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See also Perry Co., KY ALHN, the complete 1850 Perry Co., KY Census transcribed by Louise Gaskill, and the complete 1900 Perry Co., KY Census transcription at USGENNET
1840 Kentucky House of Representatives: Elijah Combs, Perry County (Extracted by Combs Researcher Bob George from Kentucky Pioneers)
02 Jan 1840 (Perry Co KY Groom's Index) Ira COUCH to [Perminia Combs?]

Notes: Perminia Combs, daughter of Henry& Nancy BROWN Combs, married Ira COUCH (1850 Perry Co, KY Census, District 1, 018-019, and Perry Co KY Records dated 18 Feb 1857 (Perry KY DBC:458)); however, see also 7 Aug 1854 and 27 Mar 1856 Perry Co, KY Vital Statistics listing births of children to Silas [sic] COUCH & Permina Combs,and see 23 Jan 1845 Perry marriage record for a Silas COUCH. Pending 1860 Perry Co KY Census, not known if Silas and Ira were one and the same, although it appears likely, but if so, was he married twice?.

08 Jan 1840 (Perry Co KY Groom's Index) [Mary "Polly" Combs?] married Isaac YOUNG

Notes: The 1850 and 1870 Perry Co KY Census records include Isaac and Polly [Combs] Young, and several 1850s Perry Co KY records list Isaac YOUNG'S wife as Polly Combs; however, at least one Perry Co KY Record from 1850s indicates Isaac YOUNG married Sally Combs. Eldest child in 1850 HH is 8 years of age Also Note: Date corrected from 1 Aug 1840. Sharon Young Jebavy has copy of marriage record which lists 8 Jan 1840.

1840 Perry Co., KY Census (Transcribed from S-KPublications microfilm copy by Combs Researcher Chris Page and proofed by Louise Gaskill where the Legend is same for free white males (FWM) and free white females (FWF). Free Colored Persons has not been "broken down" by category yet. Nor have slaves. (This can be provided later, as needed, on a "look up" basis).

Free White Age Categories: under 5; under10; under 15; under 20; under 30; under 40 (etc.)

