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Until 1922, when the Republic of Ireland was created and six of the nine counties forming the province of Ulster (Antrim, Armagh, Londonderry, Down, and Tyrone) voted to remain part of the United Kingdom, the island of Ireland was a single country, and one under the rule of England for much of it's history. As a result, many records pertaining to Ireland are to be found in English repositories, and many others were destroyed during the Civil War.

Around the same time that the British Crown was creating companies for the purpose of settling the American Colonies (1600s), the same activities were taking place in respect to Ireland - both in the present-day Republic of Ireland and North Ireland (Ulster, but until this century, one country). Both the Archdale-Combs Families and the Combs-Lovett Families (the same?) are found in the records of Ireland. Our present active goal is to locate any Irish record of either Archdale Combs of Old Rappa Co VA (and/or any of his VA associates) or Archdale Combs, s/o John and Elizabeth LOVETT Combs, and gs/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs - with heaven being that "the record' would prove they were one and the same.

Note: A few additional Irish Combs records have also been included here, and more exist, which have not yet been added here, but are available in our Combs Combs Research List Archives. Ultimately, we hope to have sufficient records to create an Index to Irish Counties in the same format as the U. S. and England (See Combs Counties of Record)

See Also Brian Randell's Irish County Map; and GenUKI, Ireland

1593 Edward COMBE, of Bridsor, in Tisbury, Wilts, (seated there in the 12th year of Queen Elizabeth), and of Norton Ferrers Manor, Somerset; party to fine of lands at Dynton, Wilts, in 1593; m. (Before 1570) Alice, dau. Of Thomas LEWYS, of Matherne, Mon.[Monmouth] and sister to Barnaby LEWYS, of Stock Gaylard, Dorset, and Wincanton Manor, Somserset, and had issue [among others], Thomas, of Chicksgrove, in Tisbury, bapt. 21 Aug. 1570; m. 1591, Mary, dau. of John DAVIES, of Tisbury, and sister to Sir John DAVIES, of Englefield, Berks, Attorney-General for Ireland, by whom he had an only dau., Joane; he was bur. 26 Sept. 1593. (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin from Burke's Landed Gentry, 1937, pp. 462 & 463: See Also Visitations)

02 Feb - 25 Apr 1613 Survey of the Undertakers and Servitors planted in Ulster between February 2nd 1612/13and April 25th 1613. The county of Fermanagh p.167. #45 1,000 acres --"John ARCHDALE only came over, viewed his proportion, took possession, and returned into England, leaving neither English nor Irish upon that land." (Extracted by Combs Researchers Joe Kendall and Denise Mortorff from the "Historical Manuscripts Commission 78, Report on the Manuscripts of the late Reginald Rawdon Hastings, Esq. ofthe Manor House, Ashby De La Zouch," Vol. IV. ed. by Francis Bickley.1947. Crown Copyright Reserved. pub'd by HSMO)

Notes: John ARCHDALE (s/o Martin & Barbara SEXTON Archdale (Ayloffe)), b 30 Dec 1578, baptised 04 Jan 1578/9, All Hallow's, Barking, London; admitted to Gray's Inn (London), 15 Feb 1607/8; d 31 Aug 1621, Ireland; m (1) 14 Jan 1600/01, Eye, Suffolk, EN, Frances HONINGS (d/o Edward & Ursula WINGFIELD Honings of Suffolk, EN) who was buried at Darsham, Suffolk, EN; m (2) 1614-1620, Katherine TEMPLE (Eldest daughter of Sir William TEMPLE, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin; and sister of Sir John TEMPLE, Master of the Rolls in Ireland); buried: 15 Nov 1642, St. Werburgh's, Dublin, IR.

From Combs Researcher Peter Archdale, excerpted primarily from the Archdale Memoirs…:

John ARCHDALE was left by his father the Manor and house of Abbots, at Darsham, Suffolk, EN, together with the farm called Molletts; an estate "which, according to the ancient and laudable customs of this Realm of England ought to descend unto the said John ARCHDALE," the said Manor being held of the Queen in chief by knight's service. He was 18 years 11 months at that time.

John ARCHDALE sold his property at Darsham (in 1612?) - apparently to the BEDINGFIELD family, who held it shortly afterwards. He went to Ireland as one of His Majesty's "undertakers" in the Plantation of Ulster. (See Calendar of State Papers, James I 1611-1614, p 315, No. 606 and p. 201, No.304, which give the residences of the undertakers in England. The barony of Lurg was set apart for Norfolk and Suffolk, whilst Mageraboy was allotted to Scottish families.)

