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Harris County was established in 1836 from Harrisburg Municipality. The county seat is Houston.

1880 Harris Co, TX Census

transcribed by S. C. Hefner

p. 024

457-479 COMBES, Danl W M 30 R Roading [Railroading] Min Mis ?
Mary W F 45 ? ? ?
Mary E. W F 13 dau. Texas Mis. Tex

1907 (from The Elizabethtown News; Hardin County, Kentucky; Friday, 5 Jul 1907 issue; extracted by Carolyn Wimp)

"Leslie COMBS of Bartlesville, Indian Territory was married last week at Houston, Tx. to Mrs. Nellie SHARP. His bride was educated at Lynnland College and was a sister of John P. ROWLETT of Hart Co. Mr. Combs was formerly from Eagle Mills."

1920 Harris Co, TX Census

Federal Census Soundex Mi1589-62 C500-C512 -Sue, read at the Dallas County Public Library, Dallas Texas, extracted and transcribed by Birdie Totty McNutt


2013 Austin Street

V83, ED54

S10, L71 COMBS, A. B. w head 32 Texas
Oscie B. wife 34 Texas
HOUSTON, Reagen step son 14 Texas

V85, ED75

S5, L68 COMBS, Bell w 40 Illinois
enumerated with George W. Strickler as boarder


911 East Boulevard

V105, ED128

S7, L80 COOMBES, Charles E. head w m 45 Texas
Nellie B. wife 46 Texas
Beth dau 22 Texas
Joe W. son 20 Texas
Charles E. Jr. son 17 Texas
Jack E. son 16 Texas
Jerry C. son 13 Texas

BTM Note: Could this be the same as Charles COOMBS who married Nellie RICE, daughter of Henderson RICE and Susan RANDOLPH RICE of Maimi County, Kansas? Henderson was from White Co. & Henry Co., TN the St. Francis Co. MO before migrating to Kansas according to the Combs Index.

V54, ED65

S4, L95 COOMBS, Edward bl head w m 56 New York
Emma M. wife w f 42 Massachusetts


820 Main Street

V84, ED67

S21, L7 COOMBS, Edwin Hines w m 50 Kentucky
listed as Roomer

1709 Gans

V86, ED90

S12, L84 COMBS, Haynie w 21 Tennessee
listed as Roomer

1410 Walker Avenue

V83, ED47

S3, L93 COMBS, John D. head w m 40 Texas
Jennie S. w f wife 38 Texas
Pauline w f dau 15 Texas
Olive w f dau 12 Texas
Lois w f dau 10 Texas
Goldie wf dau 8 Texas
Daisy wf dau 3 Texas

1507 Crawford St

V82, ED52

S6, L52 COMBS, Joseph S. w head 47 Louisana
Hanna A. w f wife 36 Texas

Federal Census M1589-63 TEXAS C-512 - C-516 Eva

830 Main Street

V84, ED67

S21, L10 COOMBS, Virginia Ru

918 Fannin

V83, ED46

S5, L76 COMBS, William A. w m 22 Texas

2107 Oppelonsas

V86, ED83

S12, L 43 COMBS, William G. w m 71 Kentucky
listed as roomer

1929 (from Heart of Texas Records, Volume XLII, No. 4, Winter '99. Published by the Central Texas Genealogical Society, Waco, Texas. extracted by S. C. Hefner).

p. 136, Dentists Registered in McLennan County

COMBS, J. F. Permanent certificate was issued by board at Waco on 12 May 1902. He had graduated from Louisville College of Dentistry. Filed in Bexar County on 9 April 1923 and recorded in Vol. 1, p. 178 of Dental Records. Filed in Harris County on 19 April 1929 and recorded in Vol. 1, p. 370 of Dental License Records of Harris County. Filed in Nueces County on 25 March 1929 and recorded in Vol. 186, pp. 51-52 of Deed Records. Filed in McLennan County on 23 April 1929 and recorded in Vol. 1, pp. 130-132 of Dental Records.”

Note: James F. Combs s/o Dr. James Henry Combs (his Bio) of Hays Co, TX.