First Name
Last Name
Transcriber/Editor Comments
250 23 Robert CORNETT 2001001 101001 00 04 11 son of RWWilliam CORNETT, married 1821, Perry, Louisa, daughter of Elijah "8", Sr.
250 24 Jesse Combs 2200001 011301 00 00 11 son of Elijah "8",Sr., married 1821, Perry, Polly BOLLING
250 25 Samuel Combs 1112001 120101 00 04 15 son of Nicholas "8", Sr., married 1819, Clay, Nancy CORNETT, daughter of RW William CORNETT
250 26 Jeremiah Combs 00000001 0002 00 05 08 Possibly JeremiahC. "Chunky" son of Nicholas "8"?
250 27 Andrew Combs 200001 11001 00 00 06 son of Jeremiah C. "Chunky" Combs, married Polly FELTNER
250 29 John Combs 00001 10001 00 00 03 John S., son of Jeremiah"Chunky" Combs, married 1838, Perry, Celia Combs daughter of Jeremiah "Long"?
250 30 Nicholas Combs Jr 0131101 1121001 00 04 17 son of Nicholas "8", Sr., married Elizabeth, daughter of RW John "8" Combs
250 31 Wayne DAVIDSON 310001 01001 00 00 07 married Dorcas, daughter of Jeremiah C. "Chunky" & Syntha SUMNER Combs (1854 Perry). Later to Andrew Co MO?
253 26 Henry Combs 1011001 0201001 00 00 08 Jr., son of Henry "8", Sr., married 1816, Clay, Nancy Ann BROWN
253 27 Jeremiah Combs 21120001 122201 00 03 18 Which?
253 29 John COUCH 200001 00001 00 00 04 married 1837, Perry, Rachael, daughter of Henry & Nancy BROWN Combs, Jr.
254 01 Calvin STACY 110001 00001 00 00 04 son of next? m?
254 02 Benjamin STACY 0100100001 00001 00 00 04 son of Benj. & Ann Combs Stacy?; married 1798, Lincoln Co, KY, BarbaraCombs, daughter of John?
254 03 WilliamB. Combs 12101 11001 00 00 08 written: "William Combs B." Possibly also enumerated in Breathitt this year
254 04 Francis Combs 10001 00001 00 00 03 son of Henry "8" & husband of Elizabeth OLIVER?
254 11 John A. DUFF 121001 021101 00 04 14 married 1823, Perry, Mary, daughter of Elijah Combs, Sr.
254 13 Jackson D. Combs 000001 20001 00 00 04 1st written Jackson G., then changed to D. son of whom? died Sep 1849
254 20 Nicholas Combs 0000000001 0000000000100 00 06 08 "Danger" Nicholas "8" & Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr.
254 22 Martin Combs 212001 220001 00 00 11 Massingill Martin, son of Mason "8", married Elizabeth Combs, daughter of Jeremiah "Long"
255 02 John WILLIAMS 0110001 0000001 00 02 06 married 1809, Clay KY, Rebecca, daughter of Nicholas "8", Sr.
255 04 Ezekiel BRASHEARS 000001 0001 00 00 02 m Minerva, daughter of Jesse Combs, Sr.? (when?)
256 12 Henry BANTA 32000001 0000001 00 00 07 (or BANKS?) See 1798 Lincoln KY
257 15 Talton Combs 101001 121001 00 00 08 Tarlton, son of Mason "8", married 1826, Perry, Elizabeth ISON
257 16 Bonpart Combs 000001 111001 00 00 05 Napoleon Bonaparte, son of Mason "8", married 1833, Perry, Susan ISON.
257 17 James Combs 1210001 111001 00 00 09 son of Henry "8", married Elizabeth
257 26 John Combs 110001 10101 00 00 06 b 1800-1810. Which?
257 28 Biram Combs 00001 00001 00 00 02 son of George "8", married Mariah MESSER?
257 29 Jackson G. Combs 30001 00001 00 00 05 son of Elijah "8", married 1836, Perry, Martha (CRANK?)
257 30 William D. Combs 210001 110101 00 01 09 b 1800-1810. Who?
257 31 Moses Combs 000201 000001 00 00 04 son of Jeremiah C. "Chunky" Combs, married Lydia/Letha Combs (daughter of George "8"?
258 01 Mason Combs 2100001 11010100001 00 00 09 son of John, married MatildaWATTS? Who is elderly female in HH, born 1750-1760? 1850 Breathitt
258 06 Shadrick Combs 01210001 0001001 00 00 07 "Old Shade" of 1850 Letcher? son of John? 1850 Letcher
258 07 Shadrick Combs Jr 100001 00001 00 00 03 son of "Old Shade"?1850 Letcher
258 08 Wesley Combs 00001 00001 00 00 02 son of Jeremiah "Long"; married Nancy, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Combs Combs, Jr. per Combes Genealogy
258 15 George Combs 211001 111001 00 00 09 son of Henry "8"? married Nancy SMITH, daughter of Richard & Elitia Combs Smith
258 16 Clinton Combs 000001 20001 00 00 04 married Elizabeth Combs, daughter of Shadrach of Letcher?
258 17 Washington Combs 1000001 211001 00 00 07 son of Mason "8", married 1826, Perry, Sallie (WHITTAKER?)
258 18 Elijah Combs 101001 122001 03 06 18 Jr., son of Elijah, Sr., married 1826, Perry, Polly Combs daughter of Jeremiah "Long?"
262 28 Shadrick STACY 120001 110001 00 00 07 married 16 Dec 1832, Lawrence Co, IN, Sarah Combs, daughter of Jeremiah "Long?"
262 31 Elisha SMITH 000110001 00 00 00 03 ElitiaCombs, daughter of Nicholas, Sr. & widow of Richard SMITH?
263 07 John WALKER 10001 20001 00 00 05 married Polly Combs, daughter of Jeremiah C. "Chunky" & Syntha SUMNER Combs
263 18 Jeremiah C. Combs 2001001 0200001 00 00 07 Which?
263 20 William Combs 200001 00001 00 00 04 b 1800-1810. Which?
263 22 John C. Combs 1011001 0122101 00 00 11 b 1790-1800. Who?
263 23 John HACKER 0110000001 000001001 00 00 05 See George"8"
264 07 Elijah Combs Sr. 000000001 001000001 00 09 12 Elijah"8" & Sarah ROARK Combs, Sr.

