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Charles County, Maryland
1733 Port Tobacco Tax List
Lower West Side

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"A List of the Number of Taxables Belonging to the Several Persons in Charles County abstracts from the Several Constables Lists for the year 1733"
This Charles County tax list was prepared and annotated by Combs &c. researchers from transcriptions generously provided by Charles County Researcher John B. Lomax. All annotations in [brackets] are John's. All other annotations are by Combs &c. Researchers.

John adds: "The above was the title of the handwritten list. The list was read in sequence, top to bottom, left column first then right column, with the sequence number (within each district) for each person recorded below. I have attempted to be very accurate in this transcription; characters and/or words that were unreadable or uncertain are shown within square brackets and with a question mark. The notes in brackets are mine to better explain each record."

Port Tobacco West - Lower
Surname Given Name Taxables Number Notes
Hanson Robt., Col. 25 1  
Maconchie William, Mr. 11 2  
Craxon John 3 3  
Bright William 1 4  
Chapman Richard 5 5  
Maconchie John 9 6  
Chapman John 3 7  
Suttle John 3 8  
Annis William 1 9  
Capsher John 3 10  
Mankin Stephen 5 11  
Mitchel Thomas 4 12  
Ward John 4 13  
Ward Agustin 3 14  
Brawner Edward 1 15  
Thomas Joseph 3 16  
Dempsey John 1 17  
Wheeler Thomas 1 18  
Milstead Thomas 2 19  
Boyce James 1 20  
Finxley[?] Joseph 1 21  
No[?]awood Richard 1 22  
Garnar Francis 2 23  
Nelson William 6 24  
Keen James 1 25  
Resten Thomas 1 26  
Coffer Henry 1 27  
Coffer Mathew 1 28a- Changed from 71 [#71 wrong order; should be #28a]
Lawn Edward 2 28  
Ferdinand Peter 3 29  
Stone Edward 1 30  
Doiven Dennis 1 31  
Lewis Richard 5 32  
Barnes Godshall 4 33  
Coffer Elizabeth 1 34  
Wheeler Richard 4 35  
Connelly Patrick 5 36  
Maddox Benj. 2 37  
Gardner Benjamin 2 38  
Rigg Ann 1 39  
Adams Benj. 1 40  
Pain Jno. 1 41  
Maikey John 2 42  
Garner Joseph 2 43  
Clements Elizabeth 2 44  
Clements Charles 2 45  
Mudd Thomas 2 46 d testate 1739, wife Cassandra and young children: William, John, George, Benedick and Casandra; older children: Thomas, James and Jeremiah and daus. Ellen TARAIN [TARVIN?], Sarah HAGGON [HAGAN?]. s/o Thomas MUDD, Sr. d testate 1696-7, naming sons Thomas, Henry George and John, and daus Julian CLARK and Barbara, Sarah, Jane and Ann MUDD (2:121) Widow Ann married by Dec 1698 Philip HOSKINS (Accts. 18:126)
McFerson William 3 47  
Mattingly James 1 48  
Thompson Robert 1 49  
Morris Connel 1 50  
Lomax Stephen 1 51 See Below
Sanders Thomas 8 52  
McFerson Alexander 4 53  
Johnson Archibald 1 54  
Jenkins Susannah 4 55  
Gambia Richard 3 56  
Southerland David 2 57  
Burgess Benjamin 1 58  
Munroe Daniel 1 59  
Walker John 1 60  
Wilson Alexander 1 61  
McLane Lauchlane 1 62  
Manning John 4 63 s/o John MANNING d testate 1717/8, naming son, John, dau. Esther and her "present husband" Thomas MATHEWS
Barnes Mathew 3 64  
Grahams John 1 65  
Brent William 10 66  
Clark John 3 67  
Clark Ju. John 2 67a Changed from 72 [#72 wrong order; should be #67a]
Kelley Daniel 1 68  
Green Giles 1 69  
Godfrey George 2 70  
Sanders William 3 73  
Shaw Daniel 1 74  
Barnes Thomas 4 75  
Adams Samuel 1 76  
Barnes Math., Capt. 6 77  
Sanders Thomas 5 78  
Edward Neales Quarter   5 79  
Mr. Diggs Quarter   3 80  
McFerson Daniel 2 81 d testate 1740, wife Elizabeth, sons Richard, Bassil, Alexander, daus. Mary and Elizabeth (all under age) (22. 275)
Adams Francis 2 82  
Simms Alexius 3 83 m ca 1732, Virlinda, widow of John SANDERS whose 1731 will was witnessed by Sarah COMBS, surety Richard COOMBES, Jr., children (SANDERS): Ignatius, Richard and Prudence (who by 1742 had married Leonard MITCHELL)
Green Leonard 4 84 d testate 1733, named wife Prudence, son Leonard, real estate in St. Mary's, and "other 3 sons" Cudburth, John and Francis.
Clements William 3 85  
Bryan Daniel 7 86  
Harley George 1 87  
Berry Thos. 1 88  
Hurry John 1 89  
Theobalds John 6 90  
Clements Joseph 2 91  
Reader Benj. 3 92  
Sanders Edward 2 93  
Hawkins Jr. Henry, Mr. 4 94  
Bright William 1 95  
Harelip [Hareliss?] Robert 1 96 Richard HASPLIP or HAISLIP d testate 1723 naming minor sons Henry and Robert (18:9)
Ross James 3 97  
Carrol James 4 98  
Capsher Francis 2 99  
Sennit Robert 2 100  
Birch John 3 101  
Reyley Thos. 2 102  
Jackson John 5 103  
Currick Patrick 1 104  
Muncaster Willaim 1 105  
Clelan Thos. 2 106  

