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Wythe County, VA was established from Montgomery in 1789-90. Grayson Co, VA was est. from Wythe in 1793-4, and Tazewell was est. from Russell and Wythe in 1799-1800.

The Combs of Wythe were all earlier in Montgomery Co, VA, and all* apparently sons of John and Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.

*Except see Shadrach

11/14/1790 or 1/16/1790 (Wythe Co. Court Orders 1790, 1795-1805 FHC Film # 0034243); The court examined Jeremiah BREEDIN on suspicion of him stealing 3 head of cattle valued at 6pds. Witnesses attested to his innocence and he was acquitted. James BREEDIN was examined for taking 3 head of John Combs cattle and found innocent. The same was done for Elijah HURST, Aaron PERRY, and Byram BREEDIN, all found not guilty.

Note: The above was probably John Combs, Sr. who has not yet been located in Wythe Tax Lists, but who was earlier in Montgomery, and two of whose sons, Henry and Mason, are also found in this county (see below), and were also earlier in Montgomery. James BREEDING had purchased land on Little Reed Creek from Henry HARDING III (brother-in-law to John Combs, Sr.) in 1789. Also note, in regard to naming patterns, the above Jeremiah, Elijah, Aaron and Biram, in reference to both John Sr.'s sons, and Early Jeremiah Combs.

8/30/1791 Wythe Co., VA. Entry Book 1, p.44; Mason Combs enters 150 acres on Little Reed Island of New River, adjacent his own land and to extend up creek on the south side.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from Mary B. Kegley's "Early Adventures On The Western Waters," v. III, part. 1, 1995, p. 78)

Note: Earlier land record not yet located, but this record places Mason "8" Combs (s/o John, Sr.) on Little Reed Island Creek, which is also where the earlier Combs, Clements and Hardings, etc. were located (See Montgomery Co, VA).

1793 Wythe Co, VA Tax List Section 1

(Present day Wythe and Smyth Counties)

BOGARD, Abraham tithes 1 and 1 horse
BREADON, James tithes 2 white, 1 black over 16 and 10 horses
BREADON, Jeremiah tithes 1 white and 2 horses
BREEDON, John S. tithes 1 white, 1 black over 16 and 3 horses
Combs, Henry tithes 1 and 1 horse
CLEMOM, Henry tithes 1 and 3 horses
CLEMMONS, Benjamin tithes 2; 4 blacks 16 and over; and 3 horses
DAVIS, John tithes 1 and 5 horses
DAVIS, John, Jun. tithes 1 and 5 horses
HURST, William tithes 2 and 4 horses (see other HURSTS also)
HICK, Jacob tithes 1 and 1 horse
MORRISON, Joshua tithes 1 and 1 horse

(Extracted from Jeff Weaver's 1793 Wythe Co, VA Tax Lists)

Note: Henry "8" Combs, s/o John Combs, Sr., m 28 Sep, 1788, Montgomery Co, VA, Rachael CLEMENTS, d/o Benjamin CLEMENTS, who is also found on this tax list (these names in original order, but not necessarily adjacent). Both Henry and his father-in-law were earlier on tax lists of Montgomery Co, VA (until the establishment of Wythe), as were the above John DAVIS and William HURST.

1793 Wythe Co, VA Tax List Section 2

(later Grayson Co, VA, on the Surry Co, NC line)

CLEMENTS, Francis tithes 1 and 2 horses
COLM, Shadrick tithes 1 and 2 horses
Combs, Mose tithes 1 and 1 horse
CRUSENBERRY, Moses tithes 1 and 1 horse
CRUSENBERRY, George tithes 2 and 3 horses
GOAD GOAD tithes 1 and 5 horses

(Extracted from Jeff Weaver's 1793 Wythe Co, VA Tax Lists)

