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Parishes within 10 miles of St Albans, Hertsfordshire (Abbey, St. Michael, St. Peter and St. Stephens).

See also Parishes within 10 miles of Hemel-Hempstead Herts

Bold font or an electronic link indicates the presence of Combs &c. families in a parish or town.

ParishCountyMiles (Direction))
London ColneyHRT2.24 (SouthEast)
SandridgeHRT2.24 (NorthEast)
Colney HeathHRT3.34 (SouthEast)
RedbournHRT4.39 (NorthWest)
HarpendenHRT4.52 (NorthWest)
Little MundenHRT4.52 (SouthWest)
Wheat HampsteadHRT4.52 (NorthEast)
HatfieldHRT5 (NorthEast)
North MimmsHRT5 (SouthEast)
ShenleyHRT5 (SouthEast)
Abbots LangleyHRT5.27 (SouthWest)
Hemel HempsteadHRT5.59 (West)
High CrossHRT5.62 (SouthWest)
RidgeHRT5.72 (SouthEast)
South MimmsMDX5.72 (SouthEast)
Kings LangleyHRT5.86 (SouthWest)
Ayot St LawrenceHRT6.11 (NorthEast)
Ayot St PeterHRT6.21 (NorthEast)
East HydeBDF6.48 (NorthWest)
FlamsteadHRT6.6 (NorthWest)
KimptonHRT6.94 (NorthEast)
WatfordHRT6.94 (SouthWest)
WatfordHRT6.94 (SouthWest)
WelwynHRT7.08 (NorthEast)
EssendonHRT7.48 (NorthEast)
BusheyHRT7.55 (SouthWest)
ElstreeHRT7.55 (SouthEast)
CodicoteHRT7.78 (NorthEast)
DigswellHRT7.95 (NorthEast)
Market StreetHRT8.35 (NorthWest)
Monken HadleyMDX8.35 (SouthEast)
CaldecoteHRT8.45 (NorthEast)
Great GaddesdenHRT8.45 (NorthWest)
SarrattHRT8.45 (SouthWest)
TewinHRT8.63 (NorthEast)
NorthawHRT8.65 (SouthEast)
Little BerkhamsteadHRT8.72 (NorthEast)
EdgwareMDX8.78 (SouthEast)
Chipping BarnetHRT8.83 (SouthEast)
NettledenBKM8.89 (NorthWest)
BovingdonHRT9.04 (SouthWest)
BarnetHRT9.32 (SouthEast)
CaddingtonBDF9.32 (NorthWest)
BayfordHRT9.34 (NorthEast)
LutonBDF9.46 (NorthWest)
StudhamBDF9.48 (NorthWest)
St Pauls WaldenHRT9.64 (NorthEast)
FlaundenHRT9.72 (SouthWest)
HertingfordburyHRT9.82 (NorthEast)
TotteridgeHRT9.82 (SouthEast)
Kings WaldenHRT9.96 (NorthEast)

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