No. 51 Stephen LOMAX is the ancestor of transcriber John Lomax who writes:

26 Aug 1719 "No. 1741. Stephen LOMAX, St. Botolph's Bishopsgate, London, indentured to Ambrose COCK of St. Pauls, Shadwell, Middlesex, Tobacconist, for 5 years. To MD. 17 yrs. old. Signed 26 Aug. 1719." [born 1701/2] (A List of Emigrants From England To America, 1718-1759, by Jack and Marion Kaminkow, Magna Charta Book Co., Baltimore MD, 1966)

1746 Charles County, Maryland records. Stephen LOMAX registered a cattle mark

1760-1787 CHARLES COUNTY MARYLAND WILLS, Book [?], p. 448. "December Court 1787" "Stephen LOMAX senr Will" "A short Will in a legal form. In the name of God Amen --- June ye 25th 1760 -- I Stephen LOMAX of Charles County planter being low and weak in bodyly health but of perfect sound memory blessed be Almighty God for it, I do make and bequeath this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is recommending my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it being & then my body to the Earth to be decently enterd at the expense of my Executors hereafter nominated & as also as to touching my Worldly Estate which has pleas God to bless me with, I will and bequeath my whole sole Estate in the manner and form following --- Item I leave my dear beloved wife and my son Stephen LOMAX whole and sole Executors of my personal Estate as also my son Luke LOMAX and daughter Susanna DUSHILL which now lives with me on picue[?] for they continue with my dear beloved wife it is my desire th! at they shall have an equal part of my Estate Coequal with my son Stephen but in case either one of my sons or my Daughter which now lives me should marry or Absent themselves from my wife then also to have a part equal as my dear wife shall think proper but at her decease my whole Estate of Stock horses, Cattle, sheep, hogs, household furniture and all kind of moveables it is my desire that my son Stephen and Luke, likewise my daughter Susanna before mentioned shall go CoEqual shares of this my bodyly Estate. & as for my son John LOMAX I leave him five shillings sterling And for my Daughter Letisha I leave her a likely young heipher. signed sealed in ye presence of us and published by the said Stephen LOMAX as his last Will and Testament signed sealed in ye in ye [sic] presence of us --- witness David FHICT[?] --- witness [his X mark] John WILLIAMS
Stephen LOMAX (seal)
Note which is at my son John I leave to my son Stephen clear a loom and a cross cut saw and a pair of stelliaids which I have at home clear of my [sic] his equal part of my Despil Estate ----- On the back of the foregoing Will is the following probate ---- Charles County sst 7th December 1787 -- Then came Violetta LOMAX Executrix & Stephen LOMAX Jr. Executor of Stephen LOMAX sr late of Charles County decd and severally made Oath on the holy Evangels of Almighty God that the within Instrument of writing is the true & whole last Will & Testament of the said decd. that hath come to their hands or possession & that they do not know of any other ---
Certd. by John MIESCHETT, Regr of Wills Charles County sst 7th December 1787 -- Then came David FHICT one of the subscribing witnesses to the within last Will & Testament of Stephen LOMAX sr late of Charles County decd & made Oath on the holy Evangels of Almighty God that he did see the Testator therein named sign & seal this Will that he heard him publish pronounce & declare the same to be his last Will & Testament that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of his apprehensions of sound & disposing mind memory & understanding & that he together with John WILLIAMS (who is now decd.) the other subscribing witness respectively subscribing witness [sic] respectively subscribed their names as witnesses to this Will in the presence & at the request of the Testator & in the presence of each other -----
Certd. by John MIESCHETT Regr of Wills John LOMAX the heir at Law from the best information is a resident of North Carolina & therefore not present when the above probates were taken ---
Certd. by John MIESCHETT Regr of Wills"

Copyright 2000, John B. Lomax and the Combs &c. Research Group

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