By Letters Patent, dated July 13th 1612, John ARCHDALE obtained a grant of lands in the barony of Lurg, Co. Fermanagh. These lands were erected into the Manor of Archdale, the following being an extract of the grant:

"The small proportion of Tallanagh, containing the lands of Coilenure, half-quarter or two tates, viz. Coilenure and Knockakasy; the half-quarter of Tallanagh, being two tates, viz. Tallanagh and Carrauny; the half-quarter of Coulcoppocky, being two tates, viz. Coulcoppocky and Dromscoole; the half-quarter of Coylaghmore, being four tates, viz. Coylaghbegg and Lisharra; Etadd, one tate; the island of Crewinshaghy in Lougherne, being one tate; 1000 acres. The parcel of land of Derryroine, being one part of Etadd, and containing 60 acres, is excepted from this grant for glebe lands.

Free fishing in Lougherne. The premises are created the Manor of Archdale, with 300 acres in demesne; power to create tenures, and to hold a Court Baron. Rent, £5 6s 8d, English. To hold for ever as of the Castle of Dublin, in common soccage, subject to the conditions of the Plantation of Ulster." (See Calender of State Papers, James I, 1611-1614, p.315, No.606, which gives the residences of the undertakers in England. See also p. 201, No. 384.)

It should be noted that the acreage mentioned in the grants referred to the amount of arable or "profitable" land, to which were added areas of wood and bog. Hence, in most cases, the grantee actually received a more extensive property than his Patent indicated. The grant was preserved at Castle Archdale until the 1970's. The spelling "Archedale" is used in it.

Although the grant of Tallanagh to John ARCHDALE is dated 1612, he must have received these lands in the distribution in 1610; as in the year 1611 it was found that while he had a thousand acres allotted to him, he did not appear, or anyone for him, and that nothing had been done. In fact, it is improbable that he was resident in Fermanagh before 1614 or 1615.

On his lands at Tallanagh, he built the old Castle of Archdale in the year 1615 "one fort or bawne of lime and stone, contayninge 3 score and 6 foote square, everie way, and 12 foote in height, with two flankers in two corners of the bawne contayninge 15 foote square everie way, and 17 foote in height, there is likewise built upon Coilenure one castle or capitall messuage of lime and stone adjoining to the foresaid bawne or forte, contaynonge 3 score and 10 foote in length and 38 foote in height, and in breadth 28 foote."

The tenure was "in fee and common soccage, and not 'in capite' or by knight's service".

The name “Archdalestown” appears in records of that period, refers doubtless to a cluster of cottages near on of the houses built by John ARCHDALE and has been identified with Cosbytown, in Mageraboy. In the grant of 1612, it was stipulated that the tenants' houses should, for the sake of security, be built in a group (vicinatim) and not in a scattered manner (sparsim).

Notes: See also London and Suffolk, EN

1614-1620. Dublin, Ireland? Marriage of John ARCHDALE (s/o Martin & Barbara SEXTON Archdale (Ayloffe)) of London and Suffolk EN and County Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland, to 2nd wife, Katherine TEMPLE, eldest d/o Sir William TEMPLE, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin; and sister of Sir John TEMPLE, Master of the Rolls in Ireland. (Archdale Memoirs…)

15 Nov 1642 St Werburgh's, Dublin, IR. Buried: Katherine TEMPLE Archdale, wife of John of . (Archdale Memoirs…)

Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendall from the Conslidated Index to the records of the Genealogical Office of Dublin Ireland. Virginia Wade McAnlis Compiler. Issaquah Washington. 98027, 1994, v.i., p. A-19:

"Lettice d/o John ARCHDALE and Kathrine neè Temple, husband Tobias NORRIS burred Dublin 1642. ms. 64-78. Funeral Entry v. 10
ms 125 p. 106, 122 Heraldic sketches
ms 362-78 BETHAM letter books v. VI p. 210

Notes: The notes of Combs Researcher Peter Archdale (probably from Memoirs) indicate that John ARCHDALE d 31 Aug 1621 in Ireland; and also show that Katherine TEMPLE m a Sir John VEEL by whom she had child Cary VEEL. (Sources to be added). The Index to Archdale Memoirs… includes var. sp. of VEEL and VEALE). Seeking additional info re the VEEL Family due to possibly early connections with the Combs &c. Families of the Virginia Company, and the Butler-Combs-Veale Families of Essex Co VA.

