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 of Clay Co., KY 1820-1849

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Clay was organized from Madison, Floyd, Knox & unorganized territory in 1806/7. Perry was organized from Clay & Floyd in 1820/1. In 1826, Laurel was established from Clay, Knox, Rockcastle and Whitley. In 1839, Breathitt was established from Clay, Estill and Perry. In 1843, Owsley was established from Breathitt, Clay and Estill. In 1858, Jackson was established from Clay, Estill, Laurel, Madison, Owsley and Rockcastle. In 1878, Leslie was established from Clay, Harlan and Perry.
The Combs &c. Research Group Proudly Presents the First Electronic Edition of the book, "Combs, a Study in Comparative Philology and Genealogy" by Josiah H. Combs, Ph.D., University of Paris, Copyright 1976 by Norris K. Combs, Published by Norris K. Combs, Pensacola, Florida, 1976, reprinted 1979, and Electronically reprinted by the Combs &c. Research Group in 1999, including an Introduction, Full Index, Footnotes and (ultimately) Gedcoms.

Early Combs of East Kentucky - A "must read" for East KY Researchers (includes KY County Histories, Migration Patterns, new Combs Research Family Research Reports, Source References, etc.)

Clay Co., KY Marriage Records have (except where otherwise noted) been from one to three sources: (1) "Clay Co., KY Marriages," published in the Perry Co, KY Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Apr 1984, and extracted by David and Naomia Payne; (2) Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Matthews (source not stated); and (3) J.P. Downerd (published source not known). In some instances, both Source (1) and Source (3) include parents of the bride or groom. It is not clear whether this added information was part of the marriage record or added by the researcher-submitter. In the case of Source (3), the marriage record also includes annotations which are not clearly differentiated from the records themselves. Source (2) included names of bride and groom only. For the purposes of this report, unless a transcription from the original was available, Source (1) has been used. When Source (1) conflicted with either of the other sources, it has been so noted. Also Note: When a parent's name is included in a marriage record, it is usually either a consent to the marriage (of a minor child) or a declaration that the child was of age. Except where conflicts are noted, source (1) above has been used in this report. In some instances, dates are "off" by a few days, which may reflect only the difference between the date of the marriage bond, consent and/or return. We are seeking transcriptions from original copies for all Clay Co., KY marriages, and confirmation that the parental information included in Source (1) was part of the marriage record.

See also the Dickey Diary Interviews.
Index to Clay Co., KY records
1807-1819 1820-1849
1900-1919 1920- Cemeteries

1820 Clay Co. Ky. Tax List (Combs Researcher Timothy Spence)
  • Combs John
  • Combs Jeremiah
  • Combs Hardin
  • Combs Mason
  • Combs Mathew
  • Combs William Sr.
  • Combs Jesse
  • Combs George
  • Combs Henry Jr.
  • Combs Henry Sr.
  • Combs Elijah
  • Combs Jeremiah
  • COMBD Nicholas Sr.
  • Combs Nicholas Jr.
  • Combs Samuel

    Combs Researcher Gloria B. Carter (CLAY Co., KY ANCESTRAL NEWS quarterly, vol VI #2 May 1990 page 3) adds:
  • FLEETWOOD, Thomas;
  • FLEETWOOD Isaac;
  • HICKS, William;
  • HICKS, Robert,
  • RIPPA, James;
  • RIPPY, Isaac;
  • ROGERS, George;
  • STACY, Benjamin;
  • STACY, George

    Notes: 15 Combs (from 19): Two Williams, Hiram (Biram?), Shadrick, and 2 of the Johns are gone. The remaining William is still(?) termed William, Sr. Matthew is back and Samuel (son of Nicholas & Nancy GRIGSBY Combs) is new. Either Moses has become Mason again (likely), or Moses is missing and Mason is back.
    1820 Clay Co. Ky. Census Note: The earlier transcriptions by George Baumbach and Gloria B. Carter which were originally published here were checked against the 1820 Clay Co., KY GenWeb Transcription to ensure exact matches, and the following transcription is now that of the GenWeb.

