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Cass was established in 1837 from Morgan.

Cass Co, IL Marriage Records were provided by multiple researchers from multiple sources. Except where otherwise noted, all are also found in Joyce Kahre's Index to Combs Marriages of IL

Except where otherwise noted, source for all Illinois Land Sales is Index to Combs Land of Illinois

See also
Combs Land of Cass, Menard and Sangamon Co, IL

23 May 1838 IL Federal Land Sales. Cass Co, IL. Thomas COMBS of Sangamon Co, IL.

Notes: This was apparently Thomas Combs who m 23 Sep 1830, Cass Co, IL, Rachel ELMORE. He does not appear on either the Cass or Sangamon Co, IL census index, but may have been the Thomas Combs on the 1840 Menard Co, IL index.

1840 Cass Co, IL Census Index

No Combs

9 Jul 1849 IL Federal Land Sale Cass Co, IL. John N. Combs, resident of Menard Co, IL (See also 1853 below)

1850 Cass Co, IL Census

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Jan Hoyle)

page 5

J. A. Combs 32 M Farmer 1400 KY
Melvina 31 F TN
Nelson Z(?) 9 M IL
M. J.(?) 7 IL
V. V. 5 IL
Ruth A. 4 F IL
Laura (?) A. 2 F IL
Samuel A. 2/12 M IL

Notes: No marriage record found.

p. 6

Samuel COMBS 28 M Farmer 2400 KY
M. A. 25 F IA (?)
L. J. (?) 2 F IL
J.(?) M 9/12 M IL

Notes: This may have been Samuel & Margaret H. [sic] WILSON who m 1847, Menard Co, IL. Samuel is said to have been s/o Samuel & Jane HASH Combs of Green Co, KY. See 1860 Cass Co, IL census.

p. 13 (from Census Index)


Notes: m Jan 1843/4, Menard Co, Barith Jane COMBS. See DeWitt Co, IL.

p. 33

Thomas COMBS 45 Unk.
Rachel 45 Unk.
Silas 17 IL
Jane 15 IL
Thomas 13 IL
Wm. 11 IL
Susan 9 IL

Notes: Thomas COMBS m 23 Sep 1830, Sangamon Co, IL, Rachael ELMORE. He was on the 1840 Menard Co, IL Census, as was a Samuel Combs who may have been the same (See also Cass Co, IL Cemetery Records below).

30 Sep 1851 IL Federal Land Sales. Cass Co, IL. Thomas Combs of Cass.

26 Jan 1853 IL Federal Land Sale Cass Co, IL. John N. Combs, resident of Menard Co, IL

See Also 1849 above and note that John N. Combs has not yet been located - in Menard or Cass. Could he have been father of any of the children in Thomas' 1850 or 1860 Cass Co, IL census records? (See below)

4 Oct 1854 IL Federal Land Sales. Cass Co, IL. Samuel COMBS of Cass.*

3-04-1857 Cass Co, IL Marriage Index. III. COMBS, Silas & WILSON, Catherine

Notes: Silas apparently s/o Thomas and Rachel ELMORE Combs; not yet located on 1860 census. Was Catherine kin to Margaret H. WILSON who m Samuel COMBS in 1847 in Menard and on 1850 and 1860 Cass Co, IL census?

1860 Cass Co, IL Census

Lancaster Precinct

Thomas COMBS 51 KY
Rachel 48 TN
Louisa 26 IL
Hannah 18 IL
Julius F. 16 IL
Savoria 14 IL
Mary A. 19 IL
Nancy S. 9 IL
James B. 2 IL
John C. 2 IL

(Combs Researcher Jan Hoyle)

Notes: Thomas has gained only 6 years in 10, and Rachel ELMORE only 3, and all of the children listed in the 1850 appear to be different from those listed here. Moreover, beginning with Mary A., the last four children are "out of age order" (Were James B. and John C. listed as twins?). According to oral family tradition, Mary Ann, is said to have been raised by Thomas and Rachel ELMORE Combs, but not their child and possibly part Indian. Mary A. Z. Combs m 6 Jun 1865 in Menard Co, IL, Zephaniah ICKE. She d 11 Apr 1930, Tonkawa, Kay Co, OK, but is buried in the Fairvalley Cemetery near Freedom, Woods Co, OK, as is the above Hannah (see 1866 below).

*According to her death certificate, Mary Ann was d/o Thomas and Rachel ELMORE Combs (b VA and KY respectively), and b 28 Sep 1847 [sic] in Cass Co, IL, but the death cert of her son states she was b in Lawrence Co, MO. Side Note: Might the Z. in her second middle name have indicated an earlier surname?

