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Transcribed from TSLA Roll No. 9 by C. Hammett.

Transcriber Notes: (1) Due to fading and style, vowels were sometimes impossible to determine. When the transcriber could not determine specific letters in a name, a question mark was inserted for each indecipherable letter in the name. (2) Numbers on original are to right of name, not left as listed below. (3) Either these lists were not filmed in original page order, or were inserted in book out of order. They are listed below in original page number order.

For Annotated Records, see Notes below names entered in bold

Also Note: A significant number of the individuals on this list, as noted below, were from Grayson Co, VA, particularly that part which later became Carroll Co, VA, which included land earlier in Patrick Co, Virginia (org. from Henry Co, VA). Many lived on the VA-NC state line, which was often in dispute until ca1819-20, which means they may have also appeared in the records of Surry Co, North Carolina.

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A List of the taxable inhabitants taken by John Hammons, Esqr.

Page 10 continued)

  1. Ruben Hampton
  2. William Hampton
  3. Jacob Hampton
  4. Benjamin Martin
  5. Elisha Price
  6. Robt. McFarling
  7. Lerroy Hammons
  8. James Hampton
  9. Guyan Johnson
  10. Abram Brient
  11. Thomas Lusk
  12. John Lusk, Senr.
  13. John Lusk, Jr.
  14. James Williams
  15. Thomas Little
  16. John Salts
  17. Drury Wood
  18. James Bracken
  19. Johnathan Summers
  20. Nicholas Hughs
  21. Chas. McLean, Jr.
  22. Isaac Low
  23. Lewis Granger
  24. Jessee Lin
  25. Nicholas Hughs
  26. Charles McLean, Senr.
  27. Hiram Boon
  28. Lewis Falkner
  29. James Sercey Walden
  30. Lott Littrell
  31. Looney McDaniel
  32. Woodson Hammons
  33. Temple Johnston
  34. Elkna Ayres
  35. William Davisson
  36. Thomas Garner
  37. Willis Garner
  38. Thomas Garner, Jr.
  39. [sic] Eli Garner
  40. Harper Garner
  41. Stephen Elliott
  42. William Nelson
  43. Joseph McDaniel
  44. John Breeding
  45. Stephen Blevins
  46. James Gibbs
  47. John Lusk
  48. Henry Blancett
  49. James Blancett

Page 11 (76)

  1. Peter Blancett, Senr.
  2. Peter Blancett, Jr.
  3. James Jackson
  4. James Jackson
  5. John Hammons, Senr
  6. Job Ross
  7. Archibald Blancett
  8. William Brown
  9. Joseph Johnson
  10. Jacob Johnston, Sr.
  11. William Johnston
  12. William Johnston
  13. John Thaxton
  14. Abram Howard
  15. Richard Price
  16. Richard Price, Jr.
  17. Moses Rhea
  18. John Rhea
  19. John Davis
  20. John Brown
  21. Francis Johnston
  22. James Foster
  23. Samuel Foster
  24. Anderson Meadows
  25. Daniel Meadows
  26. William Meadows
  27. [sic] John Sails
  28. Joseph Boyles
  29. Andrew Miller
  30. Jonathan Boyles
  31. James Boyles
  32. Jacob Johnston
  33. Robert Johnston
  34. James Johnston
  35. Alexander Johnston
  36. Ichabod Ashcroft
  37. John Harper
  38. Andrew Blair
  39. James Brooks
  40. John Mellender
  41. Joseph Miller
  42. Ezekiel Low
  43. William Low
  44. Joseph Jones
  45. John Cowan
  46. William Walker
  47. John Hammons
  48. Francis Cypert
  49. Joseph M?rphy


Notes: № 7 Lt. Col. Leroy Hammons, s/o № 55, John Hammons, Sr. of Surry NC & Warren TN

Notes: Was № 9 Guyan Johnson kin to № 71 Francis Johnston and/or № 60 Jacob Johnston Sr.? Who was № 70 John Brown who was adj. to № 71 Francis Johnston? Was he kin to the RW Family of Browns in Warren Co, Tennessee (See below)?

