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Dunmore County, named after Lord Dunmore, was organized from Frederick Co VA in 1772. In 1778, during the Revolutionary War, Dunmore was re-named Shenandoah. In 1831 Page Co was created from Rockingham & Shenandoah Cos, and in 1836 Warren Co was created from Page & Shenandoah. (The records of Dunmore are maintained by Shenandoah County, with the few Combs records found thus far included herein)

Note: Except where otherwise noted, all tax list and land book transcriptions are those of Combs Researcher Jeannette Combs Lehman.

Note: Except where otherwise noted, all Shenandoah Co, VA Court orders were extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving, extracted from either:

  1. SH1 - Order Book 1772-1774 Shenandoah County, Virginia, Amelia C. Gilreath, 1986; or
  2. SH2 - Order Book 1781-1784 Shenandoah County, Virginia, Amelia C. Gilreath, 1987

Index to Combs of Shenandoah Co, VA Reports
Chronology of Records 1772-1779
Chronology of Records 1780-1789
1782-1797 Shenandoah Co, VA Land Book Records Inclusive
Chronology of Records 1790-????
VA Chancery Court Records
Rev. War. Soldier Gilbert Combs, also includes more abt his grandfather, Robert Combs of Monmouth Co, NJ, and other members of his family. (Additional Combs Research Family Reports will be published for Robert's family shortly). (Family Research Report)
Mason Combs, Sr. of Stafford and Frederick Cos, VA and Rowan and Surry< Cos, NC, and his sons, John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr. and William & Seth STACY Combs, Sr. (Family Research Reports)
Cody-Combs-Stacy Connections Family Research Report)

Also Note: A few records herein pertain to other Combs Families, including other descendants of Mason Combs, Sr.; descendants of Joseph Combs I of Stafford Co, VA; and a later Combs family (1850s) has not yet been identified (See below).

Chronology of Records 1780-1789

August 10, 1780 To all Christian people presents shall know that I John DILLIE of County of Shenandoah and Catherine his wife for consideration of sum of five pounds current money…in seating and delivering hear of by Robert Combs, Job Combs, Henry WALTER, Jacob LIGHTLITER and George Adam RIDENOUR and John DENTON and Elihiah ODELL whereof I do hereby ….[illegible]…lot of land…Estimation containing five acres of land..
Signed: John DILLIE and Catherine DILLIE
Wit: Selby FOLY Solomon Combs
Wit: Selby FOLY (one signed in German)
Recorded: 8/31/1780

SW: Elijah, Elihu

01 Jan 1781 (Shenandoah Co VA Marriage Records) Solomon Combs to Elizabeth MARR

(Abstracted by Researcher Charles Hite)

Notes: Solomon Combs is believed to have been the son of Job Combs (of the early Dunmore Co records) by his first wife, Deborah UNKNOWN. This Solomon Combs is believed to have been the same who is found in the records of Washington Co TN in 1787.

05 Apr 1781 Shenandoah Co, VA. Married: Gilbert Combs & Christiana DENTON, d/o John & Margaret DENTON.

(Rev. War Pension File of Gilbert & Christiana DENTON Combs)

Notes: The Revolutionary War Service of Gilbert Combs (s/o Thomas & Martha Combs Combs, and gs/o Robert Combs, d 1781, Shenandoah Co VA) was in New Jersey. In Shenandoah Co, VA he represented his mother's interests in the estate of his grandfather (See Below)

May 1781 (Augusta VA Circuit Court Judgments - Causes Ended)

Combs vs. Combs - OS1; NS 1 - Robert Combs died, May 1781, intestate leaving one son, Job; daughter Martha, wife of Thomas Combs (Martha and Thomas lived in New Jersey). Job qualified Admr. in Shenandoah. Mary & Thomas had a son, Gilbert. Job has removed to Tennessee & Solomon van METER had effects in his hands.

(Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, extracted from the original court records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, by Lyman Chalkley, Vol. II, GPC, Baltimore, 1974, p. 57)

Notes: Job Combs departed for Tennessee between 1797 and 1798 (based on Shenandoah Co, VA tax lists), and is apparently the Job Combs found in Jefferson Co, TN in 1800.

June 1, 1781 Between Robert Combs of Powells Fort of County of Shenandoah to Gilbert Combs, son [sic] of said Robert Combs…. Consideration of natural love and affection which said Robert Combs has and beareth unto the said Gilbert Combs… all that tract or parcel of land on which he now liveth…. acreage not given….
Signed: Robert Combs
Wit: E. J. ODELL, Morris JACKSON, John DENTON.
Recorded: 8/30/1781

(Combs Researcher Butch Hicks)

6-28-1781 - 10-28-1784 (Shenandoah Co, VA Wills & Administrations, Woodstock, VA B-114)

Bond. Job Combs to George KELLER & Francis RAVENHILL, Edwin YOUNG, George & Joseph KELLER. Job Combs is Adm of Robert Combs dec'd. Bond given 6-28-1781

(Combs Researcher Jeannette Combs Lehman)

27 Sep 1781 (Shenandoah Co VA A-349, Appraisals; A-359, Inventory)

Robert Combs

(Virginia State Archives, Richmond by Combs Researcher Jeannette Combs Lehman)

Notes: Robert Combs, h/o Martha (ROBERTS Morrell?), was earlier of Monmouth Co NJ, came to the Shenandoah Valley when it was still Frederick Co VA.

October 9, 1781 Know all men by these presents that we Thomas Combs and Martha Combs of Township of Freehold County of Monmouth and State of East New Jersey for consideration of our natural love and affection….have appointed our beloved son Gilbert Combs of Powells Fort Shenandoah County and State of Virginia our true and lawful attorney for us and in our names…
Wit: Hendrick Van BOUNT
Signed: Thomas Combs and Martha Combs Jos. LAWRENCE
Recorded: 10/9/1781.