1651 Thomas LOVETT, Maynooth, Ireland gentleman (Extracted from Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

1656 Robert MOULSWORTH, Dublin, merchant (Extracted from Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

Notes: Robert MOLESWORTH, Esq., was also a military officer during the civil wars in Ireland, and after that kingdom was delivered up by the Marquess of Ormonde to the Parliament of England, he became an adventurer for continuing hostilities, in order to reduce it to obedience, by making three several subscriptions, two of £600 each, and one of £300, for which he obtained two thousand five hundred acres of land in the baronies of Moghergallin and Lune, co. Meath. He was subsequently an eminent merchant in Dublin. He m. Judith, eldest daughter and co-heir of John BYSSE, Esq., who was afterwards lord chief baron of the Exchequer in Ireland; and dying 3rd September, 1656, was s. by his only child, Robert MOLESWORTH, who having been ambassador at the Court of Denmark for several years, was advanced to the peerage of Ireland, 16th July,1716, as Baron of Philipstown and Viscount Molesworth. His lordship m. Letitia, third daughter of Richard COOTE, Lord Colooney, by whom he had, I. John, second viscount, ambassador at the court of Tuscany and Sardinia in 1710 and 1720. His lordship m. Mary, daughter and co-heir of Thomas MIDDLETON, Esq. of Stansted Montfichet, Essex, by whom he left a posthumous daughter, Mary, m. in 1751, Frederick GORE, Esq., M.P. The viscount d. 18th February, 1726, when the honours devolved upon his brother, Richard. (Extracted from Burke's Colonial Gentry, Sir Berard Burke, Genealogical Publishing Co.,1970, "Molesworth of Edlington, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia" by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin) See Also Lovett-Molesworth of the Drapers Company and Archdale-Molesworth-Palmer Connections with additional data available from Combs Research List Archives; List: Combs; Message ID: 354A74C8.C96C0A9A) SW: CODY.

1656 Extracted from A Census of Ireland circa 1656, Seamus Pender ed. , Stationary Office, Dublin , 1639, by Combs Researcher Joe Kendall who adds that there were no Lovetts or Kendalls in this source):

Nicholas COMBES ,gent. (p. 365)

County of Lowth
Nicholas COMBES (p. 623)

County of Tyron
Mattew COMBES (p. 646)

Fermanagh County
Frances ARCHDALL gent and Cpt. Wm COSBY (p. 116)
Manor Archdall, William ARCHDALL (p. 114)
William ARCHDALE (p. 645)

County Mayo
William ARCHDALE (p. 625)

1656 Oxfordshire and London. Elizabeth (LOVETT) Combs of Oxfordshire, widow of John Combs of Sparsholt, Berkshire (whom she had m in 1630 in Soulbury, Buckingham), apprenticed her son, Archdale Combs, b 1641, Soulbury, to Christopher LOVETT, Draper, believed to have been her brother who had apparently removed by 1658 to Dublin (see below), of which city, he later became Lord Mayor. Christopher LOVETT m Francis O'MORE, d/o Roger O'MORE (of the family of "Princes of Leix"). Christopher LOVETT and his sister, Elizabeth LOVETT Combs were the children of Robert & Anne SAUNDERS Lovett of Liscombe, Soulbury Buckingham. Elizabeth's husband, John Combs, was the eldest son of John & Margaret ARCHDALE Combs who m 1587 in St. Antholins Budge Row, London, Margaret having been the first cousin of the above John ARCHDALE.

Question (Hypothetical): Could Archdale Combs have also come to Ireland? Might he then have gone on to Old Rappa Co VA where he is found in the company of the likes of Rorah MOCRAH, Joseph OKAINE? Not to mention John FOXHALL, Sr. whose brother, Abraham, wrote his will in Dublin in 1679 (see below).

Note: The research of Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff indicates that extant Drapers Company records for Ireland are now in Belfast. She is currently working at trying to locate in those records any mention of any Combs or associated families.

18 Apr 1658 St. John the Evangelist, Dublin, IR. Christened: Christopher LOVETT, s/o Christopher LOVETT. (IGI Entry, Ba: C700241, + So: 941.83 B4PRS V.1, Pr: 0933451, source not viewed)

27 Nov 1663 St. John the Evangelist, Dublin, IR. Christened: Ellizabeth LOVETT, d/o Christopher LOVETT. (IGI Entry, Ba: C700241, + So: 941.83 B4PRS V.1, Pr: 0933451, source not viewed)

08 Apr 1670 St. John the Evangelist, Dublin, IR. Christened: Francis LOVETT, s/o Christopher LOVETT. (IGI Entry, Ba: C700241, + So: 941.83 B4PRS V.1, Pr: 0933451, source not viewed)

06 Aug 1673 St. John the Evangelist, Dublin, IR. Christened: Hana LOVETT, d/o Christopher LOVETT. (IGI Entry, Ba: C700241, + So: 941.83 B4PRS V.1, Pr: 0933451, source not viewed)

15 Jul 1676 St. John the Evangelist, Dublin, IR. Christened: Arable LOVETT, d/o Christr LOVETT. (IGI Entry, Ba: C700241, + So: 941.83 B4PRS V.1, Pr: 0933451, source not viewed)

