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Joseph (his mark "J") COMBS II of Tonoloways was born in 1728.1 He resided between 1750 and 1755 at Fort Coombs, Tonoloways Settlement in then Cumberland Co, PA.2 He was taxed in 1762 in Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania.3 He resided in Mar 1766 in Sideling Creek, Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania.3 He was taxed between 1773 and 1776 in Bethel Twp., Bedford Co, PA.4 He was taxed in 1783 in Springhill Twp., Westmoreland Co, PA.5 He was taxed in 1787 in Gorges Twp., Fayette Co, PA.1 He died in 1803 in Georges Twp, Fayette Co, PA.1 It is not known how many times he was married. He was married to at least one Ann, a Baptist in 1771 in Tonoloways, who died after 1802. Some researchers have stated that she was neè BAYLIS and others that she was neè DAVENPORT. Her surname has not been documented.

Issue of Joseph II:

  1. Sarah COMBS was born in 1750(?). She married William REED before 1803.1 According to a letter by Thos Reed, s/o William REED & Sarah Coombs, to his brother which included a “true coppy of the old family record”, Sarah was “bourne 23 Jan 1770”. submitted by Neil REED, of Lafayette, IN

    Neil Reed adds:

    • Sarah Combs was born 23 Jan 177012 in Cumberland County, PA. She married William REED in Georges Twp, Fayette Co, PA. William REED, born 18 Nov 1764 in Straban Twp, York (Adams) Co., PA, was a son of Thomas and Elizabeth REED. William and Sarah migrated to Kentucky circa 1794, and to Clark Co, IN about 1800. William purchased 132 acres (part of Grant 186) near Charleston, Indiana Feb 18, 1803. William died in 1814, and Sarah sold the land to their son, Joseph REED in 1831. She migrated to Illinois with several of their children and died around 1834.
  2. John COMBS was born on 5 Nov 1754 in Tonoloways, Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania.6 He was taxed in 1787 in Gorges Twp., Fayette Co, Pennsylvania.1 He died on 16 May 1845 in Uniontown, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania.6 He was married to Rachel PINDELL of Fayette PA (daughter of Phillip PINDELL of Fayette PA? and Rachel SHELBY of Fayette PA?) on 25 Jun 1782 in Fayette Co, Pennsylvania.6 Rachel PINDELL of Fayette PA was born on 28 Feb 1762.6
  3. Jesse COMBS Sr. was born before 1760. He was taxed in 1783in Springhill Twp, Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania.5 He owned in 1784 in Green River, Hardin, Nelson, Jefferson Co, Kentucky.8,9,10 He resided in 1784 in Gorges Twp., Fayette Co, PA.1 He was taxed in 1785 in Nelson Co, Kentucky.10 He was taxed in 1787/88 in Nelson Co, Kentucky.10 He was taxed between 1789 and 1791 in (missing). He was taxed between 1792 and 1797 in Hardin Co, Kentucky.9 He died between 1797 and 1799 in (of) Hardin Co, Kentucky.9 He married Sarah UNKNOWN before 1778. Sarah UNKNOWN was taxed in 1799 in Hardin Co, Kentucky.9 See also land record naming Sarah's children in Hardin Co., KY in 24 Mar 1818.9 She died testate after 1830 in Clark Co, Indiana.
  4. Nancy COMBS of Georges PA was born in 1760. She married Elisha CARR Sr. about 1781. Elisha CARR Sr. was born in Fayette Co, Pennsylvania. He died in Clark Co, Indiana.
  5. Joseph COMBS III was born before 1764. He died by 23 Apr 1784 in Georges Twp, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania.1 He married bef 1784 Rachel WARFORD, b bef 1770, d aft 1789.1, 10. Rachel WARFORD m(2) in 1786, Joseph GRAVES.10 Joseph left issue one daughter, Ann, abt which no more is known as yet.10

    Researcher Dale Larson adds:

    • the inclusion of Grand Daughter Ann Coombs in the will of Joseph Coombs 1728-1903.
    • Letter of Administration from Fayette Co, PA dated April 23, 1784 which appoints Rachel COOMBS and Jesse COOMBS as adminstrators of the estate of Joseph COOMBS, w/Joseph COOMBS Sr. and Robery RICHEY as sureties.
    • J.E. Stillwell's Line of Capt. Nicholas Stillwell, p. 55, “Joseph GRAVES, son of Samuel GRAVES, married, first, in 1786, Rachel WARFORD, the widow COOMES, a sister to Sarah WARFORD, the wife of Lieut. John STILLWELL. By her first husband Mrs. COOMBES had a daughter: Ann COOMBES.”
    • Rachel GRAVES, executrix of the estate of Joseph COOMBS, purchased 423 acres of land in Nelson Co. Virginia [now KY] for Ann COOMBS, heir of Joseph COOMBES, witnessed by Joseph GRAVES, her husband and Samuel GRAVES, her father-in-law.
  6. William COMBS Sr. was born on 18 Nov 1763.11 He was taxed in 1787 in Gorges Twp, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania.1 He died in Apr 1810 in Clark Co, Indiana.11 He was buried in Worrell Cemetery, Clark Co, Indiana.11 He married Nancy BOWELL of Clark IN (daughter of Basil BOWELL and Margaret UNKNOWN) before 1807 in (of) Fayette Co, Pennsylvania.1 Nancy BOWELL of Clark IN was born on 21 Oct 1770.1 She died on 28 Sep 1836 in Clark Co, Indiana.11 She was buried in Worrell Cemetery, Clark Co, Indiana.11
  7. Hannah COMBS was born on 15 Jul 1766 in Fayette Co, Pennsylvania.1 She died on 3 Jun 1829 in Clark Co, Indiana.11 She married Thomas CARR Sr. on 26 Feb 1784 in Westmoreland Co, PA.11 Thomas CARR Sr. died on 26 Oct 1822 in Clark Co, Indiana; and both were buried in Silver Creek Cemetery.11
  8. Mary COMBS was born before 1788. She married Unknown GRAY before 1803.1


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