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 of Breathitt Co., KY

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Index to Breathitt Co., KY Records

Editor's NOTE: All Breathitt Co., KY Death Certificates are now in chronlogic order along with all other records. Also the following chart is compiled from burial records on the Breathitt Co., KY Death Certificates. The information may or may not reflect any information on tombstones or whether or not the tombstones exist.

Place Individual Born Died Identification
B H G Y Abel COMBS about 12 Mar 1937 12 Mar 1937 Alex and Polly TURNER COMBS; aged 9 hours
B H G Y Alexander COMBS 18 Dec 1855 21 Aug 1940 s/o Edwin Sylvania HEARLD COMBS
Caney Cemetery Polly Combs 10 Jun 1916 26 Apr 1917 d/o Richard and Linda Combs
Chenama/Chenowee? Cemetery Jerry COMBS 23 Jan 1891 5 Feb 1940 s/o of Logan and Jane HOUNSHELL COMBS
Chenama/Chenowee Cemetery Mrs.Betha KING TURNER 24 Aug 1910 28 Feb 1941 d/o of William Lula COMBS KING
T Point Cemetery,
Clayhole, KY
Lucinda Combs 22 Dec 1860 27 Sep 1814 NOTE DC states name Cinda
Clayhole Delila Allen 14 Mar 1845 2 Mar 1912 d/o Alfred and Maggie NOBLE COMBS
Clayhole George COMBS 16 June 1902 22 June 1936 d/o Jordan and Haney COMBS
Clayhole Nathan COMBS abt. 1913 26 July 1936 son Jordan and Haney COMBS
Clayhole America COMBS 17 Jan 1857 22 Jan 1945 1945 d/o of Worton and Jennie WATTS NOBLE
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY Cleveland COMBS 21 Nov 1885 8 Nov 1921 s/o of Alfred and America Noble COMBS
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY I.B. COMBS 3 Sep 1850 7 Dec 1924 Alfred and Margaret COMBS
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY Sam COMBS 1 Jul 1860 3 Jul 1935 s/o Sebern and Margaret GROSS COMBS
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY Margrett COMBS 5 Aug 1869 12 Sept 1935 d/o of James CHATT
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY Armina COMBS abt. 1844 8 July 1937 aged 93
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY Alfred Combs 25 Jan 1866 31 Mar 1916 s/o Alfred Combs
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY John M. Allen 14 Jun 1862 7 Mar 1919 s/o Delila Combs Allen
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY Samuel Combs 26 Feb 1920 27 Feb 1920 s/o Austin and Stella Combs
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY Asberry COMBS 17 Dec 1989 8 Nov 1921 s/o of Alfred and America COMBS
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY Logan COMBS 29Aug 1866 5 Nov 1937 s/o Luther and Jamima THOMAS COMBS
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY Callie Mae HUDSON 9 Feb 1941 7 Jul 1941 d/o of Talbert and Gracy COMBS HUDSON
Combs Cemetery, Clayhole, KY America COMBS 27 Apr 1875 died 20 Jan 1948 d/o of Wm.and Susan BAKER HUNDLEY
Crocketsville Rosa Combs 5 Nov 1883 28 May 1918 d/o Thomas Eliza LITTLE DEATON
Crocketsville Alex COMBS about 1884 7Aug 1942 s/o of Richard and Orleana DEATON COMBS
Griffith Cemetery Serena Griffith 10 Jan 1869 5 Jan 1917 d/o Woodson and Rachel BOWMAN Combs
Griffith Cemetery Sarah Elizabeth OLIVER 8 Apr 1887 13 Jan 1933 d/o of William and Leann Combs GRIFFITH
Griffith Cemetery MIMA GRIFFITH about 1881 21 Aug 1943 Spouse of John GRIFFITH; d/o Richard and Arlena DEATON COMBS
Guerrant, Ky George COMBS 1 Jan 1867 10 Oct 1947 s/o of Buck and Polly SOUTHERS COMBS