Notes: The first four names are listed consecutively (the list is alpha by first letter of surname, but within surnames, being listed adjacent may indicate resided in same "neighborhood"). Mose Combs was actually probably spelled Mase as this was Mason Combs (s/o John Combs, Sr.), who was earlier on Montgomery Co, VA tax lists (prior to the creation of Wythe). Unlike his brother, Henry, Mason lived in that part of Wythe which became Grayson Co, VA in 1794, which is when and where Mason is next found, along with Moses QUISENBERRY (sp. CREESENBERRY). Abraham GOAD, Francis CLEMENTS and George QUISENBERRY were on the 1789 Montgomery Co, VA Tax List C on same date as John Combs and Henry Combs (of Section 2). Also Note: Could the above Shadrach have been a Combs rather than a COLM? Shadrach is a given name found throughout the early Combs of East Kentucky, although none are known to have been born as early as the above (presumably bef 1773)? Also found on this tax list are (in order listed, although not necessarily adjacent)

COMMER, Thomas tithes 1 and 1 horse
COMER, John tithes 1, 1 black 12-16, and 3 horses
CORNUTT, Reuben tithes 1 and 2 horses
CARNUTT, James tithes 1 and 3 horses
CARNUTT, William tithes 1 and 1 horse [See RW William CORNETT. The same?]
CARNUTT, David tithes 1 and 3 horses
COUCH, Joseph tithes 1 and 2 horses
HASH, Thomas tithes 1 and 5 horses [See Green Co, KY]
HARDAN, William tithes 1 and 2 horses
HANKS, Joshua tithes 1 and 3 horses
HOWELL, Mase 1 6
JONES, Daniel tithes 1 and 4 horses [See Hawkins Co, TN]
JONES, Daniel tithes 1 and 4 horses [sic, not adjacent]
MAYBERRY, Charles tithes 1 and 3 horses [a.k.a. MABRY?]
POPE, Nathaniel tithes 1 and 6 horses
PORTER, Joseph 1 and 2 horses [See Surry and Wilkes NC]
ROARCH [ROARK], Timothy tithes 3 and 7 horses
RICHARDSON, John tithes 1 and 1 horse
ROARCH [ROARK], Charles tithes 1 and 3 horses
RICHARDSON, James 1 and 2 horses
RICHARDSON, Christopher tithes 1 and 1 horse
RICHARDSON, William tithes 1 and 1 horse
RICHARDSON, Joshua tithes 2 and 2 horses
RICHARDSON, Thomas 1 and 2 horses

29 Jan 1793 Wythe Co, Virginia. Marriage bond:

Mace Combs & Jane RICHESON, by Daniel LOCKETT minister.

(Summers' Annals of SW Virginia) From a microfilm of Wythe Co., Virginia Miscellaneous marriages 1790 - 1905 microfilm # 0043254

This is to certify that I joined together in the Holy State of Matrimony
Mace Combs and Jane Richardson according to Law.
January 29th 1793 Daniel Lockett

(Submitted by Connie)

Notes: Mason "8" Combs is next found in Grayson Co, VA in 1794 (The 1793 Wythe tax list, the land entry and the above marriage bond are the only records found for him in this county thus far).

1794 Wythe Co VA Tax Lists

Henry Combs, tithed 1

(Wythe VA Tax Lists 1793-1800, Malita Warden Murphy, James L. Douthat, 1985. James L. Douthat, 2504 Kell Rd., Signal Mtn, TN 37377)

Note: The appearance of Henry "8" on this 1794 tax list is a further indication that he did not reside particularly near his brother, Mason "8" (who was in that part of Wythe County which became Grayson County in 1794). Henry is listed on Grayson Co, VA tax lists, but not until 1795 (indicating a move took place).

Wythe County, Virginia Register of Marriages #2 - 1853-1890. Page 118, #12; 1883 Feby 23 - Wythe Co -
Jos H. Combs - [age] 26 - single - [place of birth] Carroll Co - [place of residence] Carrol Co - [parents] M. S. Combs/Margaret Baker - [occupation] wagoner
India McBaker -[age]17 - single - [place of birth] Carroll Co - [place of residence] Carroll Co - [parents] Isaac McBaker/Mautia? Bagnell

(From FHC#0034255 [microfilm of original records])

Wythe County, Virginia Miscellaneous Marriages 1790-1905

[marriage fees]

1883 Feby 23 - Joseph H. Combs and India McBaker - $1.00
1902 April 9 - Thomas Hunley and Dora Combs - $1.00

(From FHC#0034254 [microfilm of original records])

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