    Males: under 10; 10-15; 16-18; 16-25; 26-45; 45 and over Females: under 10; 10-15; n/a; 16-25; 26-45; 45 and over Free Colored M-F Slaves: M-F

    Note: The birth year range of eldest male in hh (who may not necessarily be the head of hh) has been added after stats., and the Line Number added)

    P. 111
    21 William Combs 000010-21010-00-00

    Notes: This William Combs, b 1776-1794, is unidentified and segregated from the remainder of the Combs households in the county. He is listed between Isaac RICHY [RITCHIE] and Cornileus [Cornelius] BOWMAN. The surnames of the 9 households on either side of them are: ALLEN, BAKER, BOWAN [BOWEN?], COCHRILL, HIGGINS, LOVE, LYON, McJILLTEN [sic], NICHOLSON, RAYNOLD [REYNOLDS?], REED, RILEY, SANDERS, TODD AND TUGMAN. Two pages later is found another Cornelius BOWMAN who is listed by RW Thomas STAPLETON, husband of Sarah JOHNSON, and they were former 'housemates' of RW John "8" Combs at Long Island, Holston River, TN for a short period in the 1790s), and formerly of Russell Co, VA (See also 1840 Clay Notes); and on line 19 is Patrick RILEY, Sr., who is possibly the same listed on 1787 Russell Co, VA tax lists on same date as STAPLETON and within "a day" of where the Combs Land of William and Seth STACY Combs was later located. He is apparently one of the William Combs who are listed on this census, but missing from the 1820 Clay Co., KY tax list. Might this be William, husband of Sarah Combs, daughter of Mason (although note the extra female, b 1805-1810 in HH)?

    P. 120
    05 John BOWLING Sr. 111101-31310-00-00

    08 Jesse Combs 000100-00000-00-00
    [b 1795-1802; son of Elijah "8" & Sally ROARK, m 1821, Perry, Polly, daughter of above John BOLLING]

    P. 121
    06 Richard SMITH 100110-30010-00-00
    [b 1776-1794, husband of Elitia Combs, b 1776-1795, daughter of Nicholas "8", Sr.]

    18 Shadrick Combs 200010-22010-00-00
    [b 1776-1794, son of a John Combs per Combes Genealogy]

    20 William CORNETT 211201-01001-00- 1m
    [RW Soldier, m 1796 Sullivan Co, TN, Mary EVERAGE, both b pre-1774; prev. transcription showed CORNIT and 4 slaves]

    22 Robert BRASHER 000110-10100-00-00
    [b 1776-1794, son of Samuel of 1788 Sullivan TN Militia List w/an unidentified John Combs; prev. transcription showed 2 slaves]

    23 William Combs 000101-10021-00-00
    [b pre-1776; Unidentified, and not RW William "8" Combs who was on 1820 Bath Co., KY Census; Is this the family of William and Seth STACY Combs, Sr. with a second family in the household, and their granddaughter, in the next household?]

    24 George STACY 100010 - 10200-00-00
    [b 1776-1794; husband of Mary SUMNER, daughter of Saml. & Winnifred (Combs?) (Hicks)]

    P. 124

    15 Henry Combs Jr. 000100-20100-00-00
    [b 1795-1802; son of Henry & Rachel CLEMENTS; m 1816, Clay, Nancy BROWN]

    16 Elijah Combs 200101 03010-00 -1m 4 f
    [b pre-1774; Elijah "8" Sr., son of John & Nancy, husband of Sally ROARK]

    17 Fredench HOOTEN 000100-10100-00-00
    [b 1795-1802; Frederick WOOTEN(?) m 1817, Clay, Nancy, daughter of Elijah, Sr.]