(Combs Researcher Butch Hicks)

Oct 1781 RW Soldier Nicholas Combs of Perry Co KY declared on 14 Nov 1845 that he enlisted in Surry Co NC under Capt. William Tirvill [sic] LEWIS and Col. Martin ARMSTRONG "upwards of 10-11 months before the close of the war… while in service under his enlistment he heard of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at York in Virginia[19 Oct 1781] and shortly after he was discharged in North Carolina. " On 17 Aug 1853 Nicholas Combs of Perry Co KY declared that he had known John FIELDS, deceased, a resident of Perry Co KY… since they were young men when the Revolution was in progress… they were residents of North Carolina and he was in Dunsmoore [Shenandoah] County Virginia when Cornwallace was taken at Little York…"

Notes: Nicholas Combs, s/o John Combs, Sr. (and brother to the above Rev. Soldiers John and William Combs).

????? - December 13, 1781 Shenandoah Co, VA. [Lease]

Between Henry HARDIN, Sen. and Wilmouth his wife of County of Shenandoah to Reuben PAGDET, Jr. of same place…. Consideration of five shillings…certain tract or lot of land….on the banks of the South river….there is contained 84 acres of land part of a larger tract granted to William RUSSELL by certain letters and patten 16th Dec 1735…said RUSSELL conveyed 2000 acres thereof to Thomas BINGHAM by his deed and bequeath same to his son, William BINGHAM by his last will dated 24th day, August 1737…said Wm. BINGHAM conveyed same to said Henry HARDEN by his deed 26 may 1761…rent of one pepper corn on ladyday next…
Signed: Henry HARDEN, Sr. Wilmouth HARDEN.
Wit: John NETHERTON Samuel PERRY Theopilus [Theophilus?] PAGETT.
Recorded: 8/30/1781 [sic]

????? - December 14, 1791 [sic] Shenandoah Co, VA Deeds.

[Release] Between Henry HARDEN, Sr. and Wilmouth his wife of County of Shenandoah to Reuben PAGETT of county aforesaid…Consideration of two hundred and fifty pounds…84 acres
(same as above)
Wit: Same as above Signed: Henry HARDING
Recorded: 8/30/1781 [sic] Wilmouth HARDING.

Note: Wilmouth, the widow of Henry HARDING, Sr. who had d in 1779, apparently proving earlier deeds.

22 Feb 1782 Robert Combs was born in Shenandoah Co VA to RW Gilbert Combs & wife, Christiana DENTON, d/o John & Margaret DENTON

(RW Pension File of NJ Soldier Gilbert Combs (s/o Thomas & Martha Combs Combs).

1782 Shenandoah Co VA Land Book

(transcribed by Combs Researcher Jeannette Combs Lehman from original records in the Courthouse)

Combs, Gilbert 112 Ac
CRON, Fergus 200 Ac
[Listed Adjacent]
Combs, Job 400 Ac

JCL Note: No Land Book Records are extant for years 1783-1786 due to alterations and past mistakes. See 1782-1797 Shenandoah Co, VA Land Record Books Inclusive. No Combs other than Gilbert and Job are recorded with land.

1782 Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax List
(Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax Lists 1782-1793)

Taxpayers NamePollHorsesCattle
Combs, Gilbert111
Cron, Fergus138
(Gilbert & Fergus listed adjacent)
Combs, Job16 15
Creck, Rebeckah1124
(the 11 is marked through)
Combs, William125
Combs, Nicholas120
Combs, Solomon126
EAGLES, Timothy145
GOLLIDAY, Jacob2612

Notes: This is the first year of Jeanette's Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax List series.

  1. Job Combs was s/o Robert Combs, deceased. Solomon Combs was s/o Job (m Elizabeth MARR in 1781).
  2. William Combs and Nicholas Combs were sons of John and Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr. (See below re their failure to pay personal property tax this year)

11/28/1782 [Date may have been 11/1/1782] (SH2:47, op:16)

Court issued a presentment against Abigail COMB for producing a bastard child.
***Court also issued presentments against William Combs and Nicholas Combs for cutting their tithables and against Wilmouth HARDING for cutting her tithables.

SE Note: Abigail Comb. A 1785 Shenandoah Co. court record (see below) shows that David GOLLADAY fathered an illegitimate child by Abigail Combs. Per Golladay family history, this son was named Jacob GOLLADAY and he was born 25 Aug. 1785. Now the question is whether the above published abstracted entry is in error with regard to the date, or whether Abigail later had a second child born out of wedlock, or whether the date of birth for Jacob GOLLADAY is incorrect. Abigail, removed to Washington Co, TN where she married Thompson/Thompsins ODELL in 1788. Abigail's son Jacob ended up in Coles Co, IL where he died in 1842.

Also Note: Benjamin Combs, (bound to Zur Combs, 24 Apr 1788) was supposed to be age 7 in 1788 (i.e. born in 1781), probably the child referred to in this case, while another child, Jacob GOLLADAY was supposed to be 2 months old in Nov 1785 (2 Nov. 1785).

SE Note: William and Nicholas Combs. The above presentment probably pertained to the 1782 list. William and Nicholas Combs were sons of John Combs, Sr. Wilmouth GEORGE Harding was their maternal grandmother. See 1783 below regarding Nicholas Combs having been under age.