Notes: № 12 Rev. War Soldier John Lusk, Senr. was born in Staten Island NY, enlisted in NJ Regiment, died 13 Sep. 1838

Notes: № 32 Woodson Hammons, s/o № 55, John Hammons, Sr., h/o Mary Johnson, who was d/o № 60 Jacob Johnson, Sr. of Grayson Co, VA & Warren TN. № 33 Temple Johnston, s/o № 60 Jacob Johnson, Sr. № 34 Elkna Ayres, possibly kin to Elihu AYERS of Grayson Co, Virginia and/or Nancy AYERS, w/o Jacob Johnson, Jr.?

Notes: № 55 John Hammons, Senr, one of several oft-confused John Hammons who were earlier in Surry Co NC, d 1820-1823, Warren County, Tennessee. Primary researcher of the HAMMONS and related surnames is Margaret Austin, email: See also Combs-Hammond Connections

Notes: № 57 Archibald Blancett [nb: Blanchett] m Polly Hammons, d/o № 55 John Hammons, Sr.

Notes: Is № 58 William Brown kin to William BROWN of Augusta VA & Rowan NC who had sons named Alexander, Robert, Thomas and William, Jr. - all revolutionary soldiers according to the RW Pension application of Thomas, and with son, Robert BROWN, having sold land to Martin (& Sarah COMBS) Johnson in Hawkins Co, Tennessee in 1797, with both Robert & Thomas Brown & Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson later removing to Warren County, Tennessee? (See Below plus see also Benjamin Lockhart's List and Graham's List for more on Brown's.)

Notes: № 59 Joseph Johnson, s/o № 60 Jacob Johnson, Sr., who removed from Grayson Co VA where he was of record w/wife Susannah, to Warren County, Tennessee, although possibly not directly. In 1820, he went back to Grayson Co, Virginia on business, and d there in Dec of that year, leaving a nuncupative (oral) will in which he named his son, John, h/o Jane/Jean LEWIS (d/o Charles LEWIS) who had died s.p. (no issue) in 1818, leaving Jacob Sr. as his legal heir (his wife having only dower rights). Jacob Sr. named 3 more children, Holland, William, and Martin JOHNSON, but a later law suit developed which proved more children, including his son, № 33 Temple JOHNSON; son, № 59, Joseph JOHNSON; son, Jacob JOHNSON, Jr. who m Nancy AYERS, and after his death (1811-1815), she remarried to Hiram Harrison DEAN; his daughter, Mary JOHNSON who had m № 32 Woodson HAMMONS (s/of № 55 John HAMMONS, Sr.); and a daughter, Sytha, about whom no more is known. № 61 and № 62, William JOHNSTON remain unidentified. Was one of these William Johnsons, the son of № 55 Jacob JOHNSON, Sr.? Might one have been the brother of Martin JOHNSON who m Sarah Combs and who had a brother named William? (See Benjamin Lockhart's List)

Notes: Were № 65 & № 66 Richard Price & Richard Price, Jr. kin to either RW Anger & Jane PRICE Price who were later in Warren County, Tennessee, having lived earlier in Russell Co, Virginia, or to Reuben PRICE who m Dolly Cody, d/o William & Sinai STACY Cody, and also earlier in Russell Co, Virginia?

Notes: Was № 68 John Rhea the same as Rev. John RAY of Sandy Creek Baptist Church, Randolph Co, North Carolina with the British Loyalist family of, among others, Seamore & Sylvannia ALDRIDGE York whose son, Seamore d 1819 in Grainger Co, Tennessee and his son, Uriah YORK m Fanny RAY, d/o Rev. John RAY (per Worth Ray's TN Cousins) and his dau??? Phebe RAY m Elijah DRAKE s/o Benjamin DRAKE.

Also Note: Uriah York's sister, Martha York, married Seth Johnson on 20 Oct, 1814, in Grainger, TN. Seth (b. 1792 Brunswick, VA) was the son of Edmond Johnston and Elizabeth Durham (b. 1760 Brunswick, VA.) Seth and Martha moved to Roane, TN.
Submitted by Angela Mayfield

Notes: № 75 Rev. War Soldier Daniel Meaders [sic] was born in Granville Co, NC, and was in Warren County, Tennessee as late as 1820 (census), but in Bedford County, TN by the time he applied for his pension in 1832.

Notes: Is № 81 Jacob Johnston, Jr., s/o № 60 Jacob Johnson, Sr.? № 82, № 83 and № 84, Robert, James & Alexander JOHNSTON remain unidentified.

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