The number of persons within my division consisting of three thousand, sixty nine apear in the foregoing schedule subscribed by me this Twenty Eighth day of October One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty. /s/Ezekiel BRASHEAR

Do these by certify that a correct coppy of the above schedule signed by the said Ezekiel Brashear has been set up at two of the most public places within the division open to the inspection of all concerned. /s/Jesse Combs. /s/Wm. B. Combs

Addendum Transcribed by Jack Martin :
1840 Census Perry Co KY page 261, line 5 HH of Elisa Morgan:
female age 20-30, with one son age under 5.
Line 2 shows William Morgan, line 6 shows Abel Morgan, and line 7 shows Jefse Morgan,
NOTE: Eliza Combs married Zachariah Morgan (2) in Perry Co., KY in 1836. Zachariah Morgan is listed as deceased in his father Zachariah Morgan's will of 10 Apr 1841 in Clay Co., KY.

20 Jul 1840 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) William Combs & [Lethe BEGLEY or Hannah?]

Notes: The 1850 Perry Co., KY Census includes two William Combs who "might fit" this marriage: (1) District 1, 194-202, William Combs, 27, Lethe, 24 F KY, with eldest child in HH age 3, and Perry Co., KY Vital Statistics of 03 Jul 1853 and 06 Nov 1855, document that Lethe was neè BEGLEY; and (2) District 2, 128-138 William and Hanah Combs, 25 and 28 years of age respectively, with eldest child in HH age 6. In the first instance, a seven year gap would have occurred between marriage date and birth of first child; and in second instance, the gap would have been about four years and the groom only 15 years of age at time of marriage. A third William, William L. Combs, husband of Margaret KELLY, appears to have been more likely to have been the 1836 Perry Co., KY marriage. And, of course, this William Combs may have not been on the 1850 Perry Co., KY census at all.
24 Jul 1840 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Hardin OWENS married [Louisa-Levisa Combs?]

Notes: 15 Jul 1852 Perry Co., KY Records confirm marriage of a Hardin OWENS to a Louisa [sic] Combs; however, no Hardin and Louisa are found in 1850 Perry Co., KY Census in same household, although District 2 includes a Levisa OWENS, age 29, who is listed adjacent to the HH of a Hardin OWENS, age 69. Possibly a father in law? Possibly separated? No OWENS were on either the 1840 Perry or Breathitt Co, KY Census enumerations.
1841-1849 Kentucky Land Grant Surveys [not yet entered]
20 Jan 1841(Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Samuel Combs married [Eliza Combs?]

Notes: Possibly the Samuel & Eliza Combs Combs of the 1860 Perry Co, KY Census (missing in 1850?) whose eldest child was son, James, born ca 1843. The 14 Mar 1915 Perry Co, KY death certificate of their son, Elhannon S. Combs documents his parents' names.
19 Dec 1841 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Alexander Combs married [Mary BRASHEARS?]

Notes: 1850 Perry Co., KY Census lists in
  1. District 2, 013-014, Alexander S. Combs, 25 and Polly, 23, with child, Silas, age3; and in
  2. District 2, 180-197, Alexander Combs, 34, and Mary, 27, with eldest child, Almira, age 5.
Perry Co., KY Records for 06 Jul 1853, 05 May 1858 and the 1870 Perry Co., KY Census, Hazard Precinct,#9, indicate that the second Alexander Combs married Mary BRASHEARS. See 18 Mar 1846 for Alexander and Polly Combs Combs' marriage; and see Two Alexander Combs of Perry and 1850 records for additional detail. Alexander, husband of Mary BRASHEAR, was the son of "Squire" Nicholas "Birdeye" Combs, Jr. & Elizabeth Combs.
January 1842 Perry Co, KY Deed Book B, page 270. Nicholas Combs, Sr. deeds land on Ball's Fork / Troublesome Creek, to James RITCHIE, "His X Mark". (Martin G. H. Combs)
1 Mar 1842 Perry Co, KY Groom's Index. Samuel NAPIER married [Susan ????]

Notes: According to The Combes Genealogy, Samuel NAPIER'S wife was neè Susan Combs and the daughter of Washington& Sallie WHITTAKER Combs. See 1850 Perry Co., KY Census District 2, 5-5,which lists Samuel NAPIER, 31, and Susan, 21. Seeking documentation of her maiden name and marriage.
30 Mar 1842 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Wiley Combs married [????]

Notes: This is neither Wiley Combs of Perry who married Mary "Polly" FIELDS in 1851 in Carter Co., KY (and see Perry Co., KY Vital Statistics - Birth Records, dated 01-09-1852), nor Wiley Combs of Breathitt who married Elizabeth Jane Combs... Research in progress .
04 Aug 1842 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Robert Combs married [Eliza Combs?]