11/28/1782 (SH2:48, op:121)

Andrew WOODROW admr of WOODROW & NELSON pltf v John Combs deft} on an attachmnt.
This day came the plaintiff by his attorney…Dunkin TIBBS the deputy sheriff of the county had summoned Nicholas HARDING, George HARDING, Henry HARDING, William Combs, and John CRAWFORD as garnishees of the said defendant Combs. John CRAWFORD being sworn declares he was indebted to the defendant for the sum of 12pds in Oct. 1779 which Nicholas HARDING produced an order for which the said garnishees executed and is discharged and on motion of the plaintiff, the suit is continued till the next court.

3/27/1783 (SH2:64, op:158-9)

Continuation of above suit.
This day came the plaintiff by his attorney….Nicholas HARDING, George HARDING, William Combs, and John CRAWFORD, the garnishees sworn….Nicholas HARDING states he is indebted to the defendant John Combs in the amount of 124pds due by Legacy in October 1779….George HARDING indebted 100pds by the same Legacy, and Henry HARDING the same. On motion of the plaintiff the said money is condemned in the said garnishees hands and judgment was issud against the defendant Combs for the amount of 10pds 9sh 9p plus costs.

Note: It appears that John Combs (Sr.) has been sued successfully by Andrew WOODROW, and that those who owe money to John have been summoned as part of an effort to satisfy the initial judgment. The first record indicates that John Combs was owed money by his brothers-in-law, Nicholas, George and Henry HARDING, Jr.; his son, William Combs; and John CRAWFORD. In the second record, the debts of the three HARDING brothers appear to be what was owed John's wife, Nancy, from their father's estate (see terms of 1779 will). It is not clear whom was acting on John's behalf (possibly the four garnishees), but John's absence may be due to his having been in Surry Co, NC at this time

(See also 1795 Frederick Co, VA Combs-Woodrow)

3/27/1783 (SH2:65, op:162)

Samuel PORTER v William Combs} on a petition. The suit is agreed to by both parties.

3/27/1783 (SH2:66, op:66)

William Combs was sworn in as constable in the place of John ALLENSWORTH.

Note: William Combs is also noted as a Constable on 1785 Shenandoah Co, VA Tax Lists.

1783 Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax List
(Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax Lists 1782-1793)

> 16
< 16
Combs, William 110025
Combs, Solomon10012
Combs, Gilbert10023
CRON, Fergus10046
Combs, Job100517

JCL Notes: Lots of CLICKS there, and EAGLES still there. Nicholas Combs is missing from the personal property tax list, but appears on the state enumeration (see next).

1783 Shenandoah Co, VA State Enumeration.
Lists: Inhabitants and Buildings, 1782-1785.
1783 Categories: White and Black Inhabitants.

Batch 4: returned by Alexander HITE:

CRON, Fergus - 5 white souls
Combs, Gilbert - 3 white souls
CREEK, Rebeckah - 2 white souls
DENTON, John - 10 white souls
EAGLES, Timothy - 9 white souls
O'DELL, Jeremiah - 3 white souls
RICHARDSON, ISSABEL - 1 white soul, 3 black
SPANGLER, John - 6 white souls

1783 Shenandoah County, VA 1783 Taxlist of Alexander Hite
Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790
records of the state enumerations, 1782 to 1785

Combs, Job 11
Combs, Solomon 4 (listed twice, preceding Job and 2nd after Job)
Combs, Gilbert 3
Combs, William 5
Combs, Nicholas 3
Coonse, Michael - 13 (followed by Countz, George)
Countz, George - 2 (preceded by Coonse, Michael)
Counts, John 7
Counce, George 6
Comer, Augustine 3
Comer, Martin 11 (second after Comer, Augustine)
Comer, Fredk 9
Comer, Michael, Senr 7
Comer, Michael, Jur 5
Comer, Phillip 3 (second after Comer, Michael, Jur)
Comer, Adam 3
Hopkins, John 6
Spangler, John 6
Gollody, Jacob 13
Odell, Jonathan 9 (followed by Odell, Elizabeth)
Odell, Elizabeth 2 (followed by Odell, Ann)
Odell, Ann 2 (followed by Odell, James)
Odell, James 10 (followed by Odell, Leah)
Odell, Leah 5 - 1
Odell, Edward 1
O'Dell, Jeremiah 3 (preceded by O'Dle, Elijah)
O'Dle, Elijah 7 (followed by O'Dell, Jeremiah)
Vanmetre, Solomn 5 - 1
Denton, Thos 1
Denton, John 10
Creek, Rebeckah 2
Taylor, Lazarus 5
Taylor, John 2 - 3
Taylor, John 4
Taylor, Charles 11
Eagle, William 1
Eagles, Timothy 9


Submitted by Jennifer Wilhelmi

Other surnames in Batch 4:


(Heads of Families, Virginia)

Notes: Gilbert's 3 white souls were himself, his wife and his son, Robert. Isabel CALMES Richardson was the widow of William RICHARDSON and mother of Sarah, wife of Benjamin Combs of Clark Co, KY (s/o John & Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr. of Stafford Co, VA). She d testate in Shenandoah Co, VA in 1797 (See 1794 below).