    18 Jeremiah Combs 310010-21010-00- 1m 1f
    [b 1776-1794; unidentified]

    23 Nicholson Combs 000001-00001-00- 3m 2f
    [b pre-1776; Nicholas "8" Sr., son of John & Nancy, husband of Nancy GRIGSBY]

    24 John WILLIAM 200010-00010-00-00
    [b 1776-1794; m 1809, Rebecca, daughter of Nicholas, Sr.]

    25 Nicholas Combs Jr. 10010010100-00-00
    [b 1795-1802; son of Nicholas, Sr.; m 1816, Elizabeth, b 1795-1804, daughter of RW John]

    26 Sam Combs 000100-00100-00- 1m
    [b 1795-1802; son of Nicholas, Sr.; m 1819, Clay, Nancy CORNETT]

    P. 125

    01 Thos. GRIGSBY 001101-30100-0-0
    [b pre-1776; brother of Nancy GRIGSBY Combs?]

    02 Robert HICKS 001101-01001-0-0
    [both b pre-1776; m Winnifred Combs (Sumner) daughter of William & Seth STACY Combs, Sr.]

    05 William SMITH 000100-10100-0-0
    [b 1795-1802; m 1816, Floyd, Millie Combs, b 1795-1804, daughter of Sarah (and Millie, daughter of a John Combs per The Combes Genealogy)]

    06 Jerimiah Combs 100010-20010-0-0
    [both b 1776-1794; unidentified; prev. transcribed Jeremiah]

    07 Hardin Combs 100010 00010-00-00
    [both b 1776-1794; son of RW John "8"; m 1814, Clay, Nancy Combs, daughter of Mason "8"]

    08 Mason Combs 221201-00001-00- 2m
    ["8" both b pre-1776; m Jane RICHESON]

    09 William Combs 100100-01000-0-0
    [b 1795-1802; eldest female, b 1805-1810. Possibly husband of Wilmot Combs, daughter of Mason & Jane RICHARDSON Combs? (Or husband of Mason's daughter, Sarah?) Except this "looks more like" a widower with 2 children and no wife, and William and Wilmot did not marry until Jun 1820. He is apparently one of the three William Combs who are listed on this census, two of whom is missing from the 1820 Clay Co., KY tax list.]

    10 Benj. STACY 120001-21210-0-0
    [Benjamin STACY, b bef 1776; son of Benjamin & Ann Combs Stacy; m 1798, Lincoln KY, Barbara Combs, b 1776-1794; daughter of John "8" Combs]

    11 Jesse Combs 120001-10010-0-0
    [b pre-1776; Who is his elderly Jesse? See also Jesse of Wilkes Co, NC]

    12 John FIELD 120101-11110-0-0
    Rev War Pensioner; resided on the Holston River with Combs during the War; RW Nicholas Combs, Sr. gave affidavit on his behalf in 1853 in Perry Co., KY.

    13 George Combs 100101-31010-00-3m4f
    ["8" b pre-1776; husband of of Lydia HARRELL; conflict with 1810 census, but conforms to all other records. The younger male in the HH has not been identified and is not Claiborne unless Claiborne's birth was 1802 or earlier.]

    14 Henry Combs Sr. 220101-20100-00- 1m
    ["8" b before 1774; husband of Rachel CLEMENTS, b 1795-1804????, daughter of Benjamin]

    p. 130
    03 Andrew HARVY 100010-20100-0-0
    [b 1776-1794; From Russell Co, VA; See also Breathitt Co., KY re added Combs Connections]

    06 Matthew Combs 500110-01010-00-00
    [eldest male in HH, b 1776-1794; son of Henry "8"; m 1810, Clay, Fanny BROWN]

    P. 131
    27 William Combs 010010-20010-00-00
    [both b 1776-1794; Unidentified; listed immediately between Henley HADDIX [HADDOX] and Samuel MILLER, 15 names before John Combs (next)]

    Note: Other surnames appearing between this William and the John who follows are: FUGATE, ISAACS, JOHNSON, HINCLE [HINKLE?], HALL, FLEETWOOD (Isaac - See Russell Co, VA), BARNET [BARNETT], STRONG and THAISNER.