02 Aug 1678 St. John the Evangelist, Dublin, IR. Christened: Edward LOVETT, s/o Christopher LOVETT. (IGI Entry, Ba: C700241, + So: 941.83 B4PRS V.1, Pr: 0933451, source not viewed)

Note: Neither Combs nor Archdales are listed in the IGI under this source; however, if these are actual parish extracts, then they also indicate that Christopher LOVETT was in Ireland by 1658, within 2 years of apprenticing his nephew, Archdale Combs. Although no Combs Records found in IGI under St. John the Evangelist, also in early Dublin were:

St. Michan Parish

08 Jul 1674 Christened: John COMBS, s/o William & Wilmote [Wilmot? Wilmoth?] (IGI, Ba: C700251, +, So: 941.83 B4PRS V.3, Pr: 0933468)

06 Jul 1684 Christened: Andrew COMBS, s/o Andrew COMBS (ibid.)

05 Aug 1699 Christened: James COMBE, s/o Samuel & Bridget COMBE (ibid.)

Notes: Probably irrelevant is the fact that Mason Combs, Sr. of Stafford Co VA, s/o John, nephew of William & gs/o Archdale Combs of Old Rappa Co VA, named a daughter Wilmot. Possibly not irrelevant is the appearance of Andrew, John and Samuel Combs in these records given the later Andrew, Samuel and John Combs of Loudoun Co, VA, possible kin to Joseph Combs I of Stafford Co VA (see below) and George & Mary (COMBs?) Nixon, of Enniskillen, Ireland and Loudoun Co VA (see also below)

20 Jan 1671/2 - 28 Sep 1696 Abraham FOXHALL died s.p., his will dated 20 Jan 1671/2, proved in Dublin, Ireland, 28 Sep 1696 by Ambrose FOXHALL, and also in Lichfield (Genealogies of Virginia Families, Foxhall - Vaulx - Elliot Families, Vol. 1, p. 102)

Notes: Abraham was the s/o Ambrose & Mary FOXHALL of Aston-by-Birmingham, Warwickshire. His brother, John FOXHALL, Sr. removed to Old Rappa Co VA where he is found in the records of that county with Archdale Combs of that county. John FOXHALL, Sr.'s daughter, Mary, m (among others) one Alexander GORGES (relationship to the Archdale-Gorges Families unknown). John FOXHALL, Jr. named one Susannah CAMMOCK in his 1696 Westmoreland Co VA will, her relationship to the Cammock-Rich Families still a mystery. (See Also Foxhall Families)

1679 (Fun. Ent. Ulster's Office, 1679, Christopher LOVETT, Alderman of Dublin). (Extracted by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin from The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, & Wales, Sir Bernard Burke, Heritage Books, 1996, p 625)

1679 Christopher LOVETT, Dublin, gentleman 1679 (Extracted from Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

Notes: Seeking copy, transcription or abstract of Christopher LOVETT'S will.

18 Apr - 04 Jun 1684 Will of Stephen MURTY, St. Mary's Co. MD, 18th Apr., 1684; 4th June, 1684. To wife Eliza: in Waterford, Ireland, "New Waterford" and "New Passage" during life; at her death to pass to eld. son John and hrs.; he dying without issue to pass to son Anthony and hrs., and in succession to all testator's child. Wife to have care of younger child. unnamed in will. To Catholic Clergy, personalty. Ex. Clement HILL. Test: Cuthbert SCOTT, Anthony LOCHLIN, Lawrence HANNING, Griffin DAVIS. (4. 41. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

Notes: On 19 Jun 1684, the St. Mary's Co MD inventory of Mr. Stephen MURTY (MD Inventories & Accts., Liber 8:208) was appraised by Mr. Cuthbert SCOTT and Mr. Abraham COOMBS, the latter earlier of Old Rappa Co VA, d 1684, St. Mary's Co MD, one witness to his will, the above Clement HILL. Another mention of Waterford, but stating England, is also found in records of St. Mary's Co MD:

28 Dec 1687 - 04 Jan 1687/8 Will of Robert LEE, St. Mary's Co. To Henry DARNALL and wife, Col. DIGGS and wife, Maj. Nicholas SEWALL and wife, Mrs. Eliza: BAKER, Mrs. Eliza: BEALE, Mr. HEATH, Thomas GRUNWIN, John POWELL, Mrs. Van SWERINGEN, Maria Van SWERINGEN, Francis PENNINGTON, Mrs. Ellinor BROOKES and her sister Mary DARNALL, and to Henry DARNALL, Jr., personalty. To father and mother, Michael and Christian LEE, in Waterford, Eng., personalty. To John BEALL, Jr., son of Thomas BEALL, and hrs., 200 A., Low's Gift, in Dorchester Co. Ex.: Col. Henry DARNALL. (4. 280. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 2)

