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 of Fleming Co., KY

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Fleming Co., KY was established in 1798 from Mason Co. Floyd was established from Fleming, Mason & Montgomery in 1799-1800, and Rowan County was created from Fleming and Morgan in 1856. Robertson was created in 1867 from Nicholas, Bracken, Mason, Fleming and Harrison.
1820 US Census Fleming Co., KY transcribed by Sue Elfving


Jas ALEXANDER 410011 22011
4 males under 10
1 male 10-16
1 male 26-45
1 male over 45
2 females under 10
2 females 10-16
1 female 26-45
1 female over 45

Thos Combs 021201 20210
2 males 10-16
1 male 16-18
2 males 16-25
1 male over 45
2 females under 10
2 females 16-26
1 female 26-45

Notes: Perhaps Elias Combs (b. c1801) who married Ailsy ALEXANDER on 21 Dec. 1820 was one of the 2 males aged 16-25 in Thomas' household. Levi Combs (b. 9 Feb. 1807) might also be one of the males aged 10-16. Thomas certainly has enough males in his household to indicate several sons.
21 Dec 1820 Fleming Co., KY Marriage Records. Elias Combs & Ailsey ALEXANDER (Early American Marriages: Kentucky to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

1822 FHC Microfilm of original Fleming Co., Ky. tax lists for years 1822, 1824-29 (Extracted by Sue Elfving)
  • Combs Elias........0a.......1 horse [other personal data smudged and unreadable]
  • Combs Thomas....0a.......[personal data smudged and unreadable]
  • Combs Elijah.......0a.......1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1 horse, V=$75
    1823 - No tax list
  • Combs Elias..................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 2hr 100a (3rd rtd), Fleming Co. on Triplett, no name data listed
  • Combs Thomas....0a......1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 2hr
  • Combs Wm..........0a......1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1hr
  • Combs George.....0a......1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1hr

    SE Note: The two groups of Combs were listed separately within the "C" grouping. Wm and George were next to each other.

  • Combs Thomas.....0a......1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 2hr
  • Combs Elias...................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 2hr 100a (3rd rtd), Fleming Co. on Triplett, name = Hinor same same Also listed as a white male >21 in town
  • Combs George................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1hr 138a (3rd rtd), Fleming Co. on Licking Cr., name = Leech same same
  • Combs, Wm...........0a.......1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1hr
  • Combs George..................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 2 hr 138a (3rd rtd), Fleming Co. on Licking, name=Leech
  • Combs Elias.....................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 2hr
  • Combs George........0a.......1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1hr

    SE Note: Perhaps a mistake was made and the second George was really William since no William appears in 1826 and he was back in 1827 and a second George never appears again.

  • Combs Elias....................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 2 hr
  • Combs Wm......................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1 hr 60a (3rd), Fleming Co., Three mile?, name=Fowler
  • Combs Geo......................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tpt blk=0, 2 hr 70a (3rd), Fleming Co., Long Branch, no name data
  • Combs Wm.....................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 2 hr 66a (2nd), Fleming Co., Licking, name=Fowler
  • Combs Elias....................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 2 hr 1829
  • Combs Elias....................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 2 hr w/ 2 parcels, 30a & 100a
  • Combs Levi......................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1 hr
  • Combs William.................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 4 hr 67a (2nd), Fleming Co., Licking, name = Leach
    1830 US Census transcribed by Sue Elfving unless otherwise noted from Original image from Heritage Quest:

    P. 021
    Uty COMBESS 10010001 0000001 (transcribed by Deb Coombs)
    1 male aged under 5
    1 male 15-20
    1 male 50-60
    1 female 40-50

    P. 027
    Will Coombs 1001000001 000010001
    1 male under 5
    1 male 15-20
    1 male 70-80
    1 female 20-30
    1 female 60-70
    Note. Believed to be RW William "8" Combs. He is known to have been in Fleming Co., Ky., during this time from affidavits in his pension file.

    Moses SAUNDERS 20001 100001
    2 males under 5
    1 male 20-30
    1 female under 5
    1 female 20-30

    Note: According to SAUNDERS researcher Marta Lytle Reiner, Moses SAUNDERS Jr. married Elizabeth BLACKISTON, the d/o of Ebenezer BLACKISTON, on 5 Oct. 1825 in Fleming Co., Ky., (Source: Genforum post). Ebenezer BLACKISTON had married Lettice Combs, d/o of William Combs, in Lincoln Co., Ky., on 3 July 1798.