    P. 132
    John Combs 100010-20100-00-00
    [b 1776-1794; wife b 1795-1804; Unidentified; listed immediately between Leonard THAISNER & John CRUM, Sr. Too young to be either RW John or the John Combs III. Possibly John "Jack" (son of RW John) and Rebecca Combs (daughter of Mason?); except children's ages don't seem to match other records (this household appears to match 1830 Perry 341-16). Keeping in mind, however, that it appears that neither RW John, nor his son, John "Jack" were on the 1820 Clay Co, KY tax list, that this may have been yet another John Combs.]

    Ed Notes: (1) Interestingly, 20 Combs by surname, 5 more than on the 1820 Clay tax list, appear on this census (which more often hides extra males in a household): Three additional Williams, a 2nd (older, unidentified) Jesse and Shadrick.

    June 1820 session. Clay County Court Records (Combs Researcher Timothy Spence)

    99) Ordered that Justice BOWLING is appt. Surveyor of the road from the top of the big ridge below Grapevine to the to[p] of the middle ridge between the Grapevine and the Combs settlement, and with the hands provided by Jesse BOWLING keep the same in repair.
    Ordered that Jeremiah Combs is appt. Surveyor of the road leading from the top of the middle ridge to Col. Elijah Combs, and with the hand provided by Robert BREASHEAR keep same in repair.
    Ordered that Hardin Combs is appt. Surveyor of the road from Col. Elijah Combs, to the top of Carrs Ridge and with the hands alloted by Robert HICKS keep the same in repair.
    100) Ordered that Charles ELLIS is appt. surveyor of the road from Col. Combs to the top of the ridge at the head of Mcintosh branch and with the hands alloted by Robert HICKS keep the same in repair.
    On motion of Robert BRASHEAR, Hardin Combs is appt. Constable in the fifth district, Who thereupon took the necessary oaths and entered into bond with Robert BRASHEAR and Robert HICKS as his securities in the sum of $2000.00
    15 Jun 1820 William Combs married Wilmuth Combs. Hardin Combs, Bondsman ("Clay Co., KY Marriages," published in the Perry Co., KY Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Apr 1984) Note: Source (2) spells bride's given name "Wilmouth."

    Notes: Wilmoth "Willie" Combs, d/o of Mason Combs & Jane RICHARDSON, married William Combs Jr aka William B Combs who was styled as Jr. since he was a few years younger (b c1797) than Wilmoth's brother-in-law William D Combs [Sr] who married her sister Rebecca. Hardin, the bondsman, was her brother-in-law. William and Willie lived in Breathitt Co, then Montgomery Co, and then Morgan Co. where he was killed in 1857 (age 60). Wilmoth was still alive in 1861 per a deed conveyance where she is styled as the widow and relict of William B Combs. His death record states he was a son of a John Combs, not yet identified.
    1821 Perry Co., KY was organized from Clay and Floyd Counties, and no Combs are listed on the 1821 Clay Co., KY tax list, or any other until 1829. The next Combs record found in Clay Co., KY is not until 1829
    1829 Clay Co, KY Tax List (Researcher Tim Spence): Benjamin Combs

    [Possibly Benjamin Combs, son of John "8" & Margaret ____ Combs?]
    1829 Kentucky Land Grants:
  • 28 Aug 1829 Grantee: Combs, Claiborne Acres: 50 Book: Y Page: 405 Date Survey: 8-28-1829 County: Clay Watercourse: Turkey Cr (KY Lands… p. 510)
  • 1829 Aug 27 Grantee: Combs, Hardin Acres: 100 Book: D-2 Page: 136 Date Survey: 8-27-1829 County: Clay Watercourse: M Fk Ky R The Kentucky Land Grants, p. 510
    1830 Clay Co., KY Tax List from (Clay Co., KY Ancestral News Quarterly, Vol VIII #3 Oct 1992 page 3)

  • Combs, Hardin
  • Combs, Claiborn
  • HICKS, Lindsy
  • STACY, John
    1830 Clay Co., KY Census (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Gloria B. Carter except where otherwise noted. See also Carolyn Gibson's 1830 Clay Co., KY Census Transcription)

    p. 179 (microfilm page 178)

    15 Harden Combs: 1 male 30-40 (1790-1800); 1 female 40-50; 1 female 20-30; 1 male 10-15; 1 female 5-10; 2 female under 5

    Note: GenWeb Transcription lists eldest female as age 30-40

    Notes: Harden Combs, born ca 1794, son of RW John (1761) Margaret Combs, husband of Hacy/Nancy Combs. Listed immediately below Moses ROBERTS.