Batch 7: returned by Alexander HITE (complete):

Arturbun, William
Arturburn Peter
Atwood, Ollbert
Allan, Archibald
Atwood, John
Allan, William
Blayor, William
Burchhead, Abraham
Burchhead, Eliazer
Bleger, Samuel
Combs, William 5 wh, 0 bl
Cunningham, Rachael
Calfee, Sarrh
Curl, John
Cuningham, Adam, Junr
Crum, Daniel
Combs, Nicholas 3 wh, 0 bl
Canada, Hugh
Crume, Phillip
Crume, Ralph
Cunningham Adam, Sen·
Clevinger, Joseph
Cunningham, Thomas
Day, Robert
DOTSON, William
Dail, Issac
Grayham, John
Gains, William
Gee, Richard
Hancock, ----
HARDING, Nicholas
HARDING, Wilmouth

Henry, Aron
Hutcheson, John

Hill, George
Hankins, John
Hall, Francis
Jackson, James
Jackson, John

Keller, Abraham
Leith, Ephraim
Leith, Josia

Linch, Peter..
Lashbrooks, William
Leeth, James
McKoy, James, Senr
Marshall, John
McKoy, Robert
McKoy, Janes, Junr
McKoy, Zachariah
Mathews, James
McCartv. Isaec
Mathews, Alexander
Miller, James
Miller, Peter
Mathews, John
Morgan, John
McKoy, George
Millar Theophilus
Netherton, Henry Sr.
Netherton, Henry, Junr.
Netherton, John
Nelson, William
Overall, John
Overall, William
Pagit, John
Pagit, Reubin
Pagit, Theophilus
Pagit, Reuben, Junr
Ragan, Charles
Ragan, William
Rawe, John
Ramey, John
Snelling, Hugh
Safer, William
Sish, Thomas
Smith, John
Thomas, Joseph
Typton, William
Wolf, John

(Heads of Families, Virginia)

Notes: It is not known why Nicholas appears on the state enumeration, but not the personal property tax list - possibly due to a difference in effective dates, possibly due to age, possibly due to having been in Rockingham Co, VA (see below)? Note that William has five in his household (a wife and three children?), and Nicholas, 3, which would agree with the size of his family at this time (wife and daughter, Elitia).

8/29/1783 (SH2:91, op:230 Virginia vs Nicholas Combs on a presentment. [See 11/1 or 28/1782]

The state bring a suit because Nicholas Combs failed to answer the grand jury presentment for conceiling his tithes. Judgement is issued for the state against the defendant and he is ordered to pay 500pds of tobacco.

Note: Apparently, both Nicholas' brother, William, and his grandmother, Wilmouth, have rectified their non-payment of tithes from 1781. See below re Nicholas having been 'underage'

10/30/1783 (SH2:107, op:268-9)

Alexander MACHIR v Nicholas HARDING. John Combs was security for the defendant.

Note: Not yet known if this was John Combs, Sr. or his son, John Combs, Jr., but this record does provide further evidence that John Combs, Sr. and his sons, were moving freely between Shenandoah Co, VA and Surry Co, NC, where both were tithed in 1782 and 1784.

??/??/?? [Nov 1783-1784] (SH2:154, op:398)

On the motion of Nicholas Combs…he states he was not of age to pay the tax and witnesses proved his age. The judgment was set aside.

SE Note: This entry proves that Nicholas was under 21 years of age in 1781 or 1782 (the year he was charged with cutting his tithables), thus born after 1759 (also confirmed by Perry Co, KY records). This is the only record of a Nicholas Combs that I have found (other than the Shenandoah tax lists and enumerations) in Shenandoah or Frederick Co. Depending on his actual age, this may also explain his absence from the 1783 Shenandoah Tax list; however, see also Rockingham Co, VA. Under Virginia Statutes, in 1781, tithables included all free males over 21 and all slaves, while 1782 included all male citizens and all slaves. In 1783, the statutes allowed counties to list white males age 16-21 and tax them for their own purposes if they so desired. I am assuming the 1782 definition meant all males over 21.

1784 Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax List
(Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax Lists 1782-1793)

> 16
< 16
Combs, Solomon10033
Combs, Gilbert10014
Combs, Job & Zur2 00616
Combs, William10023
Combs, Nick10 012

JCL Notes: Nicholas has returned. Job's son, Zur, has turned 21. No Eagles on this list.

Ed Note: Again possibly due to a difference in effective dates, it seems possible that, although Nicholas was on the 1784 Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax List, he was also (as Nicholas CAME) on the List of Inhabitants (State Enumeration) of 1784 Rockingham Co, VA.

1784 Shenandoah Co, VA Wills & Administrations, Woodstock, VA.
#B-75. Robert Combs, dec'd Settlement

Among other proved accts:PoundsShillingsPence
Solomon Combs1430
Job Combs1210 6
Gilbert Combs9
Gilbert14 9
Gilbert14 6

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Jeannette Lehman Combs from originals, Shenandoah Co VA courthouse)

27 Aug 1784 (Shenandoah Co, VA Order Book 1784-1786, p.61)

"Zir Combs being recognized to the court as begetting a bastard child to Mary EAGLE. Ordered to pay 20#: 5 this year and 5 each year for 3 years. Keep child off of Beckford Parish."

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Jeannette Combs Lehman from original records at Shenandoah Co VA Courthouse)

03 Sep 1784 Shenandoah Co VA. Married: Zur Combs & Mary Creek

(Combs Researcher Jeannette Combs Lehman) Marriage Source?

JCL Notes: Zur Combs was the s/o Job & Deborah UNKNOWN Combs. He resided in Greenbriar Co VA 1790-1800, died in 1828 in Hamilton Co OH.

28 Oct 1784 (Shenandoah Co, VA Wills & Administrations, Woodstock, VA B-114)

Bond: Combs, Job & Francis RAVENHILL, Edwin YOUNG, George & Joseph KELLER to George KELLER. 10-28-1784. Job Combs is Adm of Robert Combs dec'd. Bond given 6-28-1781.

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Jeannette Lehman Combs from originals, Shenandoah Co VA courthouse)

28 Oct 1784 (Shenandoah County, Virginia Minute Book 1781 - 1785)

David Golliday is ordered to appear on the charge of begetting a bastard child of Abigail Combs.

