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Warning! This is a new report and we've just "tumbled" some records in here, mostly re early ownership of Green's Inheritance, and much more than just Combs, but see most land records still filed in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s for more... Sorry! We got carried away with the Greens et al!

Green's Inheritance
Green's Inheritance was a 2,400 acre tract in Charles County patentted by Leonard, Francis and Robert GREEN, three sons of Provincial Governor Thomas GREEN whose widow, Winnifred, then married Provincial Surveyor Robert CLARK I by whom (1) Thomas CLARKE (m 1st Ann BARBER, d/o Luke, and 2nd Julian MUDD, d/o Thomas and Ann BOARMAN Mudd) and (2) Robert CLARKE II (m 1st Sarah COMBS, d/o Abraham of St. Mary's and Charles Counties and 2nd Elizabeth).
The subsequent history of the three 800-acre Greene's Inheritance tracts is as follows:
I. Leonard GREENE bequeathed two hundred acres each to children Thomas, Winnifred, Mary and Margaret:
10 Jan 1687/8 - 04 Jul 1688 (Prerogative Court of the Province of MD Liber 04, Folio 318) Will of Leonard GREENE of St. Mary's Co., 10th Jan., 1687; 4th July, 1688. To wife Ann, "Greene's Rest" during life. To son Thomas and hrs., sd. plantation at death of his mother, also 200 A. at Panguya, Chas. Co., being part of "Greene's Inheritance" patented by testator and 2 brothers, viz., Francis and Robert. To eld. dau. Wynyfred [Winnifred] and hrs., 200 A., part of sd. "Greene's Inheritance." To dau. Mary and hrs., 200 A., part of sd. tract. To dau. Margaret and hrs., 200 A., part of sd. tract. Child. to be in care of their mother. Exs., Brother Francis GREENE, brother Thomas CLARKE. Test: Francis PENINGTON, Kenelm CHESELDYN, Thos. TAYLOR, Kate CANNON. (Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 2, Jane Baldwin Cotton, Baltimore, MD)
A. Thomas GREENE

B. Winnifred GREENE

C. Lot 3: 200 acres. Mary GREENE (Leonard2, Thomas1) married Francis MARBURY [MABRY], s/o
25 Aug. 1703. (Charles Co. Land Liber Z-1, p. 70) Robert and Mary GREEN to Richard COOMBS for sum of 7000 lbs tobacco. Greens Inheritance on Portobacco Main branch being formerly surveyed for Leonard, Robert, and Francis GREEN for 2400 ac. and the one third being 800 Leonard GREEN by his last will and testament did bequeath to his four children: Thomas GREEN, Winifred GREEN, Mary GREEN and Margaret GREEN, to each 200 acres, which being divided in four lots and numbers 1-4, the lot number 3 did belong to Mary GREEN now the wife of Francis MARBURY and it begins at a bounded red oak, the second tree of number 2 and runs east 287 per to a bounded hickory, then N 146 per to a bounded red oak and then W 287 per to bounded red oak, and then S to first bounded tree = 200 acres, with dwelling house - wit: John THOMAS, Philip HOSKINS (Richard paid 4 shillings sterling 11 Jan 1703 [1703/4] for alienation)
D. Lot 4: 200 acres. Margaret GREENE (Leonard2, Thomas1) married Joseph ALVEY, Jr. (s/o Joseph and Elizabeth ALVEY, Sr., gs/o Pope and Margaret ARCHDALE Alvey, Sr., ggs/o Arthur and Alice ARCHDALE Alvey, gggs/o Bernard ARCHDALE, ggggs/o Thomas and Mary CLIFTON Archdale)
-- -- --; 25th July, 1729. Will of Joseph ALVEY of St. Mary's Co., MD. To eldest son Leonard and hrs., 200 A. "Greens Inheritance"; and personalty. To son Joseph and hrs., 100 A. "Noting." To wife --, residue of land during life; at her decease to pass to youngest son Arthur. To eldest dau. Elinor and dau. Margaret, personalty. Test: George KNOTT, Richard POWER, Jonathan SPENCER. (19, 761. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 6, p. 126)
II. Francis GREENE
16th Sept., 1706; 7th May, 1707. Will of Francis GREENE of Chas. Co., To son Leonard and hrs., 100 A. bought from Leonard BROOKE, part of 800 A., "Green's Inheritance," lying between main road of Piscataway to brother Robert GREENE'S Rowling Road, etc. To son Francis, all testator's land on "The Old Woman's Branch." To son Giles and hrs., all land between that of sons Leonard and Francis. To dau. Claire, personalty. Residue of personalty to child. afsd., wife's portion being reserved. Exs.: Wife Elizabeth and son Leonard. Test: Will. CHANDLER, Thos. NATION, John CAMENT. 12. 132. (MD Calendar of Wills, Vol. 3)

