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Note: We are in the continuous process of annotating parishes in which Combs and Associated Families have been found, including Bonner, Combs, Nash, Palmer, Savage, Smith, Wagstaff, Willis… primarily associated with the Combs of Old Stratford and Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire.

Angle (deg)
BishoptonWAR 1.2490 North
Whitchurch (Combs)WAR 1.860West
Clifford ChambersGLS 1.8690South
Hampton LucyWAR 2.2433 NorthEast
Alveston (Bridgtown of) Combs-Lane WAR2.56 14NorthEast
SnitterfieldWAR 2.7763 NorthEast
BillesleyWAR3.16 11NorthWest
BearleyWAR3.16 78NorthWest
Atherstone on StourWAR 3.1678SouthEast
BintonWAR3.16 11SouthWest
Weston upon AvonGLS3.51 45SouthWest
WelfordGLS3.62 30SouthWest
Preston on StourGLS3.77 80SouthEast
LoxleyWAR4.16 26SouthEast
CharlecoteWAR4.39 8NorthEast
WolvertonWAR4.39 81NorthEast
Temple GraftonWAR4.39 8SouthWest
FullbrookWAR4.48 56NorthEast
Aston CantlowWAR4.48 33NorthWest
HaselorWAR4.52 15NorthWest
Wasperton (Combs-Deacons) See BarfordWAR 4.7323 NorthEast
WellesbourneWAR4.97 0East
Great AlneWAR5 29NorthWest
AlderminsterWOR5 60SouthEast
Long MarstonGLS5 60SouthWest
DorsingtonGLS5.27 45SouthWest
Norton LindseyWAR5.3 69NorthEast
Wootton WawenWAR5.55 63NorthWest
ClaverdonWAR5.59 90North
Exhall (Alcester)WAR 5.590West
SherbourneWAR5.72 40NorthEast
Barford (Combs-Hales)WAR 5.8632 NorthEast
KinwartonWAR5.89 18NorthWest
BidfordWAR6.11 23SouthWest
EttingtonWAR6.15 45SouthEast
PebworthGLS6.21 53SouthWest
Newbold PaceyWAR6.33 11NorthEast
Preston BagotWAR6.33 78NorthWest
Henley in ArdenWAR6.69 68NorthWest
WixfordWAR6.86 5SouthWest
AlcesterWAR6.94 10NorthWest
BudbrookeWAR7.24 59NorthEast
BeaudesertWAR7.27 70NorthWest
CombrookWAR7.27 19SouthEast
Moreton MorrellWAR7.48 4NorthEast
ArrowWAR7.48 4NorthWest
Morton BagotWAR7.48 48NorthWest
IlmingtonWAR7.55 80SouthEast
OldberrowWOR7.58 55NorthWest
HalfordWAR7.58 55SouthEast
ShrewleyWAR7.68 75NorthEast
Compton VerneyWAR7.68 14SouthEast
MickletonGLS7.68 75SouthWest
Cleeve PriorWOR7.78 28SouthWest
HaseleyWAR7.86 71NorthEast
HattonWAR7.86 71NorthEast
Salford PriorsWAR7.86 18SouthWest
Pillerton PriorsWAR7.95 38SouthEast
CoughtonWAR8.07 22NorthWest
Butlers MarstonWAR8.07 22SouthEast
SpernallWAR8.1 32NorthWest
Pillerton HerseyWAR8.1 32SouthEast
Church Honeybourne (Archdale)WOR 8.157SouthWest
Bishops TachbrookWAR 8.3326 NorthEast
TredingtonWOR8.33 63SouthEast
Warwick (St. Mary and St. Nicholas)WAR8.35 48NorthEast
North and Middle LittletonWOR 8.4536SouthWest
UllenhallWAR8.63 59NorthWest
LighthorneWAR8.69 0East
WeethleyWAR8.69 0West
RowingtonWAR8.72 85NorthEast
IdlicoteWAR8.83 50SouthEast
StudleyWAR8.96 33NorthWest
KinetonWAR9.04 15SouthEast
HoningtonWAR9.17 61SouthEast
WhatcoteWAR9.23 47SouthEast
South LittletonWOR9.32 36SouthWest
EbringtonGLS9.34 86SouthWest
HarvingtonWOR9.46 23SouthWest
Aston SubedgeGLS9.46 66SouthWest
WhitnashWAR9.48 31NorthEast
ChadshuntWAR9.5 11SouthEast
BeausaleWAR9.64 75NorthEast
MilvertonWAR9.66 45NorthEast
OxhillWAR9.7 39SouthEast
BretfortonWOR9.7 50SouthWest
Weston SubedgeGLS9.72 63SouthWest
Shipston on StourWOR 10.0368SouthEast
ChestertonWAR10.11 10NorthEast
WroxhallWAR 10.1179 NorthEast
LapworthWAR10.11 79NorthWest
NuthurstWAR10.24 75NorthWest
Chipping Campden GLS10.24 75SouthWest
OffenhamWOR10.34 32SouthWest
BadseyWOR10.54 45SouthWest
TanworthWAR10.56 61NorthWest
Norton (Church Lench)WOR 10.5628SouthWest
Abbots MortonWOR10.56 0West
Baddesley ClintonWAR 10.5886NorthEast
IpsleyWAR10.58 40NorthWest
GaydonWAR10.58 3SouthEast
Leek WoottonWAR10.69 54NorthEast
Stretton on the FossWAR 10.7279SouthEast
BarchestonWAR10.85 66SouthEast
Church LenchWOR10.85 13SouthWest
Radford SemeleWAR10.86 30NorthEast
TysoeWAR10.86 30SouthEast
