Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: John COMBE, s/o John and Johane COMBE

20 May 1651 [sic] Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: John COOMBE, s/o Thomas and Marcus_ COOMBE

24 Mar 1651 Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: William COOMBE, s/o John COOMBE

29 Dec 1652 Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: Elizabeth COOMBE, d/o Thomas COOMBE

29 Oct 1657 Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: Jeremiah COOMBE, s/o Thomas and Marcus_ COOMBE

2 Jun 1667 [sic] Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: Simon COMBE, s/o Thomas and Avis COMBE

1673 [sic] Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: Elizabeth COMB, d/o Thomas COMBE

28 May 1676 [sic] Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: James COOMBE, s/o Thomas and Avis COOMBE

10 Sep 1678 [sic] Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: Avis COMBE, d/o Thomas COOMBE

1 Jul 1683 [sic] Yarcombe, Devon, England. Christened: Edward COOMBE, s/o Thomas COOMBE

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