Texas Death Records: 1964-1998

4 Aug 1964Arleana COMBS

10 Jun 1966 Howard Chester COMBS He was single.

17 Jul 1966 Deanna Lee COMBS She was married.

8 Jan 1968 Jessie COMBS, Sr. He was widowed.

20 Feb 1968 Ehtel Mae COMBS She was a widow.

13 Jul 1968 Alfred COMBS He was single.

14 Aug 1968 Loy E. COMBS He was single.

15 Aug 1968 James Ivan COMBS He was single.

2 Oct 1969 Jack COMBS He was single.

13 Jan 1971 Edwin D. COMBS He was single.

5 Jun 1971 Leonard COMBS He was married.

11 Jan 1972 Lula M. COMBS She was single.

26 Feb 1972 Minnie M. COMBS She was married.

24 Sep 1972 Vena COMBS She was a widow.

8 Mar 1973 Leslie Y. COOMBS She was married.

14 Jun 1973 Peggy D. COMBS See Caddo Parish, Louisiana for obituary.

7 Sep 1973 Lottie K. COMBS She was a widow.

23 Mar 1974 Mary J. COMBS She was a widow.

25 Jun 1976 Ed COMBS

12 Nov 1976 Price COMBS

24 Feb 1977 Thelma V. COMBS

18 Oct 1977 Napoleon COMBS

6 Mar 1978 Ophelia COMBS

30 Apr 1978 Leonard L. COMBS

11 Oct 1978 Ina B. COMBS

17 Nov 1978 Seburn C. COMBS

23 May 1980 Melvin Martin COMBS

7 Dec 1980 Lucille Jackson COMBS

19 Apr 1981 Friel Alexander COMBS

11 May 1981 Joe COMBS

23 May 1981 Beck Emma Catherine COOMES

23 Oct 1981 Willie C. COMBS

22 Feb 1982 Ollie Mae COMBS

30 Jul 1982 Irene Josephine COMBS

24 Sep 1982 Gertrude COMBS

3 Oct 1982 Howard Calvin COMBS, Sr.

13 Mar 1983 Doris Jean COMBS

28 Mar 1983 Jontie Alice COMBS

28 Jun 1983 Allean E. COMBS

4 Jul 1983 Lester Dale COMBS

25 Jan 1984 John Russell COMBS

30 Jul 1984 Dennis Lee COMBS

12 Aug 1984 Elmer Gene COMBS

9 Oct 1984 Annsel COOMBS (male)

2 Dec 1984 Michael Paul COMBS

Note: A "Michael Paul COMBS" was born in Harris County 21 Aug 1947 to Eva Jo SMITH and Pat Greenwood COMBS.

25 Dec 1984 Randy Lee COMBS

1 Mar 1985 Sterling Best COMBS

23 Aug 1985 Stanley Paul COMBS

Note: A "Stanley Paul COMBS" was born 8 Mar 1942 in Dallas County to Belle Suggs LOKEY.

5 Sep 1985 Zachary COOMBS

2 Mar 1986 Eupha Jane COMBS

11 Mar 1986 James C. COMBS

20 Mar 1986 Johnathan Deshun COMBS

25 Apr 1986 Coy COMBS

10 May 1986 Queen Esther COMBS

Note: A "Queen Esther COMBS" was born 15 Mar 1943 in Gregg County to Irene WILLIAMS and Frank Auston COMBS.

25 Jan 1987 Louise K. COMBS

28 May 1987 Earnest COMBS

6 Jun 1987 Richard Crump COMBS

6 Sep 1987 Edna Coleman COMBS

25 Jan 1988 Mary Dean COMBS

25 Jun 1989 Kim Lorraine COMBS

18 Jul 1989 Barbara Jean COMBS

25 Apr 1990 Annie B. COMBS

1 May 1990 Harold COMBS

22 Jun 1990 Maydell COMBS

26 Jul 1990 Ruth Rogers COMBS

16 Sep 1990 Maria Louisa COMBS

17 Jan 1991 Charles William COOMES

8 Apr 1991 Florida COMBS

18 Jun 1991 Lawrence Merle COOMBS

Note: A "Lawrence Merle COOMBS" married Dorothy Amy JOHNSON.

9 Jul 1992 Oscar COMBS

14 Sep 1992 Billy Joe COMBS

4 Oct 1992 L. C. COMBS

7 May 1993 Edna Lucille COMBS

25 Jul 1993 Mary Anne COOMBS

24 May 1994 Larry COMBS

2 Aug 1994 Harold David COMBS

14 Nov 1994 Antoinette Marie COOMBS

6 Apr 1995 David Ikard COMBS

28 Mar 1995 Mitchell COMBS

8 Aug 1995 Isiah COMBS

25 Feb 1996 James Joseph COOMES

2 May 1996 Darlyne Lynette COMBS

21 Jul 1997 Abilene COMBS

19 Nov 1997 James Lee COMBS

Note: A "James Lee COMBS" was born in Tarrant County 18 Sep 1929 to Iva DANIEL and George B. COMBS.

23 Jan 1998 Willie Booker COMBS, Jr.

16 Apr 1998 Mary Louise COOMBS

27 Nov 1998 Anita Marie COMBS

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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