Note: This child was named Benjamin Combs and bound to Zur Combs, (see 24 Oct 1788).

J. Wilhelmi

30 Dec 1784 (Shenandoah County, Virginia Minute Book 1781 - 1785)

Overseer of Poor is to bind Sarah Marr to Dorothy Bough. 4 yrs old Feb. next.

Note: Marr child included here because Solomon Combs (son of Job Combs) married an Elizabeth Marr. Perhaps these children are related? (Also see 30 Aug 1788)

J. Wilhelmi

1785 Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax List
(Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax Lists 1782-1793)

> 16
< 16
Combs, Job100614
Combs, Zir10025
Combs, Solomon10033
Combs, Wm Constable11024
Combs, Gilbert10027
EAGLY, Timothy10033

1785 Shenandoah Co, VA List of Inhabitants and Buildings
(State Enumeration)
Categories: White Souls, Dwellings, Other Buildings.

Returned by Edwin YOUNG

(partial list of names, and only selected stats. extracted)

Frederick, Benedick, Conrad and Jno. Conrod ALLSHITE
Frederick ALTER
Christo., Peter, David BUMGARNER
James BREEDING, Senr.
Christo. BOEVER
Henry COOK
Jeremiah COX
Job Combs - 13 white souls, 1 dwelling, 1 other buildings
Jno., Jacob COUNTZ
Solomon Combs - 5 white souls - 0 dwellings - 0 other buildings
Martin, David, Christly COFFMAN
Martin COFMAN (on the halks bill [Hawk's Bill])
Peter FOX
Jno. FEES,
Six Barnard and Marks GROVER

Notes: Job's and Solomon's are duplicate entries. See Keller's list below.

Returned by John NETHERTON

(all names, but only selected stats. extracted)

Moses, William ALLEN
James, Gilbert ATWOOD
Philip CRUME
William Combs - 6 white souls, 1 dwelling
Daniel DRUME
Isaac DALE
William GANT
Richard GEE
William HALL
William HURST 9 white souls - 1 dwelling - no out buildings
Wilmot HARDING 3 white souls - 1 dwelling - no outbuildings
John HARDING 3 white souls - 1 dwelling - no out buildings
Henry HARDING, Senr. - 7 white souls - 1 dwelling - 2 outbuildings
John HASH - 8 white souls - 1 dwelling - 0 outbuildings
Nicholas HARDING 8 white souls - 2 dwellings - 1 out building
Henry HARDING, Junr. 3 white souls - 0 dwellings - 0 out buildings
George HARDING - 7 white souls - 1 outbuilding - 0 out buildings
James, Junr.; James, Senr.; Robert McCAY [MACKEY? McKAY?]
Henry, Junr. and Henry, Senr. NETHERTON
Reubin PAGETT, Senr.
Samuel PERRY
Theophelus & Reubin Junr. PAGETT
Patrick QUINN
John ROY
James ROY

Notes: William Combs has gained a family member (now has 4 children perhaps?). Also see Montgomery Co, VA re William HURST and John HASH.

Returned by George KELLER

[complete list, but only selected stats. extracted]

BOMER, Erhard, Jacob
Combs, Job 13-1-2
Combs, Soloman 5-1-0
Combs, Gilbert 4-1-1
Combs, Nicholas 4-1-0

DENDON [DENTON], John 11-1-2
EGLE, Temotheus [EAGLE, Timothy] 10-1-0
GRIG, Rebecca 7-1-1
HISER, Jacob
HONN, George, Sebastian
KLEM [CLEM], David, Deedareck, KLEM, David
KELLER, George
KLEM, Michael
LETCHLEITER, Jacob, John, Adam
MIGENDORFFER, Casper, Frederick, George
MUNCTS, Philip
NIGOLS, Richard
ODELLE, Elige [O'DELL, Elijah?]
ODELLE, Jeremiah
PRIDY, Samuel
RUDENNANER, George, Henry, Adam
SPENGLER, John 7-1-0

(Heads of Families, Virginia)

27 Aug 1785 (Shenandoah Co, VA Order Book 1784-1786, p. 261)

"Job Combs adm Robert Combs dec'd, plf against Gilbert Combs, dft: Came parties by Attys. Jury present. Ruled dft did assume upon himself in manner & form as plf has declared and they assess plf damage for 4#, 19sc, 1p plus his costs."

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Jeannette Combs Lehman from original records at Shenandoah Co VA Courthouse)

9/13/1785 (Montgomery Co, VA DBA:382)

John HARDING of Shenandoah Co. purchased 400 acres from Benjamin CLEMENTS of Montgomery Co. on both sides of Little Reed Island, a branch of the New River adjacent Richard ELLIS . Witnesses were William CALFEE, Jas. CALFEE, Henry DAVIS, and Richard ELLIS. Rec. 5/23/1786.

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving who adds that The CALFEES were from Shenandoah Co.)

Notes: John HARDING is found in Montgomery Co, VA living by John Combs, Sr. The Benjamin CLEMENTS, from whom HARDING purchased the above property, was the father of Rachael CLEMENTS who m in 1788, Mason Combs, s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr. John HARDING later sold some of this land to Henry HARDING III, and 1791 Wythe Co, VA records document that the land was near or adjacent to that of Mason Combs (s/o John & Nancy Combs Harding, Sr.).

2 Nov. 1785. David GOLLADAY, being recognized for begetting a bastard child on the body of Abigail Combs, this day appeared. The Court are of the opinion that he gave security for the payment of thirty pounds to be paid in the following manner, that is to say, ten pounds annually to be paid to the said Abigail long as she shall keep said child, or to any person the court shall direct to take care of it. Whereupon David GOLLIDAY and John DENTON and Gilbert Combs, his security, came into the Court and jointly and severally acknowledged themselves indebted to the Governor of this Commonwealth for the time being, on his successard, in the sum of thirty pounds to be leivied of their respective goods and chattels, lands and tennements, and to his Excellency Governor for the time being rendered, or yet upon the condition that the above bound David Golliday shall willfully and truly pay or cause to be paid the sum of thirty pounds for the support of mentioned child and keeping it off the Parish of Beckford. Then this recognisance to be avoided, otherwise to remain in full force of virtue.

(Source: recorded Shenandoah County Courthouse, Woodstock, VA. Court Order Book 1784 - 1786, page 101, dated 2 Nov 1785, provided by Walter D. Golladay, ( Genealogist, Author & Publisher of The Golladay Family In America.)

Abigail's son Jacob was 2 months old at the time of this judgment. According to The Golladay Family in America, the father David GOLLADAY was born 15 Sep 1759 in Gaithersburg, Montgomery Co, MD. He died 23 Sep 1823 at the age of 64 in the family mansion, Weyers Cave, Augusta, VA where he was also buried. He was a Major in the Revolutionary War. His father was Jacob GOLLADAY Sr. and his mother Elinor Unknown. David was the second son of Jacob Sr. and was named executor of his father's will.

On 1 September 1780, David was appointed an Ensign in the Virginia Militia, a record of the Shenandoah County Circuit Court. On 28 June 1785 David married Rebecca HOCKMAN in Shenandoah County. (note: IGI indicates that they were married on the 28th of June.) On 25 August 1785, his first born illegitimate son by Abigail Combs was born in Shenandoah County and named Jacob Golladay. David and Rebecca lived in Shenandoah County for a while, but around 1800 they moved to Augusta County, near Weyers Cave. What prompted their decision to move is not known, for David already owned land in Woodstock, and in 1804 was awarded a land grant for a tract in Powell's Fort Valley. A deed of record in Rockingham County proved he bought land in 1800 on the North River opposite Weyers Cave which was required for the operation of his mills. The mills were acquired about the same time, but were on the west bank of the North river in Augusta County. On the land in Augusta County David built his “Mansion” which still standsand has been renovated. On this land also, is the family graveyard where David is buried.

David's will was proved in the Augusta County Circuit Court in Staunton 27 October 1823. Rebecca later went to Montgomery County, Ohio to live with her children who had migrated there. Apparently they lived near the county line with Preble County, as Rebecca is buried in a Presbyterian Church Cemetery in New Lexington, which lies in Preble County. She died 1 October 1840. All of David's sons migrated to Ohio, except Jacob, who moved to Coles County, Illinois; Samuel, who moved first to Tennessee, then to Kentucky; and Jonathan, who moved into the western portion of Augusta County. Where the daughters who married and subsequently settled is not certain. Like his father Jacob Senior, David Golladay of Powell's Fort Valley is also confirmed to have donated land for an early Lutheran Church and parochial school at the site named as St. David's Church.

David and Abigail's son Jacob was born 25 Aug. 1785 in Fort Valley, Shenandoah Co., Va. He died 8 Sept. 1842 in Morgan Twp, Coles Co., IL.

(Source of dates: The Jacob Golladay & Mary Casarman (Bosseman) Family Bible, 1785-1982, and the back pages of a catecism book, written in German, by Jacob Golladay, Coles County Illinois Genealogical Society, P.O.Box 592, Charleston, IL, 6192, 0.= Vol 3D8, Num 3D4, 1982)

SE Note: 1778 land records show Jacob GOLODAY and Job Combs to be neighbors on Powells Big Fort.

1786 Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax List
(Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax Lists 1782-1793)

> 21
> 16
< 16
Combs, Gilbert10023
Combs, Solomon10032
(Gilbert & Solomon listed adjacent)
Combs, Job100515
Combs, Zir10025
(Job & Zur listed adjacent, next to Gilbert & Solomon)
Combs, William10013
EGLY, Timothy10037
EGLY, William10010

May 1786 (Shenandoah Co, VA Deeds 1772-1820, #H-401)

Elizabeth Combs Power of Attorney to Edwin YOUNG against Gilbert Combs. Soloman Combs filed in court for Zur, infant

(Combs Researcher Jeannette Combs Lehman)

Notes: Solomon Combs m Elizabeth MARR

May 26, 1786 (Shenandoah Co, VA Order Book 1784-1786, p. p.384)

"Zir Combs as Inft (Informant?) by Solomon Combs plf against Gilbert Combs dft: Parties by Attys and Jury present: William Combs, Jonas MORGAN, Gilbert MORGAN, John MARCK, Jacob COLEMAN, Absolom HURST, Lawrance SNAPP, Geo EASTERLY, John ROLLER, Jasper BRANNER, Patrick QUINN, John MOORE. Dft is guilty. Assess plf 10# & costs."

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Jeannette Combs Lehman from original records)

JCL Notes: The reason for the ? after Inft (Informant?) is that the first court record above charges Zur with begetting a bastard to Mary EAGLE. Date: 1784. Court date: 1786. I do not have proof, but believe this second Zur to be the illegitimate child of Zur and Mary EAGLE. Also note: Presumably, the above William Combs was unrelated or would not have been permitted a seat on the jury? This is the last record of Solomon found in Shenandoah County thus far. He may have d in Greene Co, TN (See 1792 below)

20 Jun 1786 The Jonathan Clark Notebook

(Excerpted from "Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Hampshire, Berkeley, Loudoun, Fairfax, King George, Westmoreland, Richmond, Northumberland & Lancaster Counties, 1697-1784," Volume IV, Compiled by Peggy Shomo Joyner, 1987, pp. 183-5, by Combs Researcher Connie Sheets)

Note: relates to Northern Neck Land w/Clark (older brother of George Rogers and William Clark) apparently one of the commissioners apptd. to describe the improvements made on farms in a portion of the northern Shenandoah Valley. Of 219 farms personally visited, the following, includes those visited on the same date as Joab and Gilbert Combs. The entries included the names of land owners, tenants, and those from whom the land was acquired; the condition and number of acres under cultivation (not the entire tract); descriptions of the buildings on each tract; and the number of fruit trees in the orchards."

Powell's fort June 20th

Job Combs - cult. and in good order 70 a. best bottom 30 of which is meadow but not the best kind of grass, 45 a. first rate high land; Improvements: a new unfinished log dwelling house 1 1/2 story, 28 by 24 with a stone chimney & three fire places, nothing done inside the house except part the under floor laid; an old log house, unfinished, 22 by 16 , 1 1/2 story, second floor of slabs with a piece of a stone chimney; a very indifferent old round oak log barn 36 by 20; 100 indifferent young apple trees.

Gilbert Combs claims under R. Combs, decd - cult. and in indifferent order 20 a. best bottom, 25 a. first rate high land; Improvements, new cabbin 18 by 16; a very old round log barn, roof almost worn out, 32 by 20; 50 bearing apple trees.

John NEULEY under Caleb ODELL, William HOUK tenant in possession -
Adam LICKLITER under Mat. PLUMLEY, decd -
Henry FRANCE -
Adam REDENOUR claim under MAXWELL -
Jacob GOLLODARY (sic) claim under Jonathan ROBERTS -
Henry SUMERWALT claim under Jos. DENTON -
John COLLERS claim under Conrod TEABBO (?) -
John WOOLARD claim under CARRIER -
Jacob COPPERSTONE tenant to Widow CRICK -
George HORN claim under BRODBECK -
Henry REDENOUR claim under Wm WOOD -
Richard NICHOLS in right of his wife, under John CARRIER, decd, Johnathan CARRIER, heir -

Jacob LICKLETER claim under Fra. McFALL -
Mr. PEYTON join'd
Doctor Geo. KELLER claim under DELBACK -
Henry HIZER claim under MOORRELL (MORRELL?) -
Abraham GRABELL, claim under Jonathan REED (?) -
Lawrence DELOTER claim under J. SMITH -
Phillip MUNCH claim under NESEWANGER -

November 4, 1786 Shenandoah Co, VA

Know all men by these presents that I Solomon Combs of County of Shenandoah….hath ordain constituted and appointed my trusty and loving friend Edwin YOUNG of County of Shenandoah my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name….for the recovery thereof…. any such debts dues sums of money or land in the possession of Gilbert Combs in County aforesaid (Powells Fort) ….here to sett my hand and affixed my seal this 4th day of November, 1786…
Wit: John DENTON, John YOUNG, Sennet ATWOOD.
Recorded: 1/28/1791

(Combs Researcher Butch Hicks)

Note: This is Solomon's last record as a resident of Shenandoah Co, VA, and probably made out due to his impending departure since in 1787, he was taxed in Washington Co, TN.

20 July 1786 (Shenandoah Co VA Marriage Records)

Job Combs & Barbara TAYLOR, married by Andersonn MOFFITT, Baptist Minister

Notes: Following the death of Deborah UNKNOWN, Job m (2) Barbara, widow of (Charles?) TAYLOR.

03 Nov 1786 (Shenandoah VA Marriages)

Lacey Combs married Christian SMITH (groom) Marriage performed by H James IRELAND; bondsman, Henry SMITH.

30 Nov 1786 (Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds 1772-1850)

COMB, Lacey & Christian SMITH 30 Nov 1786; bondsman, Henry SMITH.

(Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds 1772-1850 Virginia, Historic Marriage Register by John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr., Pub by Iberian Publishing Company Athens, Georgia 1984, p. 264)

Notes: Lacey Combs Smith is said to have been a daughter of Job & Deborah UNKNOWN Combs. Date Conflict or bond vs. marriage return date?

1787 Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax List
(Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax Lists 1782-1793)

White Males > 21White
> 16
Combs, Zir00 024
Combs, Gilbert00026
Combs, William01044
Combs, Job*00 064

*Job taxed May 28th

Notes: William has acquired a slave.

Note: For 1787, the Virginia House of Burgess (state legislature) ordered that tithables be visited at their dwellings, thus the dates can indicate "neighborhoods." Nettie Schreiner-Yantis' "1787 Census of Virginia, Shenandoah Co, VA" indicates the following:

1787 Shenandoah Co, VA Tax List "A"


Christopher BOSSERMAN
Andrew CAPP
Zer [sic] Combs
Frederick, Nicholas DULL
George MAY
Anthony, Yr. [sic]; Samuel NISELEY
Benjamin SHUH
Philip and Philip Jr. WINDLE

1787 Shenandoah Co, VA Tax List "B"


James, Moses, William ALLEN
James, John ATWOOD
Benjamin, Charles CALFEE
William Combs
Daniel, Jesse CRUME
Richard HANEY
Matthew MADDUX
William MILLER
Nicholas MORGAN
Zachariah NORTH
Edmund, Reuben, Sr. and Theophelus PAGETT
Patrick QUINN
William THOMAS


Gilbert Combs
Job Combs

Timothy EAGLE
Adam, George, Henry RIDENOUR


Thomas GRIGSBY tithed by Catherine CONNER
Bauston, Matthias HAUGHN
Frederick McENTURF
Andrew, Elijah, Samuel ODELL
Christian SMITH [m 3 Nov 1786, Shenandoah, Lacy Combs]
Michael STOVER

25-26 Apr 1787. Shenandoah Co, VA DBF:328.

George and Margaret HARDING of Shanando County sell 131a on the south side of Shanando River to Thomas ALLEN…corner to Thomas RAMEY, Mason JONES, and Simon CARSON… conveyed to HARDING by John HARRELL.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from Shenandoah County Virginia Deed Book Series, v.2, Deed Books E,F,G,H, abstracted by Amelia C. Gilreath, 1988, p. 57.)

Notes: George, s/o Nicholas and Wilmouth GEORGE Harding. The above deed places the HARDINGS on property earlier adjacent to John Combs (See 1758 and 1766 Frederick Co, VA).

1788 Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax List
(Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax Lists 1782-1793)

JCL Note: (Over 21 Whites shown by name even if not the person responsible for the taxes. (#) = number of such persons)

White Males > 21White 16-21Black
> 16
Combs, Zur (1)0002
Combs, Job (1)0005
Combs, Gilbert (2)0 002
Combs, William (1)0 005

Notes: Slave no longer listed for William. (Cattle/Horses mixed? see next)

24 Apr 1788 (Shenandoah County, Virginia Minute Book 1781 - 1785)

Overseer of Poor ordered to bind Benjamin Combs, a base born child of Abigail Combs to Zur(?) Combs. He is 7 yrs old June 16 next. [see Oct. 1784].

J. Wilhelmi

Jun 1788 (Shenandoah Co VA DBG:79)

Barbara, wife of Job Combs, deceased.

Note: Source Record?

12 Aug 1788 (Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds 1772-1850)

Combs, Rachel & John EAGERT 12 Aug 1788; bondsman, Saml CLAYTON; daughter of Job Combs

Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds 1772-1850 Virginia, Historic Marriage Register by John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr., Iberian Publishing Company Athens, Georgia 1984, p. 264 & "Shenandoah Co, VA Marriage Bonds 1772-1850" compiled by Bernice M Ashby, published by the Virginia Book Company, Berryville, VA 1967

Notes: Rachel Combs Acord was the d/o Job & Deborah UNKNOWN Combs. (Resided later in Monroe Co WVA?) Also note that the surname EAGERT has a minimum of 20 or 30 var. spellings including, but not limited to: ECKHART, ACCORD, EGGERT, EKHURT, ECKERT, ACHORD, AHORD, EGERT, ACORD, etc.. (Combs Researchers Jeannette Combs Lehman and Judy Acord.

30 Aug 1788 (Shenandoah County, Virginia Minute Book 1781 - 1785)

Overseer of the Poor is ordered to bind Reuben Marr, a base born child, to John Barnhart to learn the business of a shoemaker. He is about 4 years old.

Note: Marr child included here because Solomon Combs (son of Job Combs) married an Elizabeth Marr. Perhaps these children are related? (Also see 30 Dec 1784)

J. Wilhelmi

1789 Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax List (Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax Lists 1782-1793).

JCL Note: (Over 21 Whites shown by name even if not the person responsible for the taxes. (#) = number of such persons)

Taxpayers Name
> 16
Combs, William1004
Combs, Gilbert3002
Combs, Job1006
Combs, Zur*1002

*Zur taxed on Oct 30th. Timothy EAGLE appears again.

Notes: This is Zur's last appearance in records of Shenandoah Co, VA. He resided in Greenbrier Co, VA from 1790-1800, thence to Ross Co, OH by 1806, thence to Highland Co, OH by 1808, thence to Hamilton Co, OH between 1820 and 1828, the year he died in that county.

11 Aug 1789 - 25 Feb 1790 (Shenandoah VA DBG:437)

James BREEDING and wife Sarah of Powels Fort, Shanandoah County to Thomas DODSON, Jr. of same; for 200 pds, 400 a in Powels Fort on Passage Creek.
Wits: Gilbert GOMBS(?), Jacob DENTON, David BLEW.

(Dodsons of Northfarnum Parish, Rev. Lucas, Ed. S.U. Williams, Southern Historical Press)

Notes: The above was undoubtedly, RW Gilbert Combs. See Also Combs-Dodsons of Halifax Co VA, Hawkins & White Cos TN & RW William Combs of Bath, Fleming & Fayette Cos KY.

30 Nov 1789 TAYLOR, Susanna & Henry BRINKER; d of Job and Barbara Combs

(Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds 1772-1850 Virginia, Historic Marriage Register by John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr., Pub by Iberian Publishing Company Athens, Georgia 1984, p. 400)

1782-1797 Shenandoah Co, VA Land Book Records Inclusive

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Jeanette Combs Lehman who adds: *No Land Book Records are extant for years 1783-1786 due to alterations and past mistakes.

Combs, Gilbert112122112112112112112112172112112112
CROHON, Ferguson
(sp. CRON 1794-7)
Combs, Job400400400400400400400400400400400n/s
EAGLE, Timothy
(1791-1792 show Dec'd)
TAYLOR, Lazarus662662662662662662662662662662408
TAYLOR, Will350350350350350350350350350350150
TAYLOR, John258258258n/sn/sn/sn/s
TAYLOR, Charles (2)487487n/sn/sn/sn/s
TAYLOR, Daniel148n/s148n/sn/s
TAYLOR, Joseph100
TAYLOR, Widow200
TAYLOR, Mary200200200200200
TAYLOR, Johnn/sn/s127127

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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