    Eastern District
    P. 074
    Elias Combs 00101 30101
    1 male aged 10-15
    1 male aged 20-30
    3 females aged under 5
    1 female aged 10-15
    1 female aged 20-30

    Thomas Combs 00002001 00020001 ( next household to Elias above)
    2 males aged 20-30
    1 male aged 50-60
    2 females aged 15-20
    1 female aged 50-60

    Note: Note: Last census record in Fleming Co. for Thomas Combs. Apparent sons Elias and Levi removed to Hendricks Co., IN by 1834 per land records. It is not known if Thomas died in Fleming Co. or if he also moved. He last appeared in the 1831 tax list (no list for 1832) and the 1833 tax list only shows Elias. Perhaps Thomas and Levi left earlier.
    1830 - No tax list
    1831 FHC Microfilm of original Fleming Co., Ky. tax lists. (Extracted by Sue Elfving)

  • Combs Wm.....................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 3 hr, V=$486 66a (2nd rtd), name=Fowler
  • Combs Elias..........0a.......1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 3 hr
  • Combs Thomas......0a.......noted as "no levy," no other data, V=$0
    1832 - No tax list

    06 Dec 1832 Flemingsburgh, Fleming Co., KY. Deposition of William Combs that he served with William DODSON in 8th VA Rifle Regt. (Shenandoah Co VA) during the the Revolutionary War.

    Note: This may have been RW William Combs of Shenandoah VA & Bath Co, KY (See Also Fayette Co., KY)
    1833 FHC Microfilm of original Fleming Co., Ky. tax lists for years , 1831, 1833-34, 1837-40 (Extracted by Sue Elfving):
  • Combs Wm.....................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 3 hr, V=$496 66a (3rd rtd), Fleming Co., Locust, name=Fowler
  • Combs Elias...................1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1 hr 160a (2nd rtd), Fleming Co., Fox, name=Mosby ditto
  • p.8, Combs William........1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1 hr, V=$474 66a (2nd rtd), Fleming Co., Licking, name=Fowler
    1835-1836 - No tax lists for these years
    1837-1840 - No Combs listed
    1840 US Census Index, Fleming Co., KY: No Combs
    1841 Tax List - No Combs listed
    20 Dec 1842 Fleming Co., KY Marriage Records. COMBES, Alfred & COLLINS, Matilda (Extracted by Combs Researcher Pat Orton from var. Marriage CD'S)
    1850 US Census Fleming Co., KY traanscribed by Sue Elfving


    p. 397/793, Sept. 10, 1850

    #522/522 Moses SAUNDERS, 47, m, Farmer, RE=$2100, b. KY
    Elizabeth 51, f, b. KY
    William 16, m, b. KY
    Thomas 14, m, b. KY
    James F 12, m, b. KY
    (Source: Original image, Heritage Quest)

    SE Notes: Elizabeth (BLACKISTON) Saunders, reputed d/o of Ebenezer BLACKISTON and Lettice Combs, was born b. 14 April 1799 and d. 4 June 1854, per her Locust Grove Cemetery stones (two separate stones with both identifying her as the wife of Moses SAUNDERS who is also buried at Locust Grove (dates b. 24 March 1803, d. 3 September 1888, 83 yrs., 5 mo, 9 days). Moses' second wife Nancy Faulkner SAUNDERS, (b. 14 June 1834, d. 26 July 1898, W/O Moses Saunders) is also buried at Locust Grove. Elizabeth appears to have been born 9 months following the 3 July 1798 Lincoln Co., Ky. marriage of her parents. Apparently Moses and Elizabeth had two additional children that died before 1850 per their cemetery markers (Jeptha Saunders, b. 13 February 1830, d. 29 July 1845, S/o Moses & Elizabeth Saunders; and Coleman Saunders, b. 11 April 1832, d. 16 December 1841, S/o Moses & Elizabeth Saunders). Jeptha and Coleman are names found in the Henry DUNCAN and Polly Combs family (see Two Duncan Families with Combs Connections). Their daughter Matilda DUNCAN (first cousin to Elizabeth SAUNDERS) married Coleman COVINGTON, and Henry and Polly named a child Jeptha.

    Note: No Combs surname in 1850 census index
    1870 Fleming Co., KY Census (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs)

    Mt. Carmell Pct 462

    HH 114/115
    J. W. FOXWORTHY, 36, M, Farmer, $1600, $4000, KY
    S. E., 26, F, Keeping House, KY
    Charles, 8, M, at school, KY
    Florence, 6, F, at school, KY
    Mary C., 4, F, KY
    Willie, 2, M, KY
    Jno L. 5/12, M, KY (b. Jan.)
    Edward COMBS, 60, M, Black, Domestic Servant, KY, cannot read or write
    1 Jan 2007 extracted from Macomb Daily Newspaper- Macomb County MICH by Nellie Dwyer

    Nora Combs, 99, of Eastpointe, died Saturday, Dec. 30, 2006, in Bon Secours Nursing Center, St. Clair Shores. She was born Jan. 16, 1907, in Cowan, Ky. Mrs. Combs is survived by her children, Wilma (James) Little, Christine Diegel and Jack Combs; nine grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; and five great-great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband, Willard Combs. A funeral service will be held at noon Wednesday at A.H. Peters Funeral Home, 32000 Schoenherr (at Masonic), Warren, with the Rev. John Whitfield officiating. Interment will be in Cadillac Memorial Gardens East, Clinton Township. Visitation is 2-9 p.m. Tuesday. Memorial contributions may be addressed to American Heart Association or First Baptist Church of Eastpointe.

    See also Letcher Co., KY 1930 census for the family of Willard Combs and Nora.

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