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Last updated 23 Feb 2007
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Hickman County was established in 1807 from Dickson Co, TN. In 1817, Lawrence was est. from Hickman and Maury County, and Wayne from Hickman. In 1818, Perry was est. from Hickman. In 1843, Lewis was est. from Hickman, Lawrence, Maury and Wayne.

No Combs by surname have been located in Hickman County, Tennessee as yet; however, it is known from the Carlton Combs Letter that Combs were early in this county, including Sarah Combs (d/o John and Sarah MABRY Combs), m 25 Oct 1806, Jefferson Co, TN, Eli HORNBECK.

Carlton, b 17 Jun 1809, s/o John & Jean JACKSON Combs, m 1807 Grainger Co, TN, states: "Aunt Sarah who married at the age of 15 to Eli HORNBECK, who also moved to Duck River and first settled near my father but afterwards permanetly down the River in Centerville, Hickman County, Tenn. Their progeny consisted of one son, Pleasant Miller HORNBECK, who was first cousin of Pleasant Miller Combs and both named for a prominent lawyer then of Knoxville, Tenn. and first cousin of mine, each about 9 to 18 months older than myself. Two daughters more ended the chapter of their children and whose names I have lost sight of. Pleasant's wife I never saw nor anyone of his 8 or 9 children. They all lived and died in the vicinity of Centerville, Tenn. Aunt and Uncle Pleasant died long before they were old. One of the daughters once wrote me, giving all the descendants and their names down to the fifth generation on my application for it. I think I have that letter still and will send it or copy when you come, if you desire."

Combs Researcher Shirley Hornbeck adds: Sarah may be the Sarah HORNBEAK who died in Hickman Co., TN Oct 6, 1831 per the Nashville Republican and State Gazette (extracted from Obituaries of Early TN Newspapers 1794-1851 ed. by Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. (Easley, SC 1978), p186.)

Extracted by Combs-Cody Family Researcher George Baumbach from Kate Derryberry Leeper's Family and Military Records from Spence's History of Hickman County, Tennessee, 1965, Nashville, TN: p. 58:

"HORNBEAK, Eli B (70-72-230-386) Lived in Vernon as early as 1817, operated a stillhouse; he was Notary Publick in 1819; magistrate in 1821; moved to the new town of Centerville in 1821 where he built a log house and operated a store in partnership with Robert SHEEGOG, also of Vernon; SHEEGOG sold his interest to James WEATHERSPOON. Eli HORNBEAK'S wife was Sallie Combs of East Tenn. and their children were: Elizabeth, wo md. William G. CLAGETT; a dau. who md. Samuel B. MOORE, and a son, Pleasant."

George notes that also found in Hickman County, Tennessee was a number of early CODY Families (sp. CUDE, COODY, etc.), and that p. 26 of the above source indicates that one John CUDE operated a cotton gin at Cude's Bend in 1815. The Codys and Combs are found together in Grainger Co, TN; and earlier Combs-Cody associations are found in Surry Co, NC and Russell Co, VA.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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