Page 111

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Jan Hoyle)

Line 23

768/768 James COMBS 45 M Farmer Real Est.4600 Pers. Est.1000 KY
Mary 23 F "
Samuel 21 M "
Savina 16 F IL
Albert 12 M IL
Joseph 10 M "
James 8 M "
Andrew J. 4 M "

Line 31

769/769 Samuel COMBS 38 M Farmer Real Est. 10000 Pers. Est. 1500 KY
Margaret 35 F IN
James 12 M IL
John M. 10 M "
Mary E. 9 F "
Francis M. 7 F "
Anna E. 6 F "
John WADDEN 18 M "

Notes: See 1850 Cass Co, IL census.

7-23-1865 Cass Co, IL Marriage Index. III:43 Combs Rachel A. & CLANCY Andrew J.

Notes: Not identified?

11-11-1866 Cass Co, IL Marriage Index. III:46 COMBS, Hanna Jane & HOEL, Anderson

Combs Researcher Jan Hoyle Notes: Hannah Jane Combs, b Nov 1842, later removed to KS, thence to Freedom, Woods Co, OK where Mary Ann Combs Icke, and Anderson and Hannah Jane Combs Hoel are all buried in Fairvalley Cemetery (Anderson HOEL donated the land for the cemetery). Source for Hannah's middle name is a birthday book that belonged to her that included her full name. Side Note: Death Cert for Hannah?

3-8-1867 Cass Co, IL Marriage Index. III 47. Combs Mary E. & WILHITE Charles H.

Notes: Mary E. COMBS may have been d/o Samuel & Margaret H. WILSON Combs (See 1850 and 1860 Cass Co, IL Census). This family is being actively researched.

1870 Cass Co, IL Census

(Combs Researcher Jan Hoyle who adds don't have page number)

Rachel COMBS 68 TN
Louisa 36 IL
Rachel CLANCY, Domestic Servant, 24 IL

Notes: Thomas apparently d between 1860 and 1870. Rachel has aged 20 years in 10, and only Louisa is still residing with her. Although most of the other children from the 1860 census may have married, where are the 2-year old boys, James B. and John C.? Could they have been children of one of the other women in the 1860 household?

Lancaster Precinct

(Combs Researcher Jan Hoyle who adds don't have page number)

COMBS, Margaret 45 F Kping Hse. Real Est.8000 Pers. Est.2200 IN
John 20 M Farmhand IL
Francis 17 F "
Ann 16 F "
Elsworth 8 M "

Notes: Margaret (WILSON?), w/o Samuel COMBS (probably deceased?)

3-21-1872 Cass Co, IL Marriage Index. III:57. Combs Ann E. & DRAKE Joseph H.

10-28-1874 Cass Co, IL Marriage Index. III 63 Combs Fanny & HUTCHINGS James W.

23 Aug 1883 Combs, Samuel G to E Jennie COOPER (Extracted by Combs Researcher Jim McMillen from Renner and Bell, Cass County, Illinois, Marriages: 1880-1899. Virginia, Illinois: Cass county Historical/Genealogical Society, 1996)

13 Dec 1991 [1891?] Combs, James W to Emma SELBY (Extracted by Combs Researcher Jim McMillen from Renner and Bell, Cass County, Illinois, Marriages: 1880-1899. Virginia, Illinois: Cass county Historical/Genealogical Society, 1996)

Old Cemeteries of Cass County, Illinois

provided by Combs Researcher Jim McMillen

Extracted from Orwig, Stock, Self, and Mitchell, Cass County, Illinois, Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Virginia, Il. Virginia, Illinois: Cass County Historical/Genealogical Society, 1998:

Combs, Roy E - b. Jun 25, 1919 - d. July 13, 1993 - WWII-Military Stone

Combs, Doris H - b. April 8, 1930 - Married Sept. 3, 1961

Extracted from Linda Davis' Cass County, Illinois, Ashland Township Cemeteries, Virginia, Illinois: Cass county Historical Society, 1993:

Combs, Jennie (unmarked or unreadable, no record to show burial year)

Combs, Rachel Elmore - (unmarked or unreadable--records show burial year 1898, other information shows birth & death May 9, 1812 - Feb 21, 1898)

DECKER, Georgia May (Combs) - 1885-1922

Notes: Rachel ELMORE m Thomas COMBS 23 Sep 1830, Sangamon Co, IL. Source for records listing birth and death dates? See also the 1930 Kay Co, OK death certificate of their daughter, Mary Ann COMBS, m 6 Jun 1865, Menard Co, IL, Zephania ICKE, which indicates she was born 28 Sep 1847, Cass Co, IL; however, also note that dc of Mary Ann COMBS Icke's son, Robert, indicates she was born same date, but in Lawrence Co, MO. Is it known where Thomas is buried?

Oak Grove Cemetery

(US GenWeb Archives, Cass Co, IL - See copyright restrictions)

COMBS, Samuel E. - 1909-1925
COMBS, Tennessee - 1879-1919
COMBS, George T. - Nov 1879-Aug 1958
(listed adjacent)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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