Notes: No Waterford Parish has been located in England as yet. Is it possible that the above was actually in Ireland? Could the above Robert LEE have been kin to Robert LEE, second husband of Elizabeth ARCHDALE who had m 1st John FLEETWOOD? (See Archdale Families and Berkshire, EN)

11 Apr 1694 St. John the Evangelist, Dublin, IR. Christened: Christpher LOVET, s/o John and Shushanna LOVET. (IGI Entry, Ba: C700241, + So: 941.83 B4PRS V.1, Pr: 0933451)

20 Sep 1695 St. John the Evangelist, Dublin, IR. Christened: Franses LOVET, d/o John and Shusanna LOVET. (IGI Entry, Ba: C700241, + So: 941.83 B4PRS V.1, Pr: 0933451)

Notes: John LOVETT (s/o Christopher and Frances O'MORE Lovett, m his 1st cousin once removed, Susannah LOVETT, d/o Lawrence LOVETT of Eythorpe (s/o Robert & Anne SAUNDERS Lovett)

7 Sep 1695 - 1 May 1703 "At Ulster Province Meeting (Quaker), 7 Mo. 27, 1695, the following friends were appointed to visit families: ů Lisburn [Meeting].-Thomas SQUIRE, John COMBE. (Immigration of Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, Albert Cook Myers, Swarthmore, PA, 1902, "Some Extracts from Records of Lurgan Monthly Meeting, Ireland, etc.")

"At Ulster Province Meeting, 3 Mo. 1, 1703, Barclay's Apology to be delivered to: James STARR for Old Castle, John COMBS for Lisburn, Sam. WILKINSON for Antrim, Eli CROCKET for Ballymoney, Robert MILLER for Dunlady, George FOX for Monallen, Eli CROCKET for Coleraine, Edward HUDSON for Grange, William WHITSITT for Charlemont, William GRAY for Ballyhagen, Richard BOYS for Ballinderry, John WALKER for Lurgan, Mathias CALVERT for Carrickfergus. (Immigration of Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, Albert Cook Myers, Swarthmore, PA, 1902, "Some Extracts from Records of Lurgan Monthly Meeting, Ireland, etc.")

7/3/1697 Joseph COOMB born in the 3rd day of the 4th month 1697 at Cork to Samuel and Elizabeth, place of abode, Cork (Cork, Ireland, Monthly Meeting (Quaker), Births 1625-1859, p.7, extracted by Researcher David Kendall Martin and provided by Combs Researcher Dale Larson).

Note: See also Additional Cork Records.

25 Jan 1724/5 Registry of Deeds, Dublin 426 Charles NICHOLSON, Lieut. and adjutant in Col. Wm. COSBY'S Regiment. 25 Jan. 1724-5. Précis, 1/2 p., 30 May 1730. His cousins and sisters Frances [wife of] FARRELL and Margery [wife of] ORMBSY, daughters of Capt. Wm. NICHOLSON of Castle Baldwin [testator's uncle]. Arthur KNOX of Castle Rea, Co. Mayo, mortagee. All his estate in the counties of Leitrim and Mayo, his effects in the Island of Minorca and Dublin. Witnesses: Owen YOUNG, Castlereagh, John BULLINGBROOKE of same, James MAGRAH of same, all in Co. Roscommon. Memorial witnessed by: James MAGRAH, Charles RUTLIDGE, Castlereagh. Frances FARRELL als. CARY (seal) 62, 424, 43487 Margery ORMSBY (seal) (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from "Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume I, 1708 to 1745 " 1956. Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, Co., Inc., 1996)

25 Mar 1725 Registry of Deeds, Dublin 390 Edward LOVETT, Dublin, Esq. 25 March 1725. Précis, 1/2 p., 23 Aug. 1728. His son John LOVETT. His daughter Clotilda LOVETT (who will be 19 years in 1728). His sister-in-law Clotilda Lady EUSTACE. His sister-in-law Euphemia HAUGHTON, her second son Richard HAUGHTON. His brother-in-law George HAUGHTON, Esq., and Henry CODDINGTON, Dublin, Esq., and Rev. James HARVEY of Killeane, Co. Wexford, exors. and guardians. Farm of Drina [situation not mentioned], and his real estate. Witnesses: Val. NEEDHAM, Dublin, clerk, Ralph BLUNDELL and Lewis JONES, Dublin, Esqrs. Memorial witnessed by: Henry HANLON, Denn. DELANY, Dublin, gent. 57, 298, 38552 Hen. CODDINGTON (seal) (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from "Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume I, 1708 to 1745 " 1956. Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, Co., Inc., 1996)

1726 John MOLESWORTH, Lord Viscount 1726 (Extracted from Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

Undated? John LOVETT, Dublin, esquire, marshal of town courts (Extracted from Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