    16 John SPENCER: 1 male 30-40; 1 female 20-30; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 5-10; 1 female 5-10; 1 male under 5

    Notes: Could this be family of Dicey Combs Spencer, daughter of RW John? (See Dickey Diary Interviews)

    22 Combs, Claborne: 1 male 20-30 (1800-1810); 1 female 30-40; 1 male 15-20; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 5-10; 2 female under 5

    Notes: Claiborne, son of George "8" & Lydia HARRELL Combs (Dickey Diary Interviews, John S. Combs); m Sarah Combs, daughter of RW John Combs & widow of James HUNDLEY (whom she m in 1810, Lincoln Co., KY)

    (microfilm page 179)

    16 Henry BANTON: 1 male 30-40; 1 Female 30-40; 2 Females 5-10; 2 Females under 5; Slaves M 8; Slaves F 4
    (Carolyn Gibson's Transcription)

    Notes: See 1798 Lincoln Co., KY marriage of Henry BANTA. Not same, but possibly kin? See also Henry BANTA (BANKS?) of 1840 Perry Co., KY Census.

    10 Apr 1835 William Combs, son of Benjamin Combs, married Elizabeth STAPLETON, daughter of Edward STAPLETON. No Bondsman. ("Clay Co., KY Marriages," published in the Perry Co., KY Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Apr 1984) Note: Source (2) spells bride's name Elzabeth STAPPLETON. Source (3) lists bride as "Eliz. STAPLETON," and year as 1855 (probably a typographical error).

    Notes: son of Benjamin & Jane BROWN Combs, on 1840 Clay census.

    13 Sep 1836 Louisa Combs, daughter of John Combs, married John BURNS. No Bondsman. ("Clay Co., KY Marriages," published in the Perry Co., KY Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Apr 1984) Note: Source (2) lists date as 12 Sep 1836.

    Notes: Louisa daughter of John "Jack" & Rebecca Combs Combs (based on his having been only John Combs in the county at this time), on 1840 Clay County census and 1850 Owsley.
    1836 Kentucky Land Grants:
  • 12 Sep 1836 Grantee: Combs, Jesse Acres: 250 Book: I-2 Page: 139 Date Survey: 9-12-1836 County: Perry & Clay Watercourse: M Fk Ky R The Kentucky Land Grants, p. 510

    Note: The above land is on Middle Fork, not North Fork; however, the above record also shows that Jesse Combs' land straddled both counties.

  • 29 Oct 1836 Grantee: Combs, Hardin Acres: 50 Book: N-2 Page: 287 Date Survey: 10-29-1836 County: Clay Watercourse: N Fk Ky R (KY Land…p. 510)
    2 Jan 1837 John Combs married Elizabeth WILLIAMS. No bondsman. ("Clay Co., KY Marriages," published in the Perry Co., KY Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Apr 1984) Note: Source (2) lists year as 1847, apparently a typographical error. Source (3) lists groom as "John (Jack) Combs," and groom's father as John Combs (both clearly annotations since if the former were true, the latter would be false, the groom having been born abt 1792).