Notes: Robert C. Combs (son of Samuel & Nancy CORNETT Combs per the Combes Genealogy, not yet documented) married Eliza Combs (daughter of Jeremiah C. "Chunky" and Synthia SUMNER Combs) based on (1) the age of their eldest children in 1850 Perry Co., KY Census (District 2, 17-18); (2) 1851-1859 Perry Co., KY Vital Statistics; and (3) 1853 - 1854 Perry Co., KY will and estate records for her father.
1843 Died: Jeremiah L. Combs, Sr., husband of Nancy (Combs?) & Sarah WHITELEY. According to The Combes Genealogy, Jeremiah is buried "in an old, deserted graveyard among the trees, on the point above Rob MORGAN'S house. The stone bears the date, 1843, and "J. Combs".
4 Apr 1843. (Perry Co, KY DBB:287) Austin C. GODSEY, deputy sheriff of PC to Jackson G. Combs of PC. This instrument mentions a suit against the estate of John L. Combs, Biram Combs, and James M. HUNDLEY for $91. Biram Combs, and James M. HUNDLEY had given a bond for an estate [unnamed]. Court ordered thesale of a tract of land (50a) at public auction…land on line fork adjacent land of Samuel LUSK adjacent RIPPEE survey… (Sue Elfving)

6 Nov 1844-6 Nov 1844 (Perry Co, KY DBB:333-4) Jackson G. Combs and wife Patsy to William and John LUSK, all of PC, 2 tracts (45a, & 50a) for $350, land on the waters of Line Fork adjacent to the end of James RIPPE'S plantation. (Abstracted by Sue Elfving from microfilm copies of originals)

SE Note: In my notes, I wrote that after rereading this instrument, I believed that John L. really referred to Jeremiah L. "Long" Combs, Sr. (as versus his son, John L. who may be the above) and that all three men stood security and owed Jonathan R. BROWN. This deed is very confusing and full transcription needs to be read and studied. Also note that on the 1820 Clay Co, KY census that Shadrach Combs I was listed immediately between the above Samuel LUSK and James RIPPEE.
02 Apr 1843 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Joseph Combs married [Delilah Combs?]

Notes: The marriage of Joseph Combs to Delilah Combs is documented by the 1850 Breathitt Co., KY census, and later Breathitt KY vital statistics. According to The Combes Genealogy, Joseph was the sonf of Preston Combs (son of Mason "8" and Jane RICHARDSON Combs) and Nancy STACY (daughter of Benjamin STACY II and Barbara Combs)
09 Mar 1843 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) S. P. Combs married [????]

Notes: No adult male Combs with first initial S found in 1850 Perry Co., KY Census as HH (additional records still to be checked) other than Stephen Combs with long-time wife, Martha "Patsy" FRANCIS; however, could this be marriage of Sira and Polly CAUDELL/ROBERTS Combs of 1850 Breathitt Co., KY? Or could this be a G. P. and the first (?) marriage of Granville Pearl Combs who married in 1847 in Perry Co., KY to Marinda BRASHEAR?
20 Oct 1843 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) A. C. GODSEY married [Marian (Mary Ann) Combs]

Notes: Austin C. GODSEY married Mary Ann Combs (1850 Perry Co., KY Census, District 2,001-001 (eldest child in HH is 7 years of age), and 17 May 1853 Perry Co KY Records)
12 Jan 1844 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) [Sarena? Susan? Combs] married William McINTOSH

Notes: 1850 Perry Co., KY Census lists in District 1, -22-023, William McINTOSH, 29, and Syrina, 22, with eldest child in HH, Nancy 4. 07 Nov 1852 Perry Co., KY Records list William and Susan [sic] Combs McIntosh. In 1860, Perry Co., KY Census, Serena McINTOSH, 33, is living in HH of Nicholas and Elizabeth Combs Combs, Jr.and children listed include Nancy A. Combs [sic], 14. According to The Combes Genealogy, Sarena Combs, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Combs Combs, Jr., married William WOOTEN [sic]. If so, the marriage apparently took place after 1860.
23 Jul 1844 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) [Alice-Alsey "Dutch" Combs] married Joseph DAVIDSON