18th Jan., 1724-5; 14th Sept., 1726. Will of John SPALDING of Charles Co., MD. To wife Priscilla, dwell. plan. "Collier Tone Manner" during life; at her decease to young. son Charles and hrs.; he dying without issue, to son John and hrs.; also certain personalty during life, at her decease, to pass to son Charles; he dying during minority or without issue, to other children. To son John and hrs., 100 A. of "Batchelors Rest," in Clement's Bay Forest; he dying without issue, to sons William and Bassell and their hrs.; also pt. of "Five Brothers," and "St. Giles," St. Mary's Co. To sons William and Bassell and their hrs., 200 A. "Greens Inheritance," nr. Port Tobba.; also tract on Beavour Dam Mannour, St. Mary's Co. To son John, dau. Mary, sons William and Bassell (at age of 18), personalty. To wife afsd., 1/3 of personalty, residue to 5 child.; son John to have charge of education of child. Exs.: Wife and son John. Test: Wm. SPALDING, George BURCH (BIRCH), Elizab. MORRIS, Brian MACDANELL (MAGDONILL). (19, 23. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 6 pages 4-5)
22nd Oct., 1740; 5th Mar., 1740. Will of Samuel HANSON, Sr. of Charles Co., MD. To son Samuel, 140 A. "Greens Inheritance," 35 A. "Addition to Hereford." To son John, "Hereford" and residue of "Addition to Hereford." To dau. Elizabeth DOUGLASS, granddau. Eleanor dau. of Benjamin and Elizabeth DOUGLASS, son Walter and daus. Charity, Joan, Chloe and Jane, personalty. To son William, "Little Wood" and 203 A. of "Wilkinsons Throne" at death of his mother. To wife Elizabeth, extx., dwelling plantation "Little Worth", 203 A. "Wilkinsons Throne." Testator desires that son-in-law Benjamin DOUGLASS and his wife be the guardians of William, afsd. Overseer: Son Walter. Test: Rev. Theophilus SWIFT, Joseph TRINES, Sarah TRINES. (22. 296. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 8)

08-16 Mar 1747/8 (Charles County, Maryland Land Record Book Z No. 2, page 220) At request of John BIGGS, the following deed was recorded on March 16, 1747/48. March 8, 1747/48 from Charles BAKER of CC, planter, to John BIGGES of CC, Planter for 15,000 lbs of tobacco and for divers other good causes, all the tract of land called Combs Purchase, lying in Charles County, and bounded by the southwest side of the Swamp of Allens Fresh, containing about 70 acres. Signed Charles BAKER. Wit. Tho CLARK, Theo. SWIFT. Sarah the wife of the aforementioned Charles BAKER, released her Dower (Provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)
According to Sr. Donally's "Imprints," in 1719, Thomas COOMBS, son of Richard COOMBS, Sr., patented the 100 acre tract Coomes Purchase," described as "situated on the west side of Port Tobacco near "Green's Inheritance" and near Alexander HAMILTON'S plantation." Thomas' will bequeathed the tract to his son, Thomas Wharton: "...all that Track of land where I now Dwell called Coombes's Purchase, and what part of Green's Inheritance that is within the Dwelling plantation fencing on the south side Rode..." and to his son, Walter COOMBES, "one hundred acres of land it being part of a parcel of Land called Green's Inheritance now in my possession."


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