Leamington PriorsWAR 10.9942NorthEast
LillingtonWAR10.99 42NorthEast
Royal Leamington SpaWAR 10.9942NorthEast
HonileyWAR11.01 73NorthEast
SaintburyGLS11.11 63SouthWest
TidmingtonWOR11.2 70SouthEast
InkberrowWOR11.25 6NorthWest
PackwoodWAR11.25 83NorthWest
Rous LenchWOR11.25 6SouthWest
WillerseyGLS11.4 60SouthWest
HarburyWAR11.45 12NorthEast
KenilworthWAR11.72 57NorthEast
BrailesWAR11.72 57SouthEast
BeoleyWOR11.87 47NorthWest
WickhamfordWOR11.87 47SouthWest
AshowWAR11.93 51NorthEast
RedditchWOR11.93 38NorthWest
BengeworthWOR11.93 38SouthWest
UftonWAR12 21NorthEast
RadwayWAR12 21SouthEast
BurmingtonWAR12 68SouthEast
TodenhamGLS12.2 75SouthEast
OffchurchWAR12.25 30NorthEast
Compton WyniatesWAR12.3 45SouthEast
CubbingtonWAR 12.3340 NorthEast
FeckenhamWOR12.38 17NorthWest
Evesham (All Saints, St. Lawrence)WOR12.42 36SouthWest
KingtonWOR12.44 2NorthWest
Bishops ItchingtonWAR 12.485NorthEast
AbbertonWOR12.48 5SouthWest
Burton DassettWAR12.67 11SouthEast
Sutton under BrailesWAR 12.7960SouthEast
BroadwayWOR12.79 60SouthWest
RatleyWAR12.81 22SouthEast
Great HamptonWOR12.93 35SouthWest
Childs WickhamGLS12.93 54SouthWest
KnowleWAR13.06 87NorthWest
Flyford FlavellWOR13.06 2SouthWest
DormstonWOR13.1 5NorthWest
Lower LemingtonGLS13.1 84SouthEast
BordesleyWOR13.18 45NorthWest
BlockleyWOR13.18 81SouthWest
BalsallWAR13.28 79NorthEast
BishamptonWOR13.28 10SouthWest
CheringtonWAR13.34 62SouthEast
BradleyWOR13.57 15NorthWest
Great WolfordWAR13.57 74SouthEast
ThrockmortonWOR13.57 15SouthWest
EpwellOXF13.62 43SouthEast
FladburyWOR13.62 24SouthWest
BucklandGLS 13.6459 SouthWest
Weston under WetherleyWAR 13.6839NorthEast
StoneleighWAR13.68 50NorthEast
WatergallWAR13.68 2SouthEast
BatsfordGLS13.68 87SouthWest
Chapel AscoteWAR13.72 5NorthEast
LadbrokeWAR13.79 7NorthEast
HunninghamWAR13.79 35NorthEast
Fenny Compton (Willis)WAR 13.797SouthEast
AlkertonOXF13.79 35SouthEast
SheningtonOXF13.79 35SouthEast
HorntonOXF13.89 26SouthEast
Avon DassettWAR14.01 12SouthEast
Aston SummervilleGLS 14.0848SouthWest
WappenburyWAR14.16 37NorthEast
CropthorneWOR14.18 28SouthWest
BarstonWAR14.3 87NorthEast
Grafton FlyfordWOR14.3 2NorthWest
Moreton-in-the-MarshGLS 14.387SouthEast
North PiddleWOR14.3 2SouthWest
Hodnell (Combs-Kingsmill)WAR14.344NorthEast
SouthamWAR14.34 17NorthEast
Bourton on the HillGLS 14.3485SouthWest
Naunton BeauchampWOR 14.417SouthWest
WythallWOR14.49 59NorthWest
WarmingtonWAR14.54 19SouthEast
Barton on the HeathWAR 14.7775SouthEast
Wills PasturesWAR14.92 2NorthEast
BubbenhallWAR14.93 45NorthEast
AlvechurchWOR 14.9345 NorthWest
SedgeberrowWOR14.93 45SouthWest
Long ItchingtonWAR15.01 24NorthEast
SnowshillGLS15.01 65SouthWest
WhichfordWAR15.02 60SouthEast
BagingtonWAR15.04 51NorthEast
ShutfordOXF15.04 38SouthEast
SolihullWAR15.11 80NorthWest
HanburyWOR15.13 19NorthWest
Wyre PiddleWOR15.13 19SouthWest
TardebiggeWOR15.17 34NorthWest
BalscottOXF15.17 34SouthEast
NethertonWOR15.17 34SouthWest
BerkswellWAR15.23 78NorthEast
MartonWAR15.34 31NorthEast
Long ComptonWAR15.34 68SouthEast
BricklehamptonWOR15.34 31SouthWest
StantonGLS15.34 58SouthWest
FarnboroughWAR15.37 14SouthEast
WormingtonGLS15.43 49SouthWest
Lower Radbourn (Combs-Kingsmill) WAR15.530 East
ShirleyWAR15.53 73NorthWest
PinvinWOR15.53 16SouthWest
Upton SnodsburyWOR15.54 2SouthWest
HorleyOXF15.57 28SouthEast
HuddingtonWOR15.58 4NorthWest
WormleightonWAR15.58 4SouthEast
ShotteswellWAR15.58 23SouthEast
WickWOR15.58 23SouthWest
SezincoteGLS15.58 85SouthWest
Upper Radbourn (Combs-Kingsmill) WAR15.646 NorthEast
HimbletonWOR15.64 6NorthWest
StivichallWAR15.68 56NorthEast
Elmley Castle (Lovett)WOR 15.6833 SouthWest
ChastletonOXF15.73 80SouthEast
SwalcliffeOXF15.81 45SouthEast

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