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County Progressions (partial):

1821: Sangamon from Northwest Territory (attached to Madison & Bond)
1823: Morgan from Sangamon and non-county area
1827: Tazewell from Sangamon
1837: Dane (renamed Christian in 1840) from Sangamon and Shelby
1837: Cass from Morgan
1839: Menard from Sangamon
1839: Logan from Sangamon
1839: Scott from Morgan
1839: Macon gained from Sangamon
1841: Mason from Tazewell and Menard
1843 & 1847: Menard gained from Sangamon

It appears probable that most of the land in the following study was near the juncture of Cass, Menard and Sangamon Counties. Land of a Samuel Combs of Morgan County was not been included here as it was significantly further west of the other tracts.

Primary Source: US BLM PATENTS


Reminder: Each Township contained 36 square miles consisting of 36 sections of land (1 sq. mi. each), thus even though tracts of land might be in the same township, they could be as much as 8.48528 miles apart as the crow flies, * and three times that given meandering creeks, hills, woods and other obstacles.

* Documentation for the distance that crows fly in a township was provided by Combs Researcher and Mathematician Ken Brown who writes: "The hypotenuse of a right triangle is A squared (A = one side - 6 miles) plus B squared (B = the other side, in this case, also 6 miles) equals C squared (C is the hypotenuse, the diagonal distance in this case). 36 + 36 = 72, square root of 72 = 8.48528…" Ken was not alone amongst our Combs Researchers in providing this information, but his response was most definitely the best-documented.

However, not only do mortal humans not fly, but Combs Researcher Sue Elfving adds:

"A normal township is 6 miles square. 6 x 6 = 36. Not all townships are a 6x6, however. Due to the curvature of the earth all sections should be smaller at the top than they are at the bottom (in the northern hemisphere). Since they are not laid out that way, an adjustment is required every once in a while and in one place in Illinois the north south dimension for the top row of sections in the township is 18 miles vice 1 mile. And then in the rush to survey land for the Civil War Veterans, huge errors were made in the legitimate surveying as well as 'contract surveying' being done in a tent over a whiskey bottle. A disgrace for sure, but if you were awarded a piece of a big section, you received a lot of land. My Dad homesteaded a section of 839 acres vice the usual 640 acres."


Townships T18N R9W, T18NR8W and T17N R8W are in present-day Cass Co, IL. T17N R7W includes some sections in both Sangamon and Menard Counties.

T18N R9WT18N R8WT18N R7W
T17N R9WT17N R8WT17N R7W



Twp.: 18N Rng.: 9W
Sec.: 4 Cass

BUCK, AUGUSTUS 10/30/185724815 IL3540__.340
Combs, THOMAS 11/01/1839 18907 IL3410__.158
DICK, HENRY 11/01/1839 17996 IL3390__.035
GREENWOOD, SAMUEL R 02/01/1859 24437 IL3580__.138
MCDONALD, RICHARD 11/01/1839 18329 IL3390__.350
MCDONALD, RICHARD 02/09/1877 24146 IL3610__.025
MCMARRICK, SOLOMON S 10/30/1857 24974 IL3540__.363
TAYLOR, JOHN W 11/01/1856 24720 IL3510__.498

Notes: Thomas Combs of T18N R9W was a resident of Sangamon at the time he filed for his patent. His land was well over 5 miles (as the crow flies) from his nearest Combs neighbors in T18N R8W.

Twp.: 18N Rng.: 8W
Sec.: 32 Cass

ISHAM, JAMES 04/05/183712511 IL3280__.360
CLOPTON, CYNTHIA 11/01/1839 14584 IL3320__.316
CLOPTON, DAVID 11/01/1839 12954 IL3400__.034
ISHAM, JAMES J 11/01/1839 17119 IL3370__.170
SPATES, HENRY 11/01/1839 12663 IL3290__.030
SPENCER, ELLEN 11/01/1839 17585 IL3380__.131
SPENCER, WILLIAM 11/01/1839 17608 IL3380__.153
WILSON, SMITH 11/01/1839 13952 IL3310__.206
MONTGOMERY, DAVID 09/15/1854 23421 IL3500__.115
Combs, SAMUEL 05/01/1856 23866 IL3510__.031
SPATES, HENRY 05/01/1856 24190 IL3510__.189
MONTGOMERY, DAVID 05/01/1856 24070 IL3510__.143
SMITH, GARRETT 10/30/1857 24411 IL3540__.251