1732/3 John COOK, a native of Ireland, d 1732/3 in Stafford Co VA where he owned land adj. to Joseph COMBS I of that county. His will was proven in Dublin:

JOHN COOK of the parish of Over Wharton and County of Stafford in the Colony of Virginia, gent. Will 26 December 1732; proved 11 April 1733. To be buried as his executrix thinks fit. To wife Elizabeth Cooke for life a plantation on Potomack river side of 462 acres and 40 acres adjoining and negroes Corkpegg and Charlott, at her decease to my son Traverse COOKE, in default of issue to my 3 daughters Ann, Hannah and Million, land on Cedar River 400 acres to son Traverse, 1664 acres to 3 daughters Ann, Hannah and Million. Negro Slave Dublin to son Traverse. Slave Sarah to daughter Ann, Slave Will to daughter Hannah, Slave Tomboy to daughter Million. Money in Ireland to wife and children. Land: 1500 acres on north side of the Bever dams to Samuel TIMIONS of Stafford County on payment of 1261 lbs of tobacco due to my estate. Executrix: Wife Eliazbeth. Overseers: Rev. Alexander SCOTT, Mr. Rawleigh TRAVERSE. Witnesses: Wm ALLISON, Rawleigh TRAVERSE, Nath. SMITH, Robt SMITH, Mary ROW. Codicil 27 December 1732. Negro Slave Ann Versper to wife. Witnesses: Simon PEARSON, Wm BRENT, Benj BRENT, Rawleigh TRAVERSE.
Proved at Stafford County Thomas CLAIBORNE, C. Cur. William Henry TERRETT, clerk of Thomas CAIBORNE certifies copy. Witnesses: Henry WASHINGTON, Chandler FOWKE, as justices according. witnesses: James NICHOLSON Jo. GILL junr. Robt. JACKSON.
Perogative Court of Ireland
Will Book 1735, filed will.

Notes: Though neither the will of John COOKE, of Youghall, nor that of his son Thomas COOKE, of the same place, names the Virginia COOKES of Stafford Co., it is evident that they belonged to the same family. John COOKE, a native of Ireland, settled in Stafford County, VA, early in the Eighteenth Century and married Elizabeth, daughter of Raleigh TRAVERS of Stafford County and his wife, Hannah, daughter of Joseph BALL. she was half sister of Mary BALL, mother of George WASHINGTON. Mrs. TRAVERS married secondly Simon PEARSON, and in her will, proved December 13, 1748, names her daughter Elizabeth COOKE, and her grandchildren, Travers and Hannah COOKE. John COOK of Stafford, died in 1732 his will was among the portions of the Stafford records destroyed by Federal Soldiers during the Civil War; but a copy of his will was proved in Dublin from which the abstract given here was made. In this will he refers to his money in Ireland. Besides several daughters, one bearing the peculiar name, Million, which was derived from the TRAVERS family. He had one son, Travers COOKE of Stafford County. The will of the latter, dated December 1759 and proved June 13, 1759, is of record in Stafford. His legatees were his wife, Mary, and his sons John and Mott. He states there is “A large balance due me by my uncle Thomas COOKE, of Youghall in the Kingdom of Ireland for the rents and profits of my estate there.” He directs that his son should have as good an education as his estate would afford. The inventory of his personal property amounts to lb947.14.4 and includes a set of Spectators at lb18, Tattlers at 14 shillings, two Guardians at 5 shillings, 4 prayer books at lb1.5, and a parcel of “old books” at 7 shillings 6 pence. Evidently the appraisers, were fond of the essayists. As Thomas COOKE of Youghall died in 1750, without issue, it is probable that Travers COOKES uncle Thomas, was the “Cousin Thomas Cooke” who was the “cousin Thomas Cooke” who was the residuary legatee of Thomas of Youghall. A proper examination of wills and other records in Ireland would doubtless furnish a satisfactory pedigree. There is a notice of the COOKES of Stattford in Hayden's Virginia genealogies, p 300. (Contributed by Combs Researcher Pat Orton)

Also Note: The Rev. Alexander SCOTT had m Sarah GIBBONS, widow of William BRENT whom she had m in 1709 in London. By BRENT, she had son, Capt. William BRENT, d 1742, and to whose estate Mason Combs (s/o John, gs/o Archdale of Old Rappa) paid rent from at least 1746-1751.