    Notes: Thought to have been same as John "Jack," son of RW John Combs, who married (1) 17 Dec 1813, Clay Co., KY; Rebecca Combs, daughter of Mason "8"; married (2) 2 Jan 1837, Clay Co., KY; Elizabeth (daughter of John or Jonathan HUNT, and widow of John WILLIAMS according to Hunt-Williams Researchers, their source not known; however, she is also listed in The Combes Genealogy as Elizabeth Hunt Williams, again with no source).
    30 Mar 1837 Cyntha Combs married Lace ABNER. John Combs, Bondsman ("Clay Co., KY Marriages," published in the Perry Co., KY Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Apr 1984)

    Notes: Cyntha Combs' ancestry not known, but thought to have possibly been a daughter of John "Jack" and Rebecca Combs Combs (apparently based primarily on John having been bondsman, proximity in later census records, and eldest son named John?). John was apparently in Perry County in 1830, but specific census record not yet determined.
    1840 Clay Co., KY Census (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Gloria B. Carter except where otherwise noted) See also the 1840 Clay Co., KY Census GenWeb Transcription. Note: All of the following were in Owsley Co., KY in 1850.

    P. 315

    13 Combs, Harry: 1 male under 5; 1 male 20-30 (1810-1820); 1 female under 5; 1 female 5-10; 1 female 20-30

    Notes: Is this Harvey Hundley Combs, son of James and Sarah Combs Hundley (Combs), m (1) Elizabeth PARSONS according to Owsley Co., KY VS.

    14 Lacy ABNER Jr. 00001-3001-0-0 [m 1837, Clay, Cynthia Combs]: 1 male 20-30; 1 female 15-20; 3 females under 5 (Extracted from US GenWeb Transcription)

    [PHILLIPS, GILBERT and ANGEL in between]

    19 Combs, John: 1 male 40-50 (1790-1800); 1 female 40-50; 1 female 20-30; 1 female 15-20; 1 female 10-15; 2 males 5-10; 1 female 5-10; 1 male under 5;

    Notes: John "Jack" Combs, son of RW John "8" & Margaret Combs, and second wife, Elizabeth (HUNT?) Williams (m 1837, Clay). John and first wife, Rebecca Combs, daughter of Mason "8", is probably on 1830 Perry census, but not yet determined specifically which household.

    P. 316

    26 John BURNES [m Louisa Combs 1836?]: 1 male 30-40 [John b ca 1798?]; 1 female 20-30 [Louisa Combs, b ca 1813]; 2 males 10-15 [??]; 2 males 5-10 [??]; 1 male under 5 [John & where's Abijah?]; 2 females under 5 [Ann & ?]

    P. 317

    22 Combs, Harden: 1 male 15-20; 1 male 40-50 (1790-1800); 1 female 5-10; 2 female 10-15; 1 female 15-20; 1 female 40-50

    Notes: Hardin Combs, son of RW John "8" & Margaret Combs, m 25 Aug 1814, Clay Co., KY, Nancy Combs, daughter of Mason & Jane RICHARDSON Combs?

    P. 318

    07 John GABBARD: 1 male 20-30; 1 female 20-30; 1 female under 5 (Extracted from GenWeb)

    Notes: m Margaret Combs (Owsley Co, KY Records), daughter of Benjamin & Jane BROWN Combs per The Combes Genealogy (marriage record not yet located).

    11 Combs, William: 1 male under 5; 1 male 20-30 (1810-1820); 1 female under 5; 1 female 20-30;

    Notes: son of Benjamin & Jane BROWN Combs; m 10 Apr 1835, Clay, Elizabeth STAPLETON, daughter of Edward STAPLETON. They are on the 1850 Owsley Co., KY Census.

    12 Edward STAPLETON: 1 male 50-60 [Edward STAPLETON]; 1 female 50-60; 1 male 15-20; 1 male 10-15; 1 female 70-80 [Sarah JOHNSON Stapleton]; 2 female slaves

    Notes: Edward STAPLETON, father of Elizabeth STAPLETON Combs, was son of RW Thomas STAPLETON (died 1835, Clay Co., KY), who married Jun 1788, Rowan Co, NC, Sarah JOHNSON (sister of Thomas T. and Robert R. JOHNSON), born 1764 (age 70-80 above). In the 1790s, Thomas and Sarah STAPLETON resided for a short time with RW John "8" Combs according to deposition of his son, John "Jack" Combs. Both before and after that, Thomas is found in Russell Co, VA.