Guerrant, Ky Sarah LUNCEFORD 6 Mar 1884 3 Mar 1948 d/o of Bill and Nancy SIZEMORE COMBS
Herald Cem Arminda HERALD COMBS 6 Jan 1881 10 Jan 1947 Spouse of John L. COMBS; d/o of James Jennie TURNER HERALD
Herald Cem Gran RALEIGH 16 Jan 1891   27 Nov 1949 s/o of James and Mahala COMBS RALEIGH
Hudson Cemetery Shade COMBS 6 Apr 1866 11 Mar 1941 s/o of Jerry and Sallie NOBLE COMBS
Howard Cemetery Edward W. COMBS 25 Nov 1861 23 March 1941 s/o of Henry and _____ GRIGSBY COMBS
Jackson, KY Rodney Combs 6 May 1875 11 Nov 1912 s/o Wm and Sallie DANIEL COMBS; spouse of Carrie
Jackson, KY Wiley Combs 18 Aug 1886 3 Jun 1915 s/o Buck and America COMBS
James Keen Cemetery Elmer Combs 15 March 1921 15 March 1921 s/o of Jacie COMBS
Juan, Ky Beatrice ANDERSON COMBS 17 Oct 1911 5 Oct 1942 d/o of Grover C. and Eliza HOUNSHELL ANDERSON
Leatherwood, Ky Lewis COMBS about 1906 25 Feb 1940 s/o S. L. and Armina CAMPBELL COMBS
Little Ky Sallie Ann CAMPBELL 16 Nov 1893 4 Oct 1948 d/o of Billie and Martha COMBS
Marcum Heights Sam G. COMBS 7 Jan 1876 20 Apr 1948 s/o of  Brack Susie STRONG COMBSl Spouse of Amelia
Miller Graveyard Sarah GROSS 30 July 1859 : 30 July 1922 d/o of Deck and Sarah COMBS
Ned, KY Jeremiah Combs 12 Mar 1840 27 Jan 1918 son of Alfred and Margaret NOBLE COMBS
Ned, KY Malachi COMBS 27 Feb 1892 15 May 1925 s/o Shade and Sally A. COMBS
Ned, KY Greeney COMBS 16 May 1901 10 Jan 1926 s/o Benjamin and Mary Jane CAMPBELL COMBS
Ned, KY Sewel COMBS 10 July 1874 28 Feb 1930 s/o of Dick and Malinda MILLER COMBS
Ned, KY Malcomb COMBS 4 Aug 1909 : 25 Jan 1931 s/o of Benjamin and Mary Jane CAMPBELL COMBS
Ned, KY Lillie May COMBS 26 Feb 1933 27 July 1933 d/o of Hiram Lalie FUGATE COMBS
Ned, KY Florence Marie COMBS 24 Dec 1934 3 Jan 1939 d/o of Sewell Maggie GRIGSBY COMBS
Ned, KY Isabelle COMBS 6 March 1936 19 Nov 1940 d/o of Ned and Rachel MILLER COMBS
Ned, KY Easter COMBS 20 Sept 1871 22 Aug 1943 Spouse of James COMBS
Oneida, Ky Jaminia Combs 15 Dec 1856 3 Nov 1923 d/o of Jackson SOUTH
Noctor, Ky W. B. [William] COMBS    4 Nov 1858 23  May 1942 s/o of Nick COMBS
Noctor, Ky Nellie COMBS 11 June 1891 2 July 1948 Spouse of Sam B. COMBS; d/o of Wiley and Martha WHITELY CLEMONS
Risner Point Mary ARMSTRONG 16 Oct 1888 21 Sept 1945 d/o of Jerry and Martha ARNETT COMBS
Simpson, Ky Martha BREWER Sept 1887 2 Aug 1945 d/o of Wilgus and Lucinda COMBS BREWER
Snowden Cemetery Greenberry COMBS 15 Oct 1882 1 Feb 1943 s/o of Jerry and Sally NOBLE COMBS
Springfork Cordely HOWARD 9 March 1895 27 Dec 1935 s/o of E. W. and Armine BARNETTE COMBS
Talbert, Ky Polly TURNER 5 Aug 1902 2 Aug 1942 d/o of  William and Elizabeth COMBS COMBS
Talbert, Ky Polly HERALD 11 May 1880 22 March 1944 d/o of William Sallie HERALD COMBS
Turkey Creek Mrs.Dicey GRIFFITH 5 April 1865 29 Dec 1922 Woodson and Rachel COMBS
Turkey Creek B. F. COMBS Sept 4 1850 Feb 14, 1928 s/o Sorry and Pollie CAUDELL COMBS
Turner Cemetery Silvia Jane Combs 19 Mar 1916 1 Aug 1918 d/o Rollon and Ida Combs
Turner Cemetery Robert COMBS 8 Sept 1862 4 Sept 1950 s/o Seburn COMBS
Turner Cemetery Granville G. GROSS 4 Apr 1876 13 Apr 1948 s/o of Ned Dema COMBS GROSS
War Creek Lee COMBS 29 Nov 1942 17 Dec 1942 s/o of Jerry and Gertrude OVERBEE COMBS
War Creek William GROSS about 1884 6 Nov 1940 s/o of Albert and Sarah COMBS GROSS

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