Notes: Alice "Elsie Dutch" Combs, daughter of Jesse & Polly BOLLING Combs, married (1) Joseph DAVIDSON; married (2) 1860-1862, Granville Pearl Combs (son of Squire Nicholas "Birdeye" and Elizabeth Combs Combs, Jr.). Her marriage to Joseph DAVIDSON is documented by the 1850 Perry Co., KY Census; her 05 Feb 1914 obituary from the HAZARD HARALD: Hazard, Perry Co. KY; and the 1930 Laurel Co., KY DC of their son, Ira Jesse DAVIDSON. See also later Perry Co., KY Census records.
12 Nov 1844-9 Dec 1844 (Perry Co., KYDBB:335-6) Heirs of Jeremiah Combs listed in the text: John L.Combs, Elijah Combs, Jeremiah Combs, Jeremiah Combs, L. Combs, Nevels YOUNG, Wesley Combs, Milly Combs, Sally Combs, Sampson Combs, Zachariah CAMPBELL, Willy Combs, ELIJAH Combs JR, Nicholas Combs JR, and Jiney Combs, all of Perry Co. except Nevels YOUNG and Nicholas Combs of Missouri….to Shadrach STACY of Perry Co.,…150a adjacent Elijah Combs Jr. line…mouth of Yellow Creek…. Acknowledged on 12 Nov 1844 by: Nevels YOUNG, Jeremiah L Combs, John L Combs, Sarah Combs, Nicholas Combs, Sampson Combs, Elijah Combs Jr, William Combs

Acknowledged on 23 Nov 1844 by Milly Combs and Martin Combs

Acknowledged on 9 Dec 1844 by Wesley Combs

Signed by: Nevels x YOUNG, Jeremiah L.x Combs, Sarah x Combs, Nicholas x Combs, Sampson x Combs, Elijah Combs JR [could write], William Combs, Mily x Combs, Martin x Combs, Wesley x Combs, John L x Combs. (Abstracted by Sue Elfving from original on microfilm)

25 Nov 1844-25 Nov 1844 (Perry Co., KY DBB:336-7). Sampson Combs to William L Combs, sells his interesthis interest in the estate of his father Jeremiah L Combs decd. (Abstracted by Sue Elfving from original on microfilm)

25 Nov 1844-25 Nov1844 (Perry Co., KY DBB:337). Nicholas S. Combs of Missouri sells for $30 to Shadrach STACY of Kentucky his interest in the estate, both real and personal, of Jeremiah L. Combs, decd. (Abstracted by Sue Elfving from original on microfilm)

25 Nov 1844 (Perry Co., KY DBB:337-8). Heirs of Jeremiah L. Combs, decd to William L. Combs, all of Kentucky except Nicholas Combs Jr and Pegga Combs and Nevels and Nancy YOUNG of Missouri, 45a of land on Montgomery Creek, a branch of Carr Creek that was patented by J. Combs… The list of heirs included: Shadrach STACY, Jeremiah Combs, Nicholas Combs, Sampson Combs. (Abstracted by Sue Elfving from original on microfilm)

Notes: See Jeremiah L. Combs, Sr. and also deed dated 17 Mar 1848-7 Aug 1848 and 12 Sep 1848 below.
23 Jan 1845 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Silas COUCH married [Perminia Combs?]

Notes: See 2 Jan 1840 Perry Co., KY marriage record of Ira COUCH and see also the 1850 Perry Co., KY Census, District 1,018-019 re Combs-Couch conflicts
28 Mar 1845 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Thomas HOSKINS married [?????]

Notes: It has been posited that Thomas HOSKINS married a Nancy Ann Combs, but source is unknown. The 1850 Perry Co., KY census lists a Thomas HASKINS, age 40 with wife, Elisa, and eldest child in HH age 18. Not known why or which Thomas HOSKINS is thought to have married a Combs, Nancy Ann or otherwise.
03 May 1845 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Harvey SIZEMORE married [Willa (a.k.a. Willie) Combs]

Notes: 1850 and 1870 Perry Co., KY Census and 1851-1859 Perry Co., KY records document this marriage. Was Willie possibly a.k.a. Wilmot? (Her ancestry unknown).
3 May 1845 Marriage for one John COCKX [sic] by Samuel SMITH (Original Source: Perry Co., Ky. Marriage Book A, p.53, transcribed and found in "Perry County, KY Marriages Books A-F, Perry County, Ky.", Genealogical and Historical Society, Inc.)
20 Nov 1845 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Hezekiah Combs married [Mehala? Melda?]