18 Feb 1735 Registry of Deeds, Dublin 561 Arthur, Earl of ANGLESEY. 18 Feb. 1735. Full, 1 1/4 p., 1 Sept. 1737. My cousin Charles ANNESLEY, son of my uncle Charles ANNESLEY deceased. My dear cousin Fras. ANNESLEY, Esq., of Portugal Row, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Co. Middlesex, exor. My cousin Fras. WINGATE of Harlington, Bedfordshire, Esq. My nephew Robt. GAYER, Esq. Ann Green, daughter of my late cousin Dorothy GREEN deceased. Mr Jno. GREEN, brother of said Ann GREEN. ť14 to be laid out pursuant to the will of my brother James late Earl of Anglesey for erecting a monument in the church of Farnborough, Co. of Southampton. The Hon. Dixie WINDSOR. The Hon. Brigr. Andrews WINDSOR. Rev. Mr Archdeacon GOOCH. Thos. SCOTT, keeper of my park in the Co. of Wexford. Mr Martin COLLIS, one of the recds. [? an agent] of my estate in Ireland. The park of Knockengarrow orse. Knockgrenon near Camolin, Co. Wexford, and the mansion house and keepers lodge by me there built to Chas. ANNESLEY. Dwelling house in Bletchingdon, Co. of Oxford, wherein Brig. Edwd. JONES lately lived, to Mrs Dorothy COMBE. A dwelling house in Bletchingdon wherein Jno. PERRIN now lives to Mrs Eliz. WATKINSON. My real and personal estate in Great Britain and Ireland. My lands in parishes of Bletchington and Hampton Poyle, Co. Oxford. Witnesses: Richd. SHUTTLEWORTH, Garthrop, Co. of Lancaster, Esq., Thos. LISTER, Gisburn Park, Co. of York, Esq., Thos. BARSHAM, Inner Temple, London, gent. Memorial witnessed by: Henry ADAM, Inner Temple, gent., Thos. BARAHAM. 89, 21, 61889 Fra. ANNESLEY (seal) (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume I, 1708 to 1745 1956. Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, Co., Inc., 1996)


Notes: Mrs. Dorothy COMBE not yet identified, but according to The Lovett Memorials: “The head of the Lovett family at the present time is Robert Jonathan Arden LOVETT, 32nd male representative, who married 22 March, 1892, Elizabeth Emily Helza, only child of Marescoe Lloyd FREDERICK, (1) by Maria Louisa, daughter of George White WEST, of Ardenode, Co: Kildare, great granddaughter of Richard, 2nd Earl Annesley.”

22 Apr 1739. St. Mary, Dublin, Ireland. Married: Anne COMBS & Robert CROW (Marriage Entries in the Registers of the Parishes of S. Marie, S. Luke, S. Catherine, and S. Werburgh, 1627-1800, A. E. Langman, William Pollard & Co. Ltd., 1915, Exeter & London)

8 Mar 1750. Married (location in Ireland not yet known): Mary COMBS of Clogh, County Antrim, Ulster, Ireland and George NIXON, possibly of Innskillen, County Ulster.

According to "Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Counties, VA by Wilmer L. Kerns, Ph.D., Heritage Books, Inc. 1991, pg 237, extracted by Combs Researcher Sherry Marine: George NIXON, Sr., son of James and Sarah (EDWARDS) Nixon, was b 27 Mar 1687, Ireland. He md Mary JANNEY....three ch born to them included George NIXON II, b 25 Feb 1730, md 8 Mar 1750, Mary Combs, d/o Jonah Combs, of Clogh, Co Antrim, Ireland. Removed to Loudoun Co, VA ca 1757.

Dr. Kerns does not include his sources; however, according to Nixon Researchers Valerie Robinson,, and Peter Nixon,, George NIXON II was born in Innskillen, County Ulster, Ireland; emigrated from Innskillen, County Ulster, Ireland ca 1757 with brothers, John and Jonathan NIXON w/George and John NIXON moving to Loudoun Co VA, and Jonathan NIXON to present-day Poolesville, Montgomery Co, MD (est. from Frederick Co, MD in 1776 and directly across the Potomac River from Goose Creek and Leesburg, Loudoun County). According to Peter Nixon, on 27 Dec 1780, George & Mary (Combs) Nixon were recorded as witnessing a marriage at the Fairfax Friends MM in Loudoun with a 1767 deed listing George NIXON as having been a Quaker witness (affirmed instead of sworn). In Loudoun Co, VA, the NIXONS were closely associated with at least one Combs Family which also had Quaker Connections. See also Bucks Co, PA re Quaker Combs and Janneys with the Janneys also moving down to Loudoun.

13 Nov 1765 Registry of Deeds, Dublin Registry of Deeds, Dublin 375 John LOVETT, Rathlyon, King's Co., Esq. 13 Nov. 1765. Précis 1/2 p. 2 June 1766. His wife Mary WHEELER alias LOVETT. His son John LOVETT. Sir Wm. PARSONS of Birr, Bart., and his cousin John LOYDE of Gloster, King's Co., exors. His real estate. His lease of Glascarig. Witnesses: John HAMILTON, Whitehaven, Great Britain, surgeon, Geo. TWENTYMAN, Breyton near Cockermouth, Great Britain, steward, John YOUNGHUSBAND, Cockermouth, ale draper. Memorial witnessed by: Wm. CROWE, Dublin, Bury BLAKENEY, Dublin, clerk to said Wm. CROWE. 241, 488, 160519 Mary Ann LOVETT (seal) (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume II, 1746 to 1785, 1954. Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1996)

Notes: Was William CROWE kin to Robert CROW, h/o Ann COMBS?

