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Texas County, originally named Ashley County, was organized February 14, 1845 from Wright and Shannon Counties.

1880 Texas Co, MO Census

Source: Original images, Heritage Quest, 1880 Texas Co, MO census

Morris TWP

ED 127

p. 41/325; 19 Jun 1880

341 Combs James WM 36, Md, Farmer KY KY KY
Margaret Wife WF 41, Md, Keepinghouse IL NC IL
George W Son WM 11 S Works on Farm MO KY IL
Henry E Son WM 8 S MO KY IL
John T Son WM 6 S MO KY IL
Mary Dau WF 4 S MO KY IL

Note: The identity is this James is unknown. One possibility is that he is the same as James T Combs found in the 1900 census. If so, this would be his family with his first wife who appears to have been previously married to a Throgmorton (or Throckmorton?).

1900 Texas Co, MO Census

Source: Original images,, 1900 Texas Co, MO census

Morris TWP

ED 142

p. 241A; Sheet #5, 6 Jun 1900

45/45 Combs James T Head, WM Apr 1844, 56, md 15yrs KY KY KY, Farmer
Nancy M Wife, WF May 1863, 37, md 15 yrs, 10ch, 9 liv KY KY KY
Margaret Dau, WF Jun 1882, 17 S KY KY KY
Susan Dau, WF Dec 1885, 14 S MO KY KY
Nicholas A, Son, WM Jun 1888, 11 S MO KY KY
Marcus L, Son, WM Jan 1890, 10 S MO KY KY
Nathaniel, Son, WM Oct 1891, 8 S MO KY KY
Joseph W, son, WM Aug 1893, 6 S MO KY KY
Matilda, Dau, WF Mar 1896, 4 S MO KY KY
William B, Son, WM Aug 1897, 2 S MO KY KY
Allie B, Dau, WF Apr 1899, 1 S MO KY KY

Note: Possible son of Samuel Combs of Perry Co, KY. Note the son named Nicholas. Also, one Shelby Combs (possible son of Samuel Combs) named a son Nathaniel. See death record below. Appears that he and possible brother Crittenden removed from Ky. to Texas Co, Mo. According to his 1910 census record, his marriage to Nancy was his second marriage. Margaret is possibly from his first marriage. The naming of a son Nathaniel may be further evidence. See 1860 Perry Co, Ky census.

p. 257A, Sheet # 21, 25 June 1900

220/220 Combs Crittenden C Head WM May 1849, 51, md 24yrs KY KY KY, Farmer
Catherine Wife WF Mar 1849, 41, md 24yrs, 10ch, 8 liv KY KY [too light to read]
Lula Daughter WF May 1883, 17 S KY KY KY
Taylor D Son WM Mar 1886, 14 S MO KY KY
Gracie Daughter WF Apr 1890, 10 S MO KY KY
Joseph Son WM Jun 1893, 6 S MO KY KY
John H Son WM Jun 1896, 3 S MO KY KY
Mary ? Daughter WF Sept 1899, 8/12mos S MO KY KY

Note: Couple previously found in the 1880 Wolfe Co, KY, census with son Hargis (see 1910 census) and daughter Nancy. Crittenden C Combs was the son of Samuel Combs and his wife Elizabeth Combs of Perry Co, KY. See also death record below.

1910 Texas Co, MO Census

Source: Original images,, 1910 Texas Co, MO census

Morris TWP


p. 40, Sheet 8A, 3 May 1910

153/157 Combs Crit C Head, WM 61, m2 35y KY KY KY
Katherine Wife, FW 55, m1 35y, 11ch/9liv KY KY KY
Hargis Son, WM 33 S KY KY KY
Ladia(sp?) M Dau FW 26 S MO KY KY
Taylor Son, WM 23 S MO KY KY
John A Son, WM 13 S MO KY KY
Mary O Dau, FW 10 S MO KY KY
Jock A Son, WM 5 S MO KY KY

Note: Son Hargis is first seen with his parents in their 1880 Wolfe Co, Ky census. His whereabouts in 1900 is unknown.

p. 40, Sheet 8B, 3/4 May 1910

158/163 Combs James T Head, WM 66, Md2 26y KY KY KY
Nancy Wife, FW 49, Md1 26yrs, 12ch/9liv KY KY KY
Wesley Son, WM 16 S MO KY KY
Tillie Dau, FW 15 S MO KY KY
William ? Son, WM 12 S MO KY KY
Allie Dau, FW 10 S MO KY KY
Taylor Son, WM 7 S MO KY KY

Texas Co, MO Deaths

Source: MO death certificate database, contributed by Barbara Stacy Mathews

Crit C. Combs, born 5 May 1849 in KY, died 9 May 1915 in Texas County, MO. Son of Samuel Combs, and Elizabeth Combs (maiden name) both of Kentucky. He was buried in Dykes, MO. Informant was James Combs. Stomach cancer.

Note: This record seems to confirm that at least Crittenden C Combs was the son of Samuel Combs and wife Eliza(beth) Combs. The informant James appears to have been the same as his brother.

James T. Combs of Hazard, KY was born 12 April 1840 and died 6 July 1919 in Texas County, MO. Father and mother is "unknown" by the informant Dan or Don Shoemaker (looks like to me). Senility and severe indigestion, contributory “did not eat well for two days”

Note: James T and his brother Crittenden C. Combs are the sons of Samuel Combs and Eliza(beth) Combs who may be the same as Eliza Combs, d/o of George “8” Combs and who first married Zachariah MORGAN. James and Crittenden are found with their parents in the 1860 Perry Co, Ky. census records.

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