    14 Samuel HUNLEY: 1 male 20-30; 2 males under 5; 1 female 20-30; 1 female 5-10 (son of James & Sarah Combs Hundley (Combs)

    16 Combs, Claiborne: 1 male under 5 (Tinsley Logan, b ca 1837?); 1 male 5-10 (Kenneth, b ca 1833?); 1 male 15-20 (unidentified); 1 male 30-40 (Claiborn, b 1801-1805?); 2 female 10-15 (Artemicia, b 1828?); 1 female 30-40 (Sally, b 1797-1799 [sic]?)

    Notes: Claiborne Combs, son of George & Lydia HARRELL Combs, m ca 1826, Sarah Combs, daughter of RW John "8" and Margaret Combs, and widow of James HUNDLEY whom she had m 2 Dec 1810, Lincoln Co., KY. See 1850 Owsley Co., KY Census Notes.

    10 Apr 1841 Will of Zachariah Morgan, Clay County-Kentucky Transcribed by Jack Martin from a copy of the Original received from the Clay County Clerk

    In the name of the Lord – Amen: I first give my soul to God & my body to be laid in the earth, and being in sound mind but feeble in body, do make this my last will and testament – To wit: First I give all my landed Estate to three of my sons, To wit: David Morgan, Elisha Morgan, and Washington Morgan, to equally divided between them; Secondly I give to my wife, Mary/\Morgan, all my household & kitchen furniture, one horse, all my stock of sheep & hogs-& 2 cows. Thirdly I wish all the rest of my property to be sold and from the proceeds to pay all my just debts and the balance to be equally divided among all my children, To wit: Rachel Pendleton, Betsey Lewis, William Morgan, Louisa Parsons, Jesse Morgan, Joseph Morgan, Nancy Sergeant, Cressy Sergeant, Abel Morgan, John Morgan, to heirs of Zachariah Morgan-dec’d, Luicinda Morgan* Combs, David, & Elisha Morgan and Washington Morgan, and hereby appoint John Gilbert Sr. my executor – All wills or assertions coming in contact with this my last will is hereby declared to be null & void; the foregoing will being read & well understood by me, I have caused my name to be assigned and my seal affixed this day & date first above written.

    John Gilbert Senr Zachariah his X mark Morgan
    William Mattingly”

    *Morgan has a line drawn through it and Combs is written above it.

    Jack Martin Notes: Zachariah Morgan (1) was born about 1770/1775; Zachariah Morgan (2,) born about 1816, is deceased before 10 Apr 1841. In the 1836 Perry Co., KY Groom's Index record is the marriage of Zachariah (2), presumably to Eliza Combs. Eliza Combs, daughter of George & Lydia HARRELL Combs, married first Zachariah MORGAN (Perry Co., KY DBC:469); and second Samuel Combs. See the 1840 Perry Co., KY Census for Elisa Morgan and the record of 10 Sep 1858 Perry Co., KY DBC:467 See also any ongoing discussion of Eliza in the archives.
    3 Mar 1843 Jesse THOMAS married Martha Combs. No Bondsman. ("Clay Co., KY Marriages," published in the Perry Co., KY Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Apr 1984) Note: Source (2) spells given name of groom "Jessee."

    Notes: Martha Combs Thomas, b ca 1821, Kentucky, may have also been a daughter of John "Jack" and Rebecca Combs Combs (Seeking Documentation. See 1850 Owsley Co., KY Census)
    3 Aug 1846 Jeredith Combs married Easter ALLEN (Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews) Note: Not included in Sources (1) or (2). A fourth trnascription lists marriage date as 3 Oct 1846.

    Notes: A. Meredith [sic] Combs, born ca 1824, son of John & Rebecca Combs Combs, grandson of RW John "8" & Margaret Combs. (See 1850 Clay Co., KY Census notes)
    See Combs of Clay Co., KY 1850-

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