Sec.: 33 Cass

ISOM, JAMES 09/04/1834 5855IL0550__.213
DANIEL, MARY 10/01/1834 6473 IL0560__.264
WILSON, JOHN 10/01/1834 6323 IL0560__.116
GRIGG, JOHN 05/30/1838 12785 IL3290__.150
DANIEL, THOMAS 11/01/1839 16920 IL3360__.472
DANIEL, WILLIS 11/01/1839 16973 IL3370__.028
HARMON, GEORGE 11/01/1839 13766 IL3310__.041
WILSON, JOHN 11/01/1839 13397 IL3300__.215
ISHAM, FIELDING W 01/10/1851 22249 IL3480__.210
FORT, JESSE L 09/01/1852 22740 IL3490__.148
Combs, JOHN N 08/01/1853 23234 IL3490__.449

Twp.: 17N Rng.: 8W
Sec.: 04 Cass

Combs, JOHN N 02/01/1850 21989 IL3470__.491
COX, ELI 11/01/1839 15587 IL3340__.236
HAMILTON, WILLIAM T 12/05/1826 1305 IL0460__.267
HARMON, GEORGE 11/01/1839 13767 IL3310__.042
HUMPHREYS, LOVE S 11/01/1839 17398 IL3370__.445
JOHNSON, ROBERT 08/20/1828 2015 IL0480__.010
NOLAN, JAMES 01/03/1854 23406 IL3500__.091
SHORT, DAVID R 10/01/1834 6475 IL0560__.266
WILSON, GEORGE W 01/10/1827 1455 IL0460__.415
WILSON, WILLIAM K 04/15/1850 22004 IL3480__.006

Notes: Although in two different townships, the three tracts of land of the above Samuel and John N. (2) are adjacent. John N. was a resident of Menard at the time he applied for his land patents, and Samuel a resident of Cass. The land of this Thomas Combs is well over 8 miles (as the crow flies) from their nearest Combs neighbors to the southeast:

Twp.: 17N Rng.: 7W
Sec.: 11 Menard

ELMORE, PETER 04/06/1829 2143 IL0480__.139
Combs, JESSE 12/01/1830 3556 IL0500__.456
LANE, RANSON 12/01/1830 2730 IL0490__.199
LOYD, TARLTON 12/01/1830 2776 IL0490__.244
ELMORE, PETER 05/30/1833 5442 IL0540__.324
BERRY, JOHN M 10/15/1834 7230 IL0570__.496
WARE, NATHANIEL A 09/21/1835 7445 IL0580__.210
LOYD, TARLTON 10/15/1835 8295 IL0600__.040
BAGBY, ROBERT 03/20/1837 9758 IL3230__.174
HOUGHAN, THOMAS 04/15/1843 15243 IL3440__.001

Sec.: 14 Menard

BERRY, JOHN M 12/05/18261075 IL0460__.038
BERRY, JOHN M 12/05/1826 1079 IL0460__.042
Combs, JESSE 12/05/1826 1073 IL0460__.036
Combs, JESSE 12/05/1826 1076 IL0460__.039
Combs, SAMUEL 12/05/1826 1077 IL0460__.040
LOYD, TARLTON 12/05/1826 1074 IL0460__.037
LOYD, TARLTON 12/05/1826 1078 IL0460__.041
SUMMERS, OBADIAH 12/05/1826 1072 IL0460__.035

Sec.: 22 Menard

BONE, ELIHU 12/05/1826 1085IL0460__.048
Combs, JONAH 12/05/1826 1084 IL0460__.047
Combs, JONAH 05/16/1831 4542 IL0520__.475
BONE, ELIHU 09/04/1834 6095 IL0550__.413
BONE, ELIHU 10/15/1834 7203 IL0570__.471
WARE, NATHANIEL A 10/15/1834 7143 IL0570__.411
WARE, NATHANIEL A 09/21/1835 7683 IL0580__.443

Sec.: 23 Menard

Combs, SAMUEL 12/05/1826 1086 IL0460__.049
HARRISON, PEYTON L 05/06/1828 1968 IL0470__.444
HART, D 04/14/1828 1928 IL0470__.404
HOUGHTON, AARON 12/05/1826 1087 IL0460__.050
HOUGHTON, CHARLES 05/16/1831 4601 IL0530__.034
HOUGHTON, ELIJAH 05/16/1831 4600 IL0530__.033

Notes: The Menard County land of Jesse, Jonah and Samuel Combs of T17N R7W is adjacent. Jonah's land is over three miles from that of Thomas of Sangamon who follows:

Sec.: 30 Sangamon

GAINES, RICHARD 12/05/18261096 IL0460__.059
GAINES, RICHARD 12/05/1826 1282 IL0460__.244
CARTWRIGHT, PETER 12/05/1826 1097 IL0460__.060
HARRISON, JOHN F 10/15/1834 7231 IL0570__.497
Combs, THOMAS 09/21/1835 7384 IL0580__.149
ELMORE, JULIUS 09/21/1835 7348 IL0580__.113
GAINES, RICHARD 09/21/1835 7347 IL0580__.112
HARRISON, PEYTON L 10/15/1834 6944 IL0570__.219
HARRISON, PEYTON L 09/21/1835 7382 IL0580__.147
WILSON, JOHN 11/01/1839 16850 IL3360__.404

Notes: Thomas was a resident of Sangamon at the time of his application. See also Thomas Combs of 1860 Cass Co, IL with wife, Rachel ELMORE and son, Julius F. Combs.

Twp.: 18N Rng.: 7W
Sec.: 23

ABEL, BENNETT 03/30/183711164 IL3260__.062
ARNOLD, CHARLES 11/01/1839 13253 IL3300__.076
HOCKADAY, EDWIN J 04/05/1837 12505 IL3280__.355
POLLARD, BENJAMIN 05/16/1831 4534 IL0520__.467
SIDWELL, JOHN 12/01/1830 2771 IL0490__.239
SLINKER, FREDERICK 11/01/1839 15134 IL3330__.328
TAYLER, ELIJAH 05/20/1841 19765 IL3420__.463
TAYLOR, JOHN 03/30/1837 11052 IL3250__.452
VANCE, WILLIAM S 05/20/1841 19766 IL3420__.464

Notes: This may be Frederick SLINKER who m 2 Dec 1828, Green Co, KY, Elizabeth Combs (not documented). This land was about 4 miles (as the crow flies) north of that of Jesse in Sec 11 of T17N R7W. See also below.

Other Combs Land in Sangamon County:

T16N R6W
Sec 7. Sangamon

SLINKER, FREDERICK 05/16/18314154 IL0520__.061
SOFLY, THOMAS 05/16/1831 4163 IL0520__.070
WARD, JOHN M 05/16/1831 4158 IL0520__.065
SHORT, JOHN E 09/16/1831 4852 IL0530__.262
MCKINSEY, DANIEL 10/15/1834 6877 IL0570__.155
CAMPBELL, JOHN N 10/15/1835 8635 IL0600__.379
EVANS, ALEXANDER 10/15/1835 8638 IL0600__.382
ROBERTS, JACOB 10/15/1835 8569 IL0600__.313
ROBERTS, JACOB 10/15/1835 8571 IL0600__.315
HOLCOMB, ALONZO 04/05/1837 11753 IL3270__.134

Notes: See above re land of Frederick SLINKER (h/o Elizabeth Combs) and note that this land is 4-5 mi. north northeast as the crow flies of that of Abraham DUFF (h/o Verlinda Combs).

Sec.: 34 Sangamon

DUFF, ABRAHAM 04/10/182483 IL0440__.083
DUFF, ABRAHAM 04/10/1824 85 IL0440__.085
HUFF, ABRAHAM 04/20/1824 382 IL0440__.368
SPILLARS, WARRINGTON 04/20/1824 384 IL0440__.381
SPILLERS, JOHN 04/15/1824 287 IL0440__.287
WALTERS, JAMES 04/10/1824 84 IL0440__.084
WALTERS, JAMES 04/10/1824 86 IL0440__.086

T15N R6W
Sec.: 1 Sangamon

ALLEN, TANDY 03/20/1837 10428 IL3240__.338
ANDERSON, JOHN E 03/20/1837 10562 IL3240__.470
ANDERSON, JOHN E 03/20/1837 10563 IL3240__.471
DUFF, ABRAHAM 03/20/1837 10338 IL3240__.250
HAMILTON, ALLEN 05/11/1831 3771 IL0510__.182
KLEIN, JOSEPH 09/04/1834 6031 IL0550__.353
KLEIN, JOSEPH 10/01/1834 6221 IL0560__.021
RAY, REASON 10/01/1834 6311 IL0560__.105
TURNER, ARCHIBALD 05/11/1831 3768 IL0510__.179

Note: Even though in different townships, the above two tracts are adjacent.

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