8 Aug 1770 Registry of Deeds, Dublin 453 Jonathan LOVETT, Kingswell, Co. Tipperary. 8 Aug. 1770. Précis 1/2 p. 14 Sept. 1770. To his second son Verney LOVETT (exor.) lands of Kingswell and Marshallswrath. Farm and lands of Carrons Reddy. Two houses in town of Tipperary sett to John BLUETT and two small fields sett to Patrick MANGAN which were left to testator by the Will of Mrs. Jane KING, interest in lands of Montgasty, commonly called the Hills of Tipperary which testator purchased from Mr. Solomon DELANE, all in Barony Clanwilliam, Co. Tipperary. Witnesses: William RUSSELL, Tipperary, Esq., Hugh MASSY, Pegsborough, Esq., James RUSSELL, Tipperary, Esq., all Co. Tipperary. Memorial witnessed by: Bryan MEHEUX, Dublin, gent., William RUSSELL. 274, 624, 182901 Verney LOVETT (seal) (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume II, 1746 to 1785, 1954. Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1996)

4 Oct. 1771. Narrate 1 3/4 p. 16 Jan. 1773. Registry of Deeds. Dublin. 495 John Peter TRIQUET of Meath Street, Dublin, silk dyer. His two sisters Lucy ROBERDEAU and Susanna LECRAS, both resident in London. A part of testator's effects for their children to be paid into hands of Mr. Isaac ROBERDEAU for use of said children. To Jno. COMBS and his wife Margaret COMBS who resided and dwelt in his dwelling house in Meath street, Dublin, until their daughter Mary COMBS should arrive at the age of 21 years, his house and concerns at or near Stephen's GREEN, Dublin tenanted by Jno. CARDEN, Esq. To said Jno. Combs and Margt. Combs his lease of his said dwelling house in Meath Street. His friend Mark BLOXHAM and said Jno. Combs, exors. Witnesses: Jno. LENNON, Dublin, silk dyer, Lewis MOORE, Dublin, gent., George CULLEN, Dublin, then apprentice to said Lewis MOORE. Memorial witnessed by: Lewis MOORE, Geo. REYNOLDS, Dublin, apprentice to said Lewis MOORE. 294, 192, 194340. John COMBS (seal) (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume II, 1746 to 1785, P. Beryl Eustace. 1954. Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1996)

Mar 13, 1772 Richard ARCHDALE, third son of Nicholas ARCHDALE, late of the City of Dublin, Ireland, esq., decd. Called to the Middle Temple 12 Feb. 1779. (Combs &c. Families of the Middle Temple)

1796 Flaxgrowers Bounty List (Excerpted from "Flaxgrowers Bounty List, 1796," Ulster Historical Foundation, 12 College Square East, Belfast, BT1 6DD, United Kingdom, reprint by Ancestry Com, 1999 at
County Monaghan: John COOME 42943 (Record No.)

Notes: John's name followed immediately by Arthur McANEANY, preceded immediately by James WILSON


Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendall from the " Consolidated Index to the records of the Genealogical Office of Dublin Ireland. Virginia Wade McAnlis Compiler. Issaquah Washington. 98027, 1994, v.i. pages C-61 and C-62:
COMBE; ms 223-54 BETHAM Will abstract ( bwa) Lodge 4/52
COMBES; ms 5-526 Irish coats of arms p. 105
COMES " by c. 1661" ms 64-79, Funeral Entries v. 4, 14,16
COMBS; ms 223-54 bwa 18/344 and 25/52.

Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendall from the " Consolidated Index to the records of the Genealogical Office of Dublin Ireland. Virginia Wade McAnlis Compiler. Issaquah Washington. 98027, 1994, v.iii. p L-54:
LOVET; bwa 4/163, 5/85, 9/30, 13/172, 17/282, 18/179, 24/367, 26/20 "3 or 8", 31/285. Lodge 3/115, 5/238, 8/24
ms 125 Heraldic sketches p. 53

Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendall from the "Consolidated Index to the records of the Genealogical Office of Dublin Ireland. Virginia Wade McAnlis Compiler. Issaquah Washington. 98027, 1994, v.iii. p. K-9:

KENDALL; ms 103-111 a-h
Grants and confirmations of Arms v. 103 p 27
Bwa 3/225 and 22/366

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