Notes: The 1850 Perry Co., KY Census, District 2, 079-084, lists Hezekiah Combs, 25, and Mehala, 21, with no children, although also in HH is a Susan Combs, 28, with child, Wesley, 5. Who were Susan Combs and (her son?) Wesley? In 1860, he is listed with wife(?) Melda. Is this the Hysekiah Combs, named in the RW Pension Application of John "8" Combs asthe child of his daughter, MargaretCombs (never married per Dickey Diary Interview of Margaret Combs Lewis)? If so, a very young marriage.
20 November 1845 Perry Co., KY Deed Book B, page 385. Nicholas Combs, Sr. deeds land to [his son], Nicholas Combs, Jr. 40 acres on North Fork, KY River for $40; County Clerk signs on 23 March 1846 [?] ( Martin G. H. Combs)

Notes: Nicholas "Danger" and Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr. and Nicholas "Bird-eye" Combs, Jr., husband of Elizabeth Combs (daughter of RW John Combs).
24 Nov 1845 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Felix Combs married [Susan Combs]

Notes: Felix Combs, age 23, son of Moses and Lette (Letha, Lydia) Combs Combs, is in the 1850 Perry Co., KY Census, District, Dwelling 114-121, with 1st wife, Susan Combs (daughter of Jeremiah), and children born 1848 and 1850. Susan's surname is documented by May 1858 Perry KY Vital Statistics, birth of their son, Joseph. Susan Combs Combs was the daughter of Jeremiah Combs (her Oct 1858, Perry Co., KY Death record).
18 Mar 1846 (Perry Co., KY Groom's Index) Alexander Combs married [Polly Combs?]

Notes: The 1850 Perry Co., KY Census, District, 2, 013-014, includes an Alexander S. Combs, age 25, whose wife was Polly Combs, with eldest child in HH, Silas, age 3. See Two Alexander Combs of Perry and 1850s Perry records for more detail.
02 May 1846 Bluford Combs married [Winney Combs]

Notes: See 1850 Perry Co., KY Census, District 1, 006-006, 1860 Perry KY Census, & Perry Co., KY Vital Statistics - Birth Records, dated 07-22-1853; See Also Breathitt Co., KY Vital Statistics and 1880 Breathitt KY Census.
29 Jan 1847 Edward Combs married [?????]

Notes: This is not Edward Combs who married Martha POLLEY as that marriage is of record in Letcher Co., KY, dated 01 Mar 1849. Might it be Edwin [sic] and Sylvania HERALD whose eldest daughter was born 1847-1848 per the 1850 Breathitt Co., KY Census?
10 April 1847 Perry Co., KY Deed Book B, page 412. Nicholas Combs, Sr. & "his wife, Nancy" deed land to [their son] Nicholas Combs, Jr. "His X Mark" and "Her X mark". "I, Jesse Combs, clk of the county court for the county ------, do certify that this deed from Nicholas Combs, Sr. and his wife, Nancy Combs, to Nicholas Combs, Jr. (Martin G. H.Combs)

Notes: The above record, in conjunction with the Jan 1850 death of a married Nancy Combs, age 96, clearly documents that Nicholas "Danger" did not die in 1838.
13 Apr 1847 Granville Combs married [Marinda BRESHEARS]

Notes: Documented by 1850 Perry Co., KY census, District 1, 147-155 and 1851-1859 Perry Co., KY records. This may not have been his first marriage based on 1850 Perry Co,KY Census which shows a (son?) Robert, age 8.
28 Sept. 1847. (PC-KY Docket Book). The Clerk of the Perry Circuit County will please issue a scire facias against Polly ombs Executrix of the last will and testament of Elijah Combs Jr. dec'd and show cause if any she can an execution shall not issue against her as Executrix of said will. (Abstracted by Sue Elfving from original book.)
17 Mar 1848-7 Aug 1848 (Perry Co., KY DBB:445-6). Heirs of Jeremiah L. Combs decd.. a commissioners deed… 150a acres to Shadrach STACY. Body of text lists these heirs: John S. Combs and wife Celey Combs, John SMITH and wife Willey Combs, Polly Combs wife of Elijah Combs Jr., Elizabeth Combs wife of Martin Combs, Margaret Combs wife of Nicholas Combs.... [Later in the text] Polly Combs is defined as widow of Elijah Combs deceased.
Signed by John S. x Combs, Celay x Combs, Peggy x Combs, Elizabeth x Combs (Abstracted by Sue Elfving from original on microfilm)

Note: See also deed series above dated 12 Nov 1844-9 Dec 1844 and 12 Sep 1848 below.
10 Apr 1848-12 Apr 1848 (Perry Co., KY DBB:381-2) Perry Co., Ky., commissioners deed by Robert S. BRASHEARS and Jeremiah C. Combs, per a Perry Co. Circuit Court Order decree. wherein the heirs of Mason Combs decd. sell to Washington Combs, for $190,a 50a tract by patent.. The heirs are listed as: Washington Combs, Preston Combs, Tarlton Combs, Hardin Combs and Nancy his wife (late Nancy Combs), William Combs Jr. and wife Wilmoth (late Wilmoth Combs), William Combs Sr. and wife Sally (late Sally Combs), John Combs and wife Rebecca (late Rebecca Combs), who are 21 years of age, Robert S. BRASHEARS guardianfor Masingill Combs, Clinton Combs, and Bonapart Combs, the infant heirs of Mason Combs decd. (Abstracted by Sue Elfving from microfilm)

Notes: The above are heirs of Mason "8" Combs, died by Jun 1822 (Perry Co., KY Court Minutes). It appears that this record, although dated 1848, includes an earlier record (the List of Heirs), which must have been dated after Tarlton Combs had come of age, but before his three younger brothers had come of age. Tarlton was born 1803-1804 per 1850-1870 Perry Co., KY census records, thus 18-19 years ofage when his father died. Of his three younger brothers, Massingill Martin was born 1805-1809; Clinton abt 1810; and Napoleon Bonaparte abt 1811. Based on these birth years, the earliest that the record of the List of Heirs could have been dated would have been about 1826, and the latest abt 1830 (Note that it is possibly significant that Mason's widow, Jane RICHARDSON Combs, was still alive in Jun 1830 (Perry census), yet not listed above, which may be significant since she 'disappears' after 1830). Also note that if Napoleon's Dickey Diary interview is correct, if there was a fifth daughter (Tabitha per The Combes Genealogy), she was either omitted erroneously from the list of heirs or deceased by 1830.
12 Sep 1848 (DBB:477) Zachariah CAMPBELL and Purlinah Combs,Milley Combs, for $300, sell their interest in the estate of Jeremiah Combs decd. to John L. Combs. Wit: W. JOHNSON, Shadrach x Combs. Signed: Zachariah x CAMPBELL, Purlina x Combs (Abstracted by Sue Elfving from original on microfilm)
30 Sep 1848-30-Sep 1848 (Perry Co., KY DBB:402) John S. Combs assigns to Shadrach STACY all his interest in the estate of Jeremiah Combs decd, both female and male of every name and kind and the claim of my wife, daughter of Jeremiah Combs decd. (Abstracted by Sue Elfving from original on microfilm)
28 August 1849 Perry Co., KY Deed Book B, page 459. Nicholas Combs, Sr. & his wife, Nancy, deed land to Nicholas RITCHIE. "In witness thereof, the said Nicholas Combs, Sr., together with Nancy Combs, his wife,....". "His X mark" and "Her X Mark (S)". (Martin G. H. Combs)
Sep 1849 Perry Co., KY US Census Mortality Schedule: Combs, Jackson D., male, born KY, died Sep [1849], age 33 [born ca 1816], Cause of death unknown. Occupation: Farmer. (Abstracted by Pat Osborn Orton)

Notes: Jackson D. Combs of the 1840 Perry Co., KY Census was listed as 30-39 years of age in 1840 Perry (born 1800-1810). An 1870 Perry Co. deed identifies Jackson D. Combs, deceased, as the heir of Sally D. Combs. She was married to William D. Combs aka William Combs Sr. per probate records for her father Mason "8" Combs's estate. An 1861 Perry Co. deed identifies Reen Combs as the widow of Jackson. She is later shown as Serena and Lurena Combs. Jackson D. Combs is not identified in The Combes Genealogy, although one reference in Chapter XXII, General Table, page 146, seems to indicate some confusion may have existed between Jackson G. and Jackson D. Initials can be difficult to read correctly in old records.
5 Aug 1847-15 Nov 1849 (Perry Co., KY Deed Book BB:422-3) Lorenzo D SMITH and wife Sarah and Elisha SMITH, widow of Richard SMITH to Joshua SMITH. (Abstracted by Sue Elfving from microfilm copy of original)

Notes: Elitia Combs, daughter of Nicholas "8" and Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